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Chapter 1420 - Battle!!


To launch a challenge at a third step cultivator!

Since ancient times, third step cultivators were like gods to second step cultivators. Such people were almost invincible unless it was a battle between third step cultivators, but it would be impossible for them to lose to second step cultivators.

This was like a law. Not only had it existed for eternity in this world, but it was imprinted in the minds of all the cultivators!

Third step cultivators were invincible!

All cultivators were like ants before third step cultivators!

Even though Master Simo had been humiliated by the old Vermillion Bird, the fact was that anywhere else, whether it was in the Outer Realm or the Inner Realm, he would merely have to stomp his foot to cause a great disaster!

Even though he was only at the early stage of Nirvana Void, he was still a god to second step cultivators!

However, right now unbelievable words that surprised all the cultivators here had echoed like thunder across the Great Emperor Planet!

"He… He dared to challenge a third step cultivator!!"

"Although the third Young Emperor is powerful, there is still a big gap between him and a legendary third step cultivator. To challenge him now is really stupid!"

"This person has just experienced a trial, so he must be injured, yet he wants to boastfully challenge a third step cultivator? Simply ridiculous, ridiculous!"

"I don't think so. Although his cultivation can't compare to a third step cultivator, the shock from the trials has brought his momentum to its peak. If he doesn't battle now, he would be wasting this opportunity!"

"Hmph, a third step cultivators is not someone people like us can challenge. I say Master Simo only needs one spell to teach this third Young Emperor the consequences of being arrogant!"

"I admire the third Young Emperor for doing this. Whether he succeeds or not doesn't matter; how many people would dare to be like him? All of you here talk with disdain, but how many of you would dare to go up and challenge him like the third Young Emperor?"

The 10,000 cultivators were talking behind Wang Lin's back at the start, but after the trials, a portion of them now spoke of Wang Lin with respect!

Wang Lin's words, especially his last word, "come", revealed his great confidence!

Grandmaster Yun Luo was also shocked. She didn't think Wang Lin would dare to challenge Master Simo. At this moment, the Wang Lin before her was rapidly interchanging with the terrifying figure. She felt like she had entered a trance and almost couldn't tell them apart.

The old Vermillion Bird revealed a smug smile. This was what he wanted, he wanted his junior to do something that everyone thought impossible!

"Although third step cultivators are strong, I didn't throw those few slaps for nothing!" The old Vermillion Bird looked at Master Simo.

Master Simo looked at Wang Lin, and his eyes suddenly turned clear. There was no joy or sorrow within them, and coldness filled his body. At this moment, he looked like a different person from before. A powerful sense of majesty slowly spread out from his body and caused the world to distort.

As the world twisted, countless illusory souls seemed to appear. Every single soul looked mournful, and bursts of silent cries echoed across the Great Emperor Planet.

"Do you think you can challenge a third step cultivator just because you won against my avatar? Since you want to die, then this old man will comply with your wish!" Master Simo looked calm. He took a step forward and moved like a ray of light toward Wang Lin.

The surrounding cultivators all stared at this scene, and their breathing seemed to stop. An indescribable sense of excitement began to fill the minds of all the surrounding cultivators.

A third step cultivator was going to act; such a battle was a once-in-lifetime situation. It was very rare to see something like this, so how could they not be excited?

"Heaven Breaking Nine Extinctions!" Master Simo's voice was calm and it echoed across the world. In a flash, he was within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin. There was no killing intent or coldness in his eyes as he waved his right hand.

"First Extinction, Heaven!" With his wave, the sky rumbled and countless spatial cracks appeared. It seemed like the sky was being ripped open by force. These hideous scars shot straight at Wang Lin.

The sky distorted and even more spatial cracks appeared.

"Second Extinction, Earth!" Master Simo said. The earth rumbled and the surrounding cultivators retreated in terror. The entire earth around the giant tortoise trembled as if it was moving. Mountains piercing the sky suddenly arose from the earth, and they all shot toward Wang Lin!

At this moment, the sky distorted while the spatial cracks came toward Wang Lin. The earth trembled and countless mountains shot toward him.

"Third Extinction, Life!" There was a flash in Master Simo's calm eyes. He waved his right hand and a cold gust of wind appeared from the void. It blew toward Wang Lin!

