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Chapter 1430 - Umbrella Opens to Destroy the Realm!

Using this opportunity he had created for himself by causing the man inside the seven-colored flame to fail his spell, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to take out the treasure the first generation Vermillion Bird had given him to kill the traitorous third Vermillion Bird!

After Wang Lin summoned the Vermillion Bird, the fire in the sky began to churn violently!

The sea of fire quickly surged and a giant vortex appeared in the middle, which was above Wang Lin's head. The fire vortex became like a black hole that was a door to a mysterious world!

The moment the black hole appeared, a Vermillion Bird cry suddenly echoed within!

The Vermillion Bird cry was heaven-shaking. The moment it appeared, Wang Lin felt a sense of shock. His fourth awakened Vermillion Bird appeared and revealed respect!

It was as if Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird felt instinctive fear toward this cry!

The seven-colored Vermillion Bird behind the old man looked up and let out a cry. There was fear in its eyes, and it didn't dare to fly up!

This scene was too sudden, and the middle-aged man's pupils shrank.

"The old fellow actually gave this to you to kill me!!!"

Following the heaven-shaking Vermillion Bird cry, a terrifying pressure came out of the vortex and quickly scattered. The temperature here suddenly increased until it became like a fire realm!

Under this pressure, a terrifying scene that Wang Lin could never forget occurred in the sea of fire in the sky!

A giant Vermillion Bird beak descended from the vortex. Just the beak covered most of the sky, and the pressure increased countless fold.

Vermillion Bird origin spirit! That feather was an important treasure to the first generation Vermillion Bird as he only had one!

What the feather had summoned was a real Vermillion Bird that lived in the first generation Vermillion Bird's homeland! This wasn't a Vermillion Bird formed by the Vermillion Bird clan cultivators, but a living one!

The Vermillion Bird beak suddenly descended from the vortex and caused the sea of fire to concave inwards with the beak at the bottom!

As it descended, the fire surged!

Its speed was unimaginable. As it descended, it mercilessly pecked at the middle-aged man! During this process, the entire sky seemed to have turned into the head of the Vermillion Bird. Its eyes were filled with anger, and Wang Lin recognized it at a glance. It looked very similar to the first generation Vermillion Bird!

The world continued to rumble. The Vermillion Bird beak descended quickly and in an instant reached within 1,000 feet of the seven-colored flame. This was comparable to a finger from the ancient gods, but the momentum was much more powerful. Only an adult 8-star ancient god using the spell personally could match it!

Inside the seven-colored flame, the middle-aged man let out a roar and he waved his hand. The seven-colored flame around him rushed into the sky and formed another Vermillion Bird that rushed at the incoming beak.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The seven-colored Vermillion Bird let out a miserable scream the moment it touched the beak, and it suddenly collapsed!

The middle-aged man coughed out blood and his hand formed seals while his expression was ferocious. He roared, "Earth, water, fire, wind!"

His words shook the entire world. With the word "earth," a boundless earth appeared below him. With the word "water," a raging sea appeared above the earth!

With the word "fire," the sea began to burn and was covered in a seven-colored flame. With the last word, "wind," a gust of wind swept across the flame.

"Four Elements!!" The middle-aged man's expression was ferocious and his hands pushed forward. The mighty wind rushed toward the Vermillion Bird beak, and behind it was the raging flame!

After the flame was the surging sea. Finally, the earth went through the middle-aged man's body and charged at the sky as if it going to mend the vortex.

When all of this appeared before Wang Lin, it shook his mind. Whether it was the Vermillion Bird or the middle-aged man, they both had power that Daoist Water and Master Simo couldn't compare to. If these two power collided, the shockwave would be strong enough to destroy this holy land!

Even Wang Lin wouldn't be able to survive! Unless he could use a similarly powerful spell to confront the incoming wave of destruction that is!

Or he could choose to use the backup plan he had come up with before, to leave the Outer Realm and return to the Inner Realm!

However, right now was the best opportunity to seriously injure or kill the Sovereign. If he missed this chance, he wouldn't have another opportunity!

