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Chapter 1415 - Ancient Order Tomb… Opens!

The moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, the nine-colored fire in his left eye became ethereal and rotated rapidly. It made him look extremely strange!

The moment he opened his eyes, Ethereal Fire erupted from his body. This Ethereal Fire was heaven-shaking and spread out in all directions.

Wang Lin's hair moved without any wind and began to flutter. He withdrew his hand from the first incense stick and looked at his surroundings!

Grandmaster Yun Luo was still staring at Wang Lin, and when Wang Lin opened his eyes, she clearly saw his left eye. Her eyes widened, her pupils shrank, and monstrous fear filled his eyes.

Her body trembled and she began to retreat. It was as if millions of bolts of thunder had flashed across her mind. She had lost all power in her body and her face was as pale as a dead person's!

"This gaze… This…" Grandmaster Yun Luo could never forget the image she had just seen. The gaze from the figure that turned around and looked at her at the moment of her death!

That blurry figure's left eye had a nine-colored vortex!!

Master Simo stared at Wang Lin and silently pondered.

Dao Master Miao Yin also looked at Wang Lin. There was a strange light in his eyes and he revealed an almost unnoticeable sneer.

The old Vermillion Bird stood up with a laugh, feeling full of relief. However, given everything that had happened, Wang Lin had shocked him once more on top of having five essences!

The old Vermillion Bird laughed. "You've burned the nine-colored karma fire to ignite the fourth awakening and enter the realm of Ethereal Fire, good, good!"

The old man sitting on the lizard looked at Wang Lin with a different gaze. He had battled the old Vermillion Bird far too many times and knew how powerful Ethereal Fire was. Now that Wang Lin had entered the realm of Ethereal Fire, he couldn't help but pay attention to Wang Lin.

The woman behind Dao Master Blue Dream looked silently at Wang Lin. Dao Master Blue Dream saw her expression and let out a sigh in his heart.

"If only I hadn't erased Yue Er's memory and made Wang Lin stay to help his cultivation… instead of just passing him three spells…" Dao Master Blue Dream felt remorse for the first time for what he had done back then.

Wang Lin's gaze swept by everyone and he let out a deep breath. He saw flowing emotions from all of them. If he wanted to, he could turn those emotions into Ethereal Fire.

When Wang Lin's gaze moved onto Grandmaster Yun Luo, she immediately lowered her head and slowly retreated. However, Wang Lin still saw that her emotions were way more intense than everyone else's.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and clasped his hands at the old Vermillion Bird, "Junior was fortunate and has already awakened!"

The old Vermillion Bird smiled even more brightly, then he waved his hand and threw the dragon in his hand into the distance. "You're free little dragon!" He laughed.

The dragon was almost dead as it had lost almost all its blood. When it heard this, its eyes lit up and it let out a roar as it struggled to fly far away. It disappeared into the horizon.

"The trial is not over. There is someone waiting for in the last heaven incense stick. Go!" The old Vermillion Bird looked meaningfully at Wang Lin.

"The human incense stick was extinguished and the earth incense stick was split, but the heaven incense stick won't extinguish or break. This incense stick is guarded by the first generation ancestor himself, and what is tested inside it is potential! The longer you can maintain it, the greater the potential… This old man lasted 12 breaths and the fourth generation lasted 14 breaths… I want to know how long you will last! If you can surprise me again, this old man will gift you the restriction in that silly dragon's body. With it, you can easily find where it escaped to.

"With the dragon as a guard, this old man will be at ease once you leave here." The old Vermillion Bird's words entered Wang Lin's mind. No one but him could hear Wang Lin.

Wang Lin nodded and looked at where the dragon flew off to. The dragon that had just left the Great Emperor Planet was very excited.

"Free, finally free!! Roar!! This old dragon is finally free from the claws of the devil. After how many years, how many years!!" Tears appeared in the eyes of the dragon. It didn't know that it had been cheated by the first generation Vermillion Bird and was just given away as a gift by the second generation Vermillion Bird… Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He didn't look at the crowd again but looked at the heaven incense stick. After pondering for a moment, he took a deep breath and pressed his hand on the heaven incense stick.

"First generation Vermillion Bird Ancestor… The ancestor of the Vermillion Bird Clan… One of the four great generals under the Ancient Celestial Sovereign… Such a person probably knows many secrets…

"If the Vermillion Bird Clan is in the Ancient Star System, why does the Fire Sparrow Clan exist?

"Since the Vermillion Bird Clan has lasted until today, I presume the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger Clans are also alive. Where are they…

"The Ancient Celestial Sovereign, is it the same person as the Ancient Celestial Emperor the Lord of the Sealed Realm mentioned? If not, then what is their relationship…"

While Wang Lin pondered he closed his eyes.

The Heaven Trial was completely different from the other two trials. This was a world filled with white clouds, and there was only one other thing beside clouds!

It was a giant statue. It was extremely large and covered a portion of the world. It was an old man that looked like a Vermillion Bird. His nose was like a beak and there were even Vermillion Bird wings on his back!  

His eyes were closed and there was a nine-colored fire burning between his eyebrows.

The right hand of the statue reached out and its palm opened. Wang Lin's figure was shrouded by a flash of light and he appeared inside the palm.

In the Ancient Star System, within a calm star domain, ripples echoed. These ripples were like waves, and they slowly spread in all directions. Shortly after, a ray of ghostly light flashed by.

Before the ghostly light passed by, there was an abandoned planet here. There were no living beings on this planet, and it had no spiritual energy; it was considered a wasted planet.

If any cultivators approached it, they wouldn't even take a look. However, this abandoned planet was in the ray of the ghostly light. When the light passed, the planet disintegrated, leaving only the ripples that slowly spread.

However, at this moment, a 100 foot crack appeared in the center of the ripples. Endless death aura came from inside the crack, causing the crack to become bigger and bigger.

Through the crack, one could see another world inside, and it was filled with countless floating rocks… On these rocks lay huge heads… Some ancient gods, some ancient demons, and some ancient devils… The crack extended to 1,000 feet before it stopped expanding. It was like a large mouth waiting for food to arrive… Its appearance would set off a storm in the Ancient Star System, shocking countless cultivators… The Ancient Order Tomb… Opens!

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