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Chapter 1380 - Four Breaths!

Five breaths!

The time for one to take five breaths, calling it an instant might be too fast, but it was just a bit slower than lightning flashing across the sky!

Whether it was the Armored Dragon Patriarch, the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan, or Master Simo, none of them believed it was possible to end the battle in five breaths of time! 

After all, the enemy Wang Lin faced was Master Simo!

However, after Wang Lin heard this, his eyes shined brightly. Before the echo of "one" dissipated, Wang Lin waved his hand and erupted his full cultivation!

End of Time was a spell Master Simo had comprehended himself from the Time Restriction, similar to Wang Lin's Flowing Time! Now that he had used this spell, a storm erupted from the Time Restrictions.

The reversing world trembled violently under this storm. The sky became a sickly yellow and pus began to appear! The pus began to gather and then ruptured, releasing large amounts of dark yellow liquid. The entire world became desolate!

Countless cracks appeared on the earth and continued to spread as if the earth was rapidly aging! This all happened in an instant. The sky and earth closing in suddenly collapsed under this spell!

The moment the world collapsed, the vortex formed by the Time Restriction swept up the world and charged toward Wang Lin with an unimaginable, destructive aura!

At this moment, the echo of the word "one" was still strong. Wang Lin's entire cultivation erupted and a powerful light erupted from his body. In his eyes, everything in the world gave of light and gathered around him to form a large light silhouette.

Light and Shadow Shield!

When the time storm arrived, the light shadow shield formed and collided with it!

The large light silhouette around Wang Lin flashed violently and flickered. When it collided, it caused the flow of time on Wang Lin to increase several fold!

If it was someone else, it would be very difficult for them to resist this time-based spell. However, Wang Lin had also comprehended his own time spell, it was the second spell he had created in his life, Flowing Time!

The moment the time vortex collided with him, Wang Lin waved his right hand. The world rumbled and a large, stone door appeared. This stone door gave off a desolate aura which fused with Wang Lin.

From a distance, Wang Lin seemed to be standing on the stone gate and was shrouded by the power of time. No matter how much the world raged around him, he didn't move at all! Only his hair moved in the wind, giving him an ethereal feeling.

Also, at this moment, the Light and Shadow Shield shined brightly and a reflective force began to build. Master Simo's expression changed as he took a step forward without any hesitation and pressed his hand down!

With this press, a heaven-shaking palm print  appeared. It contained all the power he could use at the fifth Heaven's Blight and was filled with killing intent. It immediately broke through the time restriction around the Light and Shadow Shield and collided with it.

Waves of thunderous rumbles echoed in all directions and the Light and Shadow Shield collapsed! However, the moment it collapsed, Wang Lin let out a roar and formed a second one!

This repeated again. In this brief moment, three Light and Shadow Shields appeared!

After the third time, the shield collapsed! However, the moment it collapsed, it reflected a majority of the power of the Time Restrictions and palmprint back at the incoming Master Simo!

"Two…" The voice echoed across the void once more!

There were still three breaths left!! No one who was strong enough to observe this battle with their divine sense believed Wang Lin could win in three breaths of time!

When the word "two" echoed, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. When the Light and Shadow Shield collapsed, he was also affected by the impact and coughed out blood. However, he let out a loud laugh and charged forward!

As he charged out, Wang Lin launched his killing move! He was fast beyond imagination and the thunder tattoo appeared in his right eye. The thunder had nine types of accompanying thunder and immediately formed a giant thunder tattoo before Wang Lin!

This thunder tattoo was heaven-shaking. The thunder essence was powerful and the nine accompanying thunders rumbled loudly. This was especially true for the last three accompanying thunders, Ji Thunder, Bloodline Thunder, and Defying Thunder!

These three thunders erupted with great power, causing the thunder tattoo to shine brightly.

In a flash, countless silver snakes appeared in the sky. They filled they skill and began to gather toward the thunder tattoo.

