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Chapter 1416 - Traitorous Third Vermillion Bird

Inside the Heaven Trial, Wang Lin stared at the giant statue and his eyes lit up.

This statue was too strange, and no matter how Wang Lin looked at it, it didn't look like a person. Instead, it looked like it was formed from a Vermillion Bird.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin clasped his hands at the statue and bowed before it. He said. "Junior sixth generation Vermillion Bird greets the Ancestor."

As he spoke, the nine-colored fire between the statue's eyebrows roared violently and shot into the sky. Light emitted from the statue's closed eyes.

"To awaken four times without a strong bloodline, you're very good…" A mighty buzzing voice echoed.

"Junior…" Wang Lin's expression was calm and he was about to speak.

"You can ask your questions in the trial. I'm seriously injured and my divine sense won't be awake for long. For every five breaths you last, you can ask one question!" There was no emotion in that buzzing voice when it interrupted Wang Lin.

As his voice echoed, fire began to roar on the hand Wang Lin was standing on. This fire rapidly changed between corporeal fire and Ethereal Fire. Every nine transformations, the power of the fire would increase.

"This fire isn't Ethereal Fire, but my mind fire. In the past, it was known as the Vermillion Bird Endless Flame."

When Wang Lin was experiencing the trial, an ancient aura came from the Ancient Order Tomb, extending out of the 1,000 foot spatial crack. This ancient aura merged with the Ancient Star System and began pulling in tiny, almost invisible dust particles toward it.

More and more dust particles gathered until they formed a storm around the spatial crack. From a distance, it looked like a spinning nebula.

This storm became larger and larger until it shook the entire star domain.

A terrifying force came out of the storm, destroying everything around it. Many abandoned planets nearby were pulled in by the suction force. They were quickly torn apart inside the storm and became part of it.

There were 19 cultivation planets lined up in a line in the northern part of the Ancient Star System. The 10th planet at the center looked like it was all ocean, like a planet of water. 

There was a cultivator sitting at the bottom of the ocean under the endless water.

He looked very old and his hair was white. Every time he breathed, the ocean would roar and waves would be sent out in all directions.

The moment the Ancient Order Tomb opened and the storm formed, the old man opened his eyes. His eyes were deep, as if they were the ocean itself.

"Something's wrong!" The old man's eyes lit up. After pondering for a bit, there was a hint of hesitation in them.

"It is impossible to do anything about the Heaven Defying Bead on the Great Emperor Planet, so I'll deal with it later… Avatar, quickly come back and check out that storm; see what it is!"

This old man was one of the five masters, the original body of Dao Master Miao Yin. The young man on the Great Emperor planet was just one of his three main avatars!

At the same time, outside the Fallen Land, a giant, oval-shaped beast the size of a cultivation planet was slowly closing in. The old man sitting on its back with the Yin and Yang face tattoo had his  eyes closed, but he suddenly opened them and looked into the distance with a strange light in his eyes.

"This is…" Before he finished muttering to himself, the Moongazer under him suddenly trembled and looked into the distance. There was flashes of fear and excitement in its eyes as it opened its mouth to let out a heaven-shattering roar.

The old man with the Yin and Yang face tattoo hesitated for a bit before changing directions and steering the Moongazer to head toward the location of the Ancient Order Tomb.

On the Great Emperor Planet, everyone was looking at the heaven incense stick when the young man's expression suddenly changed. Without hesitation, he clasped his hands at the old Vermillion Bird and smiled. "Friends, I have another matter to attend to, so I won't keep watching the ceremony. Goodbye!"

With that, he turned around and took a step. His body turned into specks of light and he disappeared.

This sudden change shocked everyone, and the expressions of all the third step cultivators changed.

Dao Master Blue Dream's eyes narrowed and he looked up. After pondering a bit, he clasped his hands at the old Vermillion bird and said, "This matter is strange, I need to go check it out." After he finished speaking, he looked at Li Qianmei and let out a sigh. He waved his sleeve and blue light surrounded the two of them before they disappeared.

There was also the old man sitting on the lizard; his eyes also revealed a strange light. His mouth, which was sealed by a needle, twitched, then he clasped his hands at the old Vermillion Bird but didn't speak. His right hand hit the lizard and it flew off with a hiss.

Grandmaster Yun Luo and Master Simo looked at each other. She clasped her hands and was about to speak when smoke suddenly came from the heaven incense stick.

"The heaven incense stick has ignited!!"

"He has ignited the last incense stick so quickly!"

