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Chapter 1387 - Clue

In the space of the Fallen Land, Greed was running like crazy, cursing nonstop on the way. This was the only way to make himself feel better. Otherwise, thinking about how his treasures were going to be taken by the same person again, he would go crazy.

While he was galloping, ripples echoed before Greed. When he saw the ripple, his expression changed greatly and he changed directions without hesitation. Then his hand reached out and a yellow leaf the size of his palm appeared.

The moment the leaf appeared, Greed grabbed it and threw it at the ripples.

"One leaf seals the heavens!"

This yellow leaf looked very ordinary, without anything strange about it. However, the moment it flew close to the ripples, a powerful, yellow light came from it along with a powerful sealing force!

In an instant, the yellow leaf seemed to increase in size countless fold and sealed off the ripples. No matter how much the ripples struggled, they couldn't escape the range of the leaf.

After Greed threw out the leaf, he didn't dare to look at the result. As he charged forward, there was a flash of purple light and two clouds of purple fog formed at his feet.

The fog churned, and vague, mournful cries could be heard. They formed two giant, purple shadows, each with the appearance of an ancient devil.

Standing on two devils, Greed moved even faster and disappeared without a trace.

Just as he disappeared, Wang Lin walked out from the ripples that were sealed by the leaf. His expression was gloomy, and after he appeared, he threw a punch that collided with the leaf. This created a thunderous, heaven-shaking rumble, but the leaf didn't move at all!

A rebound force came from it toward Wang Lin!

"What kind of leaf is this?" Wang Lin's pupils shrank and he didn't resist it by force. Instead, he used Spatial Bending to go around the leaf and continue chasing Greed.

After Wang Lin left, the ripples gradually disappeared. The leaf gave off a yellow glow and also disappeared.

Greed was rapidly escaping in space while the two devilish shadows roared angrily. As he flew, his eyes lit up and he suddenly waved his right hand. The leaf he had thrown out earlier appeared before him.

Looking at the leaf, Greed revealed a hint of pride.

"This old man's leaf can seal the heavens. Even a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator would have some trouble breaking free from it. I doubt Wang Lin has reached the fifth Heaven's Blight!"

Greed withdrew the leaf and quickly charged into the distance. After a moment, he sneered and waved his hand. The leaf charged into the void before him.

The moment the leaf stopped, ripples echoed once more. Greed had used some unknown method to find out when Wang Lin would arrive and his exact location!

"This old man's escape spells are the most powerful, and few people can compare! If not for these escape skills, I would have been killed several times already with my own treasures!" Greed let out a cold snort and quickly escaped.

However, just at this instant, a ray of blood light appeared in the distance. At a glance, the blood light was in the distance, but the next instant, it filled the endless void. The blood light instantly closed in!

Greed's expression changed greatly and he didn't have time to dodge. He only saw the blood light rush over. This scene was shocking. The blood light looked like a big mouth, and it instantly closed in on Greed to devour him.

As the blood light passed through Greed, popping sounds echoed and the sound of two pieces of metal colliding spread like crazy.

A mournful cry echoed, and after the blood light passed, Greed was thrown far back. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his face was pale. Under his clothes, there was a flash of light. He was unexpectedly wearing armor under his clothes!

At this moment, a large amount of cracks appeared on his armor and quickly spread. The blood sword was knocked back several hundred feet.

After Greed was thrown back, the two devilish shadows under his feet turned into black gas and surrounded his body. They formed a black storm around him and rapidly escaped.

All of this happened in a flash. As Greed escaped with the black storm, Wang Lin walked out from the area the leaf was sealing. Without hesitation, Wang Lin grabbed the leaf with his hand.

Greed, who was seriously injured, could obviously no longer control the leaf. After Wang Lin caught the leaf, he placed a large amount of restrictions on it. He had no time to study it now, so he threw it into his storage space.

When he raised his head, Greed had already disappeared without a trace. Wang Lin's expression was cold, but there was a hint of excitement within it.

