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Chapter 1365 - Three Images

The wind rumbled, thunder roared, and rain fell violently on the earth. A thick veil of rain formed in the city and ripples spread across the city.

This rain was very fast and seemed to have no end as it constantly fell. Fortunately, the streets had shallow waterways that led most of the rain out of the city like rivers flowing into the ocean.

An entire day of time was lost in this rain. When night arrived, it was not as lively as the night before. People stayed inside their homes and didn't go out.

It was impossible to see the clouds at night, but the lightning that occasionally lit up the sky revealed the world to everyone.

There was cold wind mixed in with the rain. The cold wind howled, causing the rain to fall at an angle. The branches of wet leaves hanging before every door began to shake violently. Some were not tied well enough and the ropes snapped. They began flying in the wind like lonely boats in the violent ocean.

Some were thrown into the sky, where they circled in the air and disappeared into the darkness. Some fell to the ground and landed in the muddy water. They tried to fly again with the wind, but then a muddy boot crushed them, pushing them back into the mud… they would never break free again.

Thunder began to roar at this moment, and the lightning lit up the city. During this brief moment, one could see an old man wearing a daoist robe standing in the middle of the street with his hands behind his back and his eyes glowing like torches!

He was still standing on a leaf with his right foot. Half of the leave was still struggling in the muddy water as the wind blew...

There was a strange mark between his eyebrows!

Behind him were seven middle-aged cultivators, their gazes cold. With a wave of his hand, the seven people immediately surrounded the old man, and their hands formed seals. A faint light came from each of them and formed lightning-like threads connected to the old man's body.

This formed an image that looked the same as the tattoo between the old man's eyebrows! The old man became the center and seven rays of light shot out of his body.

The old man closed his eyes and suddenly reopened them a moment later. The moment he opened his eyes, the light from his clan mark began to spread out like a fan!

At the same time, the light from the seven people around him glowed brightly and gathered inside the old man's body, causing the light from his clan mark to shine even brighter!

As the light from his clan mark swept by the houses, the old man's gaze suddenly changed! These old and shabby houses suddenly look like they were brand new and then, in another instant, they were in ruins.

Not only was the time of the houses reversing, even the mortals in the houses became younger. Soon, they dissipated one by one as if they had never appeared in his world!

Some people that had lived here and died long ago seemed to have resurrected. Their lives played out before the old man.

Wang Lin was still sitting inside the house. The devouring of the eternal thunderbolt inside his origin soul had reached the critical moment. The eternal thunderbolt contained a will that was struggling frantically and was letting out thunderous roars, much like the thunder outside.

However, no matter how it tried to break free, it couldn't break out of Wang Lin's body. After Wang Lin's origin soul had devoured the eight ancient thunder dragons, it had turned into a bolt of thunder. It was like two bolts of eternal thunder were battling each other at the beginning of time. Only one could remain, only one could become the true king of thunder!

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, and they started shining. His expression was calm as he waved his hand and everything inside the house began to distort like a mirror. It continued to distort until cracking sounds appeared and, finally, everything shattered.

After doing this, Wang Lin closed his eyes and ignored the outside world. He once again went into cultivation and began the final step of devouring the eternal thunderbolt.

In the rain, the old man in the daoist robe slowly looked across the houses. When his gaze passed Wang Lin's house, he didn't even bat an eye. He just saw a scholar disappear within the house and get replaced by a much livelier family.

After a long time, the old man had scanned the entire western side of the city. After finding nothing, the old man calmly formed a seal, pointed to between his eyebrows, and let out a roar.

The light from his clan mark became even brighter, and when the old man looked again, the city had disappeared. Time continued to reverse and an ancient battlefield appeared before the old man. Two mortal armies fought, dyeing the earth dark red.

The old man suddenly closed his eyes. The light from his clan mark dimmed until it returned to normal. The seven cultivators around him also withdrew their marks. Now their faces were slightly pale.

"There is no cultivator hiding here, let's change to a different location!" The old man waved his sleeves and jumped into the air through the dark clouds. As he flew into the distance, the seven cultivators followed.

Similar scenes not only happened in various cities, but also on many planets across the Ancient Star System!

Once the Ancient Star System Order was given, every clan had to obey, and they had begun a detailed search of every single cultivation planet and abandoned planet. The people of the Ancient Star System formed a giant net!

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral and didn't change at all when they left; his eyes didn't even open. The roar of the eternal thunderbolt was getting weaker, and so was its struggle!

With clouds still filling the sky, even now the rain didn't seem to lessen. Not even the night watchman appeared, and the only sound was the sound of rain falling.

The two thunders inside Wang Lin's origin soul finally fused together. The eternal thunderbolt let out an unwilling roar before it was completely devoured by Wang Lin's origin soul

The moment the eternal thunderbolt was devoured, the will inside was refined by Wang Lin and became one with his origin soul. He felt his origin soul tremble, and his thunder essence was growing at an unimaginable speed.

This growth was impossible to describe. Just the thunder essence had allowed Wang Lin's cultivation to break through the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer and reach toward the late stage!

As his thunder essence rumbled, Wang Lin's cultivation would instantly reach the late stage of Nirvana Shatterer if he used his thunder!

The power of essence, the fundamentals of all domains. Obtaining the essence meant that he had seen through all laws of thunder. There was no longer a domain cap on his cultivation, and this was unheard of!

After devouring the will of the eternal thunderbolt, Wang Lin's mind rumbled. Memories flashed through his mind. These were the memories from the will, the memories of the eternal thunderbolt!

The memories were broken due to the passage of time, so only three images appeared!

The first image was of a collapse of a star system. The collapse spread across countless star domains and star fields, across an area far larger than both the Inner and Outer Realms. This collapse was like the apocalypse!

Within the collapse, countless creatures perished. Wang Lin saw cultivators in strange clothes, strange monsters, mosquito beasts the size of a planet, and he even saw a Ji Qiong with countless heads!

However, just as he was about to continue to look, a bolt of thunder seemed to frantically come from the void as if it was escaping something, and it flashed through the void!

This was the first image. It was very short, but the shock it brought Wang Lin was huge! That flash was the eternal thunderbolt!

However, it was countless times more powerful than when Wang Lin devoured it!

In the second image, the thunderbolt swam in a person's hand. He was middle-aged and he had an indifferent gaze. There was a flower tattoo between his eyebrows. The flower had seven petals representing the seven colors. 

"Unfortunately, this ancient void god thunderbolt will never return to what it was like in the past… Forget it, I'll just send you out and see what your luck is." The middle-aged man shook his head and waved his hand. The thunderbolt rumbled as it went down endlessly and disappeared.

The third image's setting was on top of the Scatter Thunder Clan's temple. There was a bolt of thunder that connected the heavens and earth. It was as if it had existed since the beginning of time and would remain eternal.

There were eight cultivators floating around this bolt of thunder. One of the eight was an old man, and he had a thunder mark between his eyebrows!

They other seven all wore strange clothes that was made from an unknown substance. It looked like each of them was wearing a river!

The person stood at the head, he was clearly the leader. Even the person of the Scatter Thunder Clan looked at this person with respect and a hint of fear.

There was a golden line around this person's body. Wang Lin felt that the golden line was extremely familiar!

"I didn't think he would be here… Unfortunate, unfortunate…" The leader shook his head and turned around. The moment he turned around, a rumble echoed through Wang Lin's mind, his pupils shrank, and he was startled for a moment!

"He… He is…"

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