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Chapter 1402 - Vermillion Bird Ancestor

The old man muttered for a while and looked hatefully at Wang Lin while shaking his head.

"Since his origin soul's Yang is broken, not only can't he cultivate this old man's spell, but it would be much more difficult for him to enter the realm of Ethereal Fire than those that have their Yang intact. Unfortunate, unfortunate!" The old man sighed as he looked at Wang Lin, who was cultivating. However, as he looked, his eyes suddenly widened and he exclaimed.

"Something is wrong… This little fellow's body… This is…" The old man's eyes widened and he walked next to Wang Lin. There was a hint of excitement and disbelief in his eyes. He decided to simply press his finger down on Wang Lin's forehead.

He didn't hurt Wang Lin at all, but a mysterious force entered Wang Lin's body.

When the old man withdrew his right hand, his eyes widened and he stared at Wang Lin's forehead.

Just at this moment, an invisible fire flew out from Wang Lin's forehead. The moment the fire appeared, it filled the world, giving off unimaginable heat!

At this moment, the invisible fire suddenly shrank until it turned into a weak flame. Although this flame was weak, there was a suffocating aura inside it.

This was Wang Lin's fire essence!

When the old man saw the fire essence, there was no change in his expression; it was as if he already knew about it.

After the fire essence, another light came from Wang Lin's forehead. This light was heaven-shaking and extremely bright. Thunder rumbled as a bolts of thunder shot out from Wang Lin's forehead!

The moment this thunder appeared, it formed a tattoo, and nine accompanying thunders rotated around it, giving off a shocking force!

The sky changed colors and the clouds scattered. The thunder essence was extremely strong!

This was Wang Lin's second essence!

"What a great guy. Not only does he have the fire essence from his Vermillion Bird awakening a few times, he also has this thunder essence! I had noticed it before, but seeing it now, I can't help but be surprised! This thunder essence is complete too! It is at the point where it can challenge the Void Gate! How did he cultivate it? Could he really have devoured an ancient thunder dragon?" The old man sucked in a breath of cold air.

However, just at this moment, there was another flash of light from Wang Lin's forehead. The old man's eyes widened and he revealed a hint of excitement.

"This is it, this is what I saw before. This little fellow's body…"

There was another flash and black and white light shined from Wang Lin's forehead. The world rumbled and a long, illusory river appeared in the sky!

This river was the Underworld River formed by Wang Lin's life and death essence!

The river swept across the sky and the head and tail connected. It was cloudy inside, and an aura of life and death erupted from it.

This was Wang Lin's third essence formed by his life and death domain!

The old man revealed an unimaginable excitement, and joy that he hadn't felt for tens of thousands of years appeared on his face. His eyes widened and he smiled. "Good, good, good, there really is a third essence. This old man didn't look closely before, so it was unexpected! I…"

Before he finished speaking, he was startled for a moment. Another light flashed from Wang Lin's forehead and an illusory Yin and Yang symbol flew out.

This Yin and Yang symbol contained karma. When it appeared, it seemed to tear the world apart. The sky and earth seemed to mix and a karma cycle formed.

Fortunately, there were no other cultivators nearby. Otherwise, they would've been entangled inside and their inner demons would erupt, making it difficult for them to escape! All the karmic cause they had planted would become karmic effect that would destroy themselves!

"There are more!!" The old man was completely stunned and his expression was filled with shock.

"Four essences… This… How did this child cultivate to have four essences? This is too per…." The old man's pupils shrank again and he stopped mid sentence because there was another flash of light from Wang Lin's forehead.

The light this time was extremely bizarre; it looked like it was there, but it wasn't there. It constantly alternated between true and false. Real and fake images began to appear, making it impossible for people to distinguish them at a glance.

The old man stared at the five different essences floating above Wang Lin. He swallowed hard and didn't know what to say. It wasn't until all five essences had disappeared back into Wang Lin's body that he let out a long sigh.

"No more? That's good, that's good." The old man looked at Wang Lin was if he was looking at a monster.

"Five essences… Five Essence… Damn it, this little fellow is more of a monster than the fourth generation Vermillion Bird!! How can such a monster appear in this world?!" Although the old man was saying this, the excitement in his eyes was indescribable.

