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Chapter 1405 - Dream like life

"Start the Blue Incense!" The old Vermillion Bird waved his hand. The childishness from before disappeared and he became serious. At this moment, a powerful might came from his body, along with a tyrannical feeling.

It was as if whatever he said was law!

As the rumble echoed, three giant incense sticks thousands of feet thick and tens of thousands of feet tall appeared on the back of the tortoise!

These three incense sticks were dark blue and pierced in to the sky. The giant tortoise seemed to have turned into an altar. The three incense sticks on its back were a shocking sight!

"The trial of my Fallen Land's Young Emperor is extremely simple. You must enter the three fantasy worlds of human, earth, and heaven and light up all three incense sticks! This trial has two key points!

"The first is that lighting the incense sticks is difficult! Second, once an incense stick is lit, although it is tens of thousands of feet tall, it burns very fast. You must use all your effort to slow down the burning so your soul can leave and return to your body!"

The old Vermillion Bird's expression was very serious as he looked at Wang Lin.

"Every trial has danger. My Fallen Land's Young Emperor's trial is also the same. If you can't ignite it, there is no consequence, but if you ignite it and you can't get out, your soul will burn to death with it! With this old man here, you won't really die, but you will disappoint this old man.

"Since ancient times, only two people have succeeded. This old man was the first, and before you there was another! That person is extremely gifted. He took five breaths for the first incense, nine breaths for the second incense, and 14 breaths for the third. Even this old man is inferior to him.

"Do you dare to try? Answer me!" The old man's eyes glowed like a torch as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's remained calm and slowly said, "Why would I not dare?"

"Good. I expect you to surprise me a third time!" The old Vermillion Bird laughed and waved his right hand. A gust of wind wrapped around Wang Lin and he moved like a bolt of thunder toward the first incense stick!

Master Simo's eyes contained a well-hidden, vicious gaze. His face was still purple, and it wouldn't heal in a short period of time with a spell. After all, the old Vermillion Bird had done this on purpose to humiliate him.

Right now, Master Simo didn't dare to be as arrogant as before, but his killing intent toward Wang Lin had become even stronger.

Master Simo let out a cold snort. "The Sovereign Council has studied the Fallen Land's trial deeply. This little bastard can't succeed with his cultivation level!"

Grandmaster Yun Luo beside him also had a gloomy expression. Her hand in her right sleeve casually formed a few seals as if she was trying to divinate some things, but her gaze swept toward Dao Master Miao Yin.

As for Dao Master Miao Yin, he lied down on the cloud with his eyes squinted, revealing a strange light.

"This little fellow must be the Wang Lin that Daoist Water had sent information about… The Lord of the Sealed Realm is not dead… That Daoist Water wouldn't dare to lie, but I should be careful about this… I acedt last time because the Sovereign gave me great benefits, but now… If they want me to act, it will depend on whether the Sovereign Council is willing to give the appropriate reward."

Dao Master Blue Dream calmly looked at Wang Lin and sighed in his heart.

"In such short period of time, this child has managed to destroy the Scatter Thunder Clan and also formed a deep relationship with the Fallen Land. I've really underestimated him… As one of the five masters, I have a responsibility to guard the Ancient Star System, but the matter between him and Yue Er…" Dao Master Blue Dream looked at his daughter with a complicated gaze.

"I can ignore the Sovereign Council, and even if the Sovereign comes out of closed door cultivation, I can refuse, but… What if Meng Er comes? What should I do…" Thinking about his wife, Dao Master Blue Dream felt a sting in his heart. He could never forget that year when his wife seemed to have died and became a stranger.

The old man wearing the beast skin closed his eyes and simply ignored it all. It was as if nothing in the world mattered aside from battling the old Vermillion Bird.

The giant lizard below him snorted two streams of hot air and closed its cold eyes.

As the 10,000 cultivators around the giant tortoise all watched Wang Lin close in on the first incense stick, various thoughts appeared in their minds.

"Hmph, this person is really lucky to have caught the eye of the first Young Emperor. However, this trial is extremely difficult. I'm certain he won't succeed!"

"The Fallen Land's First Elder didn't even dare to try to obtain the title of Young Emperor even though he's at the fifth Heaven's Blight. Although this person has obtained the favor of the Great Emperor and the first Young Emperor, there is no way he can succeed."

Wang Lin arrived next to the first incense stick under the gazes of the 10,000 cultivators around the arena and landed on the tortoise shell. Compare to the incense stick, Wang Lin's figure was truly insignificant.

This giant incense stick was like a mountain. It released a faint fragrance, and when one smelled it, it would awaken their spirit.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and placed his right hand on the giant incense stick. The moment he touched the incense stick, he closed his eyes and his body became motionless. His soul entered the incense stick… The first trial, the Human Phantom World!

The sound of water was rushing across his ears. There were bustling sounds coming from the distance that became more and more clear until they suppressed the sound of water in Wang Lin's ears.

The sky was blue, beautiful like a painting, with white clouds embellished on it. However, it looked a bit fake.

Wang Lin was standing on a bridge with a river flowing below him. There were several boats floating down the river. On both sides of the bridge were noisy streets with many pedestrians, but it was impossible to see their faces.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the sky. He felt like he had entered a dream world. Everything was fake without any sense of it being real.

Even this bridge was blurry in his eyes, as if it could disappear at any moment. It was as if everything in this world, aside from himself, was not real.

This was a mortal city. This city wasn't big, but there were a lot of people living here. There were many stalls and shops along the street, and the sound of people shouting was constant.

However, all of this was a blur and seemed separated from him… "Is this the first trial…" Wang Lin pondered and then turned around to walk off the bridge when he suddenly looked at the river!

There was a big boat slowly floating down the river, and there was a young man holding a cup of wine on it. There were a few female singers dancing on the deck and a few servants standing behind him.

Among the laughter came these soft yet arrogant words: "The world is an inn for all living things. Time is a guest of the ages. The difference between life and death is like being awakened from a dream!" 

The young man held up the wine cup and took a gulp! After Wang Lin arrived here, everything beside himself has been blurry. However, at this moment,the young man's appearance became clear, and this created a clear contrast with the surroundings!

This caused Wang Lin to be startled on the spot, and his mind rumbled as if the world was splitting apart. The appearance of the young man was very familiar, it was almost...

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