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Chapter 1404 - The Biased Old Vermillion Bird

"A few old fellows came." Just as everyone looked up, the old Vermillion Bird's voice echoed across the sky in a taunting manner. As he descended, the ethereal fire around him scattered and dissipated without a trace.

This revealed Wang Lin's figure behind the old Vermillion Bird.

Just as Wang Lin appeared, a few gazes fell on him.

The first gaze was from Master Simo. His gaze was cold and filled with killing intent.

The second gaze was gentle. It contained a hint of confusion and reminiscence. It came from the daughter covered in blue light.

The third gaze came from the handsome young man eating the peach. His eyes shined and he revealed a smile that wasn't a smile.

Wang Lin's expression remained calm as his gaze swept past the father and daughter covered in blue light. There was a hint of complication in his eyes, but that soon dissipated.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and respectfully said, "Junior greets Senior Dao Master Blue Dream."

Dao Master Blue Dream smiled as he nodded and said, "I really did underestimate you before."

The old Vermillion Bird was shocked by the fact that Wang Lin knew Dao Master Blue Dream. Then his gaze swept by Li Qianmei and he smiled mischievously before ignoring this matter. Then his gaze locked onto Master Simo.

"Little kid, what are you looking at? Are you dissatisfied with this old man? Do you want to challenge this old man? Come and fight, this old man will play with you." The old Vermillion Bird didn't have the grace of a senior as he stared at Master Simo and made a taunting gesture with his index finger.

Master Simo's expression changed. He knew that the old man was the the first Young Emperor of the Fallen Land. This was someone just below the Great Emperor, and he was very famous. The Sovereign Council was still doing research on this person, and this old fellow was not easy to deal with.

The killing intent in Master Simo's eyes had disappeared. He clasped his hands and softly said, "Senior's cultivation is heaven-piercing. Junior… Junior is no match."

"Hmph, you won't dare to fight this old man, but you want to provoke my junior. You deserve a beating!" No matter how the old Vermillion Bird looked at Master Simo, he found him to be an eyesore. He let out a cold snort and waved his right hand.

No spell seemed to appear with that wave, but Grandmaster Yun Luo's expression changed greatly and she retreated without hesitation. Master Simo's pupils also shrank and he let out a roar as he began to form hand seal. However, before he could complete it, a thunderous rumble echoed.

Master Simo quickly retreated from this rumble. His hand was trembling and his face was pale. An ethereal fire was burning inside him, and it flashed three times. Every time it flashed, the burning power inside his body increased.

After three flashes, Master Simo's body trembled violently and he coughed out blood. His eyes were filled with terror.

"Senior is bullying a junior before everyone here. What is the meaning of this?!" Anger appeared on Master Simo's face, but the anger seemed to feed the ethereal fire around him, causing it to become even more powerful.

Master Simo coughed out blood once more. At this moment, Grandmaster Yun Luo stepped up and pressed her hand against his back. She used some secret spell to make Master Simo's face look slightly better, but he was still deathly pale.

"The strong bullying the weak? Damn, you actually know what that means? After using your third step cultivation to force a fight with my junior, you dare to say I'm bullying the weak? So what if I'm bullying the weak?!" The old Vermillion Bird had cultivated for many years, and although he looked kind to Wang Lin, in truth, when he became famous, he had an explosive temper. After hearing Master Simo's words, his eyes widened and he took a step forward.

He was too fast; it was impossible for the eye or divine sense to keep up. He arrived before Master Simo and directly sent out a slap.

With one slap, Master Simo let out a muffled groan and was pushed back several dozen feet. His face swelled up and became purplish black.

Grandmaster Yun Luo's face turned pale as she retreated and said, "Senior, stop, the Sovereign Council…"

Before Grandmaster Yun Luo could finish speaking, the old Vermillion Bird looked at her viciously. "Little girl, shut up. If you don't stop, I'll slap you too! This old man is going to bully the weak today!"

This made Grandmaster Yun Luo bite her lower lip and stop talking.

Master Simo had just stopped his body and his vision had become blurry.

"Who are you to dare to call my junior a 'little bastard?' You're a bastard, your entire family are bastards!" As the old Vermillion Bird spoke, he closed in once more and sent out a slap with his left hand.

Master Simo let out a muffled groan and coughed out blood. He was pushed back and anger filled his body. However, this anger increased the strength of the fire in his body. He let out a miserable scream and suppressed his anger.

