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Chapter 1438 - Third Older Sister, Fourth Younger Sister

Just as the finger of the old man in the black robe was about to touch the surface of the water, a dazzling, blue light came from the water. In the blink of an eye, the blue light filled the water and collided with the finger.

There was no sound, but a ripple spread out from where the finger and the blue light made contact. The shockwave collided with the old man's black robe and caused it to flutter.

"I can ignore the the Fishing the Moon in the Well mark you left on him… But if you kill him, I think…" A calm voice came out from the blue light, and after it paused, it continued,

"I'll act."

The old man in the black robe pondered for a bit and then slowly said with a hoarse voice, "You are not this old man's match."

"I can make your injuries worse." The voice inside the blue light was still calm.

The old man in the black robe didn't speak. After a long time, he let out a sigh and he said in a  hoarse voice,

"We have an agreement…"

"Back then you asked me to act, and I've already acted."

"Don't you want to take back your wife's body… Don't forget that you are one of the Ancient Star System's five masters…"

The voice inside the blue light silently pondered for a while. After a moment, the tired voice echoed inside the palace.

"I'm also a father."

The palace was silent, with only the sound of the candles burning. There seemed to be the sound of pondering inside the palace.

"Only this once…" The old man in the black robe turned around and walked into the depths of the palace.

The blue light inside the well gradually dissipated.

"Fellow Cultivator, can you help me?"

Outside the rift the to the Ancient Order Tomb, deep within the fog, Wang Lin's step didn't pause for a moment due to this sentence or this beautiful voice.

He seemed to turn deaf and didn't hear this sentence at all. His body turned into a ray of light and entered the rift.

The world around him distorted when Wang Lin stepped into the rift. He seemed to have disappeared without a trace before the middle-aged scholar. He disappeared into the rift into the Ancient Order Tomb.

Wang Lin wasn't a child, and he wasn't that curious. He wasn't going to help someone without knowing anything. The woman that looked like a middle-aged scholar could reach here by force, which meant that her cultivation was terrifying. Wang Lin didn't want to interact with such a person for no reason.

Even if she had promised many benefits in exchange for his help Wang Lin, would've still left without hesitation. Right now his mind was extremely clear. There was a slight difference between the him now and the him before he entered the fog. However, that difference made him feel a sense of danger.

The more he thought about all his actions in the Ancient Star System, the more he felt like he wasn't himself but a powerful force had entered his body, silently controlling his thoughts… As a result, he was shocked and became even more cautious. He completely ignored the middle-aged scholar.

Seeing the strange youth leave after he spoke, the middle-aged scholar frowned. Although the Ancient Order Tomb was less than 1,000 feet away, even with his powerful cultivation and treasure, he could only get this far. He wasn't able to move any further.

Seeing the fog become even more violent, the middle-aged scholar let out a sigh.

"It looks like I can't enter the Ancient Order Tomb by force with my original body… That little fellow didn't have a mark between his eyebrows… This person's identity is outside my expectations. Aside from that rascal, Tuo Sen, he must be the other ancient god that killed Seventh Younger Sister's avatar…"

The eyes of the middle-aged scholar lit up and his hand formed a seal. Light came from the nine statues around him. As he waved his hand, the light from the statues became even brighter and shrouded his body.

A moment later, the figure of a woman walked out from the light. Her appearance was extremely beautiful, with long hair extending to below her waist. She was wearing white and was slightly transparent. One could clearly see nine rays of light rotating inside her body.

The moment the woman appeared, the fog rushed into her body, and a faint mark appeared between her eyebrows in an instant.

With a sigh, the woman took a step and entered the rift leading to the Ancient Order Tomb that was 1,000 feet away.

The moment she entered, the light inside the fog dissipated. The middle-aged scholar's face turned pale and he quickly retreated. As he retread, he muttered, "I can only send my avatar in…. There was signs of Fishing the Moon in the Well in that little ancient god's body. Aside from him, no one else in the Ancient Star System can use that spell … Elder Sister and Eighth Younger Sister have been gone for many years. Second Elder Sister has already found someone to work with. Even that fox, Fourth Younger Sister, has gone all out to steal that rascal Tuo Sen… Fifth Younger Sister took that body and is on the same path as Dao Master Blue Dream… If I don't find someone to cooperate with, then I'm afraid I'll be left out…" The middle-aged scholar's figure moved further and further away.

