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Chapter 1373 - Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal (2)

The old man's mind trembled and his face showed even more pain. He coughed out even more blood and quickly retreated. Disbelief filled his eyes.

"Fourth Heaven's Blight!!! This is the power of fourth Heaven's Blight cultivation. Damn it, how did my Dark Scorpion Clan offend an old monster like this!?" Just as the old man was about to retreat, Wang Lin reached out toward him.

The old man immediately became aware of the origin energy surging like crazy around him. It was as if the origin energy had formed an invisible cage and was closing in on him from all directions.

Popping sounds echoed inside him and intense pain filled his body as if all his bones were going to collapse. The sense of life and death filled his body and the old man no longer dared to retreat. He had a feeling that if he retreated, he would without a doubt die. At this moment, he didn't hesitate to hit his clan mark, and it began to move strangely.

In an instant, the four-tailed scorpion immediately flew out and floated in the air. It grew until it was 1,000 feet large and then waved its tail and let out a roar.

This 1,000 foot scorpion was extremely ferocious, and when it appeared, it let a hiss as it charged at Wang Lin. The old man was still unsure as his hand reached at the void while clenching his teeth. There was a flash of light and hundreds of puppets charged out!

Every single puppet gave off the aura of a Yin and Yang cultivator. After they appeared, they immediately surrounded Wang Lin.

The old man had a ferocious expression and immediately retreated after roaring, "All puppets, explode for me!!" Wang Lin let out sneer and completely ignored the scorpion and puppets. Ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared.

The old man was rapidly retreating, but his body suddenly tembled. Wang Lin's figure appeared from the void behind him and his index finger casually pointed at the old man's forehead.

The shadow of death filled the old man's heart and his eyes became filled with fear. He wanted to dodge, but the gap in strength made it impossible for him to avoid it. He could only watch as the finger closed in on him. The finger didn't even touch him, but the aura it contained caused a rumble inside the old man's body.


The old man's body shook violently and his origin soul was shaken out from his body. His origin soul floated there and didn't dare to move. The fear in his eyes was monstrous and he seemed to be begging for mercy. The four-tailed scorpion mark returned to the old man and became a mark once more.

His body was thrown back in an arc and, while coughing out blood, landed on the ground.

Wang Lin's index finger was pointed at the old man's origin soul's forehead as he slowly said, "Are you still going to run?" 

"Just the aura from his fingertip is enough to force my origin soul out of my body and seriously injure me. If I was hit by that finger, I'd be killed instantly! This person… This person is definitely not just at the fourth Heaven's Blight!!" The old man trembled and shook his head. He had almost lost his wits, and the power in that finger made him give up all will to resist. That finger hadn't even landed between his eyebrows yet, but this just terrified him even more.

"From now on, your Dark Scorpion Clan belongs to me and will obey all my orders. Otherwise, I'll wipe out your entire clan!" Wang Lin withdrew his index finger and coldly looked at the old man's origin soul.

The old man trembled and nodded. He whispered, "The Fallen Land always obeys the strong. To have a strong master like you is good fortune for my Dark Scorpion Clan. All 176 of my Dark Scorpion Clan members will obey Master. No one will dare to disobey!"

Zhong Big Red rolled his eyes and quickly said, "Master, you absolutely can't just listen to their words. Make them issue an oath with their clan marks. If they violate the oath, then the entire Dark Scorpion Clan will die!" 

After the old man heard Zhong Big Red's words, his body trembled and he looked at Zhong Big Red with a vicious gaze. However, that viciousness soon collapsed and he revealed a bitter expression and nodded. "OK, this old man will issue an clan oath that you will be our master. If we betray you, we will die without a grave!"

After he spoke, his clan mark gave off a ghostly light. The four-tailed scorpion seemed to be in extreme pain and let out a silent roar. Soon, the light dissipated and an imprint slowly appeared on the scorpion.

The surrounding Dark Scorpion Clan members were released by Wang Lin. They had personally witnessed what had happened, including the person referred to as "young master." Fear filled their eyes.

They all made an oath with their clan marks. As a result, the Dark Scorpion Clan became the first Ancient Star System clan Wang Lin had taken over.

Wang Lin's cave became the Dark Scorpion Clan's holy land. Using the spell of the Dark Scorpion Clan, they turned the area around the cave into a desert. This would become the new home for the Dark Scorpion Clan.

