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Chapter 1431 - This Day Arrived!

The firestorm stopped in the air and fused with the fire bone umbrella frame, forming a burning  umbrella. When the mouthful of blood from Wang Lin landed on the umbrella, large amounts of vitality rushed into the huge umbrella and a roar echoed.

The collapsing Fire Sparrow Clan holy land was filled with an indescribable heat. Even the palm print paused when hit by this heat wave.

The Sovereign's expression changed greatly!

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's roar rumbled across the world!

In an instant, the ancient umbrella slowly opened, and as it opened, a fire that could destroy a realm spread out from the umbrella. This fire had no color and couldn't even be called a fire, it was an aura!

An invisible fire aura!

The umbrella gradually opened up. When it was 10% open, the palm print arrived. The fire rushed out and collided with the palm print. There was a thunderous rumble and the palm print immediately collapsed.

The fire aura didn't stop; it slowly spread in all directions. Every place that was shrouded by it was destroyed and turned into ruin!

This was the power that could destroy a realm!

The destructive shockwave created by the collision of the Vermillion Bird beak and the Sovereign collided with the power of the fire aura. Endless rumbles echoed as the shockwave collapsed and the fire extinguished!

"Realm Burning Ancient Umbrella!!" The Sovereign's face was pale. He was seriously injured and then he miscalculated with Fishing the Moon in the Well. After that, he had fought with the Vermillion Bird origin spirit and sealed it before he saw Wang Lin use the terrifying Realm Burning Ancient Umbrella!

At this moment, he was even more injured than before! With a ferocious expression, the Sovereign formed a seal and reached for the cloth around his shoulder. With a roar, he pulled pulled it down!

Intense pain washed over his body. He ripped off the armor that had already fused with his flesh. The armor gave off a grey glow and suddenly turned into a huge palm!

"How can the Realm Burning Ancient Umbrella be so easy to open? This armor was given to me by my master, and it is more than enough to match an unopened umbrella! Universe Suppressing Palm!" the Sovereign roared, and the giant palm formed by the armor shot toward Wang Lin!

It was extremely fast and it almost covered the sky, almost matching the Vermillion Bird beak's size. As it swept across the sky, it was about to collide with the ancient umbrella.

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy as the fire penetrated the palm. The palm was rapidly dissipating while it bombarded the umbrella.

All of this happened in a flash. As the palm rapidly dissipated, it closed in on the umbrella. After shrinking to half its original side, it landed on the ancient umbrella!

"Realm Burning Ancient Umbrella, break for this Sovereign!!"

The ancient umbrella trembled and Wang Lin coughed out blood. The vitality in his body was a mess. After all, his cultivation level wasn't high enough to display its true power. Just opening it 20% to block a palm from the Sovereign was his limit!

After coughing out blood, Wang Lin was knocked back. Without vitality being injected into it, the ancient umbrella began to slowly dissipate. This wasn't caused by the palm!

However, just as it was about to dissipate completely, Wang Lin revealed a ferocious expression as he was being knocked back. There was a hint of madness in his eyes as he roared, "Explode!!"

The ancient umbrella that was about to dissipate trembled, and as Wang Lin's word echoed, a destructive aura spread out from within it!

The entire Fire Sparrow Clan holy land completely collapsed! The grey palm print created from the armor completely collapsed.

Outside the door to the Fire Sparrow Clan's holy land, the ancestor was sitting down and cultivating. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the door. However, at this moment, the door collapsed and countless fragments of the door rushed at him.

It was to sudden, so the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor didn't have time to react at all before the fragments landed on him. He coughed out blood and quickly retreated with shock and terror in his eyes along with disbelief!

Wang Lin's figure flashed out from the collapsed door and quickly escaped. Behind him, the collapse of the holy land turned into an endless destructive force that erupted outward.

The Sovereign's roar came from within as he rushed out of the destructive force after Wang Lin! Although he was seriously injured, he could still chase after Wang Lin.

As he charged out, the Sovereign raised his hand and mercilessly slammed forward. Another palm print appeared and rushed forward. It instantly caught up to Wang Lin and was about to destroy him!

At the moment of danger, blood flowed out from the corner of Wang Lin's mouth as he quickly retreated. His hands formed seals and the Wind and Rain Realm appeared around Wang Lin. The palm collided with the Wind and Rain Realm.

The Wind and Rain Realm collapsed with a bang!

Wang Lin coughed out blood and white light came from his body. Endless white light came from the cultivation planet and condensed around Wang Lin to form a large light silhouette!

Dao Master Blue Dream's spell, Light and Shadow Shield!

The moment the Light and Shadow Shield appeared, the palm print landed on it. The shield flickered violently, attempting to reflect the power, but it only lasted for a few breath before collapsing!

