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Chapter 1417 - Cultivation is Like a Hand

After ten breaths passed, the thunder tattoo around Wang Lin shined brightly, and it included the fire of his fourth awakening Vermillion Bird.

"What is the relationship between the Ancient Celestial Sovereign and the Ancient Celestial Emperor?"

"In your world you call him the Ancient Celestial Emperor. In my time he was called the Ancient Celestial Sovereign…" the first generation Vermillion Bird slowly answered. There was no emotion in his words.

However, the moment he finished speaking, the fire from the palm Wang Lin was in increased once more. The fire quickly turned into a giant Vermillion Bird. This Vermillion Bird was very old and seemed to have lived for countless years. It let out a grim cry as it charged toward Wang Lin.

Eleventh breath!

Wang Lin's eyes revealed madness. The thunder tattoo that contained fire suddenly expanded. As the Vermillion Bird closed in, Wang Lin suddenly stood up and pushed up.

In an instant, the ancient Vermillion Bird collided with the thunder tattoo and a thunderous roar echoed across the world. A powerful shockwave spread in all directions.

Wang Lin's body trembled violently and half of his soul exploded and dissipated. His body on the Great Emperor Planet shook violently.

His body coughed out blood and was teetering. His face was ashen and large amounts of blood fog came out of his body. Large amounts of his blood was being evaporated.

This scene shocked all the surrounding cultivators. The old Vermillion Bird's pupils shrank as he let out a roar and arrived next to the heaven incense stick. His divine sense rushed out toward the Heaven Trial.

The moment his divine sense entered, his voice roared inside the Heaven Trial.

"Ancestor!!! What is the meaning of this!?! Could he not be a member of my Vermillion Bird Clan?! Could he have been created by someone else?!"

"You, leave!" The buzzing voice rumbled and formed an invisible force that landed on the old Vermillion Bird's divine sense, forcing him out of the Heaven Trial.

"I have my own plan!"

Twelfth breath!

The thunder tattoo collapsed and turned into countless fragments that returned to Wang Lin's eye. The fire from the old Vermillion Bird collapsed and he was knocked back a few hundred feet.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and a rift to his storage space appeared. There was a flash of blood light and the blood sword appeared. Wang Lin pointed ferociously at the sky and the blood sword chased after the Vermillion Bird.

At this instant, after the blood sword shot out, Wang Lin's hand formed a seal. He pointed at the sky and shouted, "In the name of my heavenly thunder, condense the endless thunder of heaven to open the ancient thunder realm!!"

Thirteenth breath!

His voice became louder and louder until it was heaven-shattering. The moment he spoke, Wang Lin waved his hand at the void before him.

The world rumbled and began to swist. A giant spatial rift 10,000 feet long opened. Endless roars echoed from the rift and several ancient thunder dragons' giant bodies could be seen moving within.

Open the Ancient Thunder Realm, this was the spell of the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder. However, after soul searching the head elder, and thanks to his thunder essence, Wang Lin could also use this extremely powerful thunder spell!

The thunder dragons let out angry roars and were coming out of the spatial rift. However, just at this moment, the voice of the first generation Vermillion Bird echoed.

"Vermillion Bird Seal, seal!" As the indifferent voice echoed, the ancient Vermillion Bird let out a hiss and charged at the 10,000 foot rift. There was a surge of fire and it imprinted on the 10,000 foot rift.

The Vermillion Bird turned into a giant seal and sealed the rift to the ancient thunder realm!

The ancient thunder dragons struggled inside to break out, but no matter how much they tried, they couldn't break the Vermillion Bird Seal!

Fourteenth breath!

Wang Lin's body trembled and he waved his hand without hesitation. The blood sword in the sky changed directions and charged at the huge statue. At this instant, the huge statue's closed eyes suddenly opened.

The pair of eyes was devoid of any emotion. The moment the eyes opened, the blood sword was surrounded by an invisible force. It was frozen just outside the eyebrows of the statue and couldn't move forward.

"This sword is in your hands!" For the first time, shock appeared in the voice of the first generation Vermillion Bird.

On the Great Emperor Planet, the old Vermillion Bird's expression was gloomy and his right hand bounced off the incense stick. He took a step few steps back and looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression. He had no idea why the ancestor was doing this.

"Fourteen breaths… The third Young Emperor also reached fourteen breaths!!" 

"Fourteen breaths is his limit. You can see that his flesh is almost destroyed and almost all of his blood is about to evaporate!"

Master Simo narrowed his eyes. With his cultivation level, he naturally saw the old Vermillion Bird's gloomy expression. He sneered in his heart.

"It looks like another accident has happened. This little bastard has gone through a lot of ups and down in this trial. It is best he dies in this trial and save me some trouble."

The heaven incense stick violently and quickly burned down. There was only a few dozen feet left!

