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Chapter 1437 - Terrifying Clue!

The miserable scream was hidden by the rumbles. The girl that had been hiding on the burly man's right shoulder and was preparing to sneak attack Wang Lin was forced out!

No matter what cultivation level one was at, everyone had to suffer the test of the fog from the Ancient Order Tromb. Even third step cultivators had to face it, not to mention this little girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan!

The moment she appeared, her body trembled violently. Her body withered rapidly and was instantly corroded by the fog until she was only a skeleton!

The woman died again inside this fog!

However, just as she died, the skeleton didn't dissipate, but grey light came out from within. Flesh began to grow out from the bones once more, and in just a few breaths, the girl that had died was reborn!

There was fear in her eyes. In a short period of time, she had been killed by Wang Lin's scheme. She was still feeling thankful when she was hit by this fog and died without being able to resist at all.

Out of her three lives, she had already used two!

However, this was not the source of her fear. What she feared was that even if she revived, she was still inside the fog, and it was her last life!!

This fog killed without leaving a trace. If she were to be reborn inside the fog, the result would be… her real death!!

The girl's face immediately turned pale and she rapidly retreated as she resurrected, wanting to leave the fog. However, how could she compare to the speed of the fog?

Just as her body reformed, the fog rushed into her body before she could retreat far. Despair filled her eyes. Her Sealing Extermination Clan had almost immortal bodies, but right now the fear of death washed over her!

All of this happened in a flash. The girl was surrounded by the fog once more. She felt desperate as the fog cycled through her body once. However, not only did she not die, but endless vitality rushed into her body and formed a number beside her clan mark!

In this short instant, the girl had experienced life and death, and cold sweat soaked her clothes. Before she regained her senses, the suction force shrouded her. She struggled in terror as she was pulled deep into the fog.

There was also the burly man from the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan. He had been pulled into the fog one step before this girl!

Wang Lin clearly saw all of this. His eyes lit up, and the scene of the girl dying and resurrecting shook his mind!

"I already killed her once before, and this strange fog killed her again, but she still isn't dead!! The Sealing Extermination Clan… is a bit too strong!

"However, her expression just now was not fake; that look of desperation revealed what she was thinking. If that woman dies again, she won't be able to come back!" Wang Lin was observant and intelligent, so it wasn't difficult for him to figure out something like this.

What really puzzled him was his current state. When the fog rushed at him, it didn't form a number mark once it entered his body. Instead, it turned into ancient god power and was absorbed by the stars between his eyebrows.

However, this ancient god power was filled with death energy and resentment. After Wang Lin absorbed it, many violent thoughts raged in his mind.

If it wasn't for him suppressing them quickly and stopping the absorption, his mind would've been taken over. However, after dispelling the rage from the ancient god power, his mind was unprecedentedly clear. This feeling was very obvious, like the difference between summer and winter.

No number had appeared between his eyebrows, so he wasn't pulled by the suction force. Inside the fog, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he began to analyze.

His eyes grew brighter and brighter. Recalling the number marks and the location of his place, his pupils shrank.

"That number mark, outsiders can't understand it, but it is clearly the language of the ancient gods! Could this place be the place where Greed came out of the Ancient Order Tomb?" Wang Lin's heart pounded and his eyes lit up. He suddenly looked toward where the girl and the burly man were pulled toward.

"No wonder no ancient god language didn't appear between my eyebrows… No wonder the mist entered my body and turned into ancient god power… The number on the burly man was 14… The number on the girl was 29…" Wang Lin licked his lips and pondered.

"This place is perilous, and the Ancient Order Tomb is  even more dangerous… Should I go or not!"

After three breaths, Wang Lin's eyes became determined. His personality had always been like this, to find benefit in danger! If he gave up going in this time, who knows when it will open again? He might never have another chance!

His eyes lit up, revealing an indifference gaze as he carefully moved toward the depths of the fog.

The more dangerous it was, the more opportunity and good fortune were present!

"The Ancient Order Tomb, let me experience what kind of terrifying dangers and fortunates lie here! As an ancient god, this place will benefit me much more than others!"

Wang Lin moved like a fish and charged forward. He decisively gave up absorbing this fog filled with death and resentment. Although it could strengthen him, he knew that if he absorbed it, his mind would no longer belong to him. He would be controlled by the death and resentment aura like a living puppet!

