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Chapter 1364 - Ancient Star System Order

Black clouds covered the sky and tore up the sunlight as rain fell from the sky. The rustling rain fell on the roofs, on the street, and on every pedestrian walking on the street.

Inside the houses, residents could clearly hear the rain land on their roofs. The rain flowed down along the edges of the roofs, forming curtains.

The branches of leaves hanging from the doors rustled with the rain as the rain flowed down and became one with the rain curtains.

The earth seemed to have been dry for a very long time. As the raindrops fell, large amounts of dust came with them, but before the dust could be kicked up high, it was immediately knocked back down by rain falling, becoming part of the mud puddle.

Pedestrians quickly move through the rain wearing rain clocks, with their heads lowered. Even though it was raining, it was daytime, so they still had to work.

Some children crawled along the windows and reached for the rain while laughing. Their laughter traveled far in the rain.

This rain was falling because of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin pushed open the door of the house and felt the damp air blow into his face. It was very refreshing. He looked up at the rain that fell the sky and the roaring thunder from the clouds. At first the thunder sounded far away, but the sound quickly closed in until a big boom went off next to his ears. It scared some children and they no longer dared to be near the windows.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he picked up the wine jug and took a drink. He smiled as he looked at the familiar mortal life before him, The children especially remind him of the past.

Once upon a time on planet Suzaku, he also crawled on the window and extended his hand out to let the rain fall into his hand while he screamed cheerfully.

"It has been almost 2,000 years… Cultivators don't know time, and not many can remember their age… I can't remember how old I am…" Wang Lin took another sip of the wine and felt melancholy.

The cold air was very strong as it fell on Wang Lin's body. He silently pondered for a moment, and when he was about to close the door, his expression changed and he slowly look up at the sky.

The sky was still covered in dark clouds and the rain blocked the view. Naturally, none of this affected Wang Lin, and he saw two swords flying in the clear sky above the dark clouds.

There was a man and a woman on the flying swords. The man wore blue and was very handsome. His cultivation level wasn't low, around Nirvana Scryer. The woman was graceful and wore phoenix-colored clothes. She was very beautiful and gave off the aura of a noble.

Below them were the dark clouds. From their location looking down, they could clearly see the lightning moving within the clouds and hear the rumbling thunder.

"Yue Xuan, the clan has called for an urgent meeting. Your cultivation level isn't high enough, so don't be brave!"

The woman looked at the man gently and whispered, "I'll listen to you. I wonder what happened for the elders to send out this urgent call. This is very rare."

The man had a serious expression. He also had the same doubts in his heart and was about to speak when he suddenly looked into the distance. His arm blocked the woman and they stopped in the air.

A ray of black light flew across the black clouds. The black wind was originally going in the same direction as the two of them, but once it detected them, it changed its direction toward them. 

It only took a moment for the black wind to close in, and a young man in black appeared. He had an indifferent gaze and silently looked at the woman named Yue Xuan.

The pupils of the man blocking the woman shrank and he clasped his hands. "Greetings, Brother Zhou!"

The woman revealed a gentle smile and softly said, "Little Sister greets Big Brother Zhou."

The young name named Zhou had a complicated expression as he withdrew his gaze and looked at the man in blue. He coldly said, "The Scatter Thunder Clan has been destroyed. Their head elder has been defeated and is missing. This has all been confirmed by the Sovereign Council. They sent the Ancient Star System Order to tell all the clans! This urgent call is to get the announcement from the Sovereign Council.

"The Sovereign Council's Grandmaster Yun Luo used the great divination spell to find the appearance and origin soul imprint of the person who destroyed the Scatter Thunder Clan. The Ancient Star System Kill Order has been sent out!

"This matter is so great, I fear even the likes of us have to go search. Even this cultivation planet must be carefully searched. Take care of yourselves!"

"What!?" The expression of the man named Yu changed greatly and disbelief filled his eyes. The woman beside him was also shocked.

"The Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder was rumored to be at fifth Heaven's Blight and couldn't be defeated by anyone but third step cultivators. Unless… Unless the perpetrator is a third step cultivator!"

"Also, the Scatter Thunder Clan had hundreds of thousands of people with many powerful cultivators. How could they be wiped out!?"

