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Chapter 1411 - Fourth Awakening!

"The human incense stick has been extinguished. This… this has never happened before. Even during my trial and the fourth generation's trial, the incense stick was never extinguished!!  The incense stick has actually gone out!" The old Vermillion Bird's mind trembled as he looked at the extinguished human incense stick, and terror appeared in his eyes.

"The incense stick has been extinguished. How long did he last in the trial? Seven breaths or… infinite…"

"What happened during the third Young Emperor's trial to cause the incense stick to extinguish?"  

"This matter is too terrifying, it is unimaginable…"

Just as all the cultivators went in an uproar, an even more shocking thing happened! The second incense stick that represented the earth incense stick suddenly ignited!

No one had touched it, but smoke quickly appeared on top of the second incense stick!

Wang Lin had broken the sky of the Human Trial and had appeared in a boundless land. This land was covered in cracks and there was a deep pit that led to the Human Trial!

As Wang Lin rushed out of this pit, fire spread out from his body. The entire earth was lit up by this fire.

At the edge of the land, there was a barren mountain, and a person was sitting on top of the mountain. This person seemed middle-aged and there was an illusory Vermillion Bird mark between his eyebrows.

He was originally cultivating as if he hadn't moved for tens of thousands of years. However, at this moment, he opened his eyes and a strange light flashed by.

"The aura of a clan member…"

Just as Wang Lin appeared in the Earth Trial, endless fire appeared with him. Indigo light rushed out and the world was covered in a sea of indigo fire.

After the indigo fire was the blue fire. The two fires surged toward Wang Lin.

Indigo originally came from blue, so the two fires entangled together. After them was a purple fire that covered the sky. It was like a demonic fire that stretched across the horizon.

Indigo, blue, and purple fires all rushed toward him at once. Wang Lin's face was twisted and his soul was about to collapse. The four fires burned in his body, causing his eyes to turn cloudy.

In an instant, the fire inside him penetrated his body and erupted outwards. The red, orange, yellow, and green fires had torn his body apart. Even the Vermillion Bird inside his body was burned to death.

Wang Lin's soul collapsed.

At the same time, the indigo, blue, and purple fires closed in on Wang Lin's collapsed soul. When the seven colors gathered, it looked like a rainbow was burning the sky.

The expression of the middle-aged man at the horizon changed. He waved his right hand and the mark between his eyebrows flew out. It flew at an extremely fast speed toward the seven-colored fire.

At the same time, Wang Lin's body on the Great Emperor Planet was covered in a seven-colored light. Fine cracks appeared on his body and blood began to ooze out. It was a shocking scene.

The old Vermillion Bird didn't hesitate to arrive next to the second burning incense stick. He ignored the fact that it was rapidly burning and placed his right hand on it. His powerful divine sense rushed in.

Dao Master Blue Dream also stepped forward and arrived next to the second incense stick. Blue light covered his body and his finger landed on the second incense stick.

Inside the Earth Trial, the seven-colored fire raged. Not even the first generation Vermillion Bird was able to pass this trial without the protection of the Celestial Emperor. The retribution burned Wang Lin's soul.

Just as his soul was dissipating, three forces came to his rescue. However, just as the three auras closed in, a strange force suddenly erupted from within the seven-colored fire.

This strange force revealed an ancient aura, and it felt like it was the ancestor of all things. 

The moment the Vermillion Bird mark from the middle-aged man touched this strange force, it was bounced back thousands of kilometers.

It was as if the power that had awakened won't allow anyone to approach it, or to be more accurate, no one was qualified to approach it!

The middle-aged man's eyes narrowed and he suddenly stood up. Horror quickly gathered in his eyes.

"This… What is this!?"

The old Vermillion Bird's divine sense arrived, but the moment it touched the mysterious force, he was directly knocked out of the Earth Trial.

Dao Master Blue Dream's divine sense followed, but the moment he touched the strange force, there were flashes of blue light and he was also pushed out of the Earth Trial.

On the Great Emperor Planet, the old Vermillion Bird's right hand was knocked up into the air. His eyes were filled with disbelief and he subconsciously took a few steps back.

"What kind of power is that!?!"

Dao Master Blue Dream felt his finger go numb and retreated in shock. He knew a lot about Wang Lin, and he recognized the force that had terrified him. It was… the Heaven Defying Bead… Dao Master Blue Dream didn't speak, and he silently returned to Li Qianmei's side.

"He will be fine!"