Wang Lin moved faster and faster, but his expression became even more cautious. Although he wasn't taking every step slowly, it was close. He had lived through many life and death situations due to his caution.

The only thing that could be considered reckless was his plan to scheme against the Sovereign. There was no reason for this idea to appear, it had just suddenly appeared after talking with the first Vermillion Bird.

In his heart, he had come up with a lot of reasons and excuses to do this. He had also entered the All-Seer's soul to divinate the chance. He had also made up his mind that if the Sovereign was really there and had recovered, he would use the jade to retreat back into the Inner Realm.

All of these seemed to be his own ideas that had appeared on their own.

However, after escaping from the Fire Sparrow Clan, when Wang Lin began to doubt if the middle-aged man was really the Sovereign, he had a terrifying doubt… This doubt caused his body to turn cold!

"Why would I do such a crazy thing and come up with such a crazy idea…" Just as he began to doubt it, the thought immediately dissipated and other things just naturally disrupted him. This had caused him to almost forget this doubt that had appeared in his mind when he was doubting the identity of the Sovereign.

However, after entering the fog, his mind suddenly became clear. It was as if the fog was a different world from the outside. It was as if some unknown power had descended upon Wang Lin and was being blocked by the fog!

The disappearance of this power caused the doubt that appeared in Wang Lin's mind to appear once more. This doubt became stronger and stronger. In just a moment, he was covered in cold sweat.

He suddenly looked back and stared at the churning fog behind him. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the endless fog and see the calm Ancient Star System.  

After a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, and there was a hint of fear in his eyes. Thinking about what had happened after arriving in the Ancient Star System, Wang Lin clearly felt a power controlling him.

After pondering for a bit, the fear in Wang Lin's eyes was replaced by coldness. He pondered for a long time and then determined that entering the Ancient Order Tomb was something he had decided after carefully analyzing; the idea hadn't appeared for no reason. He then turned and went into the depths of the fog.

He moved faster and faster, turning into a ray of light. As he got close, he saw struggling cultivators being pulled in beside him.

These people all had number marks between their eyebrows!

"37, 45. 71…" Wang Lin gradually closed in on the center and saw the terrifying rift in the center!

The world inside the rift had no fog but was filled with distortion. Although it was distorted, Wang Lin still clearly saw the fierce heads on those floating platforms!!

Ancient Order Tomb!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he was about to step into the rift. Just at this moment, the surrounding fog rumbled. Wang Lin turned around and his pupils shrank.

As the fog behind him churned, a person slowly appeared. This person was a middle-aged scribe who looked very handsome, as if he were a female! However, this person's face was pale, making it obvious that it was difficult for him to reach here.

There were nine strange statues surrounding his body. Each statue revealed a different expression. They surrounded the woman-like scholar and gave off a yellow glow that had allowed the scholar to reach here!

There was also no number mark between the eyebrows of the scholar! When he saw Wang Lin, his tired face revealed a look of shock. Although Wang Lin looked normal, a shockwave was set off in his heart. He knew how powerful the fog was, but this person had unexpectedly arrived here. Wang Lin didn't speak before he turned around and was about to walk into the Ancient Order Tomb!

"Fellow Cultivator, can you help me?" A very pleasant female voice came from the scholar.

In the Ancient Star System, in a boundless star domain, there was a giant palace floating across the stars. This star domain seemed to be hidden, and no one could find it.

The palace was dim as only a few candlesticks were burning, giving off soft, crackling sounds.

Borrowing the light of the fire, one could faintly see a well with water inside. The water was like a mirror, reflecting three groups of candlesticks, and it was impossible to separate the real from the fake.

A figure surrounded by a black robe hiding their appearance was silently standing next to the well. Inside the well, there was the reflection of three groups of candlesticks and a white-haired figure.

This figure was… Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's figure was surrounded by the three candlestick as if he was being sealed!

However, just as Wang Lin entered the fog, ripples appeared inside the well. This force seemed to not come from this world, and as the ripples echoed, Wang Lin's figure gradually dissipated.

"The Ancient Order Tomb suddenly opened and disrupted this old man's plan… A pity… A pity… Fishing the Moon in the Well, just a bit more…" the person hidden inside the black robe murmured in a hoarse voice. He raised his right hand, exposing dried, slender fingers, nd pointed at the surface of the water.

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