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Chapter 1436 - Ancient Order Tomb Opens!

A swirling vortex filled with the death aura coming from the Ancient Order Tomb surged. There was also dense resentment coming from the heads of all the ancient gods, ancient demons, and ancient devils that were placed on those stone platforms within!

They fused together, causing the storm to charge out like crazy in an attempt to rip the fog outside apart!

The dense fog that filled the one million kilometers of space around the rift was pushed by this storm. There was a thunderous rumble that was weak at first but soon became louder and louder. In just a moment, it shook the entire star domain!

The fog began to churn as if there was a spirit inside, and it swept the stars with endless rage.

The churning fog moved violently and spread in all directions like crazy. Originally, there were many cultivators around the edges of the fog, observing it. Sometimes some powerful cultivators would even go inside and check. However, the expressions of all the cultivators here changed and they rapidly retreated.

The opening of the Ancient Order Tomb had attracted the attention of all the powerful cultivators in the Ancient Star System. They had dropped everything and quickly rushed here.

However, at this moment, these people that had rushed here were all shocked and had to retreat!

The movement of the fog was like a collapse if one looked at it from above. It had turned into a giant storm and was expanding like crazy.

An old man at the fourth Heaven's Blight didn't retreat fast enough and was caught by the fog. He let out a miserable scream and his body trembled violently. Then his flesh and blood corroded and he became a skeleton!

His origin soul perished under the fog!

Similar scenes took place everywhere as the fog expanded!

The fog continued to expand violently by 100,000 kilometers, 300,000 kilometers, 500,000 kilometers, 1,000,000 kilometers… The fog continued to expand with no pause!

Two million kilometers, three million kilometers, five million kilometers… Until it was more than 10 million, 100 million kilometers!

As the storm spread out, many cultivators turned into skeletons and ashes… All of this happened in an instant, and it could be considered a calamity!

However, not all the cultivators that were captured by the fog had perished. Almost one out of every 10 cultivators were devoured by the fog. These people would not only not get injured, but endless vitality would be injected into them as if they were now thousands of years younger. A strange mark also appeared beside their clan marks!

This mark looked like a number mark!

Or to be more accurate, they were numbers!

Anyone with a number on their forehead would be sucked into the rift at the center by a force no one could resist. That was the entrance to the Ancient Order Tomb!

Dao Master Miao Yin's avatar, the beautiful youth, was rapidly retreating. His expression was gloomy. He had retreated tens of millions of kilometers but was unwilling to leave.

"Ancient Order Tomb, this must be the Ancient Order Tomb. Rumors say that this tomb has only ever been opened once since the beginning of time! Anyone who can enter will receive unimaginable fortunes!

"Whether it is treasures, spells, pills, and even methods for third step cultivators to enter the Void Tribulant realm!!"

Dao Master Miao Yin's expression was uncertain. He clenched his teeth and waved his hand. No one saw him open his Joss Flame Realm, but Joss Flame souls surrounded his body!

He was surrounded by Joss Flame Souls. At a glance, all these souls were beautiful men and women. There were more than 10 billion of them! Just as he touched the fog, the 10 billion Joss Flame Souls around him let out miserable screams.

"Charge!" Dao Master Miao Yin's expression became twisted. He gave up retreating and charged froward.

An unimaginable power came from inside the fog; this was a force no one could resist. As the powerful force rushed at Dao Master Miao Yin, more than 40% of the Joss Flame Souls were destroyed!

Dao Master Miao Yin's expression was deathly pale. At this moment, he had merely taken three steps forward!

He clenched his teeth, let out a roar, and took another step. His hand formed a seal and a dao spell surrounded his body! However, just as he took the fourth step, the fog rushed into him directly. The remaining 60% of the Joss Flame Souls were all… destroyed in an instant!

Dao Master Miao Yin coughed out blood and rapidly retreated.

"I can't enter by force! Should I risk it?!" While retreating, a difficult decision appeared before him.

"Even if I give up an avatar, I have to gamble once!" Dao Master Miao Yin's beautiful face became distorted. He stopped and didn't use any spells as he collided with the fog.