"I wonder how many breaths this third Young Emperor can last. Can he surpass the second Young Emperor?"

The surrounding cultivators' gazes suddenly gathered on the heaven incense stick. Even Grandmaster Yun Luo, who was about to leave, looked at it.

The heaven incense stick began burning. and the smoke it started emitting was monstrous. It was like a torch giving off waves of heat, and it rapidly burned down.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths… In the Heaven Trial, Wang Lin was sitting in the palm and nine-colored fire was burning around him. From away it looked like the palm was holding a ball of fire.

The moment the fire appeared, it contained a terrifying, destructive force. Three breaths passed by instantly, but the fire made Wang Lin feel an indescribable sense of heat.

He even had the feeling that he was inside a furnace and was being refined by someone. The feeling became even more intense and the fire continued to surge!

After almost every breath, the fire would transform nine times, so every breath would cause the power of the fire to increase greatly!

Three breaths, just three breaths had already made Wang Lin feel like he was going to collapse.

What kind of trial was this? This fire was trying to refine his soul!

Wang Lin could clearly feel that if not for the fact that his Vermillion Bird had had its fourth awakening and Ethereal Fire had appeared in his body, his soul would have been burnt to nothing after three breaths.

On the Great Emperor Planet, his body began to tremble and large beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. However, the moment it appeared, the sweat turned into fog.

His body was like a piece of hot iron that was going to be destroyed by the heat inside him!

Inside the Heaven Trial, Wang Lin's face was pale. His expression was no longer respectful, it had become ferocious. He let out a roar as his hand formed a seal and nine-colored fire rushed out of his left eye. Then the nine-colored fire surged out from his body. He was using fire to resist the fire!

Thunderous rumbles echoed inside the giant palm. Four breaths, five breaths!

On the Great Emperor Planet, the cultivators were staring at Wang Lin's body. At this moment, his body was surrounding by a mist formed from his own sweat. At the fifth breath, the mist collapsed.

The burning from the heaven incense stick paused for a moment after having already burned half the incense stick.

After Wang Lin lasted for five breaths, he immediately roared, "The Vermillion Bird Clan is in the Ancient Star System, so why does the Fire Sparrow Clan exist?" 

"The traitorous third Vermillion Bird was created by the enemy. He stole my treasures and escaped to create the Fire Sparrow Clan. I'm sealed here, so I couldn't clean house! Also, the existence of the Fire Sparrow Clan is good for me," the buzzing voice answered simply and then fell silent once more.

The fire around Wang Lin increased. The fire from the ancestor turned into a firestorm.

Wang Lin was rushed by the storm, and the nine-colored fire around him collapsed. Intense pain washed over him as he coughed out a mouthful of soul energy. His face immediately became deathly pale.

The injury in his soul reached his body. On the Great Emperor Planet, his body trembled and blood came out of the corner of his mouth. However, before it could drip to the ground, it was burned to ashes and dissipated into black smoke.

After witnessing this scene, the old Vermillion Bird's eyes became serious and his expression became extremely gloomy.

"Could the first generation ancestor have lost it so use the Vermillion Bird Endless Flame for the trial!! The purpose of the Heaven Trial should be to give him a great fortune; what is the meaning of his behavior!?"

Master Simo's eyes lit up and revealed a hint of surprise. He couldn't help but look at Grandmaster Yun Luo. She bit her lower lip and narrowed her eyes. She wanted to divinate, but when she recalled Wang Lin's gaze, her mind trembled and she didn't dare to try.

Sixth breath… seventh breath… eighth breath… Under the heaven incense stick, blood flowed out from Wang Lin's mouth and his skin wrinkled, becoming dry; even his blood started boiling. It was as if his blood was going to evaporate from the heat coming from his soul.

Wang Lin's souls inside the Heaven Trial clenched his teeth and his face became twisted. The fire from the first generation Vermillion Bird was no longer nine-colored but chaotic. The temperature inside had reached Wang Lin's limit.

Under this intense heat, the pain was like the ocean waves. It was several times more intense than the Human Trial and the Earth Trial!

"This is a trial?" Wang Lin suddenly looked up and stared viciously at the statue of the first generation Vermillion Bird. There was anger in his eyes and the thunder tattoo appeared in his right eye!

Thunder suddenly rumble across the world and endless thunder appeared in the Heaven Trial. Endless thunder gathered toward his right eye and the thunder tattoo appeared around his body.

The moment the thunder tattoo appeared, and thanks to the thunder around Wang Lin, it allowed him to pass the ninth and tenth breaths!!

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