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Chapter 1362 -  Earth Escape, Thunder Refining

"The sign that the Ancient Imperial Concubine had predicted has appeared!" Dao Master Blue Dream's expression was gloomy as he looked up into the void. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the void.

At this instant, not only Dao Master Blue Dream, but the expressions of almost all the third step cultivators changed. They looked up at the sky with extremely gloomy expressions.

Part of the Ancient Celestial Realm existed within the Ancient Star System, though few people knew of this. Inside it were a few women, and they all opened their eyes and looked up!

Within the Ancient Star System, there was a huge figure quickly moving through space. It was Tuo Sen! His eyes were red, and his right hand was repeatedly hammering the spot between his eyebrows, creating thunderous rumbles that spread far and wide!

"You want to make a god a slave? What a dream!! I'm a noble god and you're a mere cultivator that wants to take over my soul. What wishful thinking! Get the hell out of here! Get the hell out of here!" There was madness in Tuo Sen's eyes and voice!

Tuo Sen suddenly stopped and turned around, and his bloodshot eyes stared into the starry sky.

"The aura of my clan. This aura is very, very familiar. I vaguely know him! No, it was Tu Si who knew him!!"

The voice echoed in Wang Lin's ears like a thunderous rumble, but his hands held the eternal thunderbolt tightly. Not only did he no loosen his hands, he mercilessly pulled the eternal thunderbolt once more!

"What a joke. Why should I let go just because you're telling me to? This eternal thunderbolt belongs to me!! If you continue to be stubborn, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

The muffled sound from inside the vortex became a roar, as if Wang Lin's refusal had angered the mysterious existence. Thunder swam around the vortex and rotated rapidly as if something was going to charge out!

Wang Lin could clearly feel this anger, and his eyes turned cold.

"Anger. If my fire essence was complete, I could make you suffer just from that anger. Even if you didn't die, you would be seriously injured!"

Wang Lin held the eternal thunderbolt and mercilessly pulled down while the ancient god power surged through him. The eternal thunderbolt was almost pulled completely out of the vortex!

The roar from the vortex became even more intense. Although it was pulling as well, it was obvious it couldn't compare to Wang Lin's ancient god power!

"Traitor of the Void Extinction Dao, evil remnant of the descendents of the ancient gods, if not for the fact I'm very familiar with the aura around your body, I would have long destroyed you. Since you're looking for death, I'll comply with your wish!" the thunderous voice in the vortex said. The thunder at the center of the vortex collapsed and turned into black gas. The gas formed two giant hands that tore the vortex from both sides!

In an instant, the vortex was ripped open by this pair of giant hands. The gap ripped open by the vortex was completely dark and it was impossible to see what was inside, except for the rough arms that were coming out!

The moment the arms appeared, space itself began to collapse as if it shouldn't exist in this world! Wang Lin felt as if he had been struck by lightning and his eyes turned bloodshot. He seemed to recognize that arm!

He recognized these arms because he had seen one a long time ago. He had fought against it over 1,000 years ago in an unforgettable battle!

At that time, he didn't know much about cultivation or the secrets of the Inner and Outer Realms, he was still ignorant. However, after experiencing more than 1,000 years, every time he thought about what happened back then, he would be shaken!

A sense of madness came from Wang Lin's body. He stared at the arms and let out a miserable cry!

"It's you!! The one who stole Wan Er's soul from me back on planet Suzaku!! Messenger of the heavens!!" Wang Lin rarely let out roars, but right now he was mad like a beast, and anyone how saw him would be shaken.

A cold snort came from the vortex and then an arm mercilessly reached for Wang Lin. There were thunder and lightning surrounding the arm, making it seem as if the arm itself was thunder!

It descended like a bolt of thunder and instantly reached toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin was already crazy. In his whole life, he had one bottom line! Anything to do with Li Muwan was enough to make him go from absolutely calm to completely insane. At this moment, he didn't hesitate to let go of the eternal thunderbolt and charge at the arm.

As he moved, the ancient god power in his body rumbled and his cultivation raged. A giant ancient god silhouette appeared behind him, giving off a powerful pressure that suppressed space itself!!

"This… This is… Tu Si!!" A shocking voice came from the vortex.

"Fire!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with endless madness as he raised his left hand. Blue fire appeared from his left eye and immediately erupted from his body. A blue Vermillion Bird appeared and let out a cry!

As it cried, the blue fire immediately spread, and in an instant, a sea of fire covered the area!

"Thunder!" Wang Lin's right eye flashed and so did the thunder mark. The giant dragon under him coiled around him, and the Vermillion Bird and the dragon crossed. A shocking spell of thunder and fire appeared!