After the old man named Zhang saw Wang Lin's might, his mind was shaken. He had made up his mind that he would absolutely follow Zhong Big Red.

As for Zhong Big Red he had become even more spirited, he was able command the Dark Scorpion Clan with his soul formation cultivation.

"There are  372 small clan in the Fallen Land. My Dark Scorpion Clan is at the bottom. We only control this almost abandoned planet and have few members…"

"The Ancient Star System has the Sovereign Council, while the Fallen Land is ruled by the Fallen Council. There is a total of 13 Fallen Elders who are in charge of the Fallen Land. As for the Great Emperor of the Fallen Land, he controls the Fallen Council. He is very mysterious, and the rumor is that he is a third step cultivator, which is why this place is not controlled by the Sovereign Council.

"The elders of the Fallen Council aren't set. Every 100 years, they can be challenged, and the winner becomes the new elder. Rumor has it that over the years, the Sovereign Council has secretly sent many people here in order take an elder spot. However, none have ever succeed and they all inexplicably died during the challenge.

"If you don't intend to become a Fallen Elder, there is no need to worry about your life." The old man from the Dark Scorpion Clan looked at Wang Lin at this point.

At this moment, he was respectfully standing in Wang Lin's cave and telling Wang Lin everything he knew.

"As for the puppet, it can only be bought from cultivation planets controlled by a Fallen Elder. Even the puppets in my Dark Scorpion Clan were bought from there.

"However, the higher cultivation level of the puppet, the more difficult it is to buy. Ordinary cultivators can't even buy them, only clans of the Fallen Land are qualified to buy them.

"Rumor has it that the method of making the puppets was passed down by the Great Emperor. As for the method of making them, only the 13 elders know."

"Among all the puppets in the Dark Scorpion Clan, the most powerful is a Nirvana Cleanser puppet, which cost a heavenly fortune. If this is taken out of the Fallen Land, it can be exchanged for a lot of treasures and pills." As the old man spoke, he touched his clan mark. There was a flash of light and a puppet that looked like a middle-aged man appeared.

This puppet had a numb expression, and at a glance it looked like a real person. However, upon closer inspection, one would find that it had no vitality and was covered in seals, making it impossible to see inside.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he carefully looked at the puppet. After pondering for a bit, he slowly asked "Does the Fallen Land have Nirvana Shatterer puppets?"

The old man hesitated for a moment, and after a long time he whispered, "It does."

Wang Lin's mind was shaken, but he remained calm and slowly said, "Oh? Are there Heaven's Blight puppets?"

The old man pondered even longer and said, "This little one isn't sure, but… but some people have said they have seen Heaven's Blight puppets… I just don't know if it is true or not."

Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. He didn't expect to find such an unimaginable thing in the Fallen Land. A Heaven's Blight puppet was too shocking!

"Since there are Heaven's Blight cultivators, could there be third step puppets?" Wang Lin didn't ask this, as such a matter was too absurd and he didn't believe there were any.

A moment later, Wang Lin asked, "What is the influence of the Fire Sparrow Clan here?"

"The Fire Sparrow Clan is one of the big clans in the Ancient Star System, and they have sent people here over the years. There are a few hundred of them. Although everyone knows they were sent by the Fire Sparrow Clan, since they don't participate in the elder struggle, they remain safe. They have made friends with various clan and participate in the puppet trade. They secretly collect Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals, and every now and then, they send them back to the Fire Sparrow Clan."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. "Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals?"

"This is an object unique to the Fallen Land. Rumor has it that it was brought by the Great Emperor and is a material used to make puppets. However, they are very rare… I… I have a small piece and can offer it to Master." The old man hesitated before taking out a white sandstone about the size of a grain of rice.

Wang Lin grabbed the white sandstone and carefully looked at it. His pupils rapidly shrank but soon returned to normal.

"You can leave. Gather all news of the Fire Sparrow Clan and report it all to me in detail." Wang Lin waved his hand and the old man quickly left.

After he left, the door of the cave closed and Wang Lin placed down restrictions. He immediately looked down at the white sandstone in his hand and his eyes grew brighter and brighter along with a hint of shock.

"Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal… So it is called the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal!!! Back then, the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor said that the Four Divine Sect originated in the Ancient Star System and then entered the Inner Realm… This is indeed true!

"This Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal was brought here by the mysterious emperor of the Fallen Land, but why would it be here… Unless… Unless…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and revealed a hint of uncontainable excitement!

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