Wang Lin had spent his life seeking to gain advantages in dangerous situations, so how could he let this chance go? He wanted to do something heaven-shaking in the Outer Realm after destroying the Scatter Thunder clan!

Kill the Sovereign!

"What a vicious first generation Vermillion Bird!!" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. The first generation Vermillion Bird had lived for far too long, and Wang Lin naturally was no match. Although he had guessed the first generation's plan, he was still a step behind!

"The second generation ancestor suddenly passed me the strongest Vermillion Bird clan spell because he saw through it all and was trying to help me…"

Wang Lin's hands began forming seals without hesitation!

The first breath!

The middle-aged man's wind collided with the beak. The world rumbled and the wind collapsed! The Vermillion Bird beak trembled, and the rumbling of its flames echoed loudly!

A shockwave scattered in all directions!

Wang Lin finished the first group of seals! The world before him changed colors and a giant fire bone appeared out of nowhere!

Second breath!

The seven-colored flame collided with the Vermillion Bird beak and the world rumbled. The Vermillion Bird beak trembled and the seven-colored flame collapsed!

The second shockwave swept across the world!

Wang Lin finished the second set of seals. Branches appeared on the giant fire bone!

The third and fourth breaths instantly passed. The sea raged at the Vermillion Bird beak and collided with it, turning into endless water vapor. The tip of the beak broke, causing the Vermillion Bird to let out a cry and spit out a mouthful of air from its belly!

This air rushed at the heaven-mending earth!

Thunderous rumbles echoed violently like never before in this holy land and became the voice of the world! The Sovereign let out a roar as the Vermillion Bird beak collapsed!

The moment it collapsed, the third shockwave spread out in all directions. Countless rifts appeared in space and violent energy filled this world. The Fire Sparrow Clan's holy land began collapsing under this shockwave!

The air spat out by the Vermillion Bird landed on the earth, causing countless cracks to appear on it!

Seeing that the earth was about to disintegrate, the Sovereign spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood turned into blood mist and pushed the earth into the sky. After the earth absorbed the blood, it no longer disintegrated and charged at the sky with an indescribable momentum!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The large earth filled with countless cracks shot directly into the sea of fire in the sky. It covered the entire sea of fire and sealed the giant vortex that the Vermillion Bird origin spirit had arrived through!

The world trembled and was torn apart as the shockwave spread, causing everything to disintegrate like crazy. The sovereign coughed out blood and his face became even more pale. He turned around and looked at Wang Lin with a ferocious expression before lifting his foot! 

Wang Lin was hit by this shockwave and blood came out of the corner of his mouth, but his hands moved faster and faster. He struggled to continue forming seals, and right now there were more than one million seals around him.

The incoming Sovereign saw this, and his expression changed greatly!

"Damn it, that old follow actually taught you this spell!!" He charged at Wang Lin without hesitation. However, the ancient forest spirit Wang Lin had released let out a roar and charged at the incoming Sovereign.

The Sovereign had a ferocious expression as he waved his right hand and an endless power turned into a giant handprint. It was like a sun that descended toward the ancient forest spirit.

Thunderous rumbled filled the air as the ancient wood spirit trembled. The palm penetrated its body and then shot at Wang Lin!

At this moment, the ninth breath arrived and Wang Lin's right hand finished the last seal. His hands were a bloody mess and were almost unable to move after finishing the last seal.

Almost two million seals were around Wang Lin's body. After he finished, they formed a firestorm and fused with the bone umbrella frame to form a giant Realm Burning Ancient Umbrella!!

"Realm Burning Ancient Umbrella!!" Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot. He used the Vermillion Bird Clan's strongest spell the moment the palm print closed in!

Although he had just learned it, he was the Vermillion Bird, and he had practiced restrictions for a long time, so he had methods for creating seals quickly. However, his comprehension of it was low, so its power was obviously inferior. However, when it came to this kind of spell, even if the power was weaker, it was still heaven-shaking!

He then spat out a mouthful of blood. Wang Lin clearly felt the vitality in his body being rapidly absorbed by the ancient umbrella to form a force that would open it!

"Umbrella, open to destroy the realm!!" Wang Lin roared as he waved his arms!

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