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Chapter 1429 - Fishing the Moon in the Well!

In the Fire Sparrow Clan's holy land, Liu Jinbiao was entangled by countless threads, letting out mournful cries. Xu Liguo was scared out of his wits and constantly called Wang Lin.

The figure inside the seven-colored flame didn't stop Xu Liguo and only said one word.


Just as he spoke, a thunderous rumble came from within the sword storm Xu Liguo had created. It was as if a mighty force had come from the void and locked onto Xu Liguo's location. The mighty force ripped that storm open.

As the storm rumbled, it was as two giant hands had penetrated the void and started ripping open a metal plate. Thunderous rumbles echoed as the storm collapsed after being ripped in half.

When the storm collapsed, a giant rift appeared in the space here. There were flashes of thunder and monstrous fire. Wang Lin's figure walked out from the rift!

With a head of white hair and white clothes, Wang Lin's eyes contained a vicious gaze. After he appeared, he looked at the figure inside the seven-colored flame!


The seven-colored flame burned brightly and the figure inside seemed to open his eyes. Two ancient gazes landed on Wang Lin.

"I remember that your name is Wang Lin!" A blurry voice echoed in the world.

"I am!" Wang Lin didn't hide his identity, and his expression became even more vicious. He waved his right hand and the thunder tattoo and nine-colored fire flew out toward Xu Liguo, taking him back into Wang Lin's storage space.

As the thunder tattoo rumbled, it closed in on Liu Jinbiao along with the nine-colored fire. They formed a giant hand that pulled Liu Jinbiao away from those countless branches and placed him inside Wang Lin's storage space.

The figure inside the seven-colored flame didn't stop Wang Lin.

"Very good… This lord sees in you Qing Lin, Qing Shui, and even Sima Mo… You knew I was here and yet you dared to come. It must be the old Vermillion Bird that gave you the courage… Or perhaps you thought that I have been seriously injured for so long, and your intention is to check if I still haven't recovered and…"

"It is!" There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin's eyes and his expression became even more vicious. He took a step forward and charged at the seven-colored flame. The nine-colored fire in his left eye rushed out and formed a nine-colored ethereal fire that bombarded the the seven-colored flame.

Thunder flashed in this right eye and the thunder tattoo appeared. The nine accompanying thunders turned into nine ancient thunder dragons. There was a faint crack on the thunder essence, and it led to the Ancient Thunder Realm!

His left hand formed a seal and he pointed at the sky. In an instant, the fragrance of grass filled the world. The phantoms of countless trees appeared and the ancient forest spirit sat up. It let out a roar and pounced at the seven-colored flame.

A monstrous blood light howled, and with a point of Wang Lin's finger, it charged toward the seven-colored flame.

As Wang Lin formed a seal, his entire cultivation erupted and formed a shockwave that closed in on the seven-colored flame!

All of this happened in a flash; it was fast beyond imagination. In a flash, Wang Lin had used all his spells and treasures to launch an attack on the seven-colored flame!

The figure inside the seven-colored flame laughed. His laughter was filled with desolation.

"Your judgement is right, this lord is seriously injured and hasn't healed. However, you have brought the Heaven Defying Bead here, giving me the hope of recovering!" The figure raised his right hand, but his right arm was blurry. However, it was possible to see it, as the right arm was covered in armor.

"This lord has cultivated for a long time, and many people hate me, but none of them have killed me. Instead, they have been killed me… You're excellent, but you're not qualified… This lord will only use one spell!"

The figure inside the seven-colored flame raised his right hand and reached at the sky!

"This world can be viewed as a well…"

After he spoke, the entire world trembled and ripples appeared down below. Water vapor spread. In the blink of an eye, an unimaginable force spread out across this world and water appeared!

If one looked from above, they would clearly see that this water was a well!

"Everything is inside the well. All your spells, treasures, and even your body exist in the well…"

The space that had become the water gradually calmed down and the ripples disappeared. When the ripples disappeared, the surface of the water reflected everything above it!

The water reflected Wang Lin's fire storm, his eternal thunder, the ancient forest spirit… It also reflected Wang Lin's dazzling figure in the middle!

If someone else saw this, they would be extremely shocked. The water reflected everything beside the seven-colored flame!

At a glance, it was impossible to tell which was the reflection and which was real!

