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Chapter 1385 - Frightened Bird (2)

This stench was powerful and it lingered. As it surrounded the earth, it caused a large amount of the Dark Scorpion Clan members to almost vomit. Zhong Big Red's cultivation was lacking and he didn't know Greed's identity, so he directly vomited.

His vomiting caused Greed's expression to become extremely gloomy. He waved his sleeve and a large fan appeared. The fan glowed and swung forward.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the earth trembled and mountains collapsed. Even Wang Lin's cave collapsed.

The Dark Scorpion Clan members weren't able to withstand this wind and coughed out blood. They were mercilessly thrown back like lonely leaves in the wind.

The Dark Scorpion Patriarch struggled bitterly, but he couldn't help and was being slowly pushed back.

The earth collapsed and the sky seemed to be torn. The old man named Zhang coughed out blood and went into a coma. He was thrown far away and not a trace of him could be seen.

The might of the fan shocked all the cultivators here!

Zhong Big Red was being held by a powerful force and was brought directly before Greed. The closer he got to Greed, the stronger the stench. Being assault by this stench made his expression extremely ugly.

Greed stared at Zhong Big Red and slowly asked, "Stinky?" 

"Not stinky, not stinky…" Zhong Big Red's mind trembled and he endured the stench. He was afraid this person wouldn't believe him, so he took a deep breath and pretended to be intoxicated by the spell.  However, this was like drawing feet on snake, which caused him to vomit once more.

Seeing the killing intent in Greed's eyes, Zhong Big Red struggled to scream, "My master's cultivation is heaven-defying. If you kill me, you will without a doubt die!! Not even the Dark Scorpion Patriarch can withstand one blow from my master. Although your cultivation level is high, you're not his match!!"

Greed sneered.

At this moment of life and death, Zhong Big Red risked it all and roared, "Master must be on his way back and could be back at any time. If you dare to touch me, you will without a doubt die!! The Dark Scorpion Clan became my master's slaves because they injured me. You will be the same!!" 

"His cultivation is heaven-defying? If you hadn't said anything, it would've been fine, but now this old man will have to see how powerful your master is. Since the slave offended this old man, the master is also at fault. Anyone who provokes my bottom line must die!"

Greed waved his right hand and a surge of origin energy entered Zhong Big Red's body. Zhong Big Red coughed out blood as if his whole body was going to collapse, then he fell not far away.

"If you guys were part of the Dark Scorpion Clan, then it would really be inconvenient to kill you both, but since that's not the case, I really want to see how your master will kill me!" Greed waved his sleeve and a huge gust of wind swept all the Dark Scorpion Clan members off the planet.

After doing this, Greed waved his sleeve and he arrogantly said to the Cloud Escape Clan, "All of you, accompany this old man to wait for this slave's master. I'll let you all see the might of my treasures!

"To see this old man use his treasures in your lifetime is your great fortune. This old man's treasures are powerful and few people can compare. Seeing this old man kill a Heaven's Blight cultivator is something you all will never forget!"

Greed's voice was extremely arrogant. He waved his hand and nine ancient, stone tablets appeared before him, causing the sky to change colors. He waved again and 99 swords appeared, giving off monstrous sword energy.

With another wave, he seemed to sprinkle green light. When the green light fell on the earth, the ground began to shake and a dense forest formed.

All of this caused the Cloud Escape Clan members to become excited. They had always dreamt about seeing Greed use his treasures!

"Lord Greed's treasures are famous in the Fallen Land. We are honored to see them in action and might comprehend something from them!"

"Rumor has it that Lord Greed's treasures can kill Heaven's Blight cultivators. This kind of things has never happened before, and I don't know what kind of treasures have earth-shattering power like this. Today I can finally see it myself!"

"Lord Greed has many treasures, and no one knows how many he has. To be able to personally witness it them indeed a good fortune!"

The surrounding Cloud Escape Clan cultivators were all excited and nodded in agreement.

Zhong Big Red stared at the sky, feeling terrified. He didn't know Greed's identity, but when he saw the surrounding cultivators, his heart fell.

Greed had an arrogant expression as he waved his right hand and a roar came from the forest below him. It was as if the entire forest had become alive and twisted. What appeared before everyone made them gasp!

The large forest suddenly sat up!

