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Chapter 1374 - Arrival of Master Simo

As soon as the old man took out the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal. Wang Lin recognized it. Wang Lin had seen this before and had even spent several years healing on it.

In the Alliance Star System, deep within the burning space of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, there floated a large, white stone. That was where the old Divine Emperor cultivated.

The Blazing Fire Mutated Crystal of the Fallen Land was exactly the same as the white stone!

"Could it be that the Great Emperor is related to the Vermillion Bird Sect…" Wang Lin didn't hold much affection toward the Vermillion Bird Sect. However, he owed the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor a lot, and it was a kindness Wang Lin was unable to just forget.

The old Divine Emperor's spirit and his tens of thousands of years of silent dedication had filled Wang Lin's heart with respect. In Wang Lin's eyes, the old Divine Emperor was the same as the Lord of the Sealed Realm. The only difference was that one guarded the Four Divine Sect, while the other guarded the entire Inner Realm.

What made Wang Lin so excited was what the old Divine Emperor had told him.

"My name is Lu Yun, and I was born in the ancient qi refiner world. I became the alchemy boy of the fourth generation Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. I'm thankful to the fourth Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor for not abandoning me and teaching me qi cultivation. At the age of 1,327, I gained some achievements as a qi refiner. I followed the Divine Emperor and witnessed the glory of my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect...

At age 11,463, the Tattoo Clan invaded from outside and stirred up the world. My Vermillion Bird Divine Sect helped the Celestial Realm battle the Tattoo Clan! Afterwards, the fourth Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor left with the other three Divine Emperors to head to the outside world. Before they left, I was designated the fifth Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!"

Wang Lin's gaze was still on the small Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal, and his eyes lit up.

"The old Divine Emperor said that the fourth generation Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor came with the other three Divine Emperors to the Outer Realm and then he never received any news from them… The Fallen Land also possesses someone that belong to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect… Could it be that the fourth generation Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor came to this Fallen Land back then?

"Looking at the time window, that doesn't seem right…" Wang Lin suppressed his initial excitement and began to think. After a long time, he still wasn't sure and let out a big sigh.

"I'll know this sooner or later. I didn't expect that such a secret could be found here in the Fallen Land… If this place is really related to the fourth generation Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, then perhaps I can achieve my fourth awakening here!! Then my fire will become ethereal fire that can ignite the fire of anger in my enemies and burn them to ashes!

"When that happens, even though my fire essence won't be complete, it will be like heaven and earth compared to my current fire! Back then, I couldn't see through this crystal, but now, after my third awakening, I can make this crystal erupt with a destructive force that can destroy heaven itself!" Wang Lin waved his right hand and put the crystal into his storage space.

There was also a stone statue in his storage space. This was the stone statue formed the body of the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. He maintained the pose of his finger pointing to between his eyebrows.

His divine sense swept by the stone statue. After pondering for a bit, his gaze moved to the puppet.

This puppet was that of a middle-aged man, and he stood there motionlessly with a dumb expression. Wang Lin's divine sense shot out and surrounded the puppet. His divine sense then turned into countless fine needles that penetrated the puppet's body.

Wang Lin's divine sense slowly entered inch by inch as he attempted to see through the puppet's secrets. As time slowly passed, Wang Lin's expression became serious.

This puppet contained no flesh or blood but was formed by a strange crystal. This crystal was soft and small.

As for its bones, they were also made of crystal, but this crystal was extremely strong and emitted powerful origin energy. There was a soft layer of light inside the puppet, and it was extremely tough. When Wang Lin's divine sense tried to enter, he was stopped.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he used all his divine sense to rush into the puppet and charge at that layer of protection.

There was a thunderous bang and the puppet's body trembled. Wang Lin suddenly stood up. His divine sense could destroy that puppet but couldn't break through that layer of protection!

At that moment, if he hadn't withdrawn his divine sense fast enough, that layer of light would have destroyed all the secrets inside without letting someone else see it.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up, and his expression became solemn as he pondered.

"This puppet is interesting…" Wang Lin's right hand reached out and the puppet flew toward him, stopping just three inches away from his hand. This allowed Wang Lin to easily press his hand against the puppet's chest.

