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Chapter 1382 - Old Friend

"Young Emperor!" When the Armored Dragon Patriarch heard this, it was like a hammer had struck his chest. His face was pale as he looked at Wang Lin, and shock and bitterness filled his eyes.

He wasn't the only one. The Armored Dragon Clan's young master beside him was also pale. His mind trembled and he was in a daze from the disbelief.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. His expression didn't change and his cold gaze swept past the messenger.

"Young Emperor?"

The messenger still had the respectful smile on his face and quickly said, "The Great Emperor has already passed down the order to the Fallen Land. You are now the Young Emperor appointed by the Great Emperor and are above the 13 Fallen Elders!"

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral and he didn't speak.

At this moment, the Armored Dragon Patriarch held the pill and bitterly looked at it. After silently pondering for a long time, he said to the messenger, "Messenger… Lord, can you spare my son's life…"

The smile on the messenger's face disappeared. His expression became cold once more and he slowly said, "I'm only here to deliver the pill and pass the Great Emperor's message. The fate of others has nothing to do with me."

The Armored Dragon Patriarch's eyes were filled with despair as he looked at this son, who was still stunned. He looked at Wang Lin with respect and bitterness as he whispered, "Young… Young Emperor, it was my fault for offending you, so please let my son go. I bear all responsibility. Young Emperor, have mercy…"

As he spoke, he suddenly raised his head and reached for his son. The young master was startled and immediately let out a miserable scream. His father held his body and injected origin energy inside. A thunderous rumble echoed as all his meridians were destroyed along with his origin soul. His cultivation had been wasted and he had turned back into a mortal!

Intense pain came from the body of the Armored Dragon Clan's young master. He coughed out blood and his face was ashen. The world around him distorted as all power escaped from his body and he passed out from the intense pain.

The Armored Dragon Patriarch knelt down and bitterly begged, "Lord Young Emperor, my son has lost his cultivation and can no longer cultivate. He will not be a threat to the Young Emperor. I beg the Young Emperor to have mercy and allow him to live!" 

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit and then nodded.

The Armored Dragon Patriarch's face revealed a sign of gratitude and he waved his right hand to safely put his unconscious son away. He then took a deep breath and swallowed the pill without hesitation.

The pill instantly melted in his mouth and turned into black fire that rushed into his body. This black fire gave off a demonic feel and began burning his body like crazy; even his origin soul burned. From the outside, the Armored Dragon Patriarch's body turned red before black fire came out from the pores of his body. He turned into a ball of black fire, and after the fire dissipated, nothing remained!

"This… What fire is this?" Wang Lin's pupils suddenly shrank.

The entire cultivation planet was silent. Many people saw this scene, and they trembled. The Great Emperor was like a god here, and no one dared to challenge his order!

The people of the Armored Dragon Clan were all filled with fear and they lowered their heads.

"A fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator in the Inner Realm can be the apex, and even in the Outer Realm he can be the leader in a great clan! But in this Fallen Land, one would swallow a poison pill and die without hesitation… This just shows how strong the Great Emperor is… The reason he sent this pill to the Armored Dragon Patriarch was to show me and indirectly give me a warning."

The death of the Armored Dragon Patriarch meant that this matter was over. The middle-aged man smiled and clasped his hands at Wang Lin. "The Armored Dragon Clan can't be left without a leader. I ask Young Emperor to appoint a new leader."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up, but his expression didn't change. His right hand randomly pointed to a youth at the Nirvana Scryer stage in the distance and he said, "This person then."

The youth was still trembling due to the death of the patriarch and the words of the messenger. He was stunned when Wang Lin pointed at him, but then he was like a person who went from burning in hell to ascending to heaven!

This change was too drastic, so he couldn't react at all. He didn't have the highest cultivation level in the Armored Dragon Clan. If there were no accidents in his life, he would've never become the patriarch and at most would become an elder.

However, right now, after being pointed at by Wang Lin, a huge wave was set off within the youth. His body trembled and his eyes filled with ecstasy. He excitedly got up, took a step forward, and respectfully clasped his hands. "Than… Thank you, Young Emperor. From now on, the Armored Dragon Clan will follow all of Young Emperor's orders, even if you ask for the clan's destruction! Junior…"

Wang Lin waved his hand and interrupted his words. He slowly said, "Bring all of your Dragon Collapse Pills, Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals, and puppets. I want them all."

