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Chapter 1388 - Don't Be Afraid!

"Nemesis… He is my nemesis!! Even my treasures are all countered!!" Greed screamed as he quickly retreated. Seeing Wang Lin close in on him, he mercilessly threw the jade bottle in another direction!

He had done this before… After he arrived in the Ancient Star System, every time he thought about what happened, his heart ached like crazy. He vowed in his life to never throw away a treasure to distract someone to while escaping. In his view, having his treasure taken was worse than him being killed.

For example, the ancient god furnace and the ancient thunder dragon… If he knew that the furnace had saved Wang Lin many times, if he knew that it was the ancient thunder dragon that had allowed Wang Lin to become a thunder cultivator, become famous across Allheaven, and give birth to the thunder essence...

If he knew all of this, he would definitely cough out blood and almost die from the heartache!

"This old man has had great fortunate, great opportunities, and is favored by heaven itself. Graced by the heavens when I was eight, I dug up a 500-year-old yellow essence and devoured it. At the age of 13, I fell off a cliff and landed next to a 500-year-old Vermillion Fruit. At the age of 18, when I reached the Foundation Establishment stage, I obtain the ancient thunder dragon! At the Core Formation stage, when fighting a powerful enemy I was no match for, a giant furnace fell from the sky and smashed the enemy to death!

"After that, my path had always been smooth. The Mountain and River Painting, the mountain soul, the soul needle, and such were all obtained one by one without trouble. Only time, my path wasn't smooth, which was when I pursued the Heaven Defying Bead!

"Then I met this nemesis that took away all my treasures and everything I had spent so much effort gathering. However, I was still lucky and didn't die. Instead, I got even more treasures while adventuring and became strong. However, this damned Wang Lin didn't let me go and came to the Ancient Star System!!"

As Greed recalled his life, his face was filled with grief and indignation. He was still retreating.

Wang Lin revealed a smile that wasn't a smile and stepped forward. When he saw Greed throw the bottle in the other direction, he stopped his pursuit. Instead, he charged at the bottle.

When Greed saw Wang Lin change directions, he waved his hand. A large flag appeared in his hand. This flag was golden, and the golden light lit up the void.

There was a strange beast embroidered on this flag. It had the body of a dragon but no claws. Instead, it had many pairs of wings, with half its body in the clouds as if it were flying.

After taking out this flag, Greed mercilessly waved and a thunderous roar came out from inside the flag. The beast seemed to become alive. It immediately flew out from the flag and wrapped around Greed. They turned into a dark cloud and flew away even faster than before!

Wang Lin ignored Greed and quickly caught up to the jade bottle. He waved his sleeve and put the bottle away. He laughed as he turned around and chased after Greed using Spatial Bending!

"This Greed is my lucky star!" Wang Lin laughed as he disappeared.

Greed's body was wrapped by the clouds and was surrounded by that strange beast. The beast had almost 100 pairs of wings, and every time they moved, its speed would increase greatly. They escaped at a speed too fast for the naked eye to follow.

Ripples followed after them. The ripples were like the waves of the sea. Inside the ripples, Wang Lin's figure was chasing after them, moving faster and faster!

However, Greed's speed had reached its limit, allowing him to maintain a certain distance from Wang Lin. Even thought Wang Lin's thunder essence was complete, even with the power of thunder, Wang Lin wouldn't be able to catch up in a short period of time.

However, Wang Lin was in no rush. To be able to meet someone from home was a joyous thing. At this moment, Wang Lin was very happy. Meeting Greed had made him happy and surprised!

In particular, Wang Lin had already seen that all of Greed's treasures were related to the three Ancient Order clans, and he had identified where Greed had obtained those treasures. For others, that place might not be useful, but to Wang Lin, it was an unimaginably good fortune!

As for Greed, who had given Wang Lin this great fortune, the more Wang Lin looked at him, the more pleasing Greed looked!

"A ghost is haunting me!! A ghost is haunting me!!" Greed felt pain from his chest as if needles were constantly stabbing him. The source of this pain was personally seeing treasures being stolen from him.

