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Chapter 1423 - Illustrious Individual

The fog lance surrounded by the ancient devil soul was too fast and instantly closed in on Master Simo, causing his pupils to shrink. He had already expected Wang Lin to be strong, but he didn't think Wang Lin would be this powerful!

"This child hasn't reached the third step yet, but he can already fight against me. If he breaks the Void Gate, I won't be his match at all. He is also aware of my past, so he is obviously from the Inner Realm!

"This person must die… Unfortunately, I can't kill him when we're at the Great Emperor Planet!"

Master Simo didn't retreat and instead there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. However, the moment he revealed it, his expression changed. He then coughed out blood and retreated.

"Damn it, Lord Sovereign was right, all Ethereal Fire cultivators should die!! Damn it!! This Ethereal Fire can't be dodged, and as long as there a hint of emotion, it will continue to burn. Drawing out this fight is bad for me!"

Master Simo waved his right hand and a white, silk scroll appeared in his grasp. There was a plum flower-like blood stain on it, and this blood stain was extremely shocking. 

Master Simo threw the scroll and it began to flutter. The plum flower blood stain turned into a red mist before Master Simo.

A sigh came out from inside the mist. Wang Lin clearly saw a beautiful figure walk out of the fog.

It was impossible to clearly see the face of this figure, as it was wearing a white veil. It raised its jade-like hand and press down at the ancient devil soul.

The power of time rushed out from the woman's hand. This caused the area before her to distort, and it shrouded the ancient devil soul.

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin stepped forward. Then he waved his right hand and his ancient god stars started rotating rapidly. A ghostly light rapidly flashed from his first star.

In a flash, a giant furnace appeared before Wang Lin. This furnace was incredibly large and an ancient aura spread out from it.

What was even more shocking was that the moment the furnace appeared, it surrounded Master Simo and the woman from the red mist.

Royal ancient god treasure, Emperor Furnace!

Master Simo's expression changed and he looked up. He took a step and was about to take the woman from the red mist to leave the Emperor Furnace. But just at this moment, Wang Lin's eyes shined red and he pointed at Master Simo.

He roared, "Stop!! Stop!! Stop!!"

Three stops were like three bolts of thunder, and Wang Lin coughed out three mouthfuls of blood. He look dispirited, but the madness in his eyes became even more intense!

By going beyond his limit, he was able to stop Master Simo's body for a moment.

This pause gave Wang Lin a great opportunity!

"Royal ancient god treasure, activate!" Wang Lin ignored his injuries and his hand formed a seal. The Emperor Furnace began to rotate and an ancient aura spread out!

"Today, I'll refine you, a third step cultivator!" Wang Lin took a step and sat down on top of the furnace. He placed his hand on the top of the furnace and fire rushed out from his left eye. The nine-colored fire quickly surrounded the furnace.

The thunder tattoo appeared in his right eye and endless thunderbolts entered the furnace. The fire helped the thunder and the thunder strengthened the fire as this crazy refining began!

The surrounding cultivators had been knocked away, but they were unwilling to give up on observing this once-in-lifetime battle. This scene caused their expressions to change greatly!

"Refining a third step cultivator!!!"

"I have never heard of anyone being able to refine a third step cultivator! This third Young Emperor has such a powerful cultivation!"

"Incredible! Unbelievable! This third Young Emperor is crazy! Does he think he is refining a pill?"

An uproar filled with unprecedented shock began.

Forget them, even the old Vermillion Bird's eyes widened. He didn't intend for Wang Lin to win against Master Simo. As long as they reached a tie with him helping out in secret, it would've been enough for Wang Lin to show off his might!

To be able to fight a third step cultivator to a draw as second step cultivator would be enough to shock the entire Ancient Star System. Even though it would be with him helping in secret, and he was deterring Master Simo from using any killing moves, a fact was a fact!

However, Wang Lin was going to refine Master Simo. This scene caused the old Vermillion Bird to gasp.

"Good! He is indeed worthy of being my clan's junior. It doesn't matter if he succeeds or not; just having the courage to do this means he is an illustrious individual!" The old Vermillion Bird's eyes were filled with relief.

Aside from the Joss Flame Realm being sealed by the Ancient Leaf, the only thing that remained was the Emperor Furnace. Wang Lin was sitting on top and continued to fuel the furnace with his fire and thunder essences as he began to refine!

The Emperor Furnace was a royal ancient god treasure, so its power was heaven-shattering. Now that it was being controlled by Wang Lin, who was a royal ancient god, its power increased greatly!

