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Chapter 1363 - Long Silence

The mortal capital was very large and the population was dense. More people lived on the west side than the other three sides. Wang Lin also gradually learned that the people here didn't use silver and gold as money like on planet Suzaku.

There was a thing called "mortal crystals" that was like silver and gold for mortals, depending on the size.

Mortal crystals were useless to cultivators, but due to their rarity and beauty, they were used as money by mortals. With Wang Lin's cultivation level, it was very easy to obtain them.

He was inside the capital when a portion of his origin soul left his body and went underground. No one noticed him as he found a vein of mortal crystals hidden underground.

He circled around it and refined a portion of the vein. When that portion of his origin soul returned, there was a large amount of mortal crystals inside his storage space.

As he walked through the city, he didn't use any spells and gradually arrived at the western part of the city. There were endless houses here and the street was in shambles. Even the houses looked old and worn, as if they hadn't been maintained for a long time.  

However, there was something very strange about them. Almost every house hand a branch of leaves hanging below the roof. It seemed to be the unique custom of this place.

The people walking here all had simple clothes and walked quickly.

Wang Lin's arrival didn't attract the attention of any of the people. After looking around, he easily found some houses for sale. After finding a very dense location, Wang Lin bought a house.

This house was in the middle of the street and there was a big tree outside. There was a noodle stand under the tree and it sold rice wine as well. Poor families couldn't afford to go to restaurants to drink, so they just ate a bowl of noodle and a cup of rice wine to fill their stomachs.

Dusk arrived and the sky dimmed. It was time for dinner. The families here were very lively as they talked to each other and laughed loudly. There were children playing on the street and throwing small stones around.

Wang Lin was sitting at the door of his house and smiled as he watched everything. When he bought the house, a lot of the neighbors had come to talk to him. Wang Lin was very kind to them, and most of them had learned that Wang Lin was a student here for the exam. He couldn't afford to live in an inn, so he had bought a house here to study for the exam next year.

As the sky gradually darkened, the tired works returned home and everything quieted down.

Moonlight gradually appeared. The man under the tree watched his two workers packing up the stall. He had a pipe in his hand as he took a step and looked at Wang Lin looking at the sky not far away. He picked up a jug of wine and walked toward Wang Lin.

"Little child, the night is cold, here is a jug of rice wine for you. Drink a bit of it late in the night while studying to warm your body. If you become rich later, you can pay me back." He gave the jug to Wang Lin before leaving with his two workers.

Wang Lin held the jug and found that it was still half full. He smiled at the direction the old man towards and his heart felt calm. Compared to the cruel cultivation world, Wang Lin preferred this more.

The moonlight gradually became stronger and the cold wind gradually arrived. The wind reverberated across the street and the leaves hanging from the houses began to rattle.

This wind was very cold, and it integrated with the rain, making the rain even colder. The small rocks on the street were blow away by the wind and dust was kicked up. This made it seem like everything was covered in fog.

Every household had already lit up the oil lamps. Light leaked out of their windows, giving the area a certain charm. Wang Lin took the jug of rice wine and looked around before heading back inside.

The house was very simple but very clean. The moment the door closed, the sound of the wind was cut off as if it was in another world. It was almost inaudible.

After lighting up the lamp, the flickering light made the house seem a lot warmer than before, hiding the darkness from before in a corner.

"Even my mind has calmed down in this place…" Wang Lin put the wine jug next to the oil lamp and sat down. He took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, his origin soul started working rapidly, forming a powerful force. It was like a storm inside his origin soul, but none of it could be detected by anyone outside. Wang Lin was calmly sitting there, but the fire on the oil lamp seemed to move.

Wang Lin's figure under the fire began to twist...

There was a shocking scene inside Wang Lin's mind. Eight ancient thunder dragons roared like crazy in an attempt to charge out of his origin soul. However, his origin soul was like a cage, and no matter how much they tried, they couldn't even shake it!

Even with Wang Lin's cultivation level, it wouldn't be easy to refine and absorb the eight ancient thunder dragons. However, aside from the thunder essence, he also had a fire essence!

As the eight ancient thunder dragons struggled, blue fire appeared in his origin soul and surrounded the ancient thunder dragons. After the fire had locked the eight ancient thunder dragons down, it began to refine them.

The Vermillion Bird circled the eight ancient thunder dragons and would sometimes spit out fire to increase its power while refining them!

Wang Lin's origin soul was already made of half an ancient thunder dragon. Thunder filled his origin soul and a ninth ancient thunder dragon made up of his origin soul appeared. It circled the eight ancient thunder dragons, waiting for the chance to devour them.

Time slowly passed. The eight ancient thunder dragons let out miserable cries inside the blue fire. These cries were completely isolated within the origin soul and none of it came out.

Wang Lin's house was completely silent, just like everyone else's. As late night arrived, the lights from the houses extinguished one by one. Almost all the houses on the west side were extinguished, aside from a few.

A faint sound came from outside the houses and gradually became louder until it broke the silence, but it wasn't intrusive.

"The cold wave is coming, close the door and turn off the light…" A voice slowly came and slowly went and then the silence returned.

However, the moment that person left, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, and they shined brightly. His hand reached out and the jug of wine flew into this hand. He took a big drink!

The spicy wine entered his abdomen and heat filled his body, leaving a hint of spiciness in his mouth. Then Wang Lin closed his eyes again. His origin energy surged and even more fire appeared in his origin soul.

The power of fire entered his origin soul and made the sea of fire even more monstrous. It refined the wine until only its essence remained. The essence was moved toward the sea of fire that was refining the eight ancient thunder dragons.

During this period of time, the sea of fire erupted and began to burn even more. As the fire raged, one of the eight ancient thunder dragons began to scream miserably.

The ancient thunder dragon trembled and suddenly collapsed. The moment it collapsed, the ninth ancient thunder dragon formed by Wang Lin's origin soul charged in like a bolt of thunder and inhaled!

The collapsed ancient thunder dragon soul had lost all resistance after being thoroughly refined by Wang Lin, then it became a part of him!

Inside the house, Wang Lin's face turned rosey as if he had consumed something very nutritious. Although his eyes were closed, there was a faint thunder mark flashing through his eyelid.

The room was very quiet, but the fire on the table flickered violently and Wang Lin's shadow distorted even more. A moment later, the fire went out and the room was as dark as outside.

Only Wang Lin's thunder mark still faintly gave off a glow...

Only seven of the eight stubborn ancient thunder dragons remained, and they struggled like crazy. The sea of fire went from being split into eight parts to seven parts, causing the fire each ancient thunder dragon was enduring to become even stronger. 

Under this intense burning, the seven ancient thunder dragons screamed miserably. It didn't take long for another ancient thunder dragon to collapse and get absorbed by Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's origin soul charged at the remaining six ancient thunder dragons. He charged through the fire and began a crazed battle to devour them.

The night gradually passed and the sun covered the ground, awakening the sleeping city. However, the sunlight came a bit late as layers of dark clouds had blocked the sun, so everything was hazy.

Waves of thunder came from the thunderclouds and fine rain began to fall.

Wang Lin opened his eyes while sitting.

"I have devoured and absorbed seven of the eight ancient thunder dragons. Only one left!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

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