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Chapter 1381 - Young Emperor

The ripples from the collapse of the golden pill were still there and the thunderous rumbles were still echoing. Master Simo was injured by the impact from before and blood was flowing down the corner of his mouth. At this moment, fear filled his eyes.

He retreated like crazy and the feeling of death rushed over him. It was like an invisible pressure that wanted to crush his whole body!

The collapse of the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal was even more intense than the Dragon Collapse Pill. It contained heavenly fire and, under Wang Lin’s control, had been compressed countless fold. It contained enough power to threaten a fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator.

As the injured Master Simo retreated, Wang Lin’s roar echoed and the crystal suddenly gave off a blinding light. This light enveloped the entire planet and lit up the whole world.

Master Simo let out a miserable scream and his body began to burn. This dark blue flame didn’t burn his clothes, but his flesh and origin soul.

His miserable screams were enough to make the heart of anyone tremble!

After suffering Wang Lin’s two direct attacks, Master Simo was seriously injured but didn’t die. His vision blurred and he was filled with fear he had never shown before. The only thing in his mind was to escape! Escape! Escape!

However, just as this thought appeared in his mind, a blood light flashed inside the fire. A sword that could shake the world shot out from this blood light toward Master Simo.

This sword was very fast. It was impossible to follow with the naked eye, and even divine sense couldn’t keep up with it. Its speed seemed to not be bound by the law of heaven, and it instantly closed in on Master Simo.

The seriously injured Master Simo couldn’t dodge at all as the blood sword pierced through his chest. Popping sounds echoed inside his body, but he still didn’t die!

Master Simo’s avatar was, after all, at the fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator, so it was not easy to kill. Wang Lin was fully prepared for this. Dragon Collapse Pill, Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal, 40 million rays of sword energy, and at the critical moment, he even took out the blood sword. In a short period of time, Wang Lin had launched all his killing moves, but in the end was still unable to kill a fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator.

However, to injure him to this degree, Wang Lin could be famous in both the Inner and Outer Realms. After all, he had only completed one essence. If he completed his second, third, fourth, and fifth essences, even if Wang Lin hadn’t opened the Void Gate by then, he could fight against a third step cultivator!

Seeing that Master Simo still hadn’t died, Wang Lin’s expression become gloomy. He raised his right finger at the sky and was about to chase with a spell. However, at this moment, that voice from the void echoed once more.

“How can my Fallen Land be a place where you can come and go as you wish?”

As the words echoed, Master Simo had already escaped to the horizon and he was about to disappear with ripples spreading around him. At this moment, the sky began to distort and an invisible airflow formed a vortex.

Just as Master Simo’s figure was about to disappear, a finger charged out from the vortex and mercilessly pressed down on Master Simo!

This finger was too big; it seemed to be as big as heaven. It was formed by the airflow and was transparent, but it could still be distinguished from the sky. Its speed was indescribable as it descended from the vortex.

It was as if it was going to pierce a hole in the earth and collapse the sky. Master Simo let out a desperate cry when it landed on his body.

He was unable to dodge or escape. It was as if an unimaginable force had appeared in this world and frozen everything. Even teleportation had been stopped.

When the finger closed in, Master Simo trembled and coughed out blood. Large amounts of cracks appeared on his flesh and spread across his body. Finally, his body shattered into countless fragments and his origin soul was torn apart.

The wind blew by and the smell of blood spread. It lingered for a long time.

The voice from the void never appeared again. The finger returned into the vortex and disappeared without a trace. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

The cultivation planet was completely silent. The old men from the Fire Sparrow Clan were still staring dumbfounded at everything. They were still terrified and filled with disbelief.

The Armored Dragon Clan’s young master’s face was extremely ugly and showed a hint of panic and remorse. He nervously retreated and quickly stood beside his father.

“Father, this is bad. This person seems to be favored by the Great Emperor. We…”

His father, the Armored Dragon Patriarch, was gloomy. He interrupted his son and gloomily said,

“What is there to panic about? To be able injure and force Master Simo’s fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivation avatar to retreat means he is very strong. Your father is indeed not his match, but I’m an elder of the Fallen Council and have been loyal to the Great Emperor, while he is a mere outsider. He didn’t fulfill the Great Emperor five breaths requirement, but even if he did complete it, if he provoked me, the Great Emperor would still kill him!

“Hmph, he won’t dare to cause me any trouble. If I were him, I would immediately leave to find a place to heal.”

Wang Lin floated in the air and let out a big breath. Although his battle with Master Simo’s avatar was short, it was filled with danger and he was injured. What made him even more cautious was the attitude of the Great Emperor.