The young man quickly nodded. Forget asking for just these treasures, even if Wang Lin wanted the origin soul of the Armored Dragon Clan members, he wouldn't hesitate to personally get them. To become the patriarch of the Armored Dragon Clan was a great fortune for this young man!

At this moment, he had already forgotten the death of the previous patriarch. He was immersed in his own excitement and had the intent to kiss up to Wang Lin.

The middle-aged man clasped his hands at Wang Lin and smiled. "Young Emperor, I have to head back and report to the Great Emperor." With that, he waved his hand, took out a jade, and respectfully handed it to Wang Lin.

"Lord Young Emperor, the Great Emperor gives this jade token to you. This represents your identity. It is equal to the Great Emperor descending himself. No one will dare to take advantage of you in the Fallen Land.

"Great Emperor also said you need to come to the Fallen Elder selection in three months." After the messenger handed over the token, he clasped his hands and disappeared into the distance.

Wang Lin held up the jade token and carefully looked at it. The jade token was made from very common materials and only had the word "Emperor" on it. The word was completed in one stroke and gave off an ancient aura, but there was clearly a strange force coming from the word.

Outside the Fallen Land, in the Ancient Star System. When Master Simo's avatar died, deep within the spatial crack Master Simo was in, his original body opened his eyes.

The moment his eyes opened, bright light shined like a ray of lightning flashing across the void. Thunderous rumbles echoed as if the entire void was going to collapse!

There was a violent aura erupting from his body. It formed a storm that quickly spread.

Master Simo's clothes danced and his long hair waved. His eyes were as gloomy, and the light from his eyes slowly dissipated. What remained was coldness and killing intent.

The death of his avatar didn't affect his cultivation much. He had refined that avatar to help him break through when his cultivation became stagnant. However, the death of his avatar had destroyed the plan he had been working on for a very long time.

As a result, it was tantamount to destroying countless years of his effort.

"Fallen Land's Great Emperor!!!" Master Simo gnawed his teeth, his expression ferocious.

"There is also that junior thunder cultivator. Aside from the thunder essence, he also has a hint of fire essence!! Also, how did he know my name from the past?! Could he be from the Inner Realm!?" Master Simo's eyes lit up as he raised his right hand and tore down. The void rumbled violently and a gap was ripped open.

Master Simo stood up and walked forward with his right hand pressed down. He roared, "Seven-Colored God Void Nails, appear!"

Seven-colored light came out from the gap. The light was intense, and the moment it appeared, it lit up the entire area, causing the whole void to be shrouded in the seven-colored light.

Seven-colored nails flew out from the gap and floated around Master Simo. A moment later, a total of 29 seven-colored nails were floating around him like a ring. At this moment, the seven-colored light was so strong that it was impossible to see his figure, only the seven-colored light.

"The Seven-Colored God Void Nails from the Sovereign that can kill third step cultivators. I'm no match for the Great Emperor, but if the Sovereign Council gathers all third step cultivators, we should be able to kill that person. Everything will depend on the decision of the Sovereign Council!" Master Simo waved his right hand and the seven-colored nails disappeared. He then took a step forward and disappeared without a trace.

There was a group of cultivators moving through the Fallen Land. There were almost 1,000 cultivators with varying cultivation levels. At the center, there were around 10 second step cultivators around one person.

This person was wearing gorgeous clothes and was an old man. His appearance was ordinary, but his expression was extremely gloomy.

"Lord Greed, the Dark Scorpion Clan's planet is not far ahead! We found out that the Ten Thousand Year Scorpion Corpse you're searching for is likely there!"

The old man in the middle looked arrogant and nodded. He proudly said, "Very good. If this turns out to be true, then you will all benefit!"

After he spoke, the surrounding cultivators all revealed joy. If someone else had said those words, they wouldn't be so happy, but the person who had spoken was Greed!

Over the years, who didn't know Greed?

Greed would never go anywhere without treasures. These words had been verified time and time again by cultivators. He had also never made any false promises!

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