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Chapter 1397 - Thump

The day before the Fallen Elder Selection, Wang Lin arrived outside the Great Emperor Planet with the Dark Scorpion Clan and the Cloud Escape Clan. When Wang Lin saw this strange planet, his eyes narrowed.

The Great Emperor Planet was surrounded by a layer of illusion, as if it was being hidden by a layer of fog. However, there were big spatial rifts that would devour everything inside this illusory fog.

There were also waves of grey lines moving within the illusory fog. If you looked closely, you would find they weren't real, but gave off waves of magnetic force.

Before Wang Lin even got close, he felt an extremely shocking force inside the illusory fog. This power was heaven-shattering. It could cause cultivators' spells to disintegrate and their treasures to collapse.

This wasn't man-made or the power of a treasure, but something created by heaven.

Wang Lin's pupils shranks. He observed it for a long time as he floated outside the illusory fog.

There was already a large amount of cultivators outside this illusory fog. There were hundreds of them scattered everywhere, and those that knew each other were chatting softly.

Wang Lin's arrival drew some attention and divine senses swept over. When they swept past the Dark Scorpion Clan and the Escape Cloud Clan, they all withdrew.

As for Wang Lin, with his divine sense, very few people could see the real him.

Wang Lin's expression remained unchanged and he coldly stared ahead.

"Every single Fallen Elder Selection is carried out at the Great Emperor Planet, but it is normally not accessible. When everyone has been gathered, a tunnel opens from the inside to allow everyone in.

"We didn't come too late, so the tunnel should open soon," the Dark Scorpion Patriach whispered to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin nodded and his gaze swept by the cultivators gathered here. There was no less than 10,000 cultivators. Although there were a lot of people, it was still insignificant in this vast space.

"I didn't think the Cloud Escape Clan would take an interest in the Dark Scorpion Clan, which always likes to be underground, and be accepted as subordinates. Really interesting!" A sharp voice came from the front. A middle-aged man in blue walked out from a group of nearly 1,000 cultivators.

This man's appearance was ordinary, but his eyes were like venomous snakes; there was a coldness hidden in his eyes. There was a serpent mark between his eyebrows, making him look even more gloomy.

His words were filled with ridicule, and he stopped moving when he spoke. His gaze swept past Wang Lin's group.

The Dark Scorpion Patriarch's expression changed. He looked at the middle-aged man and let out a cold snort.

The Dark Scorpion Patriarch whispered, "That is the Soul Serpent Clan's head elder. During the last Elder Selection, they fought with the Cloud Escape Clan. The result was a tie, and both were disqualified. They also had some friction in the past." 

The Cloud Escape Patriarch was naturally also standing next to Wang Lin. When he heard the Soul Serpent Clan's head elder's words, he remained calm and silently kept his head down.

The Soul Serpent Clan's head elder smiled and slowly said, "Rumor has it that the Cloud Escape Clan invited Greed as an honorary elder. With Greed, I presume the Cloud Escape Clan will be set for a seat as a Fallen Elder! However, how come I don't see Senior Greed?"

His voice wasn't loud, but it contained his cultivation, so it echoed.

The ten thousand cultivators here were all from the clans in the Fallen Land. They had all come here to steal a spot in the Fallen Council, and it could be said that they were all enemies to each other.

Obtaining more information would be a great help in obtaining an elder seat. After hearing the words of the Soul Serpent Clan's head elder, everyone looked toward the Cloud Escape Clan.

The name of Greed was very famous. Him helping the Cloud Escape Clan was enough to catch the attention of the other clans.

"This old man heard that Fellow Cultivator Greed had become an honorary elder of the Cloud Escape Clan. Fellow Cultivator Greed helped me once before, so I wanted to visit him. Master Yun Dun, why has Fellow Cultivator Greed not come?" The person who spoke was an old man in a purple robe. His face was pale, but his voice was loud.

There were three arcs on his forehead. It was a water wave-like mark.

The Cloud Escape Patriarch raised his head and looked at Wang Lin. Then he said in a cold voice, "Senior Greed had to leave due to some urgent matter and won't be coming. There's no need for all of you to guess!" and lowered his head.

This scene was seen by the old man who had spoken, and his pupils shrank.

"A branch of the Five Element Clan, the patriarch of the River Creek Clan. He is currently the 13th Fallen Elder!" the Dark Scorpion Patriarch next to Wang Lin said softly.

Wang Lin's expression remained calm and he nodded slightly.

"Who is talking about this old man's name!?" the River Creek Patriarch, the 13th Fallen Elder, said in a cold voice. His gaze was like lightning, and it fell on Wang Lin and the Dark Scorpion Patriarch.

