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Chapter 1389 - The Identity and Origin of the Statue (1)

"I actually forgot he could use this extremely domineering Stop spell!" A huge wave was set off in Greed's heart and fear filled his eyes.

"This nemesis is too despicable. He had this spell, but didn't use it before and waited until I took out my most powerful treasure to extinguish my last hope!!" Greed's body and origin soul were completely frozen. He was unable to move an inch and could only watch as Wang Lin closed in.

The broken statue gave off no aura and silently floated on Greed's right side.

Wang Lin's body gradually shrank as he moved forward. When he arrived before Greed, he had already turned to the size of a normal person. He didn't pay attention to Greed but grabbed the broken statue.

After seeing Wang Lin taking his most powerful treasure, Greed felt as if a sword had pierced his heart. Once, twice, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of times, the sword pierced his heart, causing Greed intense pain until blood flew down from the corner of his mouth.

"It's just a treasure, I believe Senior Greed won't be stingy. Back then, Senior gave me a lot of treasures, and now that we meet again, I'll gladly accept these." Wang Lin smiled as he carefully looked at the broken statue.

Wang Lin's expression changed as he looked at the statue.

This statue looked very ordinary and there were many damaged parts. It was a carving of a person, but they had a strange appearance.

This person looked like a middle-aged man wearing a cloud pattern robe. He had a plain appearance but gave off a sense of majesty. The sense of majesty wasn't strong and didn't terrify you, but when Wang Lin's gaze made contact with the statue's gaze, his entire body trembled!

His body trembled!  

The space before Wang Lin disappeared and everything was torn apart. An indescribable force rushed out from the statue's eyes and entered Wang Lin's mind.

The world rumbled in Wang Lin's ears and even space itself was torn apart! The entire world collapsed into the void and Wang Lin, impacted by the blow, was lost in this confusion.

After an unknown amount of time, 10 years, 100 years, 1,000 years, 10,000 years… Until one day Wang Lin saw a continent in the void. This continent was boundless. Wang Lin was enlightened; he felt that this continent's size far exceeded the entire Ancient Star System. Even adding the Inner and Outer Realms together, they wouldn't be even cover 1/10,000 of the continent.

Everything he saw in his mind dissipated and turned into nothingness. Wang Lin's body trembled and he awakened.

Space was still that space, the world was still the same world. Greed's eyes were filled with fear and he couldn't move due to the Stop spell.

Wang Lin silently pondered.

It didn't matter how many years he had spent in that mysterious state, because after he awakened, Wang Lin realized that it was only an instant!

If there was really a time, then it would be the moment his gaze met the gaze of the statue!

"Was it an illusion…" Wang Lin revealed a complicated expression. He didn't understand, but what he saw just now was deeply imprinted in his heart. He could never forget it in his life.

"That… What is it…" Wang Lin's gaze fell on the statue once more. This second time was different than before. The seemingly ordinary statue seemed to have changed and gave off an indescribable sense of majesty!

This majesty could make any cultivator before it feel like an ant! Even the world had to yield! Wang Lin even had a vague feeling that even third step cultivators would… tremble before the statue!

"Who the hell is he…" Wang Lin silently pondered.

Out of all the statues he had seen in his life, only Qing Lin's statue in the Demon Spirit Land could break down one's mind. Although this statue didn't dismantle one's mind, Wang Lin had a vague feeling that Qing Lin's statue was like an ant before this statue!

The statue was only a ordinary middle-aged man. The man was looking up with a calm expression; there was no emotion being shown.

"Where did you obtain this statue?" Wang Lin was still looking at the statue and not at Greed when he spoke.

As he spoke, he waved his hand which, loosened the Stop spell on Greed so he could speak.

Greed silently pondered for a moment before letting out a sigh and saying, "In an ancient tomb."

"In order to enter the Ancient Star System, you have to break the Sealing Realm Formation, which is impossible with your cultivation level. How did you get here?" Wang Lin's voice was cold and it invaded Greed's mind, causing Greed's body to tremble.

