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Chapter 1421 - Joss Flame Worship!

Ethereal Fire was not one of the five elements of the world. At the peak of corporeal fire, there was a chance to break the void and transform it into the Ethereal Fire that could extinguish everything!

All emotions were fuel for Ethereal Fire, so one's emotions couldn't fluctuate when battling someone with Ethereal Fire!

As a third step cultivator, not only was Master Simo's cultivation powerful, he had full control of his emotions. If he didn't want to be angry, he would not be angry!

If he didn't want emotions to appear, he could make all his emotions like still water!

However, there was a trace of shock within Master Simo! There was a hint of emotional fluctuation! This was originally impossible, but it had happened!

Master Simo didn't have time to ponder why it had happened. The moment he felt shock, Ethereal Fire erupted from his body and burned around him in the blink of an eye. This monstrous Ethereal Fire caused his expression to change!

His change in expression caused his emotions to fluctuate once more. This caused the Ethereal Fire to burn even more violently!

The old Vermillion Bird looked at this and revealed an almost undetectable sneer. "Those few slaps weren't just to teach you a lesson, but to also plant the Ethereal Fire seed inside your body. Otherwise, it would be too difficult for him to battle a third step cultivator. Little fellow, whether you can capitalize on this opportunity will depend on you…"

Wang Lin had been thought countless life and death situations, so he simply wouldn't miss any opportunity. Seeing the Ethereal Fire rage, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. Suppressing his injuries from earlier, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and he pointed forward.

Wang Lin's expression was ferocious and he pointed the nine-colored fire in his left eye. It turned into Ethereal Fire and shot at Master Simo.

"There is not enough Ethereal Fire. Heavenly Ethereal Fire, gather for me!!" Wang Lin stepped forward and waved his sleeves. A gust of wind swept toward the cultivators watching this battle.

This wind contained a high temperature. When it swept by, more Ethereal Fire was born due to their fluctuating emotions. This Ethereal Fire didn't burn them, but it immediately formed an Ethereal Fire dragon inside each of their bodies.

In a flash, these fire dragons rushed out from the bodies of the cultivators. A total of 36,794 Ethereal Fire dragons appeared in the world.

From afar, this scene looked extremely shocking. At this moment, it was as if Wang Lin wasn't battling Master Simo by himself; he had gathered the emotions of everyone here to battle Master Simo!

In the cultivation world, no one could do this with the power of fire beside Wang Lin. Not the fourth generation Vermillion Bird or even the second generation Vermillion Bird!

Although their Ethereal Fire was strong, there was a limit. They could only release but not absorb. However, Wang Lin's Ethereal Fire contained the magnetic force from the Heaven Defying Bead. After absorbing the Ethereal Fire, the world rumbled. Wang Lin waved his sleeves and the countless Ethereal Fire dragons charged at Master Simo.

With the nine Ethereal Fire dragons leading the way, countless more followed them. They formed a heaven-shaking Ethereal Firestorm. All of this happened in a flash. The moment the Ethereal Fire ignited in Master Simo, the Ethereal Firestorm charged into Master Simo's body.

Master Simo's face immediately turned pale and he quickly retreated. There was terror in his eyes, but he quickly suppressed his emotions.

"A bit more!" Wang Lin's eyes became cold. He rushed forward and he shouted, "Master Simo, do you still remember the Heaven Breaking Sect?!"

The retreating Master Simo's body trembled. There was struggle in his eyes, but he suppressed his emotions.

"Master Simo, do you still remember your second brother, third brother… and the sixteen brothers you kicked out of the cave!?" Master Simo's face turned deathly pale and his body swayed.

"Master Simo, do you recognize this!?" Wang Lin opened his storage space and took out a jade!

This jade was Sima Mo's identity jade from the Heaven Breaking Sect!

The struggle in Master Simo's eyes became even stronger, as if it was about to collapse.

"Master Simo, do you recognize this?" Wang Lin waved his hand and something appeared in his grasp. It was a palm-sized beast bone!!

This beast bone was the reason why Sima Mo had been kicked out of the Heaven Breaking Sect!

Master Simo's face was pale and his eyes were bloodshot. His face revealed a ferocious expression as he roared at Wang Lin, "Shut up!!"

"Should I call you Master Simo or Sima Mo?" Wang Lin's last words was like a bolt of thunder, and the Ethereal Fire surged through Master Simo's body. The fire burned brightly and popping sounds came from inside Master Simo's body.

