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Chapter 1375 - First Encounter With Fire Sparrow

"Master, the closest Fallen Elder is the ninth elder and also the head of the Armored Dragon Clan. There are many cultivators there, and it is very chaotic," the old man from the Dark Scorpion Clan said as he led the way.

Along the way, Wang Lin rarely spoke as the two of them rapidly flew across the star domain.

Wang Lin's mind was still filled with what he saw inside the puppet. He seemed to have gained some insight, but there was a layer of fog in the way, making it impossible to see things clearly.

"Although the Armored Dragon Clan is also a small clan, they have over 1,000 members. The head of the clan is at the fourth Heaven's Blight, and when he uses his clan Dragon Armor Spell, no ordinary cultivator can break his protection. The ninth elder is also famous among the Fallen Council, and a small clan like my Dark Scorpion Clan wouldn't dare to show them any disrespect."

The dark scorpion elder told Wang Lin everything he knew about the Armored Dragon Clan.

After a long time, Wang Lin slowly said, "Does the main planet of the Armored Dragon Clan sell the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal?"

The dark scorpion elder quickly said, "There are, but the Fire Sparrow Clan has been gathering them like crazy. Whenever it appears, they are willing to buy it at any cost, making it difficult to compete with them. The purchase of the crystals and puppets requires us to go to the trade pavilion on the Armored Dragon Clan's main planet."

The two of them were powerful cultivators who were both flying at full speed. It only took a few hours for them to across the star domain and travel far from the Dark Scorpion Clan. Before Wang Lin was a green cultivation planet.

This planet was covered in green and gave off powerful life force. It was also filled with spiritual energy, far better than the Dark Scorpion Clan.

The moment the two of them closed in, three rays of light shot toward them. There was an old man within one of the lights, and he wore a green shirt. He smiled and clasped his hands. "Elder predicted the Dark Scorpion Clan's patriarch would come, so he told the three of use to wait. Dark Scorpion Patriarch, please follow the three of us."

The two people behind the old man all clasped their hands and were extremely polite.

The Dark Scorpion Clan was still one of the 372 clans. Although not a Fallen Elder, the clan's patriarch was not someone ordinary clan members could show disrespect to. The Dark Scorpion Patriarch smiled and nodded. He let Wang Lin go first and then followed. The three people from the Armored Dragon Clan lead them toward the planet.

When the three people of the Armored Dragon Clan saw the Dark Scorpion Patriarch's behavior, they were shocked. The old man's eyes lit up and he carefully looked at Wang Lin. Although he didn't notice anything, he began to pay more attention.

"To make the Dark Scorpion Patriarch act so politely, this person can't be underestimated…"

Everyone turned into rays of light and closed in on the planet. Just as they were about to enter the atmosphere, Wang Lin noticed something and pretended to casually looked back into the distance.

Ripples appeared in space and a middle-aged man walked out.

The middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin and revealed a gloomy smile.

Wang Lin's expression remained calm, as if he didn't care, and he turned his head back. He followed them through the atmosphere and disappeared.

Wang Lin quickly passed through the atmosphere and his heart was gloomy. That middle-aged man had looked at him first, arousing his vigilance, so he had looked back.

This immediately made his mood gloomy. He had briefly seen that person before. He was one of the third step cultivators chasing Tuo Sen when he first entered the Ancient Star System!

Upon seeing him again, Wang Lin was immediately able to tell that this person was not someone of the Fallen Land, but from the Ancient Star System!

For a third step cultivator to come here at this time, there was no need to even guess his motive. Wang Lin knew exactly why he was here!

"He must have come to kill me… However, he probably didn't come with his original body; otherwise, he wouldn't just have the aura of a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator… Of course, he could be hiding his cultivation… He also seemed to dread this place. Otherwise, he would have already attacked...

"The Sovereign Council is very fast… Fifth Heaven's Blight…." A flash of battle intent appeared in Wang Lin's eyes as he revealed a sneer and passed through the planet's atmosphere.

In the space outside the Armored Dragon Clan's planet, Master Simo withdrew his gaze and smiled. He didn't think he would meet the person he was looking for as soon as he arrived. His target's appearance and aura had already been record by Grandmaster Yun Luo, so he was able to recognize Wang Lin instantly.

"Unfortunately, I can't act here, or else it will cause too much of a commotion. It would be bad if the Great Emperor were drawn out… However, if he is on a planet, then it will be hard for him to escape! I just need to find the right reason to capture him!"

Master Simo smiled and his eyes lit up as he looked into the distance. A figure flew over from the distance along with a loud laugh. It was a white-haired old man wearing a blue robe flying out from the Armored Dragon Clan's cultivation planet.

