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Chapter 1361 - Get Down Here

The blinding, golden light was glaring, attracting the attention of all the Scatter Thunder Clan members. When their gazes fell on the golden light, their expressions changed greatly!!

"Head Elder!!"

"This… This… Impossible. How can Head Elder be captured? Could it be that a third step cultivator has acted?!"

"What he said before was true. Head Elder's body has collapsed and even his origin soul was nearly destroyed, leaving only this stand of remnant soul!!"

"Who the hell is this person!? Head Elder has fallen and was captured by him. The eternal thunderbolt returned weakened…"

An uproar was set off in the Scatter Thunder Clan. The head elder was the spiritual pillar of the entire clan and their ancestor. They didn't believe Wang Lin's words before, but now that they had seen the head elder's origin soul, their eyes were filled with fear!

Their minds trembled as their spiritual pillar had completely collapsed! If even the head elder had fallen, what could they do to resist?!

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin was completely ruthless and merciless to the people of the Outer Realm. When he said that the head elder was captured, he knew that with their belief in the head elder, the clan members wouldn't believe him, but he could use this to bury a seed!

Then he would break through the formation in one strike and then, at the moment when their minds were all shaken, he would take out the Soul Lasher. He wouldn't need to use it to attack, just the sight of the head elder's origin soul would be like a merciless strike at the hearts of the Scatter Thunder Clan!

This would cause the seed he had buried to suddenly erupt. Just as Wang Lin expected, the entire Scatter Thunder Clan was in chaos!

When the Scatter Thunder Clan went into chaos due to their head elder being captured, there was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin's eyes. As the thunder roared, Wang Lin waved his hand and there was a flash of blood light. The invincible blood sword shot out directly toward the fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator!

This was the ace Wang Lin had set! The blood light moved at an unimaginable speed. When the fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator noticed, the blood sword had already pierced through between his eyebrows!

A miserable cry echoed, awakening all the Scatter Thunder Clan members. Although they had only been in chaos for a moment, the price was extremely heavy!

There was a big hole between the eyebrows of the fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator, and his body collapsed. His origin soul escaped while screaming, but it couldn't outrun the blood sword and was pierced once more!

Even if he wasn't already shaking, this battle would still be easy because this fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator was a thunder cultivator, but he wouldn't have died instantly like now!

If it wasn't a thunder cultivator, Wang Lin would be in a difficult battle. After all, with his current power, he could beat third Heaven's Blight cultivators but would face trouble against fourth Heaven's Blight cultivators.

All of this happened too fast. Before the Scatter Thunder Clan had accepted the defeat of their head elder, Wang Lin shocked them by killing a fourth Heaven's Blight elder.

Wang Lin's expression was indifferent and he no longer paid any attention to them. The blood sword flew around him and the thunder dragon moved forward. All the cultivators before him retreated. They didn't dare to talk half a step forward!

"These people's minds are a mess. Daoist Scattered Spirit, you should be fine with your strength!" Wang Lin stood on top of the thunder dragon as it flew toward the Scattered Thunder Clan's holy land.

The holy land was in the middle of the 16 cultivation planets. This was the second time Wang Lin had come here. When he arrived, his eyes lit up and he looked at the holy land with a solemn expression. He sat on the thunder dragon and his hands formed a seal. His body merged with the thunder dragon, leaving no way to distinguish them from each other!

As killing intent flashed through his eyes, the thunder dragon let out a heaven-shattering roar!

There were a lot of Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators outside the holy land. However, when they saw the giant thunder dragon, they all screamed in horror and quickly retreated.

Thunderous rumbles echoed when the thunder dragon rushed at the holy land and smashed into it!

The holy land rumbled. There was also formation around it, but it rumbled and collapsed when the thunder dragon collided with it. The continent trembled and piece of its edges collapsed.

The holy land trembled as if there were dragons moving underground. Popping sounds echoed and cracks spread across the holy land. The rumbling from the temple on the holy land became even louder!

The eternal thunderbolt inside the temple had been weakened a lot. The moment Wang Lin's thunder dragon shattered the formation, a thunderous rumble came from the eternal thunderbolt. A thunderstorm erupted from the temple, tearing it to pieces, and the pieces scattered in all directions.

