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Chapter 1410 - Shocking Change

The blood red fire filled the sky of the Human Trial. It formed a powerful heat wave and surged at Wang Lin. The power inside this fire was enough to burn the heavens itself.

Wang Lin was inside the fire and standing on top of the black Vermillion Bird. He he could feel the temperature of the blood red fire, and when the heat wave closed in, he felt the pain of being burned.

The first of the nine karma retributions was red. It represented all the slaughter Wang Lin had done for his obsession. This slaughter retribution surged and burned violently.

The Vermillion Bird under Wang Lin let out miserable cries under the heat of this red fire. Even Wang Lin's recently reformed soul almost collapsed, and he was about to be burned alive.

Although he had tried to predict the power of the nine karma retributions, he didn't think the first retribution would already be so difficult to bear.

Inside this red fire, just an instant feel like an eternity. The black Vermillion Bird couldn't bear it and its body rapidly shrank. The black fire on its body rapidly turned red.

If it turned completely red, the Vermillion Bird would become part of the first retribution. Its power would then increase and it would devour Wang Lin!

Wang Lin let out a roar at the sky, and there was a hint of madness in his eyes. The first retribution was unexpectedly powerful, and he had found it difficult to resist. However, Wang Lin would never yield. He waved his arms and inhaled.

"First retribution, let's see if you will burn me alive or if I will devour you first!!" A sense of madness appeared within Wang Lin. The more dangerous it was, the more indomitable he became!

At this moment, in just one breath, all the red fire rushed into his mouth and Wang Lin devoured it in an instant!

All of this happened in an instant, and all the red fire had disappeared from the sky. However, it erupted inside his body and he became like a blood person. The blood light pierced through his body as if it was trying to tear his body apart.

This body was formed by Wang Lin's soul, and at this moment, the red fire was burning inside his soul.

On the Great Emperor Planet, the first incense stick on the giant tortoise burned like crazy. Before everyone's eyes, the black smoke coming from the first incense stick suddenly turned red. The red smoke was monstrous and lit up the entire planet.

The surrounding cultivators all gasped and subconsciously wanted to retreat.

Just at this moment, even more intense red light came from Wang Lin's body. The red light moved inside his body, creating extremely high temperature.

At the same time, the burning of the first incense stick suddenly stopped for a moment. It was like a force had erupted form within, stopping it from burning.

The old Vermillion Bird stared at the first incense stick with worry in his eyes.

Inside the Human Trial, Wang Lin had devoured all the red fire. He felt like tens of thousands of bolts of thunder were exploding in his body at once. The intense pain made him feel like he was going to disintegrate.

Wang Lin let out a roar and waved his hand. The half-red Vermillion Bird rushed toward Wang Lin and they instantly fused into one. 

Wang Lin's expression was ferocious as he allowed the fire to burn inside his body. He endured the intense pain as he continued to refine the red fire. He was trying to make the red fire his own!

Just at this moment, the sky changed and an orange light appeared. when the orange light appeared, the second retribution descended!

Wang Lin had no time to refine the fire he had consumed before the orange fire surrounded him and rushed at him.

After the orange fire came a monstrous yellow light, followed by a giant wave of yellow fire!

What was even more shocking was that behind the yellow fire was ghostly green light. It was like a barrier that created shocking green fire that rapidly closed in!

Three colors of fire had appeared at the same time! Three of the retributions had appeared together!

This was the true terror of the nine karma retributions. It wasn't like the divine retribution, which gave you a glimmer of hope and had a break between each retribution. This was a destructive retribution, and it was going to kill once it appeared!

The three retributions covered the sky of the Human Trial. The first incense stick outside reacted to reflect the situation. Orange, yellow, and green smoke surged on top of the incense stick.

"The first retribution hasn't passed yet, and the orange, yellow, and green retributions came at once. This… How is he supposed to pass this?!" The old Vermillion Bird's expression changed greatly. This was his first time seeing the nine karma retributions, and he didn't expect it to be so fierce.

Master Simo was the most happy about this. He revealed a vicious smile as he stared at the first incense stick and thought, "Although I don't know what's going on, it looks like it will be difficult for that little bastard to escape death! It's a pity I can't find his secret, but it's good that he will die!"