This thunder tattoo was heaven-shaking, and when it appeared, Wang Lin pushed it forward. It launched its attack on Master Simo just like how it attacked the Void Gate!

The thunder tattoo filled the sky and charged at Master Simo!

Master Simo's expression was serious. Along the entire way, he had dreaded Wang Lin's thunder spell the most. Although he had never experienced it himself, recalling Wang Lin's attempts to break the Void Gate was enough to make his skin crawl.

At this moment, when he saw the thunder tattoo, he recalled the scene of when Wang Lin attempted to break the Void Gate. He waved his hand and the Time Restriction wrapped around him.

"Let's see if your thunder is stronger than my Time Restrictions!"

Wang Lin moved like thunder and pushed the thunder tattoo. It absorbed the endless thunder that had appeared from the void. It was like an bolt of eternal heavenly thunder and descended on Master Simo like divine retribution!

The two got closer and closer, and that voice from the void echoed once more.


As the word "three" echoed, Wang Lin's body fused with the thunder tattoo, and it was impossible to tell them apart. The thunder tattoo collided with Master Simo's Time Restrictions.

The resulting thunderous rumble was heaven-shaking and spread in all directions. Under this violent impact, the Time Restrictions around Master Simo trembled and collapsed. Under the powerful force of the thunder, the shattered Time Restrictions smashed toward Master Simo.

As the Time Restrictions smashed toward him, the thunder tattoo closed in.

All of this happened too fast. In an instant, the thunder tattoo imprinted on his chest. Master Simo's face turned pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He wasn't able to suppress it as he retreated.

Thunder covered his chest and crackling sounds echoed. His injuries got worse as he retreated!

He looked horrified. Although he already thought highly of Wang Lin, he still couldn't believe how powerful the thunder was!

Even time had to collapse before that thunder!

Wang Lin was also hit by the Time Restrictions when the thunder and Time Restrictions collided. In an instant, his face turned old and wrinkly and he became a old man.

However, the next instant, endless vitality erupted from Wang Lin's body and reversed the aging. He returned to normal, but his face was extremely pale. It was obvious that facing the avatar of a third step cultivator was an extremely difficult battle for him.

Seeing Master Simo retreat, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and monstrous killing intent erupted as he gave chase! However, at this moment, that voice echoed from the void once more.

"Four…" Before the voice finished, Wang Lin's laugh interrupted it. He pierced through the sky at full speed and caught up to the retreating Master Simo, then he waved his hand!

A golden pill the size of a fingernail appeared from the void and shot toward Master Simo at an unimaginable speed. It was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived 100 feet from Master Simo!

Without waiting for the golden pill to get closer, Wang Lin roared without hesitation, "Explode!"

As he roared, a heaven-shattering rumble echoed. It sounded like a cultivation planet exploding, and the shockwave travelled into the distance along with a destructive force! Master Simo was too close and he coughed out blood once more. Terror appeared in his eyes!

He didn't expect Wang Lin to have a treasure like this. When he was hit by the explosion of the pill, he felt like the flesh on his body was going to be torn off and even his bones were going to shatter.

If it wasn't for the fact that his original body was at the third step and therefore he was able to gather a large amount of resources to refine an almost invincible body, an ordinary cultivator would have long died.

Master Simo had refined this avatar after he found that he was trapped at the early stage of Nirvana Void for too long and couldn't get too many dao spirits. He had refined this avatar hoping it would reach the third step and help improve his cultivation.

As Master Simo's avatar was pushed back by the explosion, Wang Lin took a step forward and waved his right hand. The Blaze Fire Mutation Crystals he had refined was thrown out.

"Explode!" Wang Lin roared as the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals closed in on Master Simo. Just as the golden pill had exploded, the crystals began a second round of destruction!

All of this sounds long, but in reality, it all happened in an instant!

"Not good!" The Armored Dragon Patriarch had been paying close attention to this battle. When he saw this, his expression changed greatly!

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