Endless fragments of the shield scattered, and Wang Lin's face turned extremely pale and he coughed out blood once more. Seeing that the palm print was about to land on his body, Wang Lin let out a roar. His ancient god stars rotated rapidly and the Emperor Furnace flew out from his first star!

The Emperor Furnace appeared around Wang Lin, forming a shield, and collided with the palm print chasing him.

There was a loud buzz as Wang Lin was knocked back and countless injuries appeared on his body. The Emperor Furnace didn't collapse, but it wasn't able to take form due to the force from the pam print, and it was knocked back into Wang Lin's first ancient god star!

"This Sovereign wants to see how you will resist, how you will escape!!" Sovereign chased after Wang Lin with killing intent in his eyes!

The palm print was only seven feet from Wang Lin, and its pressure shook his mind. It was as if his origin soul was going to be forced out of his body!

At the most critical moment, Wang Lin raised his right hand and placed it before him. A surge of ancient god power appeared and formed a gauntlet!

The ancient god treasure refined from the bone of an ancient god!

The moment the ancient god gauntlet appeared, the palm print landed on it, causing a thunderous rumble! Wang Lin coughed out blood seven times. The cultivation planet couldn't withstand the force and directly collapsed!

The entire cultivation planet was torn apart! Large amounts of cracks appeared on the surface. It was like a ball of water that was blown apart, instantly disintegrating!

Wang Lin was thrown back and collided with the center of the planet. He went through the center of the collapsed planet and came out the other side! He retreated like crazy. His body was on the verge of collapse and his origin soul was weakened.

Fortunately, his body was that of an ancient god; otherwise, just the impact would've been enough to kill him!

Although this was the case, he had directly blocked a blow from the Sovereign!

"Still not dead!!" The Sovereign sped across space and his right hand pushed out once more. Another palm print shot toward Wang Lin at an even faster speed and stronger force!

Wang Lin's expression was ferocious as he raised his left hand and pointed at this right arm. He roared, "8-star ancient god life-saving spell, Ancient Blessing!!"

The ancient god power inside Wang Lin rushed into this gauntlet at a rapid pace. As his words echoed, a mighty ancient god aura appeared among the stars!

From afar, an ancient god the size of a cultivation planet suddenly appeared before Wang Lin!

This ancient god was illusory and gave off an ancient aura. His body was covered in injuries, making it obvious that it had been through a lot of battles! His face was facing the palm print and his arms were wrapped around Wang Lin. He was protecting Wang Lin with his body as if he was protecting a child!

Waves of warmth entered Wang Lin's body. It was like being in the arms of one's parent; even if the world was falling apart, the parent would protect you!

The moment the ancient god appeared, the Sovereign's palm print arrived and landed on the ancient god's back!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars. The ancient god remained motionless and the palm print collapsed. It was as if this blow as like a mere mosquito colliding with it.

Even the Sovereign's eyes narrowed when he saw this. He was just about to use a spell when the ancient god moved!

Ancient Blessing was a life-saving spell given to a child ancient god, and it wasn't just for defense. The huge ancient god suddenly turned, and the Sovereign's pupils shrank. As it turned around, a punch was launched at the Sovereign!

The ancient god's forehead clearly revealed eight rotating stars!

The Sovereign didn't have time to dodge at all before the ancient god's fist landed on him like a meteor.

The Sovereign's face turned pale and he coughed out blood; he was seriously injured. His body was knocked back and he let out a muffled goran. This punched caused the injuries he had just suffered from the Vermillion Bird beak, the Realm Burning Ancient Umbrella, and the injuries from tens of thousands of years ago to erupt.

With one punch, the ancient god dissipated, turned back into the gauntlet, and disappeared into Wang Lin's right arm.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. He should've chosen to escape without any hesitation at this moment, but he waved his right hand. The blood sword shot out toward the Sovereign!

The Sovereign took out some unknown treasure and blocked the blood sword, knocking it back. Wang Lin let out a sigh. His injuries were too heavy and he was merely holding on with one breath. If he let this breath go, he would immediately collapse. At this moment, he grabbed the blood sword and escaped without hesitation. 

However, just as Wang Lin was about to escape with Spatial Bending, the Sovereign's weak voice echoed across the world. However, when this voice entered Wang Lin's ears, it caused him to suddenly stop.

"Wang Lin… Wang Lin, you're bold, cruel, decisive, and cunning! Do you wish to become my soldier? If you agree, I can resurrect your wife!! Not just awaken her soul, but completely resurrect her!!!"

Wang Lin's mind buzzed as if a bolt of thunder had stuck him. There was madness in his eyes as he stared at the middle-aged man holding his chest.

"If one day If I changed places with Sima Mo and his sister was Wan Er… How would I choose… 

"Perhaps… That day will come…"

This day arrived!!!

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