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Chapter 1400 - Moon Concealed at the Heart of the Lake

While he retreated, Wang Lin's eyes were bright and stared at the giant tortoise that was disappearing. After the tortoise disappeared, joy filled his eyes.

"I didn't expect the Great Emperor Planet to have the Ancient Soul Restriction!!" Wang Lin took a deep breath. It took him a long time to suppress the excitement in his heart. He couldn't help but be excited.

If he could learn all four great restrictions and fuse them, he would have a chance to comprehend the restriction essence. If he succeeded, then Wang Lin wouldn't just have five essence, but… six essences!

Six essences!

If this information spread out, it would shock all cultivators. Even third step cultivators would be terrified. The more one understood about essences, the more they understood what having six essences meant!

Five essences was already extremely shocking. However, one more would be even more shocking! But similarly, having six essences would make completing them much more difficult.

Wang Lin's breathing was rough and he subconsciously licked his lips.

"I have obtained the Annihilation Restriction, the Life and death Restriction, and the Time Restriction. Although I haven't had too much time to study them, if I can learn the Ancient Soul Restriction, I will have learned all four great restrictions… At that time…"  

Wang Lin's heart pounded. This chance was too unexpected. It had appeared completely outside of Wang Lin's expectations.

His eyes lit up, and after a long time, he suppressed his excitement completely.

"Who is this Great Emperor to use the Ancient Soul Restriction on an arena…" Wang Lin felt even more dread toward this mysterious Great Emperor.

"He let me come here early… Could it be that everything was within his expectations and he expected me to be attracted by the restriction…" Wang Lin silently pondered, and the more he analyzed the current situation, the faster the excitement in his heart dissipated.

"This Great Emperor Planet is filled with strange things… There is no atmosphere, it's covered in strange vegetation, and it contains the Ancient Soul Restriction…" Wang Lin landed on the sparse land without vegetation on the northwest region.

The ground was grey, and after landing, Wang Lin grabbed a handful of dirt. After taking a closer look, his expression darkened even more.

Just at this moment, rumbles echoed across the sky. It was the messenger bringing more cultivators in.

Wang Lin looked up, and with a step, he disappeared. He reappeared on the eastern side of the planet, an area filled with endless vegetation.

Wang Lin sat there as he looked at the grey soil in his hand and frowned.

"This soil looks ordinary, but I feel like something is wrong with it…" Wang Lin pondered and closed his eyes. The memory gradually appeared in his mind. It was when he took a half a step into the gate in the Heaven Defying Bead. He had turned into chaos and then floated in the void before turning into a cultivation planet.

Wang Lin had a powerful impression of this memory. It was that experience that allowed him to gain a vague understanding of many things.

He clearly remembered that after he turned into a planet, countless years passed and volcanoes erupted on the planet. The materials from the center of the planet escaped through the volcanoes and covered the planet's surface. These things dried out and gradually turned into soil.

Some extremely primitive vegetation was born inside his soil. As they vegetation grew and died, vitality began to form in the soil, and it fused with the vitality of the entire planet.

"When a planet forms in the void, it has no soil… The soil is gradually generated… In other words, the age of the soil on a planet is uneven and should be younger than the planet itself."

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a strange light as he stared at the soil. After a long time, he softly said, "Flowing Time…"

The power of time spread out from his body and surrounded the soil in his hand. It seemed to be searching for when the soil was born.

However, the soil was born too long ago and it was impossible for Wang Lin to trace it back that  far with his cultivation. However, he was still able to get a general idea.

After a very long time, Wang Lin waved his right hand and the soil scattered. Then he arrived next to some vegetation, and after grabbing a handful, he used Flowing Time once more.

After a moment, Wang Lin let go of the soil in his hand and let it fall. There was enlightenment in his eyes.

"If this soil was formed by nature, there would be an uneven age… However, the soil here seems to have been born at the same time!! There are only two possible explanations!