This cold wind was very similar to Wang Lin's Call the Wind; it could blow out the fire of life!

All of this happened in a flash. As soon as Master Simo started his attack, he used his most powerful spell. He had the intent of killing Wang Lin instantly!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. As the three extinctions closed in on him, the ethereal firestorm rotated rapidly around him!

"Nine-color ethereal fire, in my name I order you to form the fire spirit!" Wang Lin's hand formed a seal and then he waved his hand inside the ethereal firestorm. There was a loud rumble followed by the roar of dragon.

A giant dragon head came out of the center of the ethereal firestorm. The dragon was red and it let out bursts of roars as it charged at the spatial cracks in the sky.

Monstrous fire quickly filled the spatial cracks in the sky! This made the sky look extremely fierce!

At this moment, another dragon head came out of the firestorm. This time it was an orange dragon, and it roared as it charged at the mountains coming from below. This dragon was 10,000 feet long, and the mountains began to burn before it.

Shortly after, roars continued to echo as the third, fourth, fifth… until nine fire dragons had appeared!

These seven dragons charged out and the firestorm dissipated! Wang Lin simply stood there. Adding the two from before, there were now nine fire dragons coiled around him. Those plus the nine-colored fire rotating in his left eye amounted to a shocking scene. A powerful aura erupted from Wang Lin's body.

The 10,000 cultivators that had retreated were all shocked. Wang Lin's figure was deeply imprinted in their minds; they wouldn't be able to forget it in their lifetimes!

"Fourth Extinction, Death; Fifth Extinction, Time; Sixth Extinction, Void; Seventh Extinction, Desolation; Eighth Extinction, Reincarnation… Ninth Extinction… Heaven Breaking!" Master Simo's expression was still the same, without any killing intent or anger. His mind remained calm; the first thing one had to do when battling someone with Ethereal Fire was guard their mind!

If his mind became a mess, his emotions would fluctuate and then his enemy could ignite the Ethereal Fire!

Master Simo had stepped forward every time he spoke, walking step by step toward Wang Lin. Every word he had said caused illusions to appear before him.

The first one to appear was an illusory graveyard. It was like a bag that quickly filled the world. The various tombs caused a monsterous death aura to appear!

Shortly after, the power of time formed light under Master Simo's feet. It was as if time was rapidly changing as he walked forward.

Then a vague void shrouded him. The endless tomb and his body were surrounded by this void. It made it so others couldn't see him clearly.

Inside that blur lay an ancient aura that turned into the aura of reincarnation. He closed in on Wang Lin, and in an instant he was 100 feet away from Wang Lin. When he said the last two words, "Heaven Breaking", he was three feet from Wang Lin. He raised his right hand and mercilessly slammed down!

"Heaven Breaking Nine Extinctions, Nine Steps to Extinguish Heaven!" The world trembled. The moment Master Simo's palm descended, all the illusions behind him collapsed into countless fragments. These fragments turned into rivers that flowed into Master Simo's right palm, and the palm closed in!

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his right hand formed a sword and suddenly pointed forward. The nine dragons around him let out roars, then they fused with his finger and he pointed at Master Simo!

From afar, this looked like a shocking scene!

Master Simo's palm had the power to break the heavens. By borrowing the momentum of the nine extinctions, and adding on his third step cultivation, that palm could break all living things!

Wang Lin's finger had nine dragon heads tangled together. It looked like Wang Lin's fingers had become the dragon's body. The nine dragons roared and were surrounded by fire!

In a flash, Wang Lin's finger and Master Simo's palm collided. This was an encounter with the Heaven Breaking power and Ethereal Fire. It was a collision of law!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Intense rumbles echoed across the entire Great Emperor Planet like crazy. Almost all the 10,000 cultivators coughed out blood and their ears buzzed. They all anxiously retreated.

As the rumbles echoed, Wang Lin's body rapidly retreated. He retreated a few hundred feet, and his face revealed a strange red. He looked up with a cold gaze.

"Third step cultivators are indeed amazing!"

Master Simo's palm trembled and he felt the fire rebound at him. His blow that could break the heavens couldn't extinguish this fire. The calmness in his eyes dissipated and there was a moment of shock.

However, the moment that sliver of shock appeared, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He pointed at Master Simo.

"Ethereal Fire, rise!"

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