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Chapter 1366 - Five-Colored Ji Realm

The image dissipated.

However, the image of the person turning around while speaking lingered in Wang Lin's mind. It was like an imprint engraved in his mind!

This person's appearance was unfamiliar to Wang Lin. He believe he had never seen that person before, but… there was a five-colored light flashing in his left tye. Wang Lin was very familiar with this light. He could tell at a glance that it was…. the Ji Realm!!!

Five-Colored Ji Realm!

Wang Lin had only seen the Five-Colored Ji Realm once. It was a long time ago back on planet Suzaku. It belonged to Na Duo from the Five Elements Planet!

The moment Wang Lin saw the Five-Colored Ji Realm, he had the inexplicable feeling that this Five-Colored Ji Realm was the same as Na Duo's Five-Colored Ji Realm!

Meeting Na Duo had opened the door to the Ji Realm for Wang Lin. Wang Lin had also found out that there wasn't just one type of Ji Realm!

Na Duo was one of the people that had hunted Situ Nan and was healing as a mummy on planet Suzaku. Wang Lin had taken his bag of holding, and after Wang Lin got his revenge in Zhao, this person had caught up to him.

Although the image had disappeared, Wang Lin's eyes shined. He seemed to have found a great secret!

"The golden light around the person should be the Soul Lasher. Combined with what the head elder said during our battle… Then there is Na Duo's Five-Colored Ji Realm… Could it be that these mysterious cultivators didn't leave but headed to the Inner Realm?

"Due to some unknown reason, his Five-Colored Ji Realm ended up in Na Duo's hands! Even the Soul Lasher was left behind on planet Suzaku...

"Na Duo must know a lot about this… Five Elements Planet… Na Duo!" As Wang Lin silently pondered, his eyes lit up. After a long time, he took a deep breath and put all of this aside. This was not the time to be thinking about this.

At this moment, the thunder in Wang Lin's origin soul was several times stronger than before. It filled his body and formed a vortex that rumbled loudly as it rotated.

Every time it rotated, it would cause every inch of Wang Lin's body to be filled with the power of thunder. At this moment, he was no longer a cultivator, but a bolt of thunder!

A bolt of heaven-defying thunder!

This cultivation went through a strange change at this moment. This kind of change had never happened before in the Inner Realm nor the Outer Realm! If he simply used this thunder power, he could break through from the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer to the late stage!

However, if didn't use thunder and instead used his own domain, fire, and origin energy, Wang Lin was still at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer.

This was directly related to the fact he had five essences in his body!

The rain outside the house continued to fall and lightning sometimes flash across the sky. Wang Lin stood up and held the broken raincoat in his hand. He put it on and walked out the door.

The moment he opened the door, lightning arrived and lit up the dark street. The rain created a haze, making it impossible to see far. No light came from any of the houses; they were obviously already asleep.

Occasionally, there would be cries of children being awakened by the sound of thunder but soon were coaxed back into sleep by their parents.

The rustling rain set off ripples on the ground, which was littered with scattered leaves. Wang Lin stood at the door and looked at the sky that was lit up for a moment by the lightning. He then tightened the raincoat around him and walked out.

There was no one else on the street beside Wang Lin. The only thing that accompanied him on this silent walk down the street, aside from the rain, was the wind.

The connection between the western and northern parts of the city was always very lively. If the weather was good, even late at night, the brothels and casinos would always be very populated.

However, under this heavy rain, this place had become quiet. Only the places that pretended to be restaurants still had light coming from them.

Wang Lin slowly walked through the western side of the city and arrived outside a restaurant. There were only two or three people inside and the waiter had a sleepy gaze that made him look like he would fall asleep at any moment.

Wang Lin walked into the restaurant and placed the wine jug before the waiter, making a soft sound.

"Give me a jug of wine."

When Wang Lin entered, he brought in some wind and rain. The man felt a chill and looked at Wang Lin. He grumbled before taking the wine jug off the table and walking into the back room. A short moment later, he put the wine jug before Wang Lin and lazily said, "Three mortal crystals."

Wang Lin left the money and took a sip of the wine. The familiar, spicy feeling entered his throat and turned into heat in his stomach. This wine was very strong and suitable for when one was about to kill. Wang Lin liked it a lot.