"Battle!!!" Wang Lin roared as the blood sword appeared and instantly grew to 1,000 feet. Wang Lin grasped the sword in his hand!

The moment he grabbed the blood sword, the ancient god silhouette raised its hands. There was a flash of blood light and a 10,000 foot blood sword appeared in its hands!

At this moment, Wang Lin's ancient god power entered the blood sword. The sea of blue fire surged into the blood sword; even the blue Vermillion Bird became part of the blood sword!

At the same time, the thunder dragon suddenly entered Wang Lin's body. Wang Lin's body was like a black hole, absorbing the entire thunder dragon. Then he redirected the power of the thunder dragon into the blood sword!

The fusion of thunder and fire, the eruption of ancient god power, and the battle intent erupting from the star of law caused Wang Lin to mercilessly chop down as the hand reached forward!

The world rumbled, an unimaginable ripple spread, and the holy land below them shattered. The 16 planets were all affected by this impact and were pushed away, changing their trajectories!

This sword pierced the heavens!

The blood light was blinding and became the only light source around. The hand that had reached toward Wang Lin trembled and a line of blood appeared around the wrist of the hand!

One strike caused the hand to detach from the arm, and blood sprayed everywhere!

A muffled scream came from the vortex and the arm withdrew back to the vortex. However, as it retreated, the blood sword charged once more at the giant vortex!

The strike caused the vortex to rumble, but it wasn't damaged. Instead, the strike had caused it to rotate even faster due to a powerful force hitting it. The arm retreated back and the vortex disappeared as if it never existed!

Just as it was about to disappear, Wang Lin stepped forward with the blood sword and charged forward with bloodshot eyes. Even though the sword was invincible, no matter how much Wang Lin struck it, the vortex wasn't affected at all.

He watched the vortex slowly disappear and heard the angry roar that came from within!

"Why do you have that sword, that sword…" The voice dissipated and the vortex gradually disappeared. Wang Lin's last strike descended right as the vortex disappeared and missed!

"I don't care who you are or where you come from, but one day I'll break open the heavens and find you all. Back then, before my cultivation was complete, you took my wife's soul and caused her to be in her current state. I'll not let this vendetta go!!" Wang Lin's expression was ferocious. This was the first time he had become angry since coming to the Ancient Star System!

All of this happened too fast, too fast for anyone to react. Too fast for the eternal thunderbolt to enter the vortex. The vortex had disappeared, leaving the eternal thunderbolt with no place to run.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and stared at the eternal thunderbolt. After being injured by the sword in the 7 Million Worlds, it was extremely weak. Then, just now, it was affected by the shockwave of Wang Lin's madness. The moment Wang Lin looked at it, it rapidly retreated as if it had intelligence.

"Where are you running to!?" Wang Lin was still filled with killing intent as he used Spatial Bending to appear before the eternal thunderbolt. His right hand reached out mercilessly.

Thunderous rumbles came from the eternal thunderbolt. It stopped running and instead charged at Wang Lin. However, Wang Lin immediately seized it with his right hand, and the eternal thunderbolt began to struggle. Wang Lin immediately opened his mouth to devour it!

The eternal thunderbolt was instantly devoured by him!

"Refine this eternal thunderbolt, refine the eight thunder dragons, take all of the head elder's accompanying thunder, and my thunder essence will be complete! My cultivation level will increase!"

Wang Lin had cut off the hand of the messenger of the heavens. Although the messenger of heavens had still not shown itself, it was far stronger than the one Wang Lin had encountered on planet Suzaku. However, Wang Lin had still cut off its hand using his thunder, fire, battle intent, and blood sword and forced it to retreat!

After taking the eternal thunderbolt, Wang Lin suppressed the madness and sorrow that had surfaced due to the appearance of the messenger of the heavens.

He waved his sleeve and the palm of the messenger of the heavens fell before him. After the palm was cut off, it was no longer flesh and blood. It was now a palm-shaped crystal that gave off a bright glow.

After looking at it, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. This palm was… lacking a palm print!

All human hands have palm prints. No matter how high one's cultivation level was, they wouldn't chose to destroy their palmprint.

"Could it be that the messengers of the heavens all don't have palm prints…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he put the stone palm in his storage space. He looked around at the Scatter Thunder Clan members that didn't dare to get close.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and he was about to leave. As for the clean-up, Daoist Scattered Spirit would do the rest. None of this was related to Wang Lin anymore!

Just as Wang Lin was about to leave, a person charged out from the distance after hesitating for a long time. Starlight surrounded him and there was an awl-like object under his feet as he flew toward Wang Lin.