"Interesting. Greed does indeed have a lot of treasures. Every time I meet him, I obtain a lot of treasures from him. Last time, he lost almost all his treasures to me, and I thought he had died. I didn't expect to see him again, and he has even more treasures now!

"I understand his personality a bit. Unless he is pushed to the limit, he rarely takes out all his treasures like he did on the cultivation planet. He usually only takes them out one by one!

"He also has a lot of secrets. Forget how he got all these treasures, just the method he used to enter the Ancient Star System is something I must know!" Wang Lin leaned forward and suddenly disappeared.

Two people flew through space, one escaping and one chasing, causing a thunderous rumble across the Fallen Land. This caught the attention of the Fallen Land, but after they saw the speed the two people were traveling at, they decided to just ignore these two.

To be able to move at such speeds meant that their cultivation levels were extremely high!

While escaping, Greed cursed bitterly. Wang Lin was easily keeping up with him and he had no way of shaking Wang Lin off. Greed had more or less seen through Wang Lin's cultivation and knew he couldn't fight.

However, he didn't wish to be caught. While rushing away, Greed's expression changed and he felt a fluctuation to the right. He changed directions and clenched his teeth. His right hand reached out and a black, jade bottle appeared in his hand.

This jade bottle was cold and gave off powerful devilish energy. There were also images carved on the bottle; they were all images of ancient devils!

Greed spat out blood on the jade bottle and roared, "Lend me 300 devil souls, and after killing this person, I'll offer the souls of 30,000 creatures!"

Just as his blood touched the jade bottle, the blood was absorbed. At the same time, two thorn stuck out from where Greed was holding the bottle. The two thorns stabbed into Greed's body and began absorbing large amounts of blood.

All of this happened in an instant. After the bottle absorbed enough blood, the bottle released a satisfying sigh.

At the same time, a large amount of black fog came out from the jade bottle. The jade bottle was like a volcano that was ready to erupt.

The black fog quickly flew out and turned into ferocious devil souls. Each of these devil souls had a single horn. They were obviously ancient devils!

These ancient devils' eyes were filled with endless madness and resentment, as if they were experiencing unimaginable suffering. They let out angry cries the moment they appeared!

Mournful cries came from these devils; it was heaven-shaking! In the blink of an eye, 300 devil souls flew out and surrounded Greed!

Every single devil soul gave off the aura of a first Heaven's Blight cultivator. They rotated around Greed, forming a heaven-shaking devil storm!

Devilish energy filled the area! The storm howled as it charged through space! At this moment, ripples appeared, and before Wang Lin's figure even walked out, the storm charged at him!

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light. He immediately recognized the ancient devils inside the storm! These ancient devils were extremely similar to Ta Jia!

The only difference was that these ancient devils' left eyes didn't have stars! Instead, there was a cloudy airflow in them, and when Wang Lin saw this, the ancient god stars between his eyebrows began to rotate on their own!

"Ancient god aura!!" Wang Lin's expression suddenly changed!

He clearly sensed that the cloudy airflow inside the eyes of the ancient devil souls were formed by ancient god energy!

"These 300 ancient devils were sealed by a powerful ancient god!" In a flash, Wang Lin's mind was clear. As the storm closed in, popping sounds echoed inside Wang Lin's body and he let out a roar!


This wasn't a roar formed by a spell, but the roar of an ancient god! The stars between Wang Lin's eyebrow rotated rapidly, sending ancient god energy to his body and creating this heaven-shattering roar!

The storm was stopped by the power of the roar. It unexpectedly stopped and didn't dare to move forward. The 300 ancient devil souls were filled with indescribable fear when they felt the ancient god aura within the roar. They recalled the past hidden in their memories, and the storm collapsed on its own. The 300 ancient devil souls scattered in all directions!

All of this happened too fast, so fast that Greed couldn't react at all. He couldn't understand why his treasure had collapsed with just a roar!

"I finally know where you found these treasures!! I didn't think you would be able to get there!!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with ecstasy as he stepped toward Greed!

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