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Chapter 1403 - Stepping Into the Proper Dao of Power

There was a thunderous bang and the lake became violent. A layer of water suddenly collapsed and countless drops of water appeared. Then another layer of water suddenly collapsed, and this cycle continued. In an instant, layers of water from the lake dissipated into water vapor and rose into the air.

The water level of the lake immediately dropped by 10 feet.

This scene was very ordinary and didn't seem special at all. If it was a spell, even turning the entire lake to gas would be very simple.

Forget this old man, even Wang Lin had dozens of methods to deliver a blow that looked much stronger than this.

"Very ordinary, isn't it?" The old man looked at Wang Lin with a profound smile.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he stared at the surface of the lake and recalled what he had just seen. He began to ponder as he stared at the lake.

Seeing Wang Lin like this, the old man became even more happy and didn't disturb Wang Lin. He wanted to see how good Wang Lin's comprehension was and whether Wang Lin could understand the meaning behind this technique.

"Back when I learned this from the Ancestor, I couldn't learn the meaning behind it by myself. Not even the amazing fourth generation Vermillion Bird junior was able to understand the core, he could only grasp the edge. It wasn't until the Ancestor explained it that we suddenly realized the true meaning. Let's see how the sixth generation does.

"However, this child's talent can't compare to that of the fourth generation. His current cultivation level should be all from lucky encounters, or perhaps it was due to that disciple the fourth generation Vermillion Bird once talked about.

"Otherwise, there would be no way for him to reach the terrifying cultivation level of reaching the edge of Ethereal Fire in just over 2,000 years of cultivation. Even the Ancestor couldn't have done this at this age." Just then, the old man suddenly thought about Wang Lin's five essences and paused for a moment.

"Maybe… Maybe this guy will see through it?" The old man was a bit gloomy as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned, and the scene from before kept replaying in his mind. The old man's palm looked very normal and had only shook the lake. The water droplets had flown up and collided with each other countless times before turning into water vapor.

However, going by the old man's words, this spell contained a profound truth… While pondering, Wang Lin walked next to the lake and crouched down. He gently pressed his hand against the surface of the lake. He didn't use a spell, he simply touched the water like a mortal.

The moment his hand descended toward the surface of the lake, Wang Lin felt a rebound force. This rebound force was extremely weak and almost imperceptible, like this was how it should be.

Although the surface of the water was very soft, it could still allow leaves to float. When his palm pressed against it, he would naturally feel a rebound force. This matter would not have caught Wang Lin's attention in the past, and he previously wouldn't have considered why it was like this.

However, right now, when this rebound force appeared, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed.

Ripples echoed across the lake and more ripples spread out from his palm. The lake was like his heart, and a ripple had been set off in his heart.

He was different from other people; Wang Lin was an ancient god. They didn't have many spells, but their bodies were extremely powerful. One punch was enough to annihilate a cultivation planet. This was the core of the ancient gods' strength!

It was because of this that Wang Lin's grasp of force greatly differed from that of cultivators that relied on spells or treasures.

"When I was reading books as a child, I heard of dripping water drilling into rock. Water may seem soft, but in truth, water is extremely tough. When it falls on the rock, it has to withstand the rebound force. The countless droplets create a rebound force that eventually allows the water to penetrate the rocks!

"Forget rocks, if an ancient god took the place of the rock, even they would be penetrated by water droplets after a long time!" Enlightenment appeared in Wang Lin's eyes and he looked at the old man.

The old man's expression became serious, also containing a trace of shock. He didn't expect Wang Lin to grasp the edge of this spell by himself!

"This child's talent can't compare to the fourth generation Vermillion Bird, the difference is like heaven and earth. This enlightenment is too frightening, and he was able to use his comprehension to make up for his lack of talent to reach the same degree of understanding of this secret spell as the fourth generation Vermillion Bird! No wonder he has five essences. It seems like it wasn't an accident…" The old man took a deep breath and looked at Wang Lin with admiration. He was about to open his mouth to explain the rest. In his view, this was already Wang Lin's limit, and Wang Lin wouldn't be able to look deeper into this matter.

However, before he could speak, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slowly said, "This is only secondary…"

The old man was startled.

"Water contains tenacity and softness, and after forming the lake, it also contains a rebound force… The more power contained in my palm, the more powerful the rebound force! The rebound force that appears the moment I throw the punch is no weaker than the punch itself!