The River Creek Patriarch's eyes lit up and he slowly said, "Little scorpion, why haven't you come and kneeled after seeing this old man?" However, his gaze was locked onto Wang Lin.

The expression of the Dark Scorpion Patriarch changed greatly. To demand him to kneel before all these people was a great insult!

The commotion caught the attention of the surrounding cultivators. They all looked over with the intent of watching a show.

The middle-aged man from the Soul Serpent Clan smiled and shook his head. "Little scorpion, even if you want to climb up, you should be careful of who you choose follow. However, I can't blame you, scorpions that only know how to hide underground are short-sighted."

"What, still not coming over? That's good. You, come come here and kneel!" The 13th Fallen Elder, the River Creek Patriarch, pointed directly at Wang Lin.

After he spoke, the Dark Scorpion Patriarch's expression recovered and he revealed a hint of ridicule. Not only him, but the Cloud Escape Patriarch also raised his head. There was mockery in his eyes and a deep, hidden sense of pride.

Wang Lin smiled as he looked at old man and slowly said, "What, we can't say your name?"

The 13th Fallen Elder's eyes lit up. He saw how the Cloud Escape Patriarch looked at Wang Lin, and from the way they were standing, this person seemed to be in charge. This was why he had spoken.

As the 13th Fallen Elder, in order to get re-selected, he needed to show a display of might. Although the Dark Scorpion Clan was small, the Cloud Escape Clan was not. With Greed's reputation, they were the best choice to use to show off his might.

As far as the old man knew, Wang Lin was someone appointed by Greed, so using Wang Lin to show off his might was the same as using Greed! However, the mockery in the eyes of the Dark Scorpion Patriarch and the Cloud Escape Patriarch made him feel like something bad was coming.

"This person must've been appointed by Greed. Although Greed is strong, I'm a Fallen Elder, so there is nothing to fear!"

 Thinking about this, the old man coldly snorted and said, "Only people that are qualified can say it. I just don't know if you have the qualifications."  

The elders and patriarchs were all old foxes, so they more or less guessed the situation. They had all come to the same conclusion that Wang Lin was someone appointed by Greed to come here.

"You must not be from the Fallen Land. I advise you quickly kneel before me. Know that even your master, Greed, would have no choice but to kneel in this situation." The eyes of the head elder of the Soul Serpent Clan lit up. It was he who had provoked this, and he was very happy to see the 13th Fallen Elder target the Cloud Escape Clan.

"Qualifications…" Wang Lin smiled.

"Who dares to say Senior doesn't have the qualifications?!" A roar suddenly came from the distance. A burst of rumbles echoed and more than 1,000 rays of light rushed over here.

The person at the lead was a young man, and beside him were elders who were at the Heaven's Blight stage. They came with a powerful momentum and stood beside Wang Lin's group.

The young man quickly stepped toward Wang Lin and clasped his hands. He was extremely respectful and loudly said, "Junior Armored Dragon Patriarch greets Senior."

Behind him, the more than 1,000 Armored Dragon Cultivators all looked at Wang Lin with respect and a hint of fear. They clasped their hands and said, "Greetings, Senior."

This scene caused the expressions of all the cultivators here to change.

"Armored Dragon Clan!!"

"The ninth elder's Armored Dragon Clan!"

"Rumor has it that the ninth Fallen Elder was stripped of his title a few months ago and a new patriarch was chosen!"

"This matter spread far and away. However, the reason for the removal of the ninth elder was kept secret, so not many people know!"

"Although the Armored Dragon Clan doesn't have many people, they are very powerful. They can be considered top 10 among the 372 clans in the Fallen Land!"

"Who the hell is this person to make the Armored Dragon Clan greet him?"

"Could it be he has nothing to do with Greed?"

The middle-aged man from the Soul Serpent Clan was stunned and his eyes lit up. The old man from the River Creek Clan became gloomy. He looked Wang Lin and the fear in the eyes of the Armored Dragon Clan members. A terrifying thought suddenly appeared in his heart.

This guess immediately made the old man feel like a bucket of cold water had been dumped over him. His body trembled and his eyes were filled with terror and shock, along with a hint of disbelief.

"Impossible… I must be overthinking it!"

Just at this moment, the illusory fog formed by the magnetic force began to rumble. Then it began to expand and continue to spread. Then a passage was suddenly ripped open and revealed!

Dozens of cold-looking cultivators came out of the passage. The person leading was the messenger that had appeared in the Armored Dragon Clan. He didn't even look at the surrounding people and flew toward Wang Lin.

Seeing this, the 13th Fallen Elder felt his heart skip a beat.

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