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Chapter 1390 - The Identity and Origin of the Statue (2)

"Aside from the statue and the ancient wood spirit, I obtained all my treasures from those heads. However, in the 100 years I was there, I only carefully moved around the other edge. I didn't dare to move to the inner region, so I didn't know what's there.

"Until one day, while I was moving between two boulders, I encountered a large amount of spatial cracks. With my cultivation level, I would've without a doubt died, so I could only retreat and enter into the depths of that place.

"When I arrived at the edge of the Inner Realm, I heard mournful roar coming from all directions. This made my body tremble, a tremble from the soul.

"I didn't dare to carelessly move from there. It wasn't until a few years later that I had the guts to move. I wanted to leave and return to the outer edge. I had a feeling that the inner part wasn't somewhere I could go and I would die!

"However, just as I wanted to leave, I was hit by a storm and was seriously injured before passing out. When I woke up, I was beside a large, withered forest.

"The forest was so big, I couldn't see the end. Even my divine sense couldn't cover the area. All the trees had withered and died, there was not a single leaf.

"I carefully moved through there in fear, and after unknown amount of years, I saw one tree that hadn't completely withered, and it had a single, yellow leaf. This was the first leaf I had seen there! The leaf was later taken by me… I also put the tree that hadn't completely withered into my bag of holding.

"I don't know where the forest was located in this mysterious place, and I could only move forward. It felt like hundreds and thousands of years had passed. The more I walked forward, the more serious the withering was. At the end, the trees would turn to ashes the moment I touched them… One day, I arrived at the center of the forest. I believe that's where the center should be. I saw a statue, and at the moment, I had a feeling that it was due to this statue that this boundless forest was withering.

I felt that the statue was a treasure. The moment I picked it up, a vortex appeared. It was the same vortex that had brought me there. I was ecstatic and rushed into the vortex.

After I came out, I was in a foreign star system. Later, I learned that I had come to the Outer Realm…" After Greed finished speaking, he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned and began to ponder.

There was a flash in Greed's eyes. Halfway through his story, he found that his body was no longer frozen. The Stop spell seemed to have expired.

At this moment, seeing that Wang Lin was pondering, Greed was extremely nervous and slowly retreated before suddenly speeding up. Just as he was about to escape, Wang Lin raised his right hand and casually reached out.

In an instant, Greed let out a miserable scream as he was caught by an invisible hand and was pulled back toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin's palm nearly touched Greed's forehead and a mysterious suction force came from his palm and clearly entered Greed's head.

Fear washed over Greed and he screamed, "You promised not to kill me!!!"

Just as he screamed, Wang Lin's right hand landed on Greed's forehead. His divine sense rushed into Greed's origin soul and swept Greed's memory!

At the same time, along with Wang Lin's powerful divine sense, thunder rumbled and gathered in his right hand. The thunder went into Greed's origin soul and cleansed his origin soul.

Greed's body trembled, and in a moment, sweat covered his whole body. This only took an instant, then Wang Lin waved his right hand, throwing Greed far away.

"I won't take your treasures for nothing. You can go!"

Greed's face was pale as he bit the tip of his lip and spat out blood. His speed increased greatly and he flew away. In the blink of an eye, not a trace of him remained.

Greed's eyes were filled with lingering fear from escaping death and feeling wronged.

"This is the second time I had all my treasures taken by him. I swear I'll never let it happen a third time!! Most of my treasure have been taken, so staying in the Fallen Land is too dangerous. I must quickly return to my cave to take what's left and leave!" Greed felt wronged, and after teleporting countless times to make sure Wang Lin wasn't following him, he disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was on cultivation planet. The moment he reappeared, he charged at a mountain and waved his hand when he arrived at the outer edge. The mountain rumbled and a thin crack opened.

Greed didn't hesitate to enter, but the moment he entered, his body trembled. A foul smell came out from the crack and rushed into his face. It was so bad that he almost passed out.

"Why does it stink so much…" Greed cursed, and his body suddenly trembled. He was frozen for a moment before he pinched his nose. After smelling carefully again, disbelief filled his eyes.

"The stench from my body is gone!! Even my sense of smell has been restored. I couldn't smell the stench of this cave before!!"

