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Chapter 1398 - Cheeky Little Girl

The messenger flew at Wang Lin very fast. He instantly closed in on Wang Lin. When he was within 100 feet, he stopped and revealed a respectful smile. Then he clasped his hands and said, "Subordinate greets Young Emperor!"

Not only him, but the cultivators that came out of the passage quickly flew over as well. They also stopped 100 feet away and respectfully clasped their hands. "Greetings, Young Emperor!"

The entire area became completely silent. The hundreds of clans and 10,000 cultivators were silent. Their expressions suddenly changed as they stared at Wang Lin with shock and disbelief in their eyes!

Young Emperor was real! This matter had been announced by the Great Emperor a few months ago, but no one had seen him. This was the first time these cultivators had seen the Young Emperor in person.

"Young… Young Emperor?!!" The middle-aged man from the Soul Serpent Clan turned pale and horror filled his eyes. His heart pounded rapidly, his mouth turned dry, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He stared at Wang Lin and was dumbfounded.

There was also the 13th Fallen Elder. His expression changed greatly and he subconsciously took a few steps back. His mind trembled and his eyes were filled with fear. He would never have expected his guess to be true!

"When I saw the Armored Dragon Clan, I should have realized it. The ninth Fallen Elder was stripped of his title due to offending this person!! I… I tried to use him to show my might…"

The River Creak Patriarch trembled and licked his dried lips. He began to panic in his heart.

The messenger began to respectfully explain, "I made Young Emperor wait long. It takes a while to open this passage, so it took some time." 

After he spoke, the surrounding ten thousand cultivators reacted. The actual time to open the passage hadn't arrived, they should've had to wait a few more hours for it to open.

"To open the passage early, this Young Emperor…"

"In the Fallen Land, there have only been two Young Emperor, and now a third one has appeared!!"

"This third Young Emperor must be valued even more than the previous two, or else the passage wouldn't be open early. This kind of thing has never happened before!"

"Hehe, the 13th Fallen Elder is really blind to provoke the Young Emperor. I want to see how he intends to deal with this!"

"There is also the Soul Serpent Clan's head elder. I fear he will also suffer."

The words of the messenger had set off a huge wave in the hearts of the surrounding cultivators. Wang Lin calmly nodded at the cultivators before him.

"Young Emperor, please enter the Great Emperor Planet!" The messenger respectfully stepped to the side and made way.

Wang Lin slowly walked forward into the passage that had opened up, accompanied by the messenger.

After seeing this, the 13th Fallen Elder relaxed. He felt that Wang Lin wasn't the vengeful type and wouldn't make it difficult on him.

No matter what, he was still a Fallen Elder. Even if the other party was the Young Emperor, he would still have to give a Fallen Elder some face. Maybe he could even use this method to earn a favor.

"This person is benevolent. Although he is the Young Emperor, he is an easily bullied man…" Just as he thought he was lucky, his pupils shrank.

Just as Wang Lin took a few steps, he suddenly turned around and looked at the middle-aged man from the Soul Serpent Clan.

Wang Lin's gaze was cold. The moment it landed on the middle-aged man, his body trembled and more cold sweat appeared. He felt as if Wang Lin's gaze could pierce through his mind and was filled with coldness.

The messenger beside Wang Lin also stopped and revealed a hint of doubt. He also looked at the middle-aged man from the Soul Serpent Clan, and his expression became gloomy.

"Capture him!" The messenger's voice was cold. In an instant, the people around him rushed forward toward the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man from the Soul Serpent Clan revealed a look of despair. The expression of  the Soul Serpent Clan members behind him changed greatly, and they were filled with fear.

"His sin doesn't deserve death, but the Soul Serpent Clan is stripped of their right to participate in the Fallen Elder Selection!" Wang Lin's voice was low, but it clearly echoed in the ears of the surrounding cultivators.

The cultivators charging at the middle-aged man stopped and retreated behind Wang Lin without any hesitation.

The middle-aged man from the Soul Serpent Clan was pale, and when he heard Wang Lin's words, he trembled once more. Even more despair filled his eyes. Those words were several times worse than killing him. 

It has to be said that even if he died, it would just be one person. Although he was saved, he had become the sinner of the entire clan. The middle-aged man clasped his hands and bitterly smiled. "Thank you, Young Emperor, for having mercy."

Wang Lin's attention drifted away from him and his gaze fell on the River Creek Patriarch, the 13th Fallen Elder.

The 13th Fallen Elder's heart skipped a beat and his face turned ashen.

Wang Lin pointed at the 13th Fallen Elder and slowly said to the messenger, "Strip him of his Fallen Elder status, and make him kneel on the Dark Scorpion Planet for 100 years!"

The messenger hesitated for a moment, but when he saw the coldness flashing through Wang Lin's eyes, he nodded.