At this moment, Wang Lin's body suddenly stopped in the air. Not only did his body stop, but all his spells and treasures stopped in the air with him. If was as if all of their souls had been taken by the surface of the water!

Wang Lin clearly felt that the figure inside the surface of the water was himself! This as a very mysterious feeling, but it was extremely realistic!

"This lord's spell is called… Fishing the Moon in the Well!"

There was no moon inside the well, and even if it were to appear, it would merely be a reflection. However, this simple reflection was turned into a heaven-shaking spell due to the words of the figure inside the seven-colored flame! 

"Fishing the Moon in the Well!"

The figure inside the seven-colored flame lowered his right hand and causally reached out. The water below him rippled and Wang Lin's reflection inside the water was fished up!

What was picked up wasn't water, but a struggling Wang Lin! Only this Wang Lin's eyes were ferocious!

Wang Lin's mind focused.

"This old man thinks that the moon inside the well is very beautiful, so I wanted one. Now I have one." The figure inside the seven-colored flame withdrew his right hand with Wang Lin in his grip.

"He is you!" The seven-colored flame burned brightly and suddenly spread out, revealing the figure inside, as well as his appearance!

A pale-faced but extremely calm middle-aged man!

This man was very handsome and had the air of a celestial. Instead of looking at Wang Lin, he calmly looked at the Wang Lin he had caught in the well.

"Watch, killing you is actually very easy…" The middle-aged man was wearing a suit of grey armor. This armor was very strange, as if it was growing from his body; it couldn't be distinguished from his body.

Fishing the Moon in the Well, what it fished was the soul!

"It looks like you're really seriously injured…" Wang Lin said slowly, and at this moment, he no longer revealed that tyrannical expression he had before but was calm. The eyes of the middle-aged man that had picked up Wang Lin from the water shined.

Under his spell, all those that were reflected would lose their physical ability and would not be able to speak! However, Wang Lin's words had clearly entered his ears.

Just after Wang Lin spoke, he took a step forward and waved his right hand. The feather of a Vermillion Bird appeared in his hand!

With a wave of his hand, the feather gave off a monstrous fire and immediately shrouded the sky. At a glance, the sky became a sea of fire!

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy, and the fire in the sky seemed to be raging as it burned violently!

The middle-aged man viciously squeezed his hand and the Wang Lin he was holding let out a miserable scream. The Wang Lin in his hand crumbled and died!

Wang Lin trembled and his face turned pale, but he didn't stop. He raised his right hand and pointed at the sky. He began to roar the chant the first generation Vermillion Bird had given him "I'm the sixth generation Vermillion Bird. I am using this Vermillion Bird feather to summon my Vermillion Bird Clan's origin spirit to descend from the Ancient Realm!"

The world rumbled, and the moment Wang Lin's words echoed, the middle-aged man suddenly stood up. His eyes lit up and an indifferent voice echoed.

"This old man has indeed underestimated you. You have prepared thoroughly before coming here. You've replaced your original body with a devil soul, good, good!"

Wang Lin remained silent. Before coming here, he had fused with the All-Seer's soul and began divinating like crazy. Just like when he battled Daoist Water, he saw a blurry scene.

This scene was a life and death crisis, and it was related to the soul!

Wang Lin had spent his entire life facing dangers and had lived through them all due to his caution. Since he was daring to scheme against the seriously injured Sovereign, he naturally had to come fully prepared. He had even prepared a lot of paths of retreat. In order to make sure nothing went wrong, he had erased the consciousness of his ancient devil soul and had replaced his own soul with it, allowing it to become the soul of his original body!

The Fishing the Moon in the Well spell was extremely tyrannical, and its power was shocking. However, the soul it had fished out was the ancient devil soul, not Wang Lin's soul!

Only Wang Lin, who was an ancient god, could replace his soul with the ancient devil soul. If it was anyone else, it wouldn't have been possible. Even if their cultivation level was higher, they would still collapse under this spell, and the replacement would be noticed!

However, ancient devils and ancient gods came from the same origin, so they could perfectly replace each other!

In addition, it was also partially due to the Sovereign being seriously injured and underestimating Wang Lin's strength. Otherwise, Wang Lin wouldn't have succeeded! However, even if it failed, Wang Lin had backup plans prepared, or else he wouldn't have recklessly come here!

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