His divine sense came out once more and went through his right hand. It was about to extend into the puppet once more when Wang Lin's body trembled and he let out a surprised sound.

"There are meridians inside this puppet!!" Being this close to the puppet and touching it allowed Wang Lin not noticed something he didn't pay attention to before.

He saw almost completely hidden meridians that had dried up and were extremely different to detect within this puppet's body.

"This...." Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he sucked in a breath of cold air. He looked more carefully and was shocked.

"This isn't a puppet, but a cultivator!! This is a puppet formed by refining a cultivator using some unknown method!" Wang Lin silently looked at the puppet.

The puppet had a numb expression; his eyes were hollow without any sign of life or intelligence.

"The crystal replacing the puppet's flesh and blood…. It feels familiar, as if I have seen it before…" Wang Lin pondered for a bit before determination filled his eyes.

"The secret of this puppet should be hidden inside the layer of protection. Only by looking inside can I see its secret!" Wang Lin's divine sense moved and the thunder tattoo in his right eye flashed before flying out.

The entire cave was covered in thunder, and while a thunderous rumble echoed, the thunder spread out. The thunder spread out from inside the cave, causing the face of the Dark Scorpion Clan members to turn pale and they all looked at the cave.

Activating the thunder tattoo had caused Wang Lin's cultivation level to increase greatly. Even his divine sense was like a thunderstorm, and it charged at the layer of protection inside the puppet.

When his divine sense collided with it, a thunderous rumble echoed and the light began to collapse as it wasn't able to withstand the divine sense. However, at the same time, what was inside also began to collapse, not allowing anyone to see the secret within!

However, just at this instant, Wang Lin's eyes suddenly lit up and he shouted, "Stop!"

With one word, he stopped the movement of the heavens, and everything inside the puppet stopped as well. However, the light only paused for a moment before it returned to normal and collapsed.

The puppet that was stopped collapsed with it as well. The puppet exploded and the shockwave spread to the mountain, creating a thunderous rumble.

The mountain shook and large amounts of dirt fell off it. If not for the restrictions Wang Lin had placed, the mountain would have become a flat ruin and even the planet would had shaken violently.

The surrounding Dark Scorpion Clan cultivators all looked at the cave in fear. The old man revealed a bitter smile. He felt a familiar aura from the shockwave, so he knew that puppet had likely been destroyed.

The cave was filled with clouds of dirt, but it gradually settled. Wang Lin stood there with his eyes shining brightly. Although the Stop spell had only stopped the collapse for an instant, it had still allowed him to see the secret inside!

He saw an origin soul floating inside! The origin soul looked exactly the same as the puppet! This discovery made Wang Lin certain that the puppet was a cultivator!

The moment the puppet collapsed, the particles that replaced the flesh and blood shattered. It was as if lightning had struck Wang Lin, and he remembered why they looked familiar!

In the Demon Spirit Land, he had seen the severed head of an ancient god. There were some crystals particles left on the wound, and they looked extremely similar to these particles!

He still had a small bottle that contained the particles he had collected from that wound on the ancient god's head!

Wang Lin vaguely grasped some clues, but they were extremely messy and he couldn't link them together.

"Great Emperor of the Fallen Land… who the hell is this person?" Wang Lin silently pondered as the door to the cave opened and he walked out.

"Scorpion elder, lead the way to the nearest cultivation planet with a Fallen Elder!" The old man from the Dark Scorpion Clan quickly nodded after hearing Wang Lin's words and led the way.

At this moment, ripples appeared in the space outside the Fallen Land and a middle-aged man walked out. This was the person pursuing Wang Lin, Master Simo. His eyes were gloomy and revealed a strange light as he looked ahead at the star domain that wasn't controlled by the Sovereign Council.

"Grandmaster Yun Luo divined that he was hiding in the Fallen Land…This place is extremely chaotic, so I have to be becareful… Good thing I came here before and saved the ninth Fallen Elder, the Armored Dragon Clan's head. Borrowing his identity, I should have no problem!"

As Master Simo pondered, he charged forward toward the Fallen Land.

"I have to find him as soon as possible, regardless of the danger, and search his soul to find the secret of trigger the Void Gate without Joss Flames!"

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