"If my junior is a bastard, doesn't that make me a bastard as well? Damn it, you dare to scold this old man?" The old man stared at Master Simo and gave chase.

"Junior didn't…" Master Simo's mind trembled and he was about to explain himself, but his words were obviously not as fast as the old Vermillion Bird. The old Vermillion Bird suddenly got close and sent out a slap with his right hand.

Master Simo's already purplish-black face swelled even more and he coughed out blood along with a few teeth. His body was thrown far away.

"Hmph, you dare to scold this old man!?" There was a hint of killing intent in the old Vermillion Bird's eyes. If it wasn't for the fact that he wanted Wang Lin to use Master Simo to show off, he wouldn't have just used three slaps, he would've instantly taken his life!

The old Vermillion Bird dared to fish for a dragon and had a terrifying cultivation level. Although Master Simo was a third step cultivator, he had just entered the third step. If it was someone other than the old Vermillion Bird, they would've showed some hesitation. After all, the Sovereign Council stood behind Master Simo.

However, the old Vermillion Bird didn't consider any of this at all. He only had one thought: no one could provoke the Vermillion Bird Clan! Even if they had a higher cultivation level than him, he wouldn't care. The first generation ancestor would deal with it.

The Vermillion Bird Clan's bias was passed down from generation to generation.

Wang Lin revealed a smile as he watched this. He found the shadow of Qing Shui and the fifth generation Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor on the old Vermillion Bird.

Wang Lin's personality was sometimes very simple. Those who were good to him would be paid back several fold. Like Situ Na, Qing Shui, the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, Dun Tian… The cultivators fighting for the Fallen Elder position all stopped and retreated. The 10,000 Fallen Land cultivators were all extremely respectful. and the 10 messengers also looked up at the sky respectfully.

As for the rest of the people in the sky, they didn't say anything.

After slapping Master Simo a few times, the old Vermillion Bird withdrew his gaze and returned to Wang Lin's side. He completely ignored Master Simo, who was in a sorry state, and the gloomy Grandmaster Yun Luo.

"This old man is very happy that everyone could come here. Although there are still a few old fellows who are not here, it is fine. Since everyone is present, I want you all to witness the trial of my Fallen Land's third Young Emperor!

"If he succeeds in the trial, he will become a true Young Emperor. Making him your enemy is the same as making this old man your enemy, making the Fallen Land your enemy!" The old Vermillion Bird clasped his hands at everyone. He pulled Wang Lin and pointed at the handsome young man.

"Little fellow, you know Dao Master Blue Dream, so I won't introduce you. You see that young man eating the peach? Don't think he is young, he is actually an old monster. You might have heard of him before, he is one of the five masters, Dao Master Miao Yin!"

Wang Lin's expression remained calm, but his mind raced. He had heard of Dao Master Miao Yin before. He looked at the young man but found no trace of cultivation, and Wang Lin clasped his hands as a greeting.

The handsome young man laughed and nodded at Wang Lin.

"There is also this old fellow with the needle in his mouth, he is also someone you should know. Although he is not one of the five masters, his cultivation is not a bit weak. He is the self-proclaimed Esteemed Tai Huang. His poison cultivation made him famous!" The old Vermillion Bird pointed at the skinny elder sitting on the lizard.

The old man's eyes lit up and he let out a cold snort. His lips didn't move, but a voice came from his body.

"Old bird, this old man didn't come to witness anything, I'm here to fight you! However, this junior of yours is not bad, so I'll gift you this for protection!" The old man raised his right hand and flicked. A piece of his fingernail from his index finger broke off and flew toward Wang Lin.

There was a flash of light and the piece of fingernail floated before Wang Lin.

The old Vermillion Bird's eyes widened after hearing the words "old bird," but when he saw the nail, he laughed. "You little poison bug, you're pretty generous."

"Take it. That thing contains that little poison bug's poison. It is a powerful weapon to use against your enemies!"

As the old Vermillion Bird spoke, he raised right hand and waved down at the arena. He shouted, "The Fallen Elder Selection will be pushed back, and the Young Emperor Trial will begin!"

His voice rumbled like thunder and echoed across the arena. The roar of a dragon tortoise echoed and the giant tortoise shell that surrounded the arena appeared.

The giant tortoise was extremely large and extremely ferocious. It was an unforgettable scene! A powerful force spread out, and the surrounding 10,000 cultivators revealed extreme reverence as they avoided this shockwave.

The giant tortoise let out a roar. After it appeared, it looked up at the old Vermillion Bird.

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