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Chapter 1424 - Dream Dao Plants Inner Demon

Wang Lin had only created three spells in his 2,000 years of cultivation. Sundered Night was extremely powerful, but the law of origin was too rare. Only at the moment of daybreak could he use the spell without expending his own origin energy.

Even with Wang Lin's current cultivation level, if he wanted to use Sundered Night by force, he would have to change the space and planet around him to reach the proper time of day. He had to be extremely cautious when doing this.

As for Flowing Time, although it was inferior to Sundered Night in terms of power, the law of time was not something that could be resisted. Time was everything and invisible; it was comparable to the heavens.

Wang Lin's third spell was comprehended after he was seriously injured in the battle against Daoist Water. On the border of death, Wang Lin had entered the extremely mysterious Dao Realm inside the Heaven Defying Bead. Even now he wasn't sure what the Dao Realm was!

Inside the Dao Realm, two spells appeared inside Wang Lin's mind. The first was the spell that seriously injured the All-Seer and was the life-saving spell of an 8-star ancient god, Dream of Ancient Times! 

The second was the first dao spell he had encountered: the Dao Scatter spell used by the old man in the Seven-Colored Realm!

These two spells were extremely powerful and were deeply engraved inside Wang Lin's memory!

In the 10 years Wang Lin had spent in the Dao Realm, he had comprehended the shocking power of Dream of Ancient Times and Dao Scatter!

Dream of Ancient Times was an ancient god spell, so it couldn't be used like a cultivator's spell, even though Wang Lin was an ancient god. However, in Wang Lin's life, danger and fortune co-existed. The Scatter Dao spell used by the old man in the Seven-Colored Realm had opened door to dao spells for Wang Lin.

However, this spell was simply too magnificent. Normally, Wang Lin wouldn't be able to comprehend it, but borrowing the Dao Realm, Wang Lin had used great perseverance and persistence to fuse the two into Dream Dao!

Back in the Cloud Sea, outside the Demon Sect, Wang Lin had merely tested it on the Heaven's Blight elder. If Wang Lin hadn't pointed it out, the elder's dao heart would have collapsed and died! 

Dream Dao, although it sounds complicated, it was actually a type of inner demon!

It would turn the other party's dao intent into an inner demon and use it to destroy their dao heart! Even cultivators that didn't cultivate dao had an inner demon. That inner demon was Wang Lin!

Dao spells were an extremely mysterious spells. Even third step cultivators didn't have many of them; just having one was already very lucky. Even someone as powerful as Dao Master Blue Dream only had a few.

Dream Dao could bring one back to their past! Although it couldn't scatter one's dao like the spell of the old man in the Seven-Colored Realm, Wang Lin could plant a fake memory!

This fake memory would exist forever in their mind and become real! This was planting an inner demon!

That breath of air from Wang Lin's mouth was Wang Lin's dao essence, which entered the Emperor Furnace… Master Simo looked at the shadow behind him and was shocked. This shadow had accompanied him for tens of thousands of years and was part of his life. However, this figure had never said a single word!

She… should have died. It was an intense pain in his heart… The white silk scroll was something she had carried, and that blood had been coughed out by Master Simo due to his own grief and indignation… Master Simo's body trembled and his expression changed when he heard those words. He was stunned on the spot and completely forgot about the beast bone in his hand, he forgot to place his palm on it.

The nail-sized fire between his eyebrows shined even more violently!

"Little Sister… Is it you… Is it you talking…" Master Simo stared at the female shadow, and his vision gradually blurred.

"Big Brother, Big Brother, quickly come and see. A bunch of purple orchids grew here…"

"Big Brother, don't sleep all the time, you promised to play with me today…"

"Big Brother, Big Brother…"

In the Cloud Sea Star System, on a continent in a mortal village, a seven or eight-year-old girl was pouting as she pushed a sleeping boy next to her.

"Little Lan, let me sleep a bit more. Last night I went with Little Tiger and them to steal some eggs, so I'm very tired…" The boy was a bit older. After opening his eyes to mutter a few words, he went back to sleep.

