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Chapter 1409 - Fragrant Blue Signal Smoke Burns!

The her in the past was like a butterfly that had turned into a soul inside Wang Lin's hands. He tried to hold on, but he grasped only empty air as her soul floated into the sky from his arms.

The past her's eyes were filled with sentiment and tenderness as she slowly aged. An entire lifetime passed and her hair turned white and she passed away. She closed her eyes, and this became a scene Wang Lin could never forget in his life.

She raised her right hand to touch Wang Lin's face one last time, but she lost all strength mid way and her hand fell down. The tears that fell from her eyes fell on the ground and turned into a flower that may or may not bloom in the next season.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of years passed. The past was like a fleeting moment.

Thousands of years couldn't be considered long, but it was enough to forget everything. However, Wang Lin couldn't forget this and had always remembered… Now it was as if time had reversed, and Wang Lin was holding the person he wasn't willing to give up. However, because Li Muwan had turned into a soul fragment back then, he couldn't grasp anything.

Now, although Li Muwan was an illusion, she was so real to Wang Lin that he felt like he was holding the world… Except now he didn't have the strength, he didn't have the body to continue holding her.

His hands gradually dissipated as the black fire burned and turned transparent. His hands passed through Li Muwan's body and dissipated.

His face rapidly changed from middle-aged. It was as if years had quickly passed and he had turned into an old man. Then he became transparent… It was if the past had repeated itself, only their positions had changed.

The only thing that didn't change was the gentleness in his eyes as his body dissipated. The black fire finally took over the blue fire and Wang Lin dissipated completely from the world.

The gaze under the black fire moved further and further away from Li Muwan.

Li Muwan's body slumped to the ground as she looked at the seemingly eternal gaze in the sky, her mind trembling.

Li Muwan struggled to roar, "Who the hell are you?!" There was an unknown pain in her heart. She didn't know where this pain came from, but it became stronger and stronger.

The fire of karma ignited and destroyed everything, but it couldn't destroy Wang Lin's dao heart and his memories!

"The fire of karma is formed by my obsession. I have used my obsession to cultivate, and I have cultivated for my entire life for her!

"The heavens are heartless and want to erase all obsession. However, my obsession has already turned into the fire of karma, and not even the heavens can take it away!

"If this fire of karma wants to burn my body, if this fire of karma wants to destroy me, I won't stop it! This fire is the obsession of my life, this is my dao!

"What is the point of cultivating the heartless dao of the heavens? I have cultivated with my obsession and used this obsession to form the cycle of karma. So what if I don't go to heaven? so what if I go to hell? As long as hell is free, what's so bad about it?!"

Just as the fire of karma was going to destroy him, a shocking Vermillion Bird cry echoed!

A Vermillion Bird appeared inside the black fire. The Vermilion Bird was large, and it was no longer blue but black! It was like a black phoenix being reborn inside the black fire.

The cry of the Vermillion Bird echoed across the entire world. It penetrated the Human Trial and spread out from the incense stick on the back of the tortoise. It shook the entire Great Emperor Planet!

The handsome young man had already waited for several days, but he hadn't become impatient at all. He had just taken out another peach and was about to eat it when his body trembled. He stared at the first incense stick!

The cry of the Vermillion Bird echoed across the world!

Dao Master Blue Dream's eyes shone a strange light, and there was also a hint of shock in them.

"The cry of a Vermillion Bird… This is not an ordinary Vermillion Bird, this is…"

The cry of this Vermillion Bird was indeed not ordinary. It contained a powerful defying nature that would never yield. It seemed like it had come from hell rather than the heavens!

"Impossible! Grandmaster Yun Luo, foresaw that that little bastard would face a life and death trial that would be extremely difficult to pass!" Master Simo's expression changed greatly as he stared at the first incense stick.

Grandmaster Yun Luo also revealed an expression of shock on her pretty face. Her right hand hidden under her sleeve moved even faster, forming afterimages. However, her fingers trembled and her fingertips tore open, and blood flew out. It was as if a force had stopped her divination! Or Wang Lin's current situation was outside of her power to divinate!

The old Vermillion Bird revealed a hint of excitement and let out a laugh. His eyes lit up. As the second generation Vermillion bird, he understood the cry of the Vermillion Bird extremely well. Just by hearing it he could understand what had happened inside the Human Trial!

