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Chapter 1422 - Seal the Joss Flame Realm!

Master Simo's expression was gloomy. Although his words contained killing intent, he wouldn't dare to actually kill Wang Lin before the old Vermillion Bird. If he did such a thing, he would face death.

If he didn't kill Wang Lin, the old Vermillion Bird couldn't made it too hard on him. After all, he had the Sovereign Council and the Sovereign standing behind him! He had used Joss Flame Worship with the intent to seriously injury Wang Lin and force Wang Lin to retreat.

Therefore, no one could say anything and he could leave safely.

The power of the countless souls' worship turned into a purple wind that charged at Wang Lin from all directions. At a glance, it looked like the entire world had been dyed purple!

This Joss Flame Spell was heaven-shaking and was powerful enough to destroy a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator. However, Wang Lin's thunder essence was complete and his fire essence had reached Ethereal Fire. He had also battled against Daoist Water, so although he was facing this crisis, he felt no fear. Instead, battle intent filled his eyes.

To be more precise, this was the first time Wang Lin had battled a third step cultivator. When he faced Daoist Water, he could only defend and not attack. However, his cultivation level had increased rapidly during his time in the Ancient Star System.

Before, he could only defend himself, but now he could put up a fight!

Seeing the purple wind close in, thunder flashed from Wang Lin's right eye. He took a step forward and waved his right hand.

"Ancient Thunder Realm, open!"

The world rumbled another huge rift appeared in the sky covered by the purple wind. This rift was 10,000 feet wide and seemed to have ripped the purple apart to appear before Wang Lin!

Thunderous rumbles echoed inside the rift, and it gave off an ancient aura. Roars of ancient thunder dragons echoed inside. As the thunder flashed from within the rift, an ancient thunder dragon's giant body appeared.

Endless thunder come out of the rift and raged within the purple wind.

All of this happened in a flash. The moment the Ancient Thunder Realm was opened by Wang Lin, the thunder tattoo in his right eye flew out toward the rift.

At the same time, a shocking roar from the rift suppressed all the sound of thunder. The head of a giant ancient thunder dragon poked out and it charged at the thunder tattoo.

In a flash, the ancient thunder dragon fused with one of the accompanying thunders around the thunder tattoo, causing that accompanying thunder's power to increase greatly!

This didn't end. In an instant, more thunder dragons appeared and quickly fused with the accompanying thunders before the purple wind arrived!

"The Ancient Thunder Realm will be the source of my thunder essence and the nine ancient thunder dragons will empower my accompanying thunders. I summon the peak of heavenly thunder!" Wang Lin's voice echoed across the world. His long hair fluttered and he pointed forward.

Wang Lin's most powerful spell beside his fire essence was his thunder essence. After devouring the Scatter Thunder Clan's eternal thunderbolt and soul searching the head elder, Wang Lin's thunder spells had reached a peak!

If this wasn't so, how could he have caused the Void Gate to appear with just this thunder essence and then pushed it open a sliver?

As he pointed, the nine accompanying thunders rotated rapidly around the thunder essence and began a battle against the incoming purple wind!

From afar, one could see that the 10,000 foot rift was shaped like a bolt of thunder. The countless thunderbolts moving in and out of it made it look even more like a bolt of thunder.

The nine accompanying thunders formed a heaven-shaking thunderstorm!

The purple wind turned into a purple storm that swept across the world. As the countless Joss Flame disciples bowed, it closed in!

Wang Lin's thunderstorm had nine ancient thunder dragons rotating within it, creating a powerful force. It had also gained a powerful thunder force from the Ancient Thunder Realm!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The collision of the two storms caused the Great Emperor Planet to tremble. A destructive aura spread like a giant hand wiping across the earth. The giant tortoise let out a mournful cry and suddenly collapsed!

The collapse of the giant tortoise caused the arena to disintegrate. This caused the surrounding cultivators to cough out blood and threw them far away.

The thunderstorm suddenly exploded and shattered into countless bolts of thunder. The nine accompanying thunders were knocked back and even the rift to the Ancient Thunder Realm began to distort as if it was going to dissipate.

The purple storm also trembled. A majority of it collapsed before Wang Lin's thunder essence. The surrounding Joss Flame souls were affected and began to collapse on a wide scale.