His body was rushed by the fog and trembled violently. This avatar was at the mid stage of Spirit Void, but as the fog rushed into him, his cultivation level dropped rapidly!

Early stage Spirit Void, peak Nirvana Void, late stage, mid stage, early stage! In the blink of an eye, his cultivation was weakened by 90%. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and his body rapidly withered. his elegant appearance was no longer there.

However, just at this moment, a number mark appeared between his eyebrows! When the mark appeared, a suction force pulled him into the rift at the center!

"I understand. Third step cultivators can resist this force, but early stage Nirvana Void is the highest cultivation level that can enter the Ancient Order Tromb!"

Similar scenes took place in this fog that had spread hundreds of millions of kilometers!

In the western part of the fog, there was a huge beast the size of a cultivation planet. The Moongazer Serpent! On its back sat the old man with the Yin and Yang tattoo. He looked at the mist and his eyes lit up as he had also seen through the fog. His hand quickly formed a seal and pointed to between his eyebrows. Three portions of his origin soul flew out!

They respectfully charged into Wudong Chan, Ji Xiantian, and the Moongazer Serpent.

After doing this, the old man's face turned pale and he quickly retreated. He roared, "Wudong Chan, Ji Xiantian, and Moongazer Serpent. The three of you will enter the Ancient Order Tomb!"

The fog suddenly arrived and number marks appeared between the eyebrows of the Moongazer Serpent and the other two, then they were sucked into the fog. The old man quickly retreated out of the range of the fog. He appeared on a cultivation planet far away and began to cultivate.

There was also the old man who the old Vermillion Bird called the Esteemed Great Desolation that wore beast skin clothes. He looked at the fog with shining eyes. He didn't have any avatars, so he didn't dare to enter with weakened cultivation and risk death. While he retreated, his hand kept reaching out at the void. No matter how far they were, he would always grab a cultivator and throw them into the fog.

Those cultivators all died miserably and turned into skeletons. However, the eighth person trembled but didn't die, and a number mark appeared between his eyebrows!

This cultivator was an old man. His face was pale, as if he had been suffering a long illness. The moment the number mark appeared, there was a cold flash in Esteemed Great Desolation's eyes. A portion of his origin soul chased after the old man that was being sucked in. He rushed into the old man's body and began possessing him.

The old man's body trembled and then disappeared in the fog with a miserable scream.

Esteemed Great Desolation's face turned pale and he left the fog.

Third step cultivators all used their own spells to no effect. The rumbling fog spread out further and further with no end in sight!

At this moment, Wang Lin walked out of a distortion within space. He didn't hesitate to charge forward, but after moving just 1,000 feet, his pupils shrank. He saw fog moving in the distance like a monstrous wave toward him!

"What is this!?" Wang Lin was shocked. While he was escaping, he split a part of his soul to fuse with the All-Seer and began to divinate. He calculated that escaping in that direction would benefit him greatly!

Just at this moment, the space behind him distorted and collapsed, and a giant black hole appeared. The burly man walked out, but the girl that hadn't died strangely wasn't present!

However, there was a grey mark hidden on the shoulder of the burly man. Unless one checked carefully, it would be difficult to detect it!

After the burly man appeared, he immediately saw the storm before him, and his expression changed. He seemed to hesitate for abit, but soon he charged at Wang Lin. His right hand formed a seal and wolf howls appeared around him.

"Eight Direction Extreme Wolf Dao!" the burly man roared, then the space rumbled and eight 10,000 foot large wolves appeared. They all charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he charged forward like a meteor. He was very fast, but the fog was even faster. It arrived in a flash, rushing over like an angry wave, and immediately devoured Wang Lin before it collided with the eight wolves.

Rumble, rumble, rumble! The sounds of collapse were suppressed by rumbles of the fog, and the eight wolves disintegrated. The storm rumbled and devoured the burly man, causing his expression to change.

This burly man didn't know what this strange fog was, but he was aware of the powerful force inside it. He quickly retreated, but he was still too slow compared to the fog, even though he was at the early stage of Nirvana Void and wasn't weak. At this moment, a number mark appeared between his eyebrows!

However, a mournful scream came from his right shoulder!

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