What forest was this? It was clearly a large creature formed by trees!

Large trees gathered to form a giant tree man who slowly stood up! This tree man was tens of thousands of feet tall and gave off a powerful aura. As it stood up, it caused the earth to tremble violently.

Greed's body flickered and then he stood on the head of the treeman. His expression became even more arrogant. Then a thunderous rumble echoed before him and a large rift appeared.

A giant furnace slowly flew out and floated beside him!

"Emperor Furnace!! This is one of the rumored treasures of Greed, the Emperor Furnace!!"

"I heard that when Greed was still at the Nirvana Cleanser stage, he used this treasure against the three Nirvana Shatterer cultivators that were pursuing him. He killed one and seriously injured two!!"

Greed waved his right hand once more and black fog appeared. It eventually shrank into a lance!

This lance was made of fog and gave off a powerful, destructive aura!

The appearance of all these treasures shook all the surrounding cultivators, and they couldn't help but look at Greed in awe. Even Zhong Big Red began to panic and felt bitterness in his heart.

Greed enjoyed these gazes a lot. When he received these gazes, he could forget the stench on his body and the humiliation he had suffered from Wang Lin.

"These are only a few of this old man's many treasures. I haven't even taken out my more powerful treasures yet. This old man has many treasures, not even third step cultivators can compare!

"You're all privileged to see just how long that Heaven's Blight cultivator can survive before me!" Greed's mighty voice echoed and the surrounding cultivators became even more excited.

Zhong Big Red's expression became pale and he thought, "It's over… It's over… I didn't expect him to have so many treasures, and they all look so powerful. From the expressions of the people around him, he has killed Heaven's Blight cultivators before and is very famous in the Fallen Land… It's over… It's over…"

Just at this moment, the treeman under Greed suddenly looked up and its eyes revealed a monstrous, green light! Greed was filled with arrogance as he looked up at the sky.

The treasures surrounding him rumbled loudly and showed signs of activating! The surrounding cultivators all looked up excitedly at the sky. They were waiting to see the might of Greed's treasures!

Ripples appeared in the sky. This became the center of everyone's gazes, then a figure slowly appeared!

This figure was slightly blurry, but a feeling of indifference filled the world.

Greed's expression was extremely arrogant, but when he saw the vague figure, his body trembled and his pupils shrank. His mind rumbled as his mouth opened wide and disbelief filled his eyes. He subconsciously rubbed his eyes to take a closer look, and this caused his expression to change greatly!

He could never have guessed even in his dreams to see the source of his fear. The person that that had stolen his treasures and become his nightmare, Wang Lin!

"This… This is impossible. My vision must have become blurry!!" Greed's heart rumbled and his body was covered in cold sweat as a huge wave was set off in his heart. His entire body was shaking, and when the figure became more clear, Greed took another look. An explosion echoed in his mind as his eyes widened and overflowed with disbelief.

His nightmares erupted in his mind. The ancient thunder dragon being stolen, the furnace being stolen, the Mountain and River Painting being stolen, the mountain soul being stolen. All the memories of his treasures being stolen filled his heart before fear and shock submerged it all.

"He… It's him!!! How could he be here? It's impossible, it's impossible!! He was in the Inner Realm, so how could he be out here!? Nemesis, he is my nemesis! He must know that I have a new set of treasures and came to steal from me!!!"

All of this happened in a flash. The moment the figure walked out, everyone was excitedly looking at Greed, expecting him to take out a treasure to instantly kill this person!

Greed let out scream. It was mournful and earth-shattering. He didn't hesitate to retreat and activate a spell to increase his speed over 90 fold. He moved at a speed faster than the naked eye could see or divine sense could lock on as he escaped.

The speed of his escape was unimaginable, like a startled bird. He didn't even have time to collect the treasures he had taken out… This was too sudden, and all the cultivators, including Big Red, were all stunned.

"This… What kind of spell is Lord Greed using?"

"He sure is fast, he disappeared in a flash… Could it be some setup before taking out some powerful treasure?"

"His scream just now, it's as… it's as if something went wrong. As if he had encountered something terrifying…"

"I… Why do I feel like Lord Greed is escaping…"


"Greed!" Wang Lin's figure walked out from the world, and he was also startled.

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