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Chapter 1425 - Perhaps That Day Will Come…

The young man's eyes were filled with madness and a bad feeling filled his body. His body turned cold as he rushed down the mountain.

Going up the mountain was hard, and going down was even harder!

As he rushed, he immediately fell, leaving many bruises on his body and making him bleed. However, the young man ignored everything and continued to rush down.

"It must be just a fire, it must be just a fire!! Nothing happened, nothing happened!!" The young man's body trembled as he rushed down like crazy. The medicine basket on his back trembled and some herbs even fell out, but the young man ignored it all as he rushed down.

Along the way, he fell several times, and one time a branch opened a large wound in his right leg. However, he ignored it, and anxiety filled his eyes.

After a long time, the young man reached the base of the mountain while gasping for air. He rushed down the path to the village. His heart was trembling and fear filled his body.

"Nothing is going to happen, nothing is going to happen!!" The young man's heart seemed to scream, almost begging. Everything before him was a blur aside from the road below his feet. He used all his strength to arrive at the main road outside the village. He only need to travel half a kilometer more to see the village.

However, although he couldn't see the village, he could see the monstrous fire. He could also vaguely hear mournful cries.

The mournful cries were heaven-shaking, enough to cause the earth to tremble. "Little Sister!!!" The young man quickly ran forward.

Just at this moment, the trembling from the road became even more violent, and more than 10 horses rushed over. Some of the vicious men riding them had messy clothes, and their evil laughter could be heard.

"Haha, I didn't expect this little village to have so many beautiful women. If not for having to complete the lord's task, I would've really wanted to take a few."

"Yes, especially that bride, she was very good…"

These more than 10 horses quickly passed by the young man. One if the burly men immediately raised his whip and lashed the young man to side of the road.

"Little bastard, you dare to block our Horse Gang's path? Scram to the side!"

The young man's body trembled and he let out a miserable scream. A powerful force slammed into his body and he was knocked out.

The more than 10 horses passed, their laughter echoing… Time passed and night fell. The cold wind blew by. The young man on the side of the road trembled as he slowly opened his eyes. Confusion filled his eyes, and his face was ashen.

He struggled to stand up. He muttered to himself and staggered as he ran toward the village.

"Nothing will happen… Nothing will happen to Little Sister… Nothing…"

After a long time, the already burnt village appeared before the young man under the moonlight. The young man trembled as he stared at the village before him in fear. He let out a miserable cry as he ran forward.

"Little Sister… Little Sister… Little Lan!!"

As he ran, the young man entered the village. The pungent smell of smoke still remained. The thick smell of blood still lingered in the air. On the ground, aside from dark blood, there were corpses with open eyes that looked up at the dark sky.

This sight aroused an intense pain that drilled into his heart and almost made him collapse. These corpses were all people he was extremely familiar with.

A majority of the surrounding houses had been burnt. Only the bright sedan was not burnt. Compared to the burnt houses, its bright color was too shocking!!!

The young man bit his lower lip. His body trembled and he was filled with indescribable panic as he walked into the burnt house next to the sedan. A body had fallen there; it was Tiger… Beside Tiger was the body of a woman. It was Tiger's sister, Hong Hong… The young man almost collapsed as he trembled while walking deeper into the room. He saw his… little sister… The burnt room still had a few beams standing, and a piece of white silk tied around the neck of a miserable, female corpse was hanging from the beams… The female corpse was a mess and blood was coming out of her orifices. Her eyes were filled with confusion as she looked into the distance, waiting for her loved one… The young man looked at the female corpse and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"Little Sister!!" His mournful voice echoed through the night of this desolate and death-filled village! It lingered for a long time… "Don't cry, Little Lan, be good. Big Brother won't sleep anymore. I'll get that purple orchid for you, OK, so don't cry anymore."

"Little Lan, this is the hundredth time you've asked me where Mom and Dad went… Didn't Big Brother tell you they went somewhere far away… They will catch up, watch Lan Lan grow up, and watch Lan Lan get married… Don't cry…"

"Uh… Since you don't like Tiger, then forget it. Big Brother isn't after Tiger's big sister like you say…"

"Big Brother's dream is going to become an immortal! Little Lan, wait for your Big Brother. When I'm successful, I'll come back and help you and Tiger live forever!"

"When you get married, Big Brother will prepare a lot of dowry for you so you will get married in style."

The young man shed tears of blood as he fell. He looked at his little sister with his hollow eyes.