"The River Creek Clan loses their spot in the Fallen Elder Selection!" After Wang Lin finished speaking, he looked at the Cloud Escape Patriarch not far away and said, "Break one of your arms, and don't let it happen again!"

The Cloud Escape Patriarch felt cold sweat appear on his forehead. He knew that Wang Lin was powerful, and he had intentionally glanced at Wang Lin to make the 13th Fallen Elder provoke Wang Lin. He didn't expect Wang Lin to notice his intention.

At this moment, he clenched his teeth, his right hand formed a sword, and he pointed at his left shoulder without hesitation. With a bang, all the meridians in his left arm were broken.

The Cloud Escape Patriarch's face was deathly pale as he softly said, "Thank you, Young Emperor, for showing mercy. Junior knows his wrongdoing."

Wang Lin turned around and calmly walked into the passage.

The surroundings were even more silent. The gazes of the 10,000 cultivators gathered on Wang Lin, and their minds were shaken. However, some people felt disdain toward Wang Lin's behavior and felt that he was nothing without his backing.

"If this person wasn't the Young Emperor, he wouldn't be so arrogant!"

"There isn't just one Young Emperor. He came to the Great Emperor Planet to participate in the Young Emperor Trial. Only by successfully passing it can he become a true Young Emperor!"

"That's right, the Young Emperor trial is extremely difficult. Over the years, there were many qualified participants, and although they weren't appointed by the Great Emperor personally, none of them passed. Even though he was appointed personally by the Great Emperor, it will be difficult for him to pass!"

"The duty of the Young Emperor is very important. They can even take over the place of the Great Emperor to rule the entire Fallen Land. Even the the Sovereign Council has to be respectful toward the Young Emperor."

The messenger followed Wang Lin and gradually closed in on the passage. Just as he entered, he felt a tearing force come from the edge of the passage, and there was also a magnetic force. His origin soul loosened as if it was going to be sucked out from his body.

However, the suction within the passage wasn't strong. If one was outside, the tearing magnetic force would be terrifying.

However, just as Wang Lin moved 100 feet, his expression changed and he looked into the distance. A heaven-shaking rumble came from the distance.

This roar was extremely shocking and immediately disrupted the silence outside. Even the expression of the messenger changed.

An octagonal compass flew from the distance. This compass was about 1,000 feet wide and gave off glaring light. There was also a large amount of rune marks flashing, making it look even more imposing.

The compass got closer and closer. It closed in on the Great Emperor Planet in an instant. There were two people standing on it!

The person in front was a long-haired woman. Her hair was like silk and she was very beautiful. Her eyes were like moonlight and charmed all the surrounding cultivators.

She stood there like a fairy, her clothes moving gently along with her hair.

Beside her stood a middle-aged man. His expression was gloomy and he was like a mountain, with a pressure spreading out from his body. This pressure hit like a storm, causing the expressions of the surrounding cultivators to change, and they retreated.

There was blurry smoke surrounding the man. The smoke contained distorted faces that gave off silent roars.

There were more than a million different faces showing up.

"Joss Flames! Third step cultivators!!!" Some people immediately recognized what the smoke was, and their expressions changed greatly.

"This little girl is Yun Luo. I came to represent the Sovereign Council to greet the Great Emperor. I was invited by the head of the Fallen Council, and I greet all follow Fallen Land cultivators."

"Master Simo greets the Great Emperor!" The man beside the woman looked at the Great Emperor Planet with an indifferent gaze. However, his expression immediately changed and became filled with killing intent!

He had spotted Wang Lin inside the passage to the Great Emperor Planet.

Wang Lin also saw Master Simo!

Their gazes weren't distant, and they collided like two swords that could destroy the world!

"Little bastard!!" Master Simo's voice squeezed through his teeth, and it contained powerful killing intent.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he slowly said, "Loser! You can only rely on words. What kind of third step cultivator are you?"

"You! Do you are to fight me?!" The thing Master Simo hated the most was his avatar being killed. Now that Wang Lin had brought it up, his killing intent was monstrous.

Wang Lin smiled. There was mockery in his eyes as he said, "Do you dare to enter this magnetic fog to destroy your cultivation until you fall down to fifth Heaven's Blight and battle me?"

After he spoke, the surroundings went into an uproar!

Master Simo was startled and was unable to say a word, but his expression was extremely gloomy!

He didn't dare!

"Fellow Cultivator is very sharp. I just don't know what your name is. Could you tell Yun Luo?" The long-haired woman smiled and her gaze was like moonlight as she looked at Wang Lin. However, to Wang Lin, that smile was extremely pretentious and made him feel disgusted.

"The position of the Sovereign Council's grandmaster isn't based on cultivation level. It is a title passed down by each generation. You're just a cheeky little girl that has cultivated for less than 1,000 years, and you dare to call me 'Fellow Cultivator?' No respect for your seniors! Is this how your predecessor taught you?" Wang Lin's expression was cold, and his words were even colder. 

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