A sense of madness appeared in Master Simo's eyes. He stopped retreating and allowed the Ethereal Fire to burn him. Seven-colored light began to shine from his body, but the color purple almost completely suppressed the other six colors!

"This old man isn't Sima Mo, my daoist name is Master Simo!" Master Simo was being burned by the Ethereal Fire inside his body, and he coughed out blood. The moment the blood appeared, it was burned to ashes. He stared at Wang Lin with a vicious expression and killing intent appeared inside his eyes. His right hand reached at the void and he let out a roar.

The world darkened and a giant spatial rift appeared due to Master Simo. This rift was extremely large, and all the surrounding cultivators clearly saw that there seemed to be another world inside there!

There were countless cultivation planets inside the rift, and there were countless people kneeling there. Large amounts of Joss Flame came out as they worshiped.

"Open this old man's Joss Flame Realm. Disciple souls, appear!" Master Simo waved his sleeve and the countless beings on the planets began to chant. The sound fused together into sometime like a spell and suddenly charged out of the rift.

The moment this voice rushed out, the illusions of souls appeared around Master Simo. The souls appeared in mass and filled the world in the blink of an eye!

At a glance, these souls were boundless, and the amount was shocking; it was impossible to count them all quickly! There were still countless more that hadn't appeared!

The eyes of these souls were all filled with fervor and released Joss Flames!

"The Joss Flame Spell!!! The Joss Flame Spell that is unique to third step cultivators!!"

"All life will be destroyed by Joss Flame Spells!!"

The surrounding cultivators went into an uproar as they retreated. None of them dared to remain close.

The old Vermillion Bird's eyes lit up as he stared at Master Simo. He didn't reveal any of this thoughts.

"My disciples, worship me!" Master Simo let out a roar, and the countless souls all bowed at Master Simo!

With their bows, the world rumbled and a Joss Flame wind appeared. This wind was purple and swept toward Master Simo. The Ethereal Fire around him dimmed and began to extinguish!

In a flash, the Ethereal Fire around Master Simo all extinguished, none of it remained! However, the souls became blurry, as if their bows had consumed too much of their strength!

This scene was so shocking that Wang Lin's expression suddenly changed!

"This is the third step!! A third step cultivator like Daoist Water!! Even Ethereal Fire can be extinguished by Joss Flames! Can I really not win?" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with reluctance. His gaze was like lightning and he roared in his heart,

"So what if he is at the third step?!"

Just at this moment, Master Simo suddenly turned around. His eyes were cold as he stared at Wang Lin and roared,

"This old man's endless disciples create Joss Flames for me. Without reaching the third step, you can't bear the power of the Joss Flames. Since you're looking for death, then I'll let you die!! Joss Flame disciples, worship him once!! This old man wants to see how you can withstand the worship of my endless disciples!" Master Simo pointed at Wang Lin.


With a point of his finger, the endless souls inside Master Simo's Joss Flame Realm turned to face Wang Lin. The amount of disciples couldn't be calculated. Even Wang Lin felt shock when faced with the endless Joss Flame disciples!

"Joss Worship!" Master Simo's words echoed and the endless Joss Flame souls all bowed at Wang Lin!

The power of one bow formed a purple wind that swept toward Wang Lin! Wang Lin felt an unknown force come from all directions, and as it squeezed his body, he felt intense pain!

A tearing force came from his body, wanting to tear him apart! Wang Lin's expression changed. He had nowhere to escape to, because the power came from the world itself!

"I want to see how you will withstand the worship of my Joss Flame disciples. To dare to challenge me before reaching the third step, arrogant!" Master Simo's eyes were completely purple and emitted flashes of purple light.

However, although he was shrouded in purple light, there was a faint fire the size of a fingernail between his eyebrows!

Wang Lin suddenly saw a small person sitting inside the fire. This small person looked exactly the same as Master Simo, and two streams of tears were flowing out of its eyes!!

"Save me…" The moment the purple wind arrived, Wang Lin seemed to hear a faint voice coming from the fire between Master Simo's eyebrows!

"Master Simo has so many Joss Flame disciples!" The expression of the old Vermillion Bird changed and he was about to charge forward to help.

However, just as he took a step, Wang Lin's voice echoed across the world!

"Ancestor, Junior can do this!"

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