Time seemed to move and years and years passed… "Big Brother, Tiger bullied me today. He… He secretly kissed me!" On the village patch, a teenage boy and teenage girl walked under the sunset.

The teenage boy had a medicine basket behind his back. As he walked, he was yawning.

The girl next to him was wearing a flower dress and looked around 13 or 14 years old. She was holding a stock of grass in her hand, and as she spoke, she tugged at the grass.

The girl stared at the boy and loudly said, "Big Brother, are you listening?!"

"I heard, I heard. Little Lan, Father and Mother are no longer around. Tiger's aunt has been good to us this year. Tiger isn't a bad person and you're not young anymore. How about you marry him?" The teenager boy yawned as he looked at his little sister next to him.

"You!! How is there a brother like you?! I bet like Big Sister Hong Hong, and you want me to marry her little brother so you can have a chance with her! I don't have a brother like you!" The girl stamped her feet and looked at the boy.

The boy's face turned red and he laughed as he changed the topic to distract the girl. Not long after, the two laughed as they walked further away.

Time passed once more and youth had passed by… "Big Brother, Big Sister Hong Hong has someone she likes. You…" The girl was now 16 and was blooming like a beautiful flower.

At this moment, the young girl looked at the weak young man before her and spoke softly.

The young man's body was thin; he wasn't tall and his complexion was a bit dark, as if he was sick. However, his eyes were bright like a spark in a maiden's heart.

Over the years, the young girl knew that although her big brother wouldn't say it, he had actually been very good to her. As long as she liked something, her big brother would do whatever it took to get it for her.

The young man smiled. His teeth were very white and his spirit seemed a lot better. After he heard the girl's words, his right hand touched his sister's hair and he softly said, "Don't think too much, your brother isn't so fragile. Your big brother's dream is to become an immortal. After you and Tiger get married, Big Brother is going to seek out a sect to join!"

The young girl's face turned red and she whispered, "Tiger is very annoying. I already told him before that if Big Sister Hong Hong doesn't marry you, then I won't marry him!"

The young man smiled and revealed a tender gaze. He whispered, "You have grown up and will soon be a woman, so don't throw a temper like a child. Big Brother's dream is really to become an immortal. I don't want to live the rest of my life in this dull place…" The young man raised his head and looked at the dark sky.

"My, Sima Mo's, life will not be ordinary… Little Lan, wait for your big brother. When I'm successful, I'll come back and help you and Tiger live forever. Maybe I'll even have a few nephews by then. Haha." The young man looked happy.

The girl looked at the young man before her. After her parents died, her big brother had become her sky, protecting her. Her eyes became red as she lowered her head and softly said, "Brother can definitely succeed. Little Lan will wait for Brother to come back."

"OK. When you get married, Big Brother will prepare a lot of dowry for you so you will get married in style." The young man's gaze toward his sister was filled with tenderness.

Lively music echoed across this ordinary village a few days later. The young girl was wearing a wedding dress and lifted up the curtain of the sedan. She looked out the corner of the sedan with a hint of anxiety in her eyes.

"Where did Big Brother go… Why has he not come back…"

All the neighbors had rushed over for the wedding in the village, making the atmosphere very lively. There were also children playing around the sedan, singing cheerful songs.

The surrounding old people were all looking at this joyous event with kind smiles.

No one had noticed that there were more than 10 horses approaching the village. There were more than 10 burly men with vicious expressions riding them, chatting with each other.

The sounds of horses were like an earth dragon rumbling, and the vibrations spread to the distant village… Not far away stood a mountain, and this mountain was shrouded by clouds year-round. Rumor had it that there were immortals on this mountain. At this moment, there was a young man with a smug smile quickly walking down from the mountain path.

He had a medicine basket behind his back containing a lot of herbs, even a ginseng! This ginseng was as big as a baby's arm. Its whiskers were extremely long and gave off a bit of spiritual energy.

"This King Ginseng should be 100 years old. In order to get it, I spent several days of time. It should be enough to be Little Lan's dowry." The young man's smile became even brighter. He was halfway down the mountain when he casually looked at the village. However, what he saw caused his body to tremble, and he remained motionless.

From afar, a monstrous fire was raging inside the village!

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