"He stole the Starling Swords, the Protection Bone Tablets, the Emperor Furnace, the Fog Devil Lance, and didn't even let go of the Ancient Wood Spirit. Even the Ancient Stop Leaf and the Devil Soul Bottle were taken by force. Half of my treasures have become his, and that damn Wang Lin still won't let me go. He won't rest until he has taken all my treasures!!" The more Greed thought about this, the more sad and indignant he felt. As anger rushed into his heart, he clenched his teeth and decided not to run. He turned around and viciously started at Wang Lin.

"This old man isn't going to run anymore. I am going to go all out and fight you!!" Greed's eyes were red. He was a vicious person who had killed many. If not for the fact that he was terrified of Wang Lin, as well as the crack in his dao heart that made Wang Lin his nightmare, he wouldn't have fled without fighting. And he wouldn't had been in such a sorry state.

Now that he was forced by Wang Lin, he had forgotten the nightmare for an instant. His hands formed a seal and a giant spatial rift appeared in the void.

"Demonic wolf, descend and punish the heavens!" As Greed roared this, his clothes fluttered and his hair moved without any wind. Monstrous demonic energy came from the rift before him!

Wang Lin was extremely familiar with this demonic aura; it was the aura of an ancient demon!

Demonic energy charged out from the spatial rift along with a red mist. The red mist quickly entered Greed's body through his orifices.

Bursts of painful cries came from Greed's mouth. The veins in his body swelled up and his face was twisted due to the pain. The clothes on his body shattered, revealing a dark-colored suit of armor!

The space behind him seemed to twist and a 100,000 foot shadow slowly appeared behind him! This shadow was a wolf!

A demonic wolf!

The moment the demonic wolf appeared, the demonic energy in the area increased. A vortex appeared with Greed as the center and swept the surrounding area!

Everything within 50,000 kilometers became part of the vortex, and a thunderous rumble came from inside i t.

The demonic wolf at the center of the vortex gave off a red glow. Its eyes were almost purple, and it let out a howl!

Its howl was heaven-shaking, enough to cause the heart of any creature that heard it to tremble. A sense of fear would arise from their soul!

"Ancient demon!" Wang Lin's expression became serious as the demonic energy forced him out from being merged with the world. The moment he appeared, the demonic wolf let out a howl and stared at Wang Lin before suddenly charging forward!

From Wang Lin's point of view, it was like a demonic meteor smashing toward him. The vortex shrank, which made it look as if the demonic wolf had become an bottomless pit!

As the demonic energy within 50,000 kilometers condensed toward the vortex, a powerful suction force was created. It was very difficult for anyone to retreat from this suction force.

All of this happened too fast. In the blink of an eye, the demonic world closed in and attempted to devour Wang Lin!

"You stole my treasures back then, damn it! Now you came to steal from me again, damn it! I have never been humiliated like this in my life! You deserve to die! Die! Die! Die!" Greed's voice was almost insane.

Wang Lin's expression was calm and he let out a cold snort. As the giant demonic wolf closed in, popping sounds came from his body. His body expanded to more than 10,000 feet tall and he became an 6-star ancient god!

The ancient god stars rapidly rotated between his eyebrows as he took as step back and raised his right hand. He let out a roar and monstrous, blood light appeared. From afar, it was as if Wang Lin was holding endless blood light.

The blood light was dazzling and turned into a 1,000 foot ancient blood sword in Wang Lin's hand!

Holding the blood sword, when the demonic wolf was less than 100 feet away, Wang Lin's right hand chopped down!

The 1,000 foot blood sword suddenly descended and the blood light extended 10,000 feet. From afar, it didn't look like Wang Lin was using a sword, but a blood whip. It collided with the demonic wolf.

A thunderous rumble echoed when the blood red light landed on the demonic wolf's head. The wolf left out a mournful cry as it had left a large crack on its head!

The blood light quickly broke all obstacles, causing the crack to extend deeper, and, finally, it penetrated the demonic wolf's body.

One strike had split the demonic wolf in half!

The body of the demonic wolf that was split in half fell past Wang Lin's body and dissipated among the stars.

Only its reluctant roars echoed in this world.

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral as he looked down at Greed.

Fear filled Greed's eyes and he retreated while letting out a scream. He waved his right hand and took out his most powerful treasure without hesitation!

It was a broken wood carving!

However, just as the wood carving appeared, Wang Lin's calm voice echoed across the stars.


Greed's body suddenly stopped and he could not move an inch. The fear in his eyes increased greatly.

"Don't be afraid. Answer a few of my questions and I won't kill you."

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