The moonlight was strong and the gentle wind continued blowing, causing the vegetation to rustle. The night gradually passed and the run slowly rose, dispelling the darkness and coldness of the night.

After a night of cultivation, the fire essence in ide Wang Lin's body had become a lot stronger. However, there was still a barrier to the fourth Vermillion Bird awakening that Wang Lin couldn't break through.

The Fallen Elder Selection had already begun at dawn.

It wasn't until the sun was high above the sky, almost at noon, that the dragon blood Wang Lin had devoured slowly dissipated. Wang Lin's face returned to normal and he opened his eyes.

Wang Lin let out a mouthful of foul air. This air was black, and when it fell on the ground, it created a cracking sound. It was like the ground was being baked.

The moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, he saw old man. He pondered for a bit before getting up. He bowed and respectfully said, "Junior Wang Lin greets… Fourth generation Ancestor…"

The old man looked at Wang Lin with a strange light in his eyes. He let out a dry cough, hid that strange light in his eyes, and smiled. "This old man is not the fourth generation Vermillion Bird."

Wang Lin was startled for a moment as he looked at the old man, then a thought appeared in his mind.

"You... Are you… the first generation Vermillion Bird?"

The old man laughed and shook his head. "This old man is not the first generation Vermillion Bird, but the second! It has been a long time and things are complicated. The fourth generation Vermillion Bird is also here. You're the second clan member I've seen after him."

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit and then asked with some hesitation, "Are you the Great Emperor?"

"I'm the same as you, a Young Emperor!" The old man smiled. When he saw Wang Lin pondering, he explained, "This old man and the little fourth generation fellow are both Young Emperors! As for the Great Emperor, it is a name only outsiders use. To the Vermillion Bird Clan, he only has one name: the first generation Vermillion Bird Ancestor!

"He's also one of the four strongest generals under the ancient celestial emperor!"

Wang Lin's mind trembled and he suddenly looked up.

The old man smiled. "As for the details, once you have been through the Vermillion Bird Divine Trial, you will know.

"This trial is something you must do, and for you, it might be a great fortune for you to break through to the Ethereal Fire realm. However, it is extremely hard, so you don't have to feel too much pressure." The old man looked to the northwest. After pondering for a bit, he said with a hint of dissatisfaction,

"Why didn't you agree to Master Simo's challenge? The people of my Vermillion Bird Clan aren't afraid of battles! After you attempt the trial, let loose and fight him. People who are invited here won't be able to cause any trouble here!

"The selection of the Fallen Elders is mere child's play. The main reason to invite so many third step cultivators is to let them know that a new Young Emperor has appeared in the Fallen Land!

"You're a member of my Vermillion Bird Clan, it doesn't matter if you come from the Inner Realm or not! If you leave here, I can't protect you, but if you are here, I want to see who would dare to hurt you!

"Remember, my Vermillion Bird Clan must be tyrannical and biased. We must be tyrannical so that we can have a foothold in this chaotic old. Only by doing this can you make people dread the thought of moving against you!

"This is why instead of hiding, show off your might! That Master Simo is your target to show off your might. So what if he is a third step cultivator? Use him to show your might!"

The old man's words were extremely tyrannical. Wang Lin pondered for a bit before nodding, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

Seeing Wang Lin's expression, the old man was extremely satisfied. He looked at the lake and pondered for a bit. "Drink this dragon blood for the trial. You can't cultivate my cultivation method, but since we've met, I should give you something… Let's do this: this old man will pass you a secret spell of the clan!"

When the old man said the words "secret spell," his expression was very strange.

"Since you're a member of my clan, there is no problem in telling you. My Vermillion Bird Clan never had any so-called secret spells. This 'secret spells' was, in fact, stolen from the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise clans when the old ancestor could still move!

"After he brought it back, he called it the clan's secret spell!

"Among the three clans, the Black Tortoise has the greatest strength. I checked your body before and found that you somehow became an ancient god. The power of the ancient gods should make this spell even stronger!

"This spell isn't a spell, but a method for using force. Observe carefully!" After the old man finished speaking, he walked up to the lake. He raised his hand and waved at the lake!

His palm caused the water to depress, but just as the depression appeared, the old man's palm smashed down at the surface of the water.

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