"One is that shortly after the planet was born, all the volcanoes on it erupted at the same time. They were all destroyed and formed this soil… However, this is kind of unreasonable. After all, the primal vegetation that give this soil vitality can't all grow and die at the same time… If this isn't true, then there is only one explanation... Everything here is man made, it was created by someone a long time ago with a powerful spell!" Wang Lin took a deep breath. He was also a powerful cultivator now, so he could imagine someone creating a planet. The cultivation level required was unimaginable!

While silently pondering, Wang Lin shook his head. He didn't even dare to believe it himself. He didn't know that if others knew of his speculation, it would shock many people.

Few cultivators could figure out so many things through clues found from the soil. Even if they had the ability, unless they knew the life cycle if a planet, they wouldn't be able to come to this conclusion.

Wang Lin was the first person to figure out the origin of this planet from the soil!

If the mysterious Great Emperor knew of this, he would also be greatly shocked. It was even more shocking than the fact this was a man-made planet!

Between cultivators, aside from the difference in cultivation level, there was also the understanding of dao. Dao, in truth, was the understanding of how the world worked. Someone who understood how the world functioned, and possessed a matching cultivation level, could achieve unbelievable results!

After scattering the soil, Wang Lin pondered for a bit before lying down on a leaf and looking at the grey sky, pondering. He was someone who liked to think. It was because of all this thinking that he was able to survive all the dangers in his life.

Although Wang Lin was extremely arrogant to the Sovereign Council's Grandmaster Yun Luo and Master Simo, in truth, he was extremely cautious. Although he didn't know what the Great Emperor's intent was, it didn't prevent him from borrowing the Great Emperor's power for his own use.

This method was very practical in this cruel cultivation world. Those that knew how to take advantage of the situation would be able to achieve their goal in the end.

Rays of light continued to flash across the sky as more people entered the Great Emperor Planet. Wang Lin lied on the leaf, looking at the people passing by, and slowly touched the giant leaf below him.

Just at this moment, his expression suddenly changed and he touched his right hand. When he was touching the leaf with his right hand, he felt a faint trace of origin energy leaving his hand outside of his control and get absorbed by the leaf.

However, when he looked closely, he found nothing, as if what he had just felt was an illusion.

Wang Lin sat up and his eyes lit up. Although he had found nothing, he had that shocking feeling in his mind. He flew into the air and looked down.

The endless vegetation slowly swayed… "This Great Emperor Planet is extremely strange…" Wang Lin no longer wanted to set foot on the vegetation. He began to fly around the Great Emperor Planet and carefully observed his surroundings with his divine sense.

The sky gradually darkened. The only source of light that remained were the rays of light flashing through the sky. Wang Lin wasn't moving fast, and around dusk, he saw a lake surrounded by endless vegetation, and beside it was an old man in white!

The old man was sitting on the side of the lake with a fishing rod in his hand. He was currently fishing. There was also a wine jug beside him.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. This was the first person he had seen aside from the messenger and the people flying across the sky. After pondering a bit, Wang Lin didn't leave but slowly landed behind the old man.

The old man ignored him and continued to look at the lake.

Wang Lin sat down on the side and also didn't speak. The surroundings were completely quiet, the only sound was the sound of people breaking the sound barrier in the distance. However, that noise seemed to merge with the silence and didn't feel disruptive.

The water was very clear. Although you couldn't see the bottom of the lake at a glance, you could clearly see that there were no fish in it.

The young man and the old man sat there with the wine jug between them. Time slowly passed and the sky gradually darkened and the bright moon appeared above.

The gentle wind blew by, causing the surrounding vegetation to rustle, but it didn't break the peace here.

Gentle ripples set off on the surface of the lake due to the wind. The ripples seemed to pluck the moon from the sky and buried it deep within the lake. Looking at it now, one couldn't tell where the moon was… Was the moon hanging in the sky or buried deep in the lake? The serenity produced by this beautiful scene caused Wang Lin's tired heart to relax for the first time since he had come to the Ancient Star System.

After an unknown amount of time, the old man's hoarse voice slowly echoed. "Do you drink?"

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