Greed's eyes were filled with joy. During these hundreds of years, he had spent a lot of effort to resolve the stench from his body. After meeting Wang Lin and losing the chance to obtain the ancient scorpion corpse, he despaired. However, now the stench had unexpectedly disappeared on its own!

"I won't take your treasures for nothing, you can go..." Greed remembered Wang Lin's words before he left, and he revealed a complicated expression.

After letting Greed go, Wang Lin had turned around and returned to the Dark Scorpion Clan. Greed had come out of the Inner Realm before him and had collected all these treasures for him. After obtaining all of Greed's hard-earned treasures, and adding the joy of meeting someone from home, how could Wang Lin be willing to kill him?

"That Greed is my lucky star. I can't kill him, I must let him go. I'm looking forward to our third meeting. He will probably have more treasures to give me!" Wang Lin smiled as he appeared above the Dark Scorpion Clan's planet.

The nearly 1,000 cultivators from the Cloud Escape Clan hadn't dared to leave and were still waiting there. Zhong Big Red had become spirited and picked a few cultivators with high cultivation levels to heal him. He laid there and continued to let out cold snorts.

Every time he let out a cold snort, the surrounding cultivators would tremble.

They looked at Zhong Big Red with respect. They weren't afraid of Zhong Big Red, but of the master behind him! The expression of their patriarch after seeing the jade token made them realize that they had provoked someone they shouldn't and that a calamity was coming.

The Dark Scorpion Clan members that were dispersed were respectfully escorted back one by one. Pills were taken out to help them recover. Even the old man named Zhang was brought back.

There were two female Cloud Escape cultivators rubbing Zhong Big Red's shoulders. He felt very comfortable and arrogantly said, "I already told you all long ago! This old man clearly told all of you, but you all won't believe me! What's the use of keeping your eyes!?

"It's not this old man looking down upon you, but with your cultivation levels, not to mention my master, even I don't consider you all a threat. Just one slap is enough to crush you all like ants!" Zhong Big Red raised his chin and scolded them with disdain.

The surrounding Cloud Escape cultivators all nodded in agreement. Even those that were haughty didn't dare to refute when their entire clan was facing destruction.

The Cloud Escape Patriarch and elders respectfully stood beside Zhong Big Red. They all had flattering smiles and continued to nod.

"Lord, please forgive us. I really didn't know Lord's identity. I hope Lord will say good things about us, and afterward, I'll send you a generous gift." The Cloud Escape Patriarch felt bitterness in his heart. His cultivation level was clearly much higher. He could kill Zhong Big Red with one finger, but now he had to carefully serve this person.

Zhong Big Red was very comfortable from the female cultivators massaging him. He let out a snort and proudly said, "Since you realize your mistake, I should give you a chance to repent, but…" 

The Cloud Escape Patriarch quickly took a few steps forward and waved his right hand to take out a jade bottle. His heart ached, but he clenched his teeth and offered it up.

"Just a little gift, I hope Lord accepts it."

Zhong Big Red picked it up and looked at it. Joy appeared in his eyes as he put it away and coughed. "This old man will try."

Just at this moment, ripples spread in the sky and Wang Lin walked out. The moment he walked out, Zhong Big Red's expression changed and he suddenly stood up. He was afraid he was too slow and pushed aside the female cultivators behind him, then a flattering expression appeared on his face.

"Welcome, Master, on your triumphant return. Master, Big Red hasn't seen you in such a long time that I felt lost. Even when I cultivate, I can't calm down unless I recite Master's name 100 times. Even then it can't compare to how much this little one missed Master.

"Only after seeing Master and being next to Master can this little one feel calm."  Zhong big Red quickly moved forward and used his invincible art. At the same time, he was very careful to not exaggerate too much and make Wang Lin mad.

At this moment, the arrogance he showed before the Cloud Escape Clan was gone and now he was constantly flattering.

This was the first time the Cloud Escape cultivators had encountered something like this and were gobsmacked. Even the Cloud Escape Patriarch, who had just sent out the gift, was stunned. He couldn't imagine how someone could change so drastically in an instant.

"Quickly, make way. Why are you standing there? Don't block my master!" Zhong Big Red rushed toward Wang Lin and pushed away the Escape Cloud Clan cultivators, including the patriarch. It was as if he had completely forgotten about the joy after receiving the gift.

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