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Chapter 1399 - Ancient Soul Restriction

The woman was startled for a moment and a hint of gloominess appeared on her face, but she soon returned to normal. She revealed a gentle smile as she slightly bowed toward Wang Lin and said, "This little girl has learned her lesson. I wonder if Senior can tell me his name."

This woman had asked Wang Lin's name twice and had already attracted Wang Lin's attention. Although he didn't know of any spells that used one's name, the grandmaster of the Sovereign Council had extremely strange and unfathomable spells.

When he thought of how she could calculate where he was hiding as if she had seen it herself, Wang Lin couldn't help but remember another person he had a profound memory of… the All-Seer!

In truth, in all his like as a cultivator, the All-Seer was the one person Wang Lin couldn't see through anded dread the most. Not even Daoist Water could create the same sense of dread.

At this moment, Wang Lin's expression was calm, but his heart was vigilant. He looked at the woman and slowly said, "Xu Mu!" His name was no secret for those that wanted to know. However, Wang Lin vaguely felt that her finding out and him saying it himself were different.

The woman's eyes lit up. After saying the name "Xu Mu" three times in her heart, she made an almost indiscernible frown.

"If this person doesn't personally say his real name, I can't use the Name Puppet Spell on him…"

Wang Lin turned around. He didn't look back at the woman and Master Simo and went deeper into the tunnel. The messenger quickly followed, and the two disappeared into the distance.

While moving forward, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. What he had done to the River Creek Clan and the Soul Snake Clan were done to test the Great Emperor. The Great Emperor was too mysterious and had suddenly given Wang Lin many benefits, so it couldn't be helped that he had become cautious.

In order to know other party's plot, he must test them. The matter with the Armored Dragon Clan was the same, and the matter with the River Creek Clan and the Soul Serpent Clan was also the same. Only by constantly prodding could Wang Lin find the other party's bottom line!

"He stripped two Fallen Elders of their titles, he let me pick the Armored Dragon Clan's patriarch, and he even let me revoke the rights of two clans to participate in the Fallen Elder Selection. All of this is above his bottom line… Perhaps the Fallen Council means nothing to the Great Emperor!" Wang Lin pondered a bit and his eyes lit up. He suddenly said something to the messenger behind him.

"The Dark Scorpion Patriarch is not bad, I intend for him to become a Fallen Elder."

The messenger was startled and hesitated for a moment. Wang Lin's gaze swept by the messenger, and his pupils shrank. He vaguely felt like the messenger was using some special method to send a message to someone.

After pondering for a bit, the messenger seemed to no longer hesitate and nodded. "Since Young Emperor has personally appointed him, it is naturally not a problem!"

Wang Lin revealed a smile and continued to walk forward. However, his smile gradually disappeared after he turned around.

"I was right! The mysterious Great Emperor doesn't care about the Fallen Council at all! He… Who the hell is he?!" Wang Lin silently pondered as the two of them moved through the passage.

Shortly after, they arrived at the Great Emperor Planet. Seeing the planet up close, Wang Lin suppressed the shock and carefully looked at it.

There was a powerful sense of majesty rotating around the planet. Wang Lin stepped into the planet under the guidance of the messenger.

"There is no atmosphere?" As soon as he entered the planet, he noticed all the strange things about the planet. This was the first time he hadn't encountered an atmosphere when he entered a planet.

There were no mountains on the entire Great Emperor Planet!

It was all plains, and there was a lot of strange vegetation growing. Many of them had leaves so big that several people could lie down on them without feeling crowded.

At a glance, these plants were endless and seemed to cover the entire planet.

Only in the northwest region did the vegetation lessen, revealing a grey-colored ground. There was also an open area about 500 kilometers wide, and there were countless restrictions placed there.

"This is…" Staring at the restrictions, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and a thought appeared in his mind.

"That is the location of the Fallen Elder Selection." When the messenger saw Wang Lin's gaze lock onto the northwest region, he quickly explained.

After explaining, the messenger clasped his hands and said, "Young Master, this subordinate has been instructed to bring you here. I still have to go back to bring in the other cultivators. If Young Emperor has no other orders, then this subordinate will take his leave." 

Wang Lin didn't intend to keep this person here. He clasped his hands and said, "Many thanks!" Wang Lin's personality had always been to treat others how they treated him. Since the messenger had been respectful to him both times they met, he would naturally not make any trouble for the messenger.