The ancient god stars between Wang Lin's eyebrows rotated rapidly and large amounts of ancient god power entered the Emperor Furnace!

Master Simo was inside the Emperor Furnace. He looked at his surroundings,which were filled with chaos. His expression was extremely ugly. He had frozen for a moment and then was trapped inside his furnace due to Wang Lin's scheme.

"A mere furnace dares to trap me?" Master Simo formed a seal and waved his hand. Purple light surrounded his body, forming two giant purple arms that slammed into the wall of the furnace.

The two giant purple arms immediately hit the furnace, resulting in a thunderous rumble, and the entire furnace trembled!

Wang Lin's body shook with the furnace and his eyes became cold. He spat blood onto the furnace and closed his eyes. He then activated the ancient god power inside his body like crazy and continued to refine!

"What kind of treasure is this!?" Master Simo continued to use spells inside the Emperor Furnace, but the toughness of this furnace made him extremely gloomy!

As he continued to bombard from inside, an even hotter temperature began to condense inside the furnace. Along with the heat, mournful cries slowly came from all directions.

Master Simo's eyes lit up and he suddenly looked over. What he saw made his expression change greatly!

He saw large amounts of illusory souls appear around him. These souls were extremely large; they were ancient demons and ancient devils! There was a large amount of them, and their mournful cries stabbed at Master Simo's mind, causing his pupils to shrink.

These illusory souls surrounded Master Simo, and their mournful cries became even more intense!

These souls were all lives that had been refined to death inside this furnace!

The ancient devil soul that was battling the woman that came out of the red mist moved and merged with the surrounding souls. It was impossible to tell it apart from the others.

The red mist shrank and the woman with the white veil silently stood next to Mater Simo. It was impossible to see her appearance, but that touch of tenderness she revealed was very obvious.

Master Simo withdrew his gaze and coldly looked up. He coldly said, "This little bastard has a lot of treasures, but if he thinks he can trap me, he is too arrogant!" Master Simo let out a cold snort and waved his right hand. He roared, "Seven-Colored God Void Nails!"

The moment he spoke, 29 rays of seven-colored light appeared before Master Simo. The seven-colored light filled the furnace. The surrounding souls retreated as if they were extremely afraid of the 29 nails!

"Seven-colored nails, break this furnace for me!" Master Simo waved his sleeves. The 29 seven-colored nails roared as they charged into the surroundings!

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

A series of loud bangs echoed and the 29 seven-colored nail embedded themselves into the wall of the Emperor Furnace and mercilessly penetrated through!

Outside, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. The Emperor Furnace below him rumbled and thorns bulged out from its sides!

A total of 29 thorns releasing seven-colored light were attempting to break the Emperor Furnace!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and he waved his right hand. A jade bottle appeared in his hand!

Devil Soul Bottle!

Holding this bottle, Wang Lin bit the tip of his tongue and spat out ancient god blood onto the bottle. He roared, "As a royal ancient god, I summon 30,000 ancient devils to help me refine!"

Devilish energy rushed out from the bottle. Ancient devil shadows rushed out from the bottle, and after absorbing Wang Lin's blood, they rushed into the Emperor Furnace!

Inside the Emperor Furnace, Master Simo's eyes were filled with madness. His right hand reached at the void and an object appeared in his grasp! This object was a beast bone. This bone wasn't big, only about three feet wide, and there was a clear palm print on it!

This palmprint was deeply imprinted into the beast bone and even the print of the palm could be clearly seen!

"Let me show you how this old man will break this mere furnace!" This beast bone was given to him by the Sovereign, and the palmprint was left by… the Soveregin!!

It contained the power of one palm from the Sovereign!

Looking at the beast bone in his hand, a complicated gaze arose in his eyes. His right hand rose into the air and he was about to press down on the beast bone. However, at this moment, a faint sigh came from behind him.

"Sima… Accompany me home… Alright…"

Master Simo's right hand trembled and struggle appeared in his eyes. The small fire between his eyebrows shook violently.

"We can give our cultivation back to him… Let's go home… Ok…"

At this moment, outside the Emperor Furnace, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light. His hand formed seals and he deeply exhaled. This invisible breath fell on the Emperor Furnace and flew away…"Dao Spell… Dream Dao…" Wang Lin had created three spells in his life. Sundered Night, Flowing Time… Finally, the dao spell he had comprehended in the Dao Realm inside the Heaven Defying Bed!

 Dream Dao!

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