"The Scatter Thunder Clan also has the eternal thunderbolt that has existed since ancient times. This matter… This matter…"


The young man in black was going to leave but turned around and coldly said, "This is unconfirmed, but the Sovereign Council said that the eternal thunderbolt was devoured by that person! At the moment, the entire Ancient Star System is searching. The Sovereign Council sent out an elder looking for this person!"

Under the clouds where the rain fell, Wang Lin slowly withdrew his gaze. His eyes were calm as he sat down and looked to the side.

There were flashes in his eyes and he murmured, "I have been found out so quickly… The Sovereign Council. I have to refine that last ancient thunder dragon as soon as possible and then fuse with the eternal thunderbolt!"

Wang Lin silently pondered as he closed his eyes. The monstrous flame in his origin soul was refining the last ancient thunder dragon.

As time slowly passed, the rain outside became heavier and heavier. The dark clouds covered the city, causing the outside to be very dark.

Even when it was noon, no sunlight penetrated the clouds. After refining for half a day, the ancient thunder dragon wasn't able to resist Wang Lin's fire anymore. It let out a miserable scream before it collapsed and was absorbed by Wang Lin's origin soul!

At this moment, all eight ancient thunder dragons had been devoured by Wang Lin and had become part of him. At this instant, his origin soul grew like crazy. The fire dissipated and was replaced by endless thunder.

The thunder essence began to grow like crazy at an earth-shattering rate! Wang Lin's origin soul slowly changed from the shape of an ancient thunder dragon to a bolt of thunder!

A bolt of thunder that connected the heavens and earth. Wang Lin's head was the heavens and his feet were the earth. This bolt of thunder was now the same as the one the Scatter Thunder Clan had, eternal!

The moment this bolt of thunder formed completely, the clouds outside rumbled and even more rain fell. The thunder seemed to have gone crazy and rumbled violently.

The entire cultivation planet could hear the shocking thunder coming out from the clouds!

In the imperial city, there were several old men in a towering pavilion. Almost all of them were at the Nirvana Cleanser stage, and one of them was at the Nirvana Shatterer stage!

As they all stood inside the pavilion, they looked at the clouds churning and listened to the rumbling thunder. They all revealed strange gazes.

"This rain came a bit too suddenly… The thunder also seems a bit too violent, but even our combined divine senses didn't find anything…"

One of the old men said, "Perhaps we are just too worried."

"Alas, even a large clan like the Scatter Thunder Clan has been destroyed and their head elder killed. Looking at the thunder before me, I can't help but feel something is wrong, but perhaps I'm just thinking too much." The Nirvana Shatterer old man shook his head and stopped talking.

"It doesn't matter who that person is. Since the Ancient Star System Kill Order has been given, as long as his whereabouts are found, he will without a doubt die!"

There was a large mountain range in the eastern part of the planet. This was where the Zhen Yan Clan was located. Different from the Scatter Thunder Clan, the Zhen Yan Clan was only a small sect and only occupied a single cultivation planet, much like the sects in the Inner Realm.

At this moment, inside the Zhen Yan Clan, there was a person with white hair standing on top of the mountain. He looked very old and he stared into the distance. After a long time, he whispered, "Why do I feel like a calamity is about to strike…"

Wang Lin knew that time was of the essence. After devouring the eight ancient thunder dragons, he released the eternal thunderbolt. The moment it was released, it was about to break free from Wang Lin's body.

However, just as it was about to move, Wang Lin's origin soul, which had become a bolt of thunder, rushed at the eternal thunderbolt and began devouring like crazy!

The eternal thunderbolt struggled like crazy. There was a will inside the eternal thunderbolt much like the soul of a cultivator, and it began a struggle to the death with Wang Lin!

"Fuse with me and become part of my thunder essence. Allow my thunder essence to reach completion, and along with the accompanying forms of thunder, increase my cultivation level!" Wang Lin's divine sense swept forth like a storm and tore up all the resistance the eternal thunderbolt put up.

"Dao spell… Fuse!" Wang Lin's right eye lit up and the two different thunder essences in his eyes began to rotate. His eyes gave off a demonic feel!

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