Master Simo watched all of this in shock. He had noticed that the two of them had gone in to save Wang Lin, but he never would've expected these two powerhouses to be knocked back!

Grandmaster Yun Luo's expression became even gloomier and her hand moved even faster. She faintly felt like she was about to learn all the secrets that were happening inside.

Dao Master Miao Yun stood up from the cloud and his eyes flashed.

"What Daoist Water said was correct!"

Inside the Earth Trial, the moment Wang Lin's soul had been burned, the Heaven Defying Bead appeared! Ever since the Lord of the Sealed Realm left it, the Heaven Defying Bead hadn't appeared. No matter how much Wang Lin searched for it, he couldn't find it; it was as if it had disappeared.

However, at this moment, the Heaven Defying Bead had reappeared!

The moment it appeared, the seven-colored fire trembled and began to rotate. It was inhaled by the strange force inside the Heaven Defying Bead and formed seven eternal fire seeds!

A bead the size of a baby's fist floated there, and seven fire seeds floated around it. A illusory figure gradually formed and appeared in the world.

The seven eternal fire seeds were located in various parts of the body that was materializing!

When he opened his eyes, the seven-colored fire erupted and surged across the world. Wang Lin's expression was calm as he looked at the sky in the distance.

The entire world seemed to have lost all color beside the seven colors around Wang Lin. Everything else had turned black and white!

It was like a landscape painting, and this black and white gave off the feeling of endless desolation.

The last retribution of the nine karma retribution was descending!

The white was the sky and the black was the earth. They formed two extreme fires and closed in on Wang Lin. It was as if the sky and earth were crushing down to destroy the seven-colored firestorm and Wang Lin, who was within it.

It was too fast and closed in in an instant. The white fire was hot and began burning the seven-colored storm. As the white integrated into the firestorm, another color was added!

Wang Lin's expression was still calm as the eight-colored fire surrounded him. He watched the black fire close in.

The nine karma retributions began with black fire and ended with black fire, forming a cycle.

As the black fire closed in, Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes. A thunderous rumble echoed as the black fire rushed in. This caused the eight-colored fire to reach the limit of a nine-colored fire!

All nine karma retributions had appeared, forming an earth-shattering storm. Wang Lin was at the center of the storm, and his hair was moving without any wind. Aside from the seven different-colored fires in his body, the black and white fire quickly condensed.

The white fire was in his dantian and the black fire was between his eyebrows!  

When the two fires completely formed, Wang Lin opened his eyes!

The world rumbled!

"Ignite my karma cycle fire!" As Wang Lin's voice echoed, the nine-colored fire around his body condensed toward his eyebrows and fused inside.

It turned into a nine-colored fire lotus!

The fire lotus had nine petals of nine different colors! At the moment it appeared, a nine-colored Vermillion Bird charged out from the lotus!

The nine-colored Vermillion Bird seemed to have been reborn inside the lotus. It flew into the sky and let out a Vermillion Bird cry!

The cry of the fourth awakening!

On the Great Emperor Planet, the cry of awakening echoed. The Earth incense stick had only burned halfway when it suddenly paused and gave off a nine-colored light that lit up the entire planet.

The old Vermillion Bird was startled before letting out a loud laugh, and excitement filled his eyes.

"He actually passed the nine karma retributions and ignited his karma cycle fire so his Vermillion Bird could go through its fourth awakening. The fourth awakening requires a large amount of fire. Whether he can completely awaken and reach the realm of Ethereal Fire will depend on this! As his elder, even if I have to cheat, I have to give him a hand!" The old Vermillion Bird jumped into the air and disappeared before everyone.

In just a moment, the roar of a dragon echoed in the distance. This roar was filled with anger and indignation. One could see a 100,000-foot-long dragon being brought over by the old Vermillion Bird.

The surrounding cultivators were all gobsmacked as the old Vermillion Bird carried the struggling dragon above the incense stick. He waved his right hand and a wound appeared on the scab on the dragon's head. Blood fell like a waterfall on the incense stick.

Under this intense pain, water gathered in the fire dragon's eyes. It was filled with grievance and reluctance, and it began to struggle even more violently.

With a bang, the old Vermillion Bird landed on the dragon. A surge of fire entered the dragon's body, causing even more blood to flow out.

"Damn it, you little dragon, don't move recklessly. If this kid awakens successfully, this old man will let you go free!"

When the fire dragon heard this, it showed a hint of hesitation, but soon it clenched its teeth and did its best to squeeze out more blood.

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