Holding the wine jug, he walked out of the restaurant. Thunder rumbled and lightning lit up the road before Wang Lin. He didn't go back to the western side of the city but walked toward the northern side.

In the rainy night, he would sometimes drink a mouthful of wine. His pace wasn't fast, but every time he took a step, the rain seemed to pause for a moment.

In the sky north of the capital, the old man in the daoist robe who had used the spell to search was leaving with a gloomy expression. The seven others that followed him all looked tired.

They had already searched many places tonight, but they had found nothing. Clearly the person that wiped out the Scatter Thunder Clan wasn't here.

"Elder, large amounts of people have gathered in this star domain, but none of them have found anything. Perhaps that person isn't here…"

"He may not be on this cultivation planet, but he must be in this star domain!" the old man said gloomily as he walked through the air.

"The Sovereign Council's Grandmaster Yun Luo foresaw that this person would be in this star domain. It won't be long before he can pinpoint the planet. If we can find him before Grandmaster Yun Luo, we will surely…" The old man's eyes lit up when he got to this point.

However, just at this moment, thunder echoed across the air and lightning lit up the sky. At that moment, a figure wearing a raincoat and holding a wine jug walked over!

He was too fast, so fast that no one saw him, so fast that none of the seven people noticed him at all. This figure suddenly arrived three feet away from the old man in the daoist robe!

The old man in the daoist robe's pupils shrank and his eyes filled with shock and fear. He didn't have time to do anything before the figure took a sip of the wine in his right hand and his left hand landed between the old man's eyebrows.

In an instant, a thunderous rumble came from the sky. A portion of the old man's origin soul was ripped off and pushed out from his body.

Just as this portion of origin soul left the old man's body, Wang Lin took a step forward. His left hand grabbed the origin soul that extended outward and then walked into the distance.

At this moment, the thunder just ended and the sound was still echoing. Then lightning lit up the sky once more. The seven cultivators hadn't noticed anything at all. Even the old man in the daoist robe was confused but soon recovered.

"It will surely be a great merit!" The old man's expression was still gloomy, but he was deathly pale. It seemed he hadn't noticed anything or remembered the fear he felt. He took a step and continued to fly forward.

As the lightning lit up the earth, the figure went further and further away from those eight cultivators. In his hand was an origin soul that looked like the old man. The old man tried to call for help, but no sound came out.

These eight people only needed to turn around to see this, but they weren't aware at all and gradually left.

Wang Lin took a sip of wine as he walked through the muddy water on the street of the western city and opened the door to his house.

He was still holding an origin soul in his left hand, and the moment he entered, his left hand squeezed. The origin soul silently collapsed and all memories were extracted by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin wouldn't carelessly risk killing the old man in the daoist robe, but he needed to know the current situation in the Ancient Star System. He had used his thunder to instantly cut off a portion of the old man's origin soul to search the old man's memory.

"It is indeed as I expected, the Ancient Star System has begun to search carefully… The Sovereign Council's Grandmaster Yun Luo… This person's spell was able to calculate my location…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. With this memory, he not only learned about the hunt the Ancient Star System had called for, but also the search net they had placed.

While sneering, Wang Lin waved his hand and an origin soul appeared in his hand. This was the origin soul of the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder. His eyes were closed and he was on the brink of death!

"The other five accompanying types of thunder, aside from Spiritual Thunder, must be obtained through the origin soul of the head elder! When he used the six types of thunder, they didn't come from his body, he summoned them. Although they dissipated, they weren't destroyed and could be summoned again! Unfortunately, there are nine types of thunder and it's not complete… I wonder if completing my thunder mark will allow me to cross the Heaven's Blight stages and reach the third step as a thunder cultivator!"

Without hesitating, Wang Lin opened his mouth and inhaled. The head elder's origin soul entered Wang Lin's mouth as a stream of light. Thunder rumbled inside Wang Lin's origin soul as the head elder's origin soul was completely crushed.

At this moment, Wang Lin's thunder origin soul moved. After devouring the head elder, his origin soul unexpectedly changed into the appearance of the head elder!

His origin soul suddenly opened its eyes, and thunder flashed through them.

"Heavenly Thunder, Earth Thunder, Origin Thunder, Magnetic Thunder, Dao Thunder, and Spiritual Thunder! Appear for me!"

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