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Chapter 1401 - Fishing Dragon

Wang Lin picked up the wine jug. Without looking, he took a big gulp.

When he swallowed the wine, it turned into a spicy feeling that burned from his abdomen to his throat. It was as if he had swallowed a dragon. Drops of sweat appeared on his forehead and immediately turned into white gas.

The feeling of burning didn't disappear but became even stronger and filled his body. Wang Lin felt like his body was burning and the power of fire was going to erupt from his body.

The heat cycled through his entire body. It was as if life had been injected into his origin energy. His origin energy seemed to come alive, and a moment later, Wang Lin noticed that his origin energy had increased a bit.

Just as his origin energy increased a bit, the fire inside his body increased and surged through him. Even his body began to burn. Heat began to come out of his pores. It was an extremely shocking scene!

This fire grew stronger and stronger, causing the Vermillion Bird mark to appear in his left eye. Blue fire erupted from his left eye and fused with the heat inside his body.

The cry of a Vermillion Bird echoed as a blue Vermillion Bird flew out from his left eye. It coiled around Wang Lin, revealing a comfortable expression.

It wasn't until 15 minutes later that the Vermillion Bird returned to Wang Lin's left eye and the heat in his body gradually disappeared.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and said, "Good wine!"

The old man looked at Wang Lin with a kind smile before turning back to the face the surface of the lake.

"Not just anyone would dare to drink this wine; even third step cultivators would hesitate. Yet you went and downed a big gulp."

"What kind of wine is this?" Wang Lin licked his lips. Just that mouthful had made the fire essence in his body stronger. What made him even more excited was that the wine had allowed his Vermillion Bird move closer to the next awakening!

"This isn't wine, but blood." The old man's expression was extremely kind and he smiled.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed, and at this moment, a violent ripple echoed from the lake. There was also muffled roar coming from the bottom of the lake.

The clear lake water became cloudy at this moment. Not even divine sense could extend more than half an inch inside!

The old man laughed as his right hand held the fishing rod and jerked it backward. The fishing line shined silver under the moonlight and was immediately pulled straight.

The roar from the bottom of the lake became even more intense and got closer and closer. Soon, as the fishing rod was being pulled, a head 1,000 feet large was pulled out from the lake!

The head looked like a dragon!! There was a bump on the head of the dragon. Its color was very dark, a brownish red!

This old man wasn't fishing for fishes at all, he was fishing for a dragon!

The dragon's head was extremely large, and it opened its mouth with the fishing line in its lip. The body that had extended out from the lake was more than 10,000 feet long! 

This sudden scene caused Wang Lin's expression to change and shock to appear in his eyes. Before the dragon, Wang Lin was like an ant. The red dragon let out a roar and moved its body as if it were trying to break free from the fishing line.

However, the fishing line was made of some unknown material and was extremely tough. No matter how much the dragon struggled, it couldn't break free. The old man smiled as he pulled the fishing rod once more, pulling the dragon out and causing it to roar even more intensely.

All of this happened in a flash, it was fast beyond imagination!

Just at this moment, the red dragon seemed to notice that it was hopeless to struggle to escape. It suddenly let out a roar and charged at the old man. Before it even got close, a fishy wind blew over.

As the dragon closed in, an indescribable aura suddenly erupted from the dragon. It was extremely powerful!

Wang Lin's expression turned pale when the pressure hit him, and terror appeared in his eyes! The dragon was like a grinder that could crush all living things. Wang Lin subconsciously retreated a few steps.

"Third step!!"

He clearly felt that this pressure was no weaker than the feeling Daoist Water had brought him back then!

"A powerful beast comparable to third step cultivators!!" Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air. He couldn't comprehend what was happening. If the old man was just fishing for a dragon, it would've been fine, but he was fishing for a dragon that had the power of a third step cultivator!!

The old man smiled as he flew into the air with the fishing rod in his right hand and his left hand waved toward the dragon. Wang Lin immediately saw fire appear in the old man's left hand.

This fire seemed illusory and was more like a fire mist! Then the old man waved his hand. It didn't look like he was using a spell, but there was a thunderous rumble. The dragon let out a miserable cry and its head jerked back as if it had been hit by a powerful force.