"Mas… Master!! Do you still remember me?" The cultivator's body trembled. When he uttered these words, it was the same as betraying the Scatter Thunder Clan. Although the clan was facing a crisis, he could still be killed by his clan first! However, thanks to the determination in his heart, he didn't have time to think too much about it!

"Damn it, a person has to make a decision in their life. This will all depend on my luck. If I stay, I'll die, so I'll follow Master even if I'm betraying my clan. I don't care!"

Wang Lin stopped and turned around with a cold gaze.

His gaze landed in the cultivator's eyes. This person trembled as he clenched his teeth and quickly said, "Master, I… I'm Zhong Big Red. 'Zhong' as in 'little Zhong.' 'Red as in 'little Red…' I'm Zhong Big Red, Master! Master for a day, master for life! Master, don't leave me. I'm willing to serve Master for the rest of my life and never betray you!"

Wang Lin's expression was still cold as he slowly said, "You want to come with me?" 

Zhong Big Red quickly flew out further so he wouldn't be killed by his own clan. After he heard Wang Lin's words, he quickly nodded and said, "Master, as long as you let this little one follow, I'll do whatever Master asks. Whether it is setting fire or stealing, I'm proficient in anything. I'm no worse than that Xu Liguo, Master. Please give me a chance, Master…"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he looked at Zhong Big Red. Then he turned around and waved his sleeves. A wind wrapped around Zhong Big Red and put him into Wang Lin's storage space to accompany Xu Liguo. He then took a step and crossed an immeasurable distance to appear where Daoist Scattered Spirit was battling the Scatter Thunder Clan's Heaven's Blight cultivators.

Spells filled the area. When Wang Lin appeared, his eyes glowed red. His Ji Realm shot out as red lightning, and it was simply too fast. It drilled into the head of a first Heaven's Blight cultivator, causing his origin soul to collapse. Then it entered a second Heaven's Blight cultivator, causing his head to explode.

"Fellow Cultivator Scattered Spirit, take care of yourself. I'm leaving!" Wang Lin took another step as he withdrew his Ji Realm and disappeared without a trace!

He had appeared and instantly killed two people. This terrified the people battling Daoist Scattered Spirit. Daoist Scattered Spirit laughed out loud.

"Brother Wang, take care. This old man believes we will meet again someday!"

"When we meet again, you will be surprised!" Wang Lin's voice came from the void as he left the Scatter Thunder Clan domain.

"Surprised?" Daoist Scattered Spirit was puzzled, but he didn't think too much as he began exacting revenge against the Scatter Thunder Clan!

Wang Lin quickly moved through the Ancient Star System and his aura quickly withdrew until there was nothing left. He was like a mortal, and his five essences were intertwined so that his aura wouldn't reveal itself at all.

"A third step cultivator should be able to find me easily, but since I have five essences covering my aura, I just need to find a place with a lot of people. If someone is really looking for me, I should be able to hide for a while.

"Right now I need to quickly refine the thunder!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he used Spatial Bending several times before appearing above a cultivation planet.

This cultivation planet belonged to a small clan of the Ancient Star System. It was filled with mortals, and the capital was especially full of people. The streets were bustling, and there was no less than 10 million people in this city.

When he appeared, his hair turned black and was tied up. He was dressed in white and had a fan in his hand like a scholar as he stepped into the strange, mortal world.

The street was filled with people. Men and women didn't avoid each other with suspicion like they did on planet Suzaku. They all dressed gracefully and were very lively.

There were also stalls on the side, though only a few had open seats, and lot of people were gathered. Wang Lin even heard someone reading when he passed by a restaurant.

"As for the Zhan Yan Sect's Xiu Yuhuan, he had a strange personality and loved to move through the mortal world. There are countless rumors of his adventures, and that's how he met his cultivation partner, Chu Yuexuan… What we'll talk about today is how these two celestials met… The story will be glamorous and incomparable, so, all of you, listen well!"

Wang Lin smiled. The mortal cities of the Ancient Star System were interesting. It was incredible for mortals to talk about cultivators, even if most of it was made up. However, this showed that the mortals here were not unfamiliar with cultivators.

The moment he entered this city, Wang Lin could tell that there were many cultivators here without spreading out his divine sense. There was even a male and a female cultivator in the restaurant listening intently to the story. There were nearly 100 cultivators in the eastern part of the capital.

"It's better this way as it makes the life force more chaotic here. Thanks to my essences helping me hide, I should be fine for a short period of time. It should be enough time for me to refine the eternal thunderbolt into my origin soul. I wonder how much my cultivation level will increas…" Wang Lin calmly walked toward the restaurant.

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