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Chapter 1379 - Great Emperor

Master Simo was between the painting and the ink. As he waved his hand, the ink that was the earth began to move. He was like a pen, drawing mountains and rivers on the painting.

With only a few strokes, he drew the planet they were on. Wang Lin's figure also appeared in the painting!

"Even if it is just my avatar, I can still kill you with the Heaven Breaking Dao!" Master Simo's eyes became cold as he raised his right hand and was about to viciously swing down!

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light and he shouted, "Heaven Breaking Sect's Sima Mo!"

His voice was like thunder and rumbled across the world as if it was the roar of heaven! Master Simo's hands paused for a moment and he stared at Wang Lin.

Just at this instant, Wang Lin stepped forward. He raised his right hand and pointed forward! The heavens changed colors and clouds scattered. Wang Lin's figure disappeared and then reappeared before Master Simo. His right hand mercilessly pressed down between Master Simo's eyebrows!

Master Simo's expression changed greatly. Due to Wang Lin's roar, he had missed the best opportunity to use the skill. At this moment, he didn't have time to think as he waved his right hand down. One stroke to break the heavens and earth!

With one stroke, the mountain and river in the painting were torn part. Everything collapsed and even Wang Lin's figure in the painting began to distort.

A tearing force came from Wang Lin's body and turned into intense pain. Wang Lin's face became pale and blood rushed up his throat, but he suppressed it. Killing intent filled his eyes as his finger mercilessly pointed forward!

The power of this one finger was shocking to Master Simo. He quickly retreated while lifting the ink from the earth to block before him. He vaguely felt a life and death crisis from Wang Lin's finger that he hadn't felt in a long time!

"What kind of spell is this?!"

The black ink instantly blocked before Wang Lin and collided with his finger. At this moment, rays of sword energy erupted from his finger!

This was one of Wang Lin's aces, one of the three killing moves Wang Lin had prepared for Master Simo!

Sword energy shot out like crazy. One ray; 10 rays; 100 rays; 1,000 rays; 10,000 rays; 100,000 rays; 1,000,000 rays; 10,000,000 rays… The finger contained a total of 39,999,999 rays of sword energy, and adding Wang Lin's finger, it was 40,000,000 rays of sword energy!

The power of 40 million rays of sword energy was heaven-shattering, and they all appeared at once. The two deer appeared around Wang Lin's finger!

Master Simo's pupils shrank and disbelief filled his eyes!

"This is…"

The resulting thunderous rumble was heaven-shaking. The ink formed by the earth instantly collapsed when it collided with the sword energy. The sword energy pierced through the ink and shot directly at Master Simo!

The 40 million rays of sword energy formed a storm, with Wang Lin as the center.

This storm was filled with sword energy and gave off a powerful sword aura. There was a constant shrill coming from the rotating sword energy. From afar, it looked like tens of thousands of snakes flying, and it was a shocking sight!

All of this happened in an instant. In the blink of an eye, the finger with 40 million rays of sword energy landed on Master Simo's body. He coughed out blood and his body immediately moved. It was as if his body was being torn part, but his hands quickly formed a seal! It wasn't that his body had collapsed, but he had used a special method to avoid Wang Lin's killing move and appeared 10,000 feet away.

When he reappeared, an extremely strange scene unfolded before him!

There was another sky above the sky and another earth below the earth. The Heaven Breaking Spell would create another world that would act as a prison. It could also fuse with the enemy, and breaking the painting was the same as breaking the world and using that to kill them!

Wang Lin was surrounded by the world formed by the Heaven Breaking Spell and was unable to get out!

Master Simo's expression was ferocious. His hands formed a seal and he suddenly opened his arms. Then he quickly closed his arms and roared, "Break the heavens!"

When he roared, the world Wang Lin was in rumbled and the painting in the sky began to tear. Wang Lin's figure inside the painting distorted even more.

At this instant, all the cultivators on the cultivation planet were shaken. The old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan and the people around him had long since began observing the battle with their divine senses. Watching the scene unfold, fear filled his eyes and there was a complicated expression on his face.

"This person will die without a doubt! The Heaven Breaking Spell is indeed worthy of its name! Master Simo… Master Simo… I didn't expect him to come. Then the identity of the person who traded me the pills is obvious!