“Although Master Simo was seriously injured, to be able to kill the avatar with one finger means that he is far stronger than Daoist Water. I just don’t know how he compares to Dao Master Blue Dream! Also, he is obviously helping me…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He should leave now. After all, he was injured and needed to find a place to recover.

However, when Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the cultivation planet, his eyes turned cold.

“The Fallen Council’s ninth elder… You dared to help Master Simo, so you’re my enemy! Ninth elder… I’d like to see what the Great Emperor’s bottom line is!” Wang Lin rarely provoked others, but once someone provoked him, he rarely let them off.

He let out a cold snort and moved like a meteor toward the location of the Armored Dragon Clan!

He was very fast as he moved like a ray of light across the sky and caused thunderous rumbles. The expressions of all the cultivators watching changed greatly. After watching Wang Lin and Master Simo’s battle, no one dared to stop him.

The face of the young master of the Armored Dragon Clan turned deathly pale as he subconsciously walked back a few steps and exclaimed, “Father, he… he…”

The Armored Dragon Patriarch felt his heart drop and bitterly thought about how he assumed Wang Lin wouldn’t look for trouble after his battle. Although he was shocked, when he thought about the injuries Wang Lin had suffered, he revealed a ferocious expression.

“All second step cultivators of the Armored Dragon Clan, stop anyone from entering the clan!” As the mighty voice echoed, more than 10 second step cultivators flew out to stop Wang Lin.

However, just at this moment, the world rumbled and the meteor made of thunder arrived. Wang Lin arrived before the Armored Dragon Clan. Just as those cultivators were flying into the air, Wang Lin mercilessly pressed down!


His cold voice was heaven-shaking, and as his hand pressed down, a giant palmprint appeared. It smashed down toward the Armored Dragon Clan.

When the second step cultivators of the Armored Dragon Clan touched the palmprint, they immediately coughed out blood. They were thrown away, and the physical bodies of three of them immediately collapsed.

They weren’t able to stop it at all! The palmprint landed on the earth and the entire Armored Dragon Clan’s land immediately collapsed!

“A mere small clan dares to scheme against me? You’re courting death!” Wang Lin laughed as he descended. His gaze fell on the father and son duo of the Armored Dragon Clan.

The Armored Dragon Patriarch was terrified. He didn’t expect Wang Lin to still be so powerful after being injured. He had no confidence in resisting that palm just now.

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he pointed at the sky and thunder began to gather.

The Armored Dragon Patriarch’s expression changed greatly. He grabbed his son and immediately retreated as he screamed, “You dare to kill me!? I’m the ninth elder of the Fallen Council. I was appointed by the Great Emperor himself. If you hurt just a strand of my hair, the Great Emperor will tear you apart!”

Just at this moment, a ray of sword energy closed in from the horizon. This ray of sword energy was shocking as it crossed the sky and closed in on this location.

When the Armored Dragon Patriarch saw this ray of light, the fear in his eyes dissipated and was replaced with ecstasy!

“Great Emperor’s messenger!! Haha, the messenger has come. An outsider like you would dare to provoke me, a Fallen Elder? You’re dead!” Not only was the Armored Dragon Patriarch happy, but his son also relaxed and revealed a look of joy.

Wang Lin raised his head. He wasn’t in a rush to attack but coldly looked up.

A middle-aged man wearing red walked out from the ray of sword energy. He gave off no aura of a cultivator; not even Wang Lin detected anything. It was obvious he had cultivated an extremely powerful spell to hide his cultivation.

“Fallen Council’s ninth elder greets the Great Emperor’s messenger. Since Lord Messenger came, please help!” The Armored Dragon Patriarch became respectful and clasped his hand. His son also became respectful.

The middle-aged man’s expression was cold and he waved his hand. A red jade appeared in his grasp.

“As the Great Emperor decrees!”

The Armored Dragon Patriarch trembled and lowered his head even more in respect.

“The Armored Dragon Patriarch is stripped of his status as the ninth elder and must take this pill immediately!” After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he waved his sleeve and a black pill flew toward the Armored Dragon Patriarch.

The Armored Dragon Patriarch’s body trembled and his face became deathly pale. He was in a daze while staring at the black pill before him.

“Poison… Poison Life Pill… This… This….”

The middle-aged man’s expression remained neutral and he slowly said, “There are some people you can’t provoke and scheme against, so you must pay the price!” When he finished, he immediately looked at Wang Lin. His expression was no longer cold. He smiled and respectfully clasped his hands.

“Subordinate greets Young Emperor!”

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