Just when he was about to leave the fog, the middle-aged scholar suddenly stopped and looked into the distance.

The fog churned in the distance and a roar came toward him. An oppressive aura spread with it, and that roar contained a hint of madness.

"Even if you hadn't asked, I would have come here myself!! Damn woman, shut up for this god! Shut up!! Shut up!!"

A laughter that could affect one's heart echoed inside the roar. This laughter was filled with temptation as if it was magic.

"I won't talk about it anymore, but the more crazy you are, the more I like you… Being with you is much more fun than that useless Celestial Sovereign…"

An instant later, one could see a huge figure walk out from the fog. This figure was too big, as if it was a cultivation planet. However, its body was rapidly shrinking as it moved forward.

It was Tuo Sen!

At this moment, Tuo Sen's eyes were bloodshot, making it seem like he was crazy, and his expression was ferocious. He moved with tyrannical momentum and was about to pass in front of the middle-aged scholar.

"Is that the always-cold Third Elder Sister? Could it be that even with Third Elder Sister's cultivation, you can't enter the Ancient Order Tomb?" A seductive voice slowly came from Tuo Sen's eyebrows.

The middle-aged scholar sneered and retreated far away to the side. A voice gently drifted over.

"Hu Meizi, it's hard to change your personality. I could smell your disgusting aura from far away."

"I can't compare to the Heavenly Dao Sect's holy maiden's virtue. I believe you're still a virgin to this day. You were captured by the Celestial Sovereign and were raised to be a prefect furnace. However, that old thing was not blessed to enjoy it, and it benefited someone else. I wonder who will take it away…" The seductive voice didn't seem to care, then it disappeared with Tuo Sen's figure.

There was a flash of coldness in the eyes of the white-robed scholar, then he walked far away with a cold snort.

The moment Wang Lin entered the Ancient Order Tomb rift, he felt a teleporting force. Before he could even see clearly around him, he retreated dozens of feet and light began to shine. A light silhouette surrounded his body.

This was his caution. This was, after all, the Ancient Order Tomb. Also, a lot of people had entered before him, so he had to be cautious.

Just as Wang Lin appeared, he heard a thunderous bang and a powerful force landed on his body. It landed on the light silhouette around Wang Lin.

Fortunately, Wang Lin's personality had made him use the Light Shadow Shield before the sneak attack. The attack was reflected back by the Light Shadow Shield!

A muffled groan echoed and someone quickly retreated.

All of this happened in a flash. The moment Wang Lin entered the rift, someone had sneak attacked him, but they retreated in a flash.

At this moment, Wang Lin clearly saw his surroundings. This place was different from what he saw outside. It was roughly the same but not the same place.

It was obvious that the moment they entered the rift, everyone was teleported to different areas.

The sky was dim and the earth was a dense fog. The fog was like a sea, unfathomable. Sometimes a giant black hole would appear as if it was waiting to devour something.

There were countless platforms floating in the air, with a head on each of them. There were many platform, with no end in sight.

There was a middle-aged man wearing a daoist robe rapidly retreating. His face was pale and blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Wang Lin with terror in his eyes.

He was the person who had attacked!

There were dozens of cultivators in the sky, and they were all shocked. When Wang Lin's gaze swept by, they all subconsciously retreated.

The smell of blood was surrounding the area. Wang Lin's eyes immediately judged that these people had joined forces. They were attacking cultivators that had just arrived and were still dazed and in fear.

Kill others to steal treasures!

Even further away, there were scattered cultivators that were trying to get on the platforms. However, there was a strange power around the platforms, and no matter what spells they used, they couldn't enter.

At a glance, it was onbious that there were hundreds of cultivators here. However, this place was too large, so it didn't feel crowded!

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