The moment the temple collapsed, the eternal thunderbolt seemed to realize that it was in danger and began to shrink! Then it began to fly toward the endless void!

A giant vortex appeared in the void far away. The vortex was covered in thunder, and the eternal thunderbolt was heading toward the center of this vortex!

Seeing that the eternal thunderbolt was about to escape, Wang Lin suddenly stood up and and closed in on it with three steps.

He was currently under the giant vortex, and a majority of the eternal thunderbolt had already gone inside it. Only a portion of it remained outside.

Wang Lin didn't hesitate to reach out and grab the escaping eternal thunderbolt, then he mercilessly pulled!

"Get down here!"

A thunderous roar echoed and a roar came from the vortex along with a powerful impact. Wang Lin coughed out blood. He was unable to resist the intense power from the vortex!

A majority of the eternal thunderbolt was pulled into the vortex due to this force, leaving only a few hundred feet outside. Wang Lin's body was also pulled in. It looked like he was going to be pulled into the vortex!

Wang Lin's expression was ferocious. He had done whatever it took, and in the end he had worked with Daoist Scattered Spirit to kill the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder. All of this was to absorb this eternal thunderbolt. However, at the most critical moment, the eternal thunderbolt was going to escape!

If it was escaping through the stars, Wang Lin could chase it, but what happened was beyond Wang Lin's imagination. The aura coming out from the vortex was unfamiliar to Wang Lin, and something in there caused a hint of fear to appear in his heart!

This feeling made his scalp numb, like how Daoist Scattered Spirit felt when he saw the so-called Celestial Realm for the first time!

"This eternal thunderbolt I have my eyes on, no one can steal it from me!! I'll kill celestials and gods of they try!!" There was a defying will in Wang Lin's heart, and after experiencing the defying will of the countless people in the 7 Million Worlds, he wouldn't allow whatever was on the other side of the vortex to steal from him!

"Ancient god body, expand!!" As Wang Lin held on to the eternal thunderbolt being pulled away, the ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated rapidly. In an instant, he grew to almost 10,000 feet tall into his true ancient god body!

A 10,000 foot ancient god had heaven-shattering power. Wang Lin's arms also grew. The blood in his body circulated rapidly and his heart beat faster to increase blood flow. This gave him even more power!

The ancient stars formed a storm as they rotated between his eyebrows. Ancient god aura surged through every inch of his body, forming an indescribable storm!

This storm fused with his heartbeat, forming a heaven-shaking roar! All of this created an explosive force in Wang Lin's face. The veins on his face swelled as he viciously pulled down!

"Come down!!!"

Thunderous rumbles echoed violently and Wang Lin's body retreated like crazy. He forcibly pulled the eternal thunderbolt 1,000 feet out from the vortex!

Another powerful force came out from the vortex, holding on to the thunderbolt, and began battling Wang Lin!

"I won't allow anyone to steal from me!!" Wang Lin had a ferocious expression as every part of his body moved and his heart beat at an earth-shattering rate. The stars between his eyebrows were rotating so fast that it was impossible to see them clearly; it was even impossible to see them clearly with divine sense!

An even more powerful ancient god aura came from his body and the world trembled. A faint, angry roar came from the vortex!

With this pull, the eternal thunderbolt was pulled out a few thousand more feet by Wang Lin!!

This scene caused the countless Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators to become gobsmacked!

A muffled voice came out from the vortex, and even the entire Ancient Star System seemed to tremble before it! "Let go at once. This is not something one person can own. If you continue, I'll kill you!"

At this moment, the countless people in the Ancient Star System heard this voice!

Inside the Blue Silk Clan on Mount Blue, Li Qianmei calmly looked into the distance. There was confusion and struggle in her eyes. It was as if… a memory she couldn't cut off or forget was slowly awakening.

Dao Master Blue Dream beside her let out a sigh and stopped playing the zither. He was about to speak when his expression suddenly changed. He rushed out from the house. His eyes became cold and he stared at the endless, starry sky!

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