Several days later, the young man buried all the corpse in the village and buried his sister alone up in the mountain. It was very high up and there were lot of purple orchids flowering there. If one sat in the flower field, they would see the whole world… His little sister hadn't died from abuse, she had hung herself… The young man kept the piece of white silk she had hung herself with. For a moment, he felt that his little sister's soul was inside this white silk.

When he left the village, he looked back and took out the white silk. A voice as pretty as a bell echoed in his ears.

"Big Brother… Big Brother, wake up… Look over there, there is a bunch of purple orchids…"

"Big Brother, where did Father and Mother go… Lan Lan misses them…"

"Big Brother…"

The young man bit his lower lip until it bled, and a few drops of blood fell down onto the white silk. After it spread out, it turned into a plum flower shape… "Horse Gang…" There was monstrous hatred inside the young man's eyes as he walked further and further into the distance… "Big Brother, I'll wait for you to come back…"

Time passed, and in a flash decades went by… The talent of the young man was beyond his own imagination. Although it wasn't the best, it was still shocking. He had entered the Heaven Breaking Sect, and with the determination an ordinary person wouldn't have, he became the leader among the junior generation!

In the Horse Gang's base, a total of 1,400 members were killed in one rainy night; no one was spared… Even the horses were slaughtered. About seven or eight of the old member suffered the most before their deaths. The pain they suffered wasn't inflicted through ordinary means, and they howled for almost half a month before they finally died.

Their souls had been extracted and they had suffered from being refined, unable to enter the reincarnation cycle… However, Sima Mo still felt pain similar to needles stabbing through his heart. The culprits that had assaulted his little sister had died many years ago. From using soul search, he had found that the culprit hadn't experienced much suffering, and he was unwilling to let this go!

After returning to the sect, another 100 years passed… Sima Mo had reached the Nascent Soul stage and had become the strongest among the younger generation. He caught the eye of the Heaven Breaking Sect's sect master and was accepted as the sect master's disciple.

In the winter, Sima Mo descended from the sect once more. He used a spell to calculate the reincarnation of the culprit and began a slaughter!

What kind of hatred could cause someone to hunt down the culprit even after the culprit had already died and gone through the reincarnation cycle?

Time passed… Wang Lin saw all of this inside Master Simo's memory. He silently pondered.

He also saw tens of thousands of years later, when Master Simo watched his fellow sect members die in the Seven-Colored Realm. His body was hit by the seven-colored nail and he was taken away by the Sovereign… "I, Sima Mo, although kicked from the Heaven Breaking Sect, am a member of the Inner Realm. How could I become the dog of the Outer Realm? How could I give up everything just to survive and give in to the temptation of reaching the third step?

"If I die, I die!"

An ancient voice came from the world and entered Sima Mo's mind. "Not only can this old man prevent you from dying… I can even reform your sister… I can't bring her back to life, but I can allow her to stay by your side for an eternity… If your cultivation is successful, perhaps you will meet someone who can resurrect her… If you die now, everything will be gone…" 

Sima Mo's mind trembled… "Come with this old man… From now on, you're no longer the Inner Realm's Sima Mo, but this old man the Sovereign's subordinate. I give you the name 'Master Simo!'"

Inside the Emperor Furnace, Master Simo's eyes were a blur as tears fell… The nail-sized fire between his eyebrows gradually spread and occupied his forehead.

Outside the Emperor Furnace, Wang Lin was sitting on top of the furnace. He opened his eyes under the gazes of the surrounding cultivators. His eyes were filled with confusion… After a long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh and stood up. He stepped forward and waved his hand. The Emperor Furnace trembled and dissipated.

Master Simo's figure was revealed.

Wang Lin didn't deliberately leave anything in Master Simo's memory, but he left some thoughts… He had given up on refining Master Simo.

This refining perhaps wouldn't succeed as Master Simo still had many treasures. This battle would have no purpose if it continued.

Master Simo stood in the air and pondered for a long time. He waved his right hand and the woman disappeared into his sleeve.

With Master Simo's cultivation level, he vaguely realized what had just happened. He looked at Wang Lin with an extremely complicated gaze.

"Please tell me... Was her word from before… From your spell or…"

"I also don't know." Wang Lin let out a sigh.

"If I was Sima Mo and his sister was Wan Er… How would I choose…" Wang Lin was afraid to think of the answer… Maybe it would be the same answer he had given Sima Mo, or he already had the answer.

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