"As a result, it is as if two types of forces suddenly cross and then create a powerful collison. When Senior's palm fell on the water, the water droplets collided countless times, causing part of the lake to disintegrate!

"That disintegration was a change of state to change the water directly into water vapor! Although it looked simple, it contained a heaven-shaking force!

"The power to change the state of living things!" As Wang Lin spoke, his eyes became brighter and his mind became more clear. Ideas poured into his mind and he replayed what the old man had done tens of thousands of times.

"This should be it. Senior's palm contained that law. One punch could even cause a cultivation planet to collapse. Although there would still be a rebound force, by the time the rebound force appeared, the cultivation planet would already be destroyed. 

"However, water is different. The toughness of water can't be underestimated. After enough water has gathered, the power it can withstand is shocking. If the same punch landed in the sea, the rebound force would be enough to cause a person to collapse!"

The old Vermillion Bird stared at Wang Lin with wide eyes. The fright he had when he saw that Wang Lin had five essences reappeared.

"This comprehension of the heavens is something this old man has never seen before. This comprehension is more powerful than any kind of talent! It wasn't a fluke for this child to obtain essences!" The old Vermillion Bird took a deep breath, and his gaze toward Wang Lin became even stranger.

At this moment, he didn't know that once Wang Lin learned the Ancient Soul Restriction, he would have a chance to reach the peak of restrictions and achieve the Void Realm and obtain the void essence!

Of course, this chance was low, but it existed.

"What Senior is trying to teach Junior is how to use this rebound force. Thus, when I throw a punch, I can borrow the rebound force to kill my enemy, as my power would increase greatly! It can even change the state of objects. Although it's not a spell, this method can be considered a spell! Senior wants Junior to learn this?" Wang Lin's eyes were bright and there was a flash of joy in his eyes. A normal battle between cultivators wouldn't involve punches and kicks. However, Wang Lin was an ancient god, so this was similar to a spell to him!

In Wang Lin's ancient god memories, there was no such method of using force. This lesson from the second generation Vermillion Bird meant a lot to Wang Lin!

When he thought of his battle with Tuo Sen, it was clear that Tuo Sen was much stronger. In their battle back then, it was like a child fighting an adult!

It wasn't too much to say that he only knew how to use the raw strength of the ancient gods.

The old Vermillion Bird swallowed and sighed in his heart. He had lived for a long time and was an old monster, so it wasn't hard for him to put up an act. He slowly said, "Good, everything you said were simple truths, exactly what I wanted to tell you."

Although the old Vermillion Bird had said this, he thought in his heart, "Damn it, I can't let this kid see through me. If he finds out that this old man couldn't even comprehend this back then, all my face as an elder will be lost… If I had known this, I would have passed him the White Tiger or Azure Dragon secret spells. Those things are not meant to be cultivated by humans. With this little monster's comprehension, he should go study those things."

The old Vermillion Bird quickly let out a dry cough to avoid the topic. His eyes widened and he said, "Good. Now that you've learned the secret spell, follow me to the trial. Once you complete the trial, go use Master Simo to show off your might!"

After he spoke, he waved his sleeve and they both turned into Ethereal Fire before flying to the northwest.

Wang Lin carefully looked at the Ethereal Fire and was secretly shocked.

"Is this Ethereal Fire… There is no heat at all, but it gives the illusion that my soul is burning!"

With the old Vermillion Bird's cultivation level, he immediately brought Wang Lin above the arena in the northwest region. Right now there were two cultivators fighting for the position of elder.

There were 10,000 cultivators around the arena observing them, and there were several spots where no cultivators dared to approach.

One of those locations was where Master Simo and Grandmaster Yun Luo were located!

Another location a father and daughter pair covered in blue light!

In another place, there was only one person. He wore green and looked like a young man. He laid lazily on a cloud, looking at the two people fighting below. He yawned as he took out a peach and took a bite.

There was a giant lizard coiled up in the last location. The beast was black and looked ferocious as it floated in the air. On its back sat an old man wearing animal skins.

This old man's face was filled with holes and bumps, and there were fist sized earrings on each of his ears. His lips had four red needles pierced through them, as if sealing his mouth!

Just at this moment, the expressions of these people changed and they all looked up!

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