It was like an invisible hand moving across the sky, wiping out all of the Joss Flame souls.

Master Simo's clothes fluttered and his eyes lit up. Under the impact of the shockwave, he waved his hand and roared, "This old man's Joss Flame souls are endless. Even if you destroy these, I have more. Joss Flame Realm disciples, appear once more!"

After he roared, even more souls were about to rush out from the giant rift that led to Master Simo's Joss Flame Realm.

Blood flowed out from the corner of Wang Lin's mouth. His face was pale and he retreated several steps. However, as he retreated, he raised his head and revealed monstrous battle intent!

He forced himself to stop retreating and charged forward like a meteor. He waved his right hand and a withered, yellow leaf appeared in his hand!

The moment the leaf appeared, Wang Lin's ancient god stars appeared between his eyebrows. He opened his mouth and spat out blood. This was ancient god blood!

Blood fell on the withered, yellow leaf, causing it to released a red light. Wang Lin waved his hand and the red leaf shot at Master Simo!

It was extremely fast and closed in an instant. It was like a violent wind and instantly grew to 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 feet large!

Ancient Leaf!

One of the treasures Greed had obtained in the mysterious place. Even with Greed's cultivation level, when he used it, he could seal Wang Lin's path. Wang Lin couldn't break it and had to avoid it!

Right now Wang Lin was using it as an ancient god after nurturing it with his ancient god blood. He was also using the proper method to control it, so its power was much more powerful than when Greed used it!

One leaf to cover the sky!

The Ancient Leaf instantly flew by Master Simo and appeared beside his Joss Flame Realm. It covered up the rift!

"Seal for me!! Seal! Seal!" Wang Lin's roar echoed and the ancient leaf flashed like a sealing rune. The moment it stuck to Master Simo's Joss Flame Realm, it released a powerful sealing force!

Under the sealing power of the Ancient Leaf, the Joss Flame Realm trembled, and not a single soul was able to rush out!

This sudden change shocked Master Simo and fear appeared in his eyes. He had never heard of a treasure that could seal the Joss Flame Realm of a third step cultivator!

"This… What kind of treasure is this!?!"

Not only Master Simo was shocked, but even the pupils of the old Vermillion Bird shrank. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

"That little fellow had a treasure like this!!"

Grandmaster Yun Luo's face became even more pale and the fear in her eyes couldn't be hidden anymore. Her mind trembled and she retreated a few steps. She clearly remembered an image where the figure waved his hand and 99 of these leaves appeared to seal the Ancient Star System. They completely sealed an extremely powerful heavenly dao spell launched by many Ancient Star System cultivators!

Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot. After using the Ancient Leaf to seal Master Simo's Joss Flame Realm, he didn't retreat but instead charged at Master Simo!

Wang Lin arrived within 1,000 feet of Master Simo and roared, "Ancient devil soul, come out!" Black fog began to appear and immediately spread out.

It turned into a small person the same size as Wang Lin. It was the ancient devil soul!

The moment this little person appeared, he let out a sharp roar at the sky. Devilish energy surrounded him and an ethereal lance suddenly appeared. Then the little person warped around the lance and shot at Master Simo!

There was a flash of coldness in Master Simo's eyes, but as his killing intent rose, the Ethereal Fire inside him burned once more. He ignored the Ethereal Fire and took a step forward.  Then he waved his right hand and purple light shined brightly.

"This old man has achieved great merits for the Sovereign and was gifted the purple dao from the seven-colored dao. It is the source of madness, and as long as your treasure has a spirit, it will go crazy under the effects of my purple dao!" Master Simo's right hand seemed to grab all the purple in the world and then he waved his hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the purple fog closed in on Wang Lin's ancient devil soul!

The ancient devil soul revealed excitement and screamed in excitement. Before the purple fog even got close, it rushed up. It opened his mouth and inhaled.

The excitement in its eyes became even stronger.

The ancient devil as the most powerful devil in the world, so how could it be afraid of madness? The more madness there was, the stronger the devilish nature. After devouring some of the purple mist, its eyes turned red. It then pierced through the purple fog and shot at Master Simo!

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