"Unfortunately, I don't know where the blood from the soul pills came from!" The old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan shook his head. He had already determined that Wang Lin was going to die.

In the holy land of the Armored Dragon Clan, the young master had also spread out his divine sense to observe and finally relaxed a bit.

"This person is very strong, but unfortunately, he can't escape Master Simo's spell. The Heaven Breaking Spell is amazing, it can form its own world to break!"

The Armored Dragon Patriarch also withdrew his gaze from the sky and relaxed a bit.

"He doesn't know his own limit. Master Simo is a third step cultivator, so even though he only came with his avatar, Master Simo is not someone he can deal with. Even though he killed the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder, he is powerless before Master Simo!

"However, for him to hurt Master Simo, he is already not simple. Luckily, he has no chance of survival, or else, if he came looking for trouble, it would be difficult to deal with him."

However, just as everyone was sure Wang Lin couldn't escape, a chance arose!

Intense pain appeared in Wang Lin's body and his eyes were bloodshot. The 40 million rays of sword energy surrounding him shot into the sky!

"40 million rays of sword energy, break this painting of heaven and earth for me. Break, break, break!!!" Wang Lin seemed to turn into a ray of light, but it was more like a ray of sword energy made of his body!

This ray of sword energy became an extra sword energy among the 40 million rays of sword energy!

The storm of sword energy surrounding him gave off a destructive aura and brought Wang Lin toward the painting in the sky. At this instant, the storm collided with the painting!

The 40 million rays of sword energy began to slam into the painting, and endless rumbles echoed across the world.

"Break open!!" Wang Lin's voice was hoarse as pain came in waves from his body. He coughed out blood and his expression was ferocious. He waved his right hand and the rays of sword energy became even more fierce. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the world formed by the Heaven Breaking Spell shattered!

The world collapsed and turned into a shockwave that swept across the planet!

Wang Lin broke free!

The moment he broke free, the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan opened his eyes with disbelief and sucked in a breath of cold air.

Not only him, even the Armored Dragon Clan's young master was terrified. He subconsciously took a few steps back and exclaimed, "This… This…"

There was also the Armored Dragon Patriarch. His expression also changed and became extremely gloomy.

"Sima Mo, our battle has just begun!" Wang Lin charged out and his right hand pointed at the sky. He shouted, "Since you tried to pierce the heavens, then I'll flip the heaven!!"

As Wang Lin spoke, the world appeared inside his eyes and suddenly rotated. The sky became the earth and the earth became the sky!

At this moment, the world outside rumbled and began to reverse!

"Dao Master Blue Dream's Heaven Reversal Spell!" Master Simo's expression became serious and he waved his right hand. For the first time, he took out a treasure. A 100-foot-long flag appeared beside him!

There were countless restrictions on it. They all appeared at once and gave off the power of time!

Time Restriction!

The 100 foot flag opened and the Time Restriction flew out. Tens of thousands of restrictions surrounded Master Simo, forming a restriction vortex!

At this moment, the world reversed. The sky was under your feet and the earth was above your head; it was a scene that could shock anyone! The Armored Dragon Patriarch's pupils shrank violently.

"This person has Dao Master Blue Dream's spell!! Hmph, even so, I'm certain he will die to Master Simo's spell!"

Wang Lin let out a roar and slammed his hand down. The world rumbled and the sky began to smash down toward Master Simo!

Master Simo was surrounded by the Time Restriction, and his eyes revealed a strange light.

"Time Restriction, dissipate in time. Whether it is the heavens or earth, all will dissipate in the flow of time!"

Master Simo's arms opened and the Time Restriction spread out to resist the world. The world began to rumble and became desolate, showing signs of collapse!

"Forbidden Time Spell, End of Time!" Master Simo's voice echoed loudly!

Wang Lin's pupils shrank and he was about to use a spell. However, just at this moment, a laugh appeared. It was very faint, but it entered the ears of every being on the planet!

"Interesting. If you can beat this third step cultivator's avatar in five breaths of time, I promise your safety in the Fallen Land!"

In the holy land of the Armor Dragon Clan, the expression of the ninth Fallen Elder, the Armored Dragon Patriarch, changed greatly, and he exclaimed, "Great Emperor!"

Master Simo's expression also changed greatly and panic appeared on his face.

The voice that came from the void echoed once more. "One."

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