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Chapter 1386 - Collecting Treasure

Wang Lin never thought he would see Greed in the Ancient Star System! In his memory, Greed should have died to the Moongazer Serpent!

The moment Wang Lin saw Greed, even with his mental fortitude, he was stunned for a moment.

When he looked again, Greed had already escaped without a trace, leaving behind 1,000 dumbfounded cultivators.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. It was impossible for Greed to break through the Sealed Realm Formation with his cultivation level, yet he was here now!

Greed's speed was also extremely quick, which even startled Wang Lin. In the blink of an eye, he had already escaped from the planet and didn't even have time to put away his treasures.

The giant treeman formed by the forest just stood there. After losing Greed's control, it no longer had any destructive power.

Beside the giant treeman, there was also a giant furnace. It gave off an ancient aura. One could feel its terrifying aura without even getting too close.

On the other side there was also a lance made of fog. It hadn't completely taken form, it was turning from lance to fog and then lance again. It would often change at least 100 times in one breath.

There were still nine giant, stone tablets that seemed to form a formation. They gave off a ghostly light and seemed to form a powerful protection. There were also 99 flying swords circling the area. The howls of their sword energy made it seem like countless dragons were circling the area.

Wang Lin's gaze swept past all these treasures. He took a deep breath and his pupils shrank.

"This Greed… I haven't seen him in many years, and he has gotten so many incredible treasures!" Wang Lin didn't even look at the 1,000 cultivators before his hand mercilessly reached down.

A giant hand covered the sky and descended. The 99 swords began to tremble. It was as if the hand contained a powerful, magnetic force, and it absorbed the 99 swords!

After grabbing the 99 swords, Wang Lin opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy. The energy swept over the 99 swords like wind and Greed's divine sense imprints quickly collapsed.

While Greed's divine sense was being wiped away from the 99 swords, far away from the cultivation planet, Greed was escaping with a look of panic on his face, and he was in a sorry state.

When he saw Wang Lin, there was no thought in his mind, he didn't even think about escaping. His subconscious fear of Wang Lin erupted and he immediately escaped at full force.

He feared that if he was too slow that all his treasures would be taken one by one by Wang Lin.

All of this happened in an instant. After he escaped, he suddenly became sober. He stopped, and his expression was filled with uncertainty.

"This old man is now several times stronger than before. My treasures are also even stronger than before, and I can fight Heaven's Blight cultivators! That Wang Lin is merely a junior, but why did I run!?" Greed clenched his teeth and recalled what had happened. Anger grew in his heart. He wasn't angry at Wang Lin, but at himself!

"This old man is no longer going to run, I'm going to kill Wang Lin and get my revenge!" Killing intent appeared in Greed's eyes and he turned around, about to head back.

However, just at this moment, his expression changed greatly. His body trembled and his pupils shrank.

"The divine sense on the 99 swords has been erased by force!! Damn it, what cultivation level is Wang Lin at to be able to erase my divine sense by force?!" Greed paused, his expression as gloomy as water. He once again recalled the nightmares from the past.

Thoughts flash through his eyes and he charged toward Wang Lin... However, he only took three steps before he stopped, his face turned pale, and he became filled with shock.

"The Bone Protection Nine Tablets' divine sense has… has been erased by force!! I found the tablets outside that mysterious tomb, and they hadn't had divine sense imprinted on them for tens of thousands of years. My divine sense was completely integrated, so no ordinary person could easily erase it… This… How did he erase my divine sense in such a short period of time!?"

Greed began to hesitate. He had a feeling that Wang Lin's cultivation was not simple!

"I hate myself for escaping too soon. I didn't have time to check Wang Lin's cultivation level… However, even if he took the stone tablets and flying swords, I still have the Emperor Furnace, the Fog Devil Lance, and the Heaven Burial Wood Spirit! He can't take them away in a short period of time!" Greed had a ferocious expression as he flew along the path he came from.

However… After only three breaths of time, a popping sound echoed in Greed's body. He coughed out blood, his face turned pale, and his expression changed greatly!

"The Fog Devil Lance… has been taken!!" Greed was terrified and fear washed over his mind. At this moment, he no longer had any thoughts of looking for trouble with Wang Lin. The thought of escaping occupied his mind once more.

Without hesitation, Greed turned around and escaped into the distance at more than 90 times his normal speed!

"Nemesis, nemesis!!! That damn Wang Lin is my nemesis!!!" Greed's words were filled with bitterness, a powerful reluctance, and anger, but even more was a sense of… being wronged!

He had escaped the Moongazer after almost certain death and had found great opportunities. He had obtained more powerful treasures and thought he could shake the world. 

However, before he got to enjoy this good life, he encountered Wang Lin again. Greed felt sadness coming from his heart and let out a roar as he escaped!

After several breaths, Greed's body trembled and he roared and he cough out blood again. His body was unstable as he quickly escaped.

"Damn nemesis!!! He even stole my Emperor Furnace!!! My Emperor Furnace!!" Greed's heart stung. It was as if a hand had reached into his chest and taken a chunk of his flesh.

"I shouldn't have taken out so many treasures before the Cloud Escape Clan! If I had only taken out one or none at all…" Greed regretted what he had done as he escaped with a pale expression.

He escaped very fast and soon he was far away from the planet Wang Lin was on. He flew deep into the Fallen Land.

On the Dark Scorpion Clan's planet, Wang Lin's giant hand swept by. After taking the nine stone tablets, the fog lance, and the large furnace, his gaze fell on the giant treeman on the ground.

"The treasures Greed had are far more powerful than before. Just these 99 words are far stronger than the ones from the Slaughter Realm! Also, these nine tablets are made of bones and contain a powerful aura!

"More importantly, the fog lance has the aura of an ancient devil. Its aura is extremely ancient. It has probably existed for tens of thousands of years, or… even more!

"As for the furnace, this object is not simple at all. The method Greed imprinted his divine sense on it is completely wrong, just like with the ancient god furnace; he merely controlled some surface functions. This thing has great relation to the ancient demons! Although it has no demonic energy, I can vaguely feel that it's related to ancient demons!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he controlled the giant hand to reach for the dumbfounded treeman that was just standing there.

When Wang Lin's hand landed on the treeman, a rumble echoed, but the treeman remain unharmed. Instead, the hand Wang Lin had created was knocked back and a green energy came from the treeman. Under its impact, the hand formed by Wang Lin was torn to pieces!

There was a flash of joy in Wang Lin's eyes, he didn't expect the treeman to have such a protective ability. That palm just now was enough to kill a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, but not only was the treeman not damaged, it had even counter-attacked!

It has to be said that there was no one controlling the treasures. If someone was controlling them, the power of the treasures would increase!

"Most of my treasures came from Greed. Greed is extremely lucky and is blessed by the heavens. His treasures are enough to shock most cultivators!" Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy, and it surrounded the treeman. Then Wang Lin waved his sleeve and put the treeman into his storage space.

After doing all of this, he looked at the 1,000 cultivators that were shocked and terrified by his actions. He let out a cold snort and raised his right hand, revealing a jade token.

"Any of you recognize this?"

One of the old men who saw the jade immediately trembled and disbelief filled his eyes. He took a closer look before his face turned ashen, and he exclaimed, "Emperor Token!"

"Before I come back, not a single one of you can leave. All of you, wait here!" Wang Lin's cold voice echoed as he pointed at the excited Zhong Big Red not far away and said, "Follow his orders!"

After leaving his order, Wang Lin charged into the sky. Ripples appeared, then he took a step and disappeared without a trace.

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