As it was pushed back, the fire mist spread across the dragon's body. The sound of flesh burning echoed across the world. The screams from the dragon became even more miserable and it was about to go back into the lake.

The old man waved the fishing rod in his hand and held the dragon in place. The dragon that was going to withdraw back into the lake let out another miserable scream and was pulled out a few hundred feet more out of the lake!

"Damn it, you little fire dragon, how you dare to run from this old man!!" the old man roared as he jumped into the air. He landed on the roaring dragon's head and his hand mercilessly slammed down!

The moment the old man raised his left hand, Wang Lin's mind rumbled and his pupils shrank from shock. He clearly saw something appear behind the old man at that moment… It was a giant Vermillion Bird!

Its size was far larger than Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird, and it covered the sky. An ancient aura spread out from the giant Vermillion Bird, and an ethereal flame covered the entire Vermillion Bird!

Ethereal Fire!

The moment the Vermillion Bird appeared, it let out a heaven-shaking cry!

This scene shocked Wang Lin. The size of the Vermillion Bird, the amount of fire, and its power were far stronger than that of the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. There was no comparison! 

It was like the difference between a young Vermillion Bird and its ancestor!

The old man's left hand suddenly fell, and the moment it fell, the giant Vermillion Bird moved, fusing with his left hand. In an instant, the Vermillion Bird became one with the old man's left hand. From afar, one could no longer see the old man's left hand, they could only see the sharp beak of the Vermillion Bird!

In the blink of an eye, the sharp break pierced through a bump on the dragon's head and a jet of blood shot out.

"What are you startled for? Quickly, pick up the jug! Do you think this old body can withstand all this for long!?" The old man looked up, and his roar echoed like thunder in Wang Lin's ears.

Wang Lin grabbed the wine jug without hesitation and immediately collected the blood inside. However, the jug had a limit and was soon full. Seeing how there was still some dragon blood left, Wang Lin immediately took out a bottle to hold it.

However, the moment the bottle touched the blood, it melted. It wasn't able to hold the blood at all!

All of this happened in an instant. Seeing how the blood couldn't be collected and was going to fall into the lake, Wang Lin charged forward. He knew it was precious, so he rushed toward the falling blood and inhaled.

With this, he inhaled all the dragon blood that was going to fall into the lake into is mouth. This mouthful contained about as much blood as three big gulps from before.

When the old man saw what Wang Lin had done, he smiled. He jumped off the dragon's head and took back the fishing rod. His right foot stomped down when he jumped off the dragon.

The dragon was extremely angry, but it didn't dare to roar. Borrowing the force of the old man's stomp, it quickly drilled into the lake and disappeared without a trace.

"Good, you're indeed someone from my Vermillion Bird Clan, and you know that wasting is shameful!" The old man smiled and landed beside Wang Lin.

After Wang Lin devoured the dragon blood, the fire in his body became monstrous and his face turned red. He had no time to pay attention to the old man; he sat down and cycled his origin energy.

The old man stood beside Wang Lin and scanned him. He revealed a satisfactory smile.

"I thought I'd never be able to see another junior again. This child's Vermillion Bird awakening is only one step away from the Ethereal Fire, this child is not simple!

"He should be my clan's sixth generation Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor…. Not bad, not bad!" The more the old man looked, the happier he became. He even crouched down and pinched Wang Lin's cheeks. Then he carefully patted Wang Lin's body.

"Yes, definitely a member of my Vermillion Bird Clan and not made by our enemy. However, this little fellow's body is actually an ancient god… Haha, not bad, not bad!" There was excitement in the old man's eyes.

"The fourth generation Vermillion Bird was too frivolous and couldn't cultivate my spell. The sixth generation seems pretty cold and should be able to…" As the old man patted Wang Lin's body, he was startled.

"His origin soul's Yang has been broken… I…" The old man revealed hatred in his eyes. He stopped patting Wang Lin and sat down.

"Juniors nowadays… All of them… Alas… It's still this old man who has the willpower, and my origin soul's Yang is still intact to this day."

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