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Chapter 1412 - Nine Colors Fuse Into One!

The 100,000 foot dragon naturally had a lot of blood in its body, but the blood the old Vermillion Bird wanted was the blazing dragon blood within the bump on the dragon's head.

This blood contained the essence of the fire inside the dragon. This was much more precious than the blood from the rest of its body and was very rare. That slap from the old Vermillion Bird also forced out all of the blazing dragon blood, and it fell on the burning earth incense stick.

The moment the blood fell, it entered the incense stick and disappeared.

Inside the Earth Trial, the nine-colored fire lotus was floating in the sky and Wang Lin was sitting above it. Behind it, the nine-colored Vermillion Bird continued to cry. There was a sense of struggle in its cry, as if it was trying to be reborn.

There were endless flashes of light that spread across all directions. The sea of fire spread across the Earth Realm.

Wang Lin's eyes were bright as his hands formed a seal and a fire tattoo flashed in his eye. This fire was nine-colored, and it began to rotate. It rotated very fast, and in a flash, it looked like a nine-colored vortex.

"Nine colors, fuse into one. Vermillion Bird fourth awakening!" Wang Lin's mind was clear, he had experienced three awakenings, and his power of fire had increased many folds each time.

However, the previous three times couldn't compare to this awakening. The fourth awakening was extremely critical, it was the point where the corporeal fire transformed into Ethereal Fire!

Since ancient times, far too few people were able to awaken their Vermillion Bird four times! No more than five people!

The first generation Vermillion Bird, second generation Vermillion Bird, third generation Vermillion Bird, fourth generation Vermillion Bird; aside from them, only Wang Lin had done it! Even though the third step ancestor of the Fire Sparrow Clan also had a hint of Ethereal Fire, he wasn't even a Vermillion Bird to begin with, so how could he even awaken?

Even if he could give birth to Ethereal Fire, it would be nothing compared to the Ethereal Fire of a proper Vermillion Bird!

The difficulty of the fourth awakening was indescribable. The power of Ethereal Fire spells could cause all cultivators to tremble in fear.

However, the Vermillion Bird's fourth awakening required an unimaginable amount of fire. Only when enough heavenly fire had been gathered could there be a chance of awakening.

The nine-colored fire lotus below Wang Lin released endless nine-colored fire which entered his body. This fire appeared inside his left eye, causing the nine-colored vortex to rotate even faster.

At the same time, the large nine-colored Vermillion Bird cried even louder. Its cries were heaven-shattering and caused the entire Earth Trial to tremble.

"Not enough, not enough fire!!" Wang Lin looked up and fire erupted from his body. The nine-colored vortex flew out from his left eye and formed a nine-colored firestorm around him. This firestorm looked like it could destroy this world.

Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird's fourth awakening relied on burning his obsession to ignite the fire of karma. Thus, the amount of fire required was even higher.

Just at this instant, dark red blood light flashed in the Earth Trial and a thin, blood rain began to fall!

The blood rain fell from the sky, and each drop contained destructive fire from the fire dragon. Its arrival brought Wang Lin a new source of fire.

As the blood raindrops fell, they began to gather around Wang Lin rather than fall on the ground. Soon, a ball of blood formed around Wang Lin.

The ball of blood began to burn and immediately started being absorbed by the nine-colored Vermillion Bird. The amount of fire inside Wang Lin's body increased rapidly and the nine-colored Vermillion Bird let out a heaven-shaking cry.

The fire in the entire Earth Trial became even stronger.

The rain of blood continued to fall, and as Wang Lin's hands formed seals, the fire around him burned like crazy. The nine-colored Vermillion Bird let out cries as the blood rain fused with it. Then the nine-colored feathers on his body began to burn.

"Still not enough…" Wang Lin's eyes shined. He could feel that the fire hadn't reached the point where his Vermillion Bird could go through its fourth awakening.

The eyes of the middle-aged man on the empty mountain revealed a strange light. He looked into the distance and his hands formed a seal and the fire mark between his brows floated before him.

The fire mark became ethereal, as if it didn't exist.

This middle-aged man let out a sigh and murmured, "This person has the aura of someone I'm familiar with, the aura of my disciple Lu Yun… When I left back then, I made it difficult for that child…" The middle-aged man's eyes dimmed as he reached for the fire before him and threw it.

An Ethereal Fire began to burn inside the Earth Trial. This fire gave off no heat but could still burn everything in its path. The moment it appeared, it flew toward Wang Lin.