"Young Emperor can first get familiar with the Great Emperor Planet. When the Fallen Elder Selection stars tomorrow, there will be someone sent to notify Young Emperor." The messenger bowed before disappearing into the distance.

After this person left, it felt as if Wang Lin was the only person left on this large planet. His gaze lingered on the arena to the northwest before he withdrew it and disappeared.

When he appeared, he was outside the arena. The 500 kilometer arena was unimaginably large to mortals. It would take a full day to cross it with fast horses. However, for cultivators, this arena was just alright.

Outside the restrictions around the arena, Wang Lin raised his right hand pressed down. At this moment, a powerful force gathered from the void and rushed toward Wang Lin's hand. In an instant, a tortoise shell-like object formed before Wang Lin's right hand.

There were endless swirls on the edge of the tortoise shell that continued to rapidly rotate. Wang Lin's right hand touched the shell and he suddenly felt a powerful force coming from it. His right hand went numb and he was pushed back three steps before he finally stopped.

Wang Lin sensed the aura of an ancient soul inside that rebound force.

"What a powerful restriction!! This isn't the Annihilation Restriction, Life and Death Restriction, or Time Restriction… It looks like the rumored fourth great restriction that has been lost in time, the Ancient Soul Restriction!!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. When the messenger was here, he had already noticed something strange about the restriction, so he had come here to check. Now that he had seen up close, it he was surprised.

"Interesting!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He knew that people would be brought here by the messenger soon, so he didn't have time to waste. He flew up, and once he was in the air, thunder flashed in his right eye. His hand formed a seal and the thunder tattoo in his right eye immediately flew out.

A giant thunder tattoo formed before Wang Lin.

The moment the thunder tattoo appeared, it attracted the endless thunder of the world and the sky became grey. The entire planet became dim due to the appearance of the thunder clouds.

Wang Lin pushed the thunder tattoo and moved like a meteor toward the arena! The thunder tattoo rumbled as it fell with Wang Lin toward the arena!

Just as the thunder tattoo closed in on the arena, the arena emitted a flash of light. This grey light was like a cloud fog, and it appeared out of thin air. The light quickly condensed to form a tortoise shell!

The side of the tortoise shell was several times larger than the one that had formed from Wang Lin's test before. It also contained swirls that were rapidly rotating on it edge.

The thunder rumbled, then Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the thunder tattoo closed in. At this moment, the tortoise shell rapidly expanded and covered the whole arena.

Wang Lin's pupils shrank and he sucked in a breath of cold air. What tortoise shell? This was obviously a giant tortoise 500 kilometers large!

There was a giant head under the shell to the west side of the arena. There were also the four feet that belonged to this tortoise, along with the tail on the east side of the arena.

In this short period of time, a giant tortoise had appeared!

An ancient aura spread out across the planet! The giant tortoise was grey and its eyes were clear. When Wang Lin closed in, it let out a roar!

This roar was heaven-shaking and twisted the space around it. The sky changed colors and endless sound waves echoed.

This scene was extremely shocking. The giant tortoise was roaring at the sky, looking extremely ferocious. Its entire body gave off a grey glow as its four feet popped out. The sharp nails on its feet could rip open the sky!

Several bumps appeared on its tail and several green spikes poked out. They obviously contained very powerful poison.

Then a horn pushed out of its head. An aura of water spread out from the giant tortoise and made Wang Lin have the illusion that he was looking at the ocean!

It was as if this place had turned into a vast ocean!

Wang Lin waved his hand and the thunder tattoo returned to his right eye. He didn't intend to  attack this arena, he had only used the thunder tattoo to force the restriction around the arena to activate completely.

Now that he had achieved his purpose, Wang Lin quickly retreated and his eyes revealed a strange light.

"It really is the ancient soul restriction!!!"

As Wang Lin retreated, the giant tortoise lowered its head and its body slowly dissipated. A moment later, everything returned to normal.

Among the four great restrictions, the Ancient Soul Restriction was very mysterious and had been lost for many years. However, the remaining clues showed that the Ancient Soul Restriction was related to beasts. It utilized the souls of beasts as the body of the restriction using special methods, and it was extremely powerful!

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