"It was also that ancient tomb… All of my treasures were obtained in that ancient tomb." Greed gave up resisting. He understood that if he told the truth, he might have a chance of survival. He knew that the person before him was a monster and would never show mercy.

If he aroused Wang Lin's suspicion and Wang Lin used soul search, then even if he didn't die, he would lose his sanity.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he looked at Greed and slowly said, "What tomb? Explain in detail, don't force me to search your soul!"

Greed didn't dare to conceal anything and quickly spoke.

"After escaping from the Moongazer Serpent, I didn't die but hid on a half-abandoned planet in Allheaven. I was hiding from you and spent time recovering.

"After a long time, I didn't see you chasing after me. I realized you probably thought I was dead. I felt a peace of mind and focused on recovering on that planet until I was completely recovered. Then I decided to leave.

"At that time, you were no longer in Allheaven. The entire Allheaven Star System was extremely empty as a majority of the cultivators had gone to the Alliance Star System for the war. This gave me an opportunity.

"I was safe along the way and I didn't want to return to the Alliance Star System. Also, because I was devoured by the Moongazer, a stench had latched onto my body and origin soul. The smell lingered and it was unbearable.

"Thus, I traveled across the stars, looking for a way to get rid of this stench from my body. Days and nights passed until one day I approached the barrier to the Lightning Celestial Realm. There, I found a strange vortex.

"That vortex appeared very suddenly as if it had purposely appeared before me. I didn't find it very strange, I've encountered even stranger things in my life. Like back when I was at the Core Formation stage, I faced an enemy I was no match for and the furnace fell from the sky, smashing my enemy to death…"

Wang Lin frowned and said, "Stay on point!"

Greed's body trembled and he quickly said, "After the vortex appeared, I had a powerful feeling in my mind. I had never felt a feeling this strong before. Not when the furnace fell from the sky and killing my enemy, or when I saw the Moongazer Serpent…"

Just as he said this, he saw Wang Lin frown. His mind felt cold and he stopped wasting time. "I didn't hesitate to rush into the vortex. Just as I entered it, the vortex disappeared. The vortex had appeared for no more than three breaths of time."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and then gradually became cold. He stared at Greed and slowly said, "It sounds like the vortex was opened specifically for you…"

Greed's expression changed and quickly said, "I'm not lying, everything I said is true. I know you don't believe me, but it's the truth, and it's not the only time it happened to me.

"When I was eight, just playing in the village. I was able to find yellow essence. I fell off a cliff and found a Vermillion Fruit and obtained the ancient thunder dragon. The furnace fell from the sky and killed my enemy. Others need to fight for the rain furnace, but I was just flying outside and the rain furnace flew to me.

"Upon entering the Celestial Realm, others spend a lot of time carefully looking for celestial jades but find few. When I went there for the first time, I was teleported into the cave of a celestial king… There was also an ancient inheritance from the Alliance that was difficult for others to find the entrance to. I walked three steps and was teleported inside…" Greed was afraid Wang Lin wouldn't believe him. If it was all a lie, it wouldn't matter, but Greed knew that everything he had said was true.

Sometimes even he found it unbelievable.

Wang Lin interrupted Greed's explanation and slowly said, "Continue. What did you see after entering the vortex?"

"The vortex seemed to be another world; it was extremely chaotic and filled with spatial cracks. Just one step meant certain doom. There were countless pieces of floating boulders, and the depths were surrounded by fog, so I couldn't get a clear look.

"I couldn't find an exit there and was locked there for hundreds of years. The death aura there was extremely strong, and from my observation, I figured that place should be a tomb!

"I even saw a giant head on a boulder. This head was about 1,000 feet large and extremely ferocious. It had stars between its eyebrows… I found the Emperor Furnace there. There was still incense smoke burning as if it was worshipping.

"As I went deeper, I found even more heads. These heads all gave off powerful resentment and reluctance. Some of them had a single horn or two horns! Some of them had treasures before them!" As Greed recalled this, there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

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