Grandmaster Yun Luo also relaxed a bit. The injuries on her fingers had also healed. She looked at the first incense stick and thought, "It looks like he isn't the person divined by the Ancestor…"

"Father…" Li Qianmei bit her lower lip and turned toward her father. There was still confusion in her eyes, but it was accompanied by pain and pleading.

Dao Master Blue Dream let out a sigh and softly said, "I will help him, you can rest assured. However, I feel like he will be able to pass this calamity."

Inside the Human Trial, Wang Lin's body was still giving off a red glow and his eyes contained a struggle against fate!

"Three of the nina retributions have appeared at once. Good, good, good! I want to see how these three retributions will destroy my soul!" He didn't give in to the pain and laughed instead. He suppressed the pain his his body as he waved his arms and inhaled once more.

"I'll inhale all four of these fires into my soul. Either you all burn me to death or I devour you all!"

An unspeakable sense of pride, an unexplainable attitude toward life, an unrecordable sense of loftiness toward the heavens and heavenly dao, and the unpaintable pursuit for a thought. All of these had fused together in Wang Lin's laugh to form a fate-defying sound!

As his laugh echoed, 2,000 years of cultivation flashed across Wang Lin's eyes. As his memories clash across his mind, his parents appeared in his heart. The bitterness of going back to his hometown, kneeling before the graves of his family members, the rainy night when his family was robbed from him. All these scenes flash through his mind.

As the memories resurfaced, the orange fire rushed into Wang Lin's body. It crossed paths with the red light.

If the soul was filled with sorrow, one would think about one's home. If the soul returns to one's home, tears of sorrow would be shed before the grave… After the orange fire, the yellow light rushed in. It formed a seal of fire around the orange fire and burned Wang Lin's body like crazy.

Time was ruthless, and the yearning for those that parted would become an eternal injury that would accompany you for a lifetime... Ghost-like green fire arrived and covered the entire sky green. The green fire was like a ghost, and it suddenly entered Wang Lin's body.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the flowing memories in his head stopped. The four kinds of fire burned like crazy and a destructive force appeared. Wang Lin's refining speed couldn't compare to the four fires at all, and it seemed like he was about to be burned alive. Wang Lin raised his hand and waved it to open his storage space.

The jug filled with dragon blood appeared in Wang Lin's hand!

Just one mouthful of this dragon blood could cause the fire inside Wang Lin's body to increase in power greatly. At this moment, he didn't hesitate to laugh and drink from the jug!

He drank the entire jug in one go leaving not a single drop!

He waved his right hand and threw the jug away. The fire inside Wang Lin's body surged. The hot dragon blood turned into a sea of fire and began battling the four colors inside his body!

As he resisted, a vortex slowly appeared deep inside Wang Lin's soul. This vortex cama from the Heaven Defying Bead that was gradually awakening.

"I have devoured all four of the retributions into my soul, so it has nothing to burn. Why hasn't the fifth retribution descended?"

The fire in his body had reached a limit. He let out roar and rushed into the sky. The sky was like a barrier, and he quickly arrived at the end.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the sky collapsed!

There was another land behind the crumbled sky! It was a land filled with endless souls; it was like the underworld!

The 10,000 cultivators staring at the first incense stick had found that the fire on it had stopped completely. It remained motionless 100 feet above Wang Lin.

Time slowly passed, one breath, one breath… In a flash, more than five breaths had passed!

The fourth generation Vermillion Bird had only lasted five breaths, but now Wang Lin had unexpectedly also lasted five breaths!

Six breaths!

Seven breaths!

The handsome young man's eyes narrowed and revealed a strange light.

Just as the incense stick lasted seven breaths, a wave of exclamations echoed. This wasn't just one person, but thousands of people. Soon, the sound was heaven-shaking!

What caused them to exclaim wasn't the incense stick lasting seven breaths, but… the fire on the human incense stick had unexpectedly… extinguished!

The incense stick had been extinguished!

This sudden scene caused an uproar. Even the old Vermillion Bird's eyes widened and filled with disbelief.

"This… This…"

Master Simo was startled for a moment and shock filled his eyes.

Grandmaster Yun Luo's expression changed greatly. She ignored the injuries on her fingers and tried to divinate once more.

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