"Good boy, he was able to reform his Vermillion Bird under the fire of karma!! After this comes the nine karma retributions. This is the most difficult part!"

Only the old man sitting on the lizard still had his closed as if none of this could catch his attention.

The woman beside Dao Master Blue Dream was staring at the first incense stick. She was biting her lower lip, and tears filled with complicated feelings were falling.

Inside the Human Trial, the black Vermillion Bird opened its wings and flew up into the sky. Its body was covered in endless black flames and emitted an unimaginably high temperature. However, this temperature didn't affect this world at all and was condensed on the Vermillion Bird's body.

The cry of the Vermilion Bird became even louder, and it contained a fluctuation that could shock one's mind!

The black Vermillion Bird was formed by Wang Lin's soul!

"The fire of karma has ignited and will burn the cycle of karma. Help my Vermillion Bird awaken a fourth time!" The black Vermillion Bird hissed and charged at the sky. When it reached the top, black fire erupted from its body.

From a distance, this fire looked like a giant torch, and the heart of the fire was the dancing Vermillion Bird!

"With my obsession fire…" Wang Lin's voice echoed across the world. The fire around Wang Lin turned into a sea of flames and spread with the Vermillion Bird as the center.

In the blink an eye, the entire sky was covered in this black fire, but no living thing in the Human Trial was able to feel it!

This sea of fire that covered the sky became stronger and stronger. It was like a violent wave that swept across the sky.

"Human incense stick, ignite!!" Wang Lin's roar became the voice of the Vermillion Bird and spread across the sky. The sea of fire suddenly contracted toward Wang Lin and turned into a pillar of fire that shot into the sky.

Wang Lin's soul reformed on top of the black Vermillion Bird inside the fire. He looked up at the sky and waved his hand.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the sky and turned into a force that wanted to rip the sky open.

At this moment, strands of black smoke came from the first incense stick on the back of the giant tortoise!


"The first incense stick has been ignited!!"

"Let's see how long he can last!!" The cultivators had waited for many days and were becoming impatient. If not for their fear of the Young Emperor, they would have already left. However, at this moment, they all looked at the black smoke that was rising up.

At first the black smoke was like silk but soon increased like a signal fire. The high temperature began to spread and the Human Incense burned brightly!

The burning was extremely intense. From a distance, the fire was monstrous and was rapidly burning down the incense stick. Its speed was indescribable; in an instant, more than half of it was burned to ashes!

Compared to the other two incense sticks, this scene was shocking!

Just as the 10,000 cultivators thought the incense was going to burn completely, in a flash, the fire suddenly stopped.

This pause seemed to fuse with the minds of all the surrounding cultivators, causing their hearts to tremble!

Master Simo stared intently at the human incense stick.

Grandmaster Yun Luo's face was a bit pale, and there was a hint of gloominess in her eyes.

Inside the Human Trial, Wang Lin looked at the sky as he stood on the black Vermillion Bird. His body gave off endless black flames and he took a deep breath. He looked down at the gentle figure slumped on the ground on the mountain peak and softly whispered something.

"I'm Wang Lin!" After he finish speaking his last words to Li Muwan, he suddenly raised his head.

"Nine karma retributions, come!"

The nine karma retributions was the retribution of the fire of karma. The first generation Vermillion Bird had lost his life to this retribution. If not for the protection of the Celestial Emperor, he would have died.

At this moment, Wang Lin was going to go through the nine karma retributions as the sixth generation Vermillion Bird with no one protecting him!

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple fire appeared in the world, with white and black above and below them. These nine colors were the nine retributions. It started with the black fire and ended with the black fire, forming a cycle.

If he could pass them all, he could ignite the karmic fire, which would allow the Vermillion Bird to awaken a fourth time. His corporeal fire would enter the realm of Ethereal Fire!

Nine karma retributions, descend!

The black fire around Wang Lin seemed to be swept by a violent wind and suddenly changed to blood red. The blood red light seemed to dye the entire earth red.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the endless red fire around Wang Lin charged toward him from all directions!

On the Great Emperor Planet, the first incense stick began to burn down once more after the pause.

It had been exactly one breath of time since the incense stick had been ignited!

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