"Senior Simo, we haven't met for many years, and you're still looking as good as ever!" The old man laughed loudly and origin energy surrounded his body. He gave off the aura of a fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator.

Master Simo laughed and clasped his hands. "Fellow Cultivator Sun, it has been a few hundred years since we last met. I'm here to bother you again."

"How can Senior coming be considered a bother? You and I have known each other for a long time. If not for Senior Simo's guidance, I would had died to the third Heaven's Blight. Senior Simo, please follow me to my cave!" The old man laughed. He was the ninth Fallen Elder, and he normally didn't bother with worldly matters. He was in closed door cultivation when he received Master Simo's message, and he immediately came out.

The two of them chatted as they walked toward the planet, and their figures gradually disappeared.

After Wang Lin and the Dark Scorpion Patriarch entered the planet, the three members of the Armored Dragon Clan respectfully left. After they left, the Dark Scorpion Patriarch led Wang Lin to a city on the east side of the planet.

The Dark Scorpion patriarch said in a low voice, "Master, if you want to buy puppets or Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals, you can only go to the eastern city. There is a shop controlled by the Armored Dragon Clan there. Unless I'm coming for a large auction, I always go there."

Wang Lin nodded, but killing intent appeared in his heart. He had originally come to buy some high rank puppets to study, and if he encountered some Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals, he would buy some as well.

These crystals could help his fourth awakening. If he absorbed a lot, it would benefit him greatly. In addition, obtaining large amounts of these crystals was also related to how he would take the Fire Sparrow Clan's essence.

However, after seeing Master Simo, Wang Lin changed his mind. Since the other party had pursued him all the way here, it would be difficult to escape. However, Wang Lin didn't intend to escape; he was planning to fight here!

"The person hunting me didn't attack due to some concern. He must have come here to find a reason to kill me… Since he has something to worry about, that is for the best… And since he is only displaying fifth Heaven's Blight cultivation, that means he obviously isn't willing to reveal himself as a third step cultivator, or it really is just his avatar that is here...

"If it really is an avatar pursuing me, then I'll let his avatar perish as an example! Although it is only an avatar, I'll still need to prepare. After all, a fifth Heaven's Blight enemy is not easy to deal with, and although my thunder essence is complete, I still need to be cautious!"

Wang Lin's expression was cold. After learning where to go, he grabbed the old man and sped up. They turned into a ray of light that shot toward the city.

Wang Lin put down the old man and said, "Quickly, lead the way!"

The old man saw the killing intent from Wang Lin's body, and his mind trembled. He quickly led Wang Lin through the city and soon arrived before a large pavilion.

The pavilion looked very ancient, and just as he walked in, a person walked out. It was a woman who looked around 30 or so. The moment she walked out, a fragrance rushed toward them.

"Oh, isn't this Lord Dark Scorpion? Didn't you just come here a few months ago? Could it be that you know that I've obtained some knew treasures and came here to check?" The woman's voice was delicate and she revealed a charming smile.

Her gaze swept past Wang Lin and a hint of shock arose in her eyes.

The Dark Scorpion Patriarch smiled and clasped his hands. "Today I'm only here to accompany this fellow cultivator."

The woman smiled and carefully looked at Wang Lin. She leaned over and said "Fellow Cultivator, please follow me upstairs. If you need anything, please, just ask."

Wang Lin's expression remained calm and he clasped his hands slightly before following the woman upstairs. The second floor wasn't big, with only a few exquisite seats. Wang Lin sat down and looked at the woman.

The Dark Scorpion Patriarch stood behind Wang Lin and didn't sit down.

When the woman saw this, her eyes revealed a strange light that was very well-hidden. She lowered her head and softly said, "I wonder what Fellow Cultivator needs."

"Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals!" Wang Lin slowly said as his gaze moved away from the woman and toward the entrance to the second floor. There was a flash of light in his eyes.

"This old man also wants Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal!" Just as Wang Lin spoke, a cold voice came from the entrance to the second floor. Shortly after, a person walked out.

This person wore a fiery red robe and had disheveled white hair. However, it seemed like there was a sea of fire inside his body, and the temperature inside immediately increased.

Every step he took left a fire footprint, but the fire didn't burn the stairs. They seemed to be burning in thin air and gradually disappeared.

There was a fire mark between his eyebrows! The fire was lifelike and seemed to be burning! When he arrived on the second floor, his gaze met Wang Lin's gaze.

"Cultivator, let this old man have the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals."

Wang Lin smiled.

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