In the Heaven Trial, after the fifteenth breath passed, the palm under Wang Lin trembled and began to move!

The palm formed a fist as the fire roared. Wang Lin didn't even have a chance to ask the third question before the pressure from the five fingers descended.

A mysterious force descended, making it so Wang Lin couldn't escape. Seeing the five fingers descend, Wang Lin let out a roar and popping sounds came from his body. The five fingers pressed down on his arms.

He felt as if his entire body was going to disintegrate. Wang Lin had a ferocious expression and let out a roar. The lower half of his body collapsed under this powerful force.

Sixteenth breath!

Seventeenth breath!

Eighteenth breath!

Wang Lin's body continued to collapse. He could not see the sky anymore as the five fingers covered the sky. When Wang Lin reached nineteen breaths, the hand clenched!

However, just as the hand clenched, a Vermillion Bird cry came from the fist along with Ethereal Fire. Wang Lin's soul turned into a Vermillion Bird.

The eyes of the first generation Vermillion Bird revealed a strange light. He looked at his own fist, and his gaze seemed to penetrate it as he watched Wang Lin's struggling Vermillion Bird soul.

The nine-colored fire between his eyebrows flashed and Ethereal Fire shot out toward his fist.

This Ethereal Fire was invisible, but when it entered his fist, his entire palm was shrouded in fire.

"I can decide whether you live or die with just a thought. But you still won't tell me the truth, even now. I saw through your secret when you were at the Armored Dragon Clan. I only let you live because I want to know your true identity! I arranged for you to become the Young Emperor to draw you here. I arranged for the second generation to appear to lead you to this trial!

"Now that you are finally here, tell me who are you! Why are you impersonating a member of my Vermillion Bird clan!? The juniors might not see through your secret, but you can't hide anything from me!"

Right after he spoke, a monstrous fire appeared in the eyes of the first generation Vermillion Bird as he stared at the struggling Wang Lin and carefully observed Wang Lin's expression.

After hearing this, Wang Lin was startled for a moment while struggling and let out an angry laugh.

"Since you won't tell me the truth, then this Vermillion Bird will grant you death!" The first generation Vermillion Bird's eyes revealed a strange light as he stared at Wang Lin inside his fist. After he spoke, his Ethereal Fire rushed toward the center of his fist and entered Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird.

The moment the Ethereal Fire entered Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird, he clearly saw images flash by. These images included the fifth generation Vermillion Bird leaving the Vermillion Bird mark on Wang Lin. He saw Wang Lin's first awakening, second awakening, third awakening.

The first generation Vermillion Bird didn't just look through the memories once, but over and over again,carefully examining them thousands of times. Finally, he let out a deep breath and the mysterious light in his eyes disappeared, revealing a rarely seen trace of kindness.

This fist also slowly loosened.

"Can you still hold on?" His voice was no longer cold; it now contained a hint of admiration.

Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird silently stared at the first generation ancestor.

"Before, it was because I was wrong about one person and thought of him as one of my own that I ended up like this… I can't even take half a step out of the Heaven Trial… You suddenly appeared, and although all your characteristics line up with my clan, this old man must be cautious. I hope you understand."

Wang Lin silently pondered as the Vermillion Bird he had formed slowly dissipated. He returned to his human form and slowly said, "The third generation Vermillion Bird?"

"That's right. I couldn't find a single flaw after searching his soul. No matter how much I observed, I couldn't find a single clue. It wasn't until the end that I found out that he was created by someone else…" There was hatred in the words of the first generation Vermillion Bird.

"In the absence of incense stick, you already have five essences. Although these five essences have just formed, this phenomenon is rare. However, your path is wrong!" the first generation Vermillion Bird slowly said.

"Your thunder essence formed the Void Gate, but you couldn't open it… You think you're not strong enough, that's right and wrong. You think you should wait for your fire essence to be completed before trying to open the Void Gate again. In your heart, you don't even value the five Heaven's Blights. You don't want to go through the five Heaven's Blights, you want to directly break the Void Gate at the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage! If you think you can do it, you're wrong!" 

Wang Lin was startled but remained silent.

The first generation Vermillion Bird let out a sigh and slowly closed his eyes. His voice echoed in the world.

"Do you know why humans have five fingers in each hand? In my time, there was also the five Heaven's Blights, only it was called the Five Void-Shattering Fingers… Cultivation, cultivation, in truth, you and I are only cultivating a hand. The first step is the palm and the second step is the palm print. The palm print is law, and everyone's palm prints are different, so their laws are also different. 

"The Five Void-Shattering Fingers or the Five Heaven's Blights are the finger on your palm. If you want to cover the sky with your hand, you must have all five fingers. If you understand it, you understand it. If not, there will be no chance for you to break the void."

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