In an instant, the monstrous Ethereal Fire appeared around Wang Lin and quickly entered the struggling nine-colored Vermillion Bird.

The middle-aged man was the master of the fifth generation, Vermillion Bird Lu Yun, the fourth generation Vermillion Bird!

He had awakened the Vermillion Bird and entered the realm of Ethereal Fire. The moment the Ethereal Fire fused with Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird, the Vermillion Bird let out noble cry.

The fire around Wang Lin increased several fold!

With the help of this fire, Wang Lin, who was sitting on the fire lotus, let out a roar. The fire around him surged and the nine-colored firestorm shrouded around him and the Vermillion Bird. As the vortex rotated, the nine colors were about to fuse into one!

It started rotating even faster and more violently. In an instant, the nine-colored firestorm became a blur of chaos and the nine colors became blurry.

In an instant, the red within the nine colors collapsed and dissipated! Soon after, orange trembled and disappeared!

These two colors of fire seemed to have fused, making this firestorm even more intense.

The entire Earth Trial was burning under this sea of fire.

At this moment, on the Great Emperor Planet, the dragon was staring at the old Vermillion Bird. All the blazing dragon blood from the bump on its head had been squeezed dry, to the point that not a single drop more could be forced out.

The old Vermillion Bird stared at it and roared, "Damn it, what are you staring at? Since all the blazing dragon blood is gone, give me some ordinary dragon blood. You're so large, it won't be any problem to shed some blood."

The dragon was going to let out a roar of revolt, but the old Vermillion Bird was one step faster. He waved his hand and an invisible force sealed the dragon's mouth, causing its roar to be forced back with nowhere to go.

Borrowing this roar that was forced back, the old Vermillion Bird waved his hand. A wound 1,000 feet long appeared on the dragon, and blood gushed out of it like a waterfall.

"You have already given up all your blazing dragon blood, but if you give up now, it will all be a waste. If that kid can't awaken, I won't keep my promise."

The grievance in the dragon's eyes became even stronger, but when it heard the old Vermillion Bird's words, it closed its eyes. It began to squeeze out its own blood like crazy while roaring in its heart.

"These Vermillion Birds are all perverted. It was the first generation Vermillion Bird that tricked me to make me leave the Flame Domain and then constantly drew blood. What kind of life is this?! Now that the second generation Vermillion Bird has promised me freedom, this old dragon has to try!!"

Large amounts of dragon blood entered the Earth Trial. The blood rain fell from the sky, causing the fire to become even stronger.

Although this dragon blood couldn't compare to the blazing dragon blood, there was much more of it. Thus, the amount of fire Wang Lin had for his fourth awakening increased.

The firestorm around Wang Lin roared. After the red and orange fires disappeared, the yellow fire disappeared as well, followed by the ghostly green fire!

On the Great Emperor Planet, the old Vermillion Bird's eyes shined. He clenched his teeth as his left hand formed a seal and he pointed to the spot between his brows before pointing at the earth incense stick. An Ethereal Fire shot out from his finger toward the earth incense stick!

"Little fellow, in order to help you, this old man has given it his all. Whether you can awaken for the fourth time will depend on your own luck!"

Inside the Earth Trial, after the rain of blood, the old Vermillion Bird's Ethereal Fire rushed in and fused with Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird.

The appearance of this force caused the indigo, blue, and purple fires to disappear from the firestorm around Wang Lin!

At this moment, seven colors had already fused. Only black and white continued to struggle!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He waved his hand and whispered, "The fire here has already reached a limit, and there is nothing left to burn. In that case, I don't need any help; I will fuse the black and white fires by force!

"Dao spell, Fuse!"

Wang Lin roared, and the black and white fire around him trembled. A strange force came out of Wang Lin's body. It was a force that could fuse anything. At this moment, the white fire immediately dissipated.

There was only black fire left within the fire storm!

This black fire storm was still rotating, but it became lighter and lighter, weaker and weaker. A moment later, Wang Lin stood up and let out a roar, causing the black fire to collapse!

The nine colors fused into one!

The moment the nine colors fused into one, Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird rushed out. The Vermillion Bird was surrounded by faint Ethereal Fire, and it let out a heaven-shaking Vermillion Bird cry!

Vermillion Bird's fourth awakening, complete!

"Fourth awakening, turn my corporeal fire into Ethereal Fire!" Wang Lin suddenly got up. The nine-colored fire lotus below him shattered into countless fragments and gathered toward his Vermillion Bird.

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