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Chapter 1360 - Spiritual Support Collapses

The thunder was earth-shattering. It was as if the thunder lake was moving, with Wang Lin as its center. As he moved, more and more thunder gathered around him. It was an extremely shocking scene!

When Daoist Scattered Spirit saw Wang Lin, he was startled. During the battle against the head elder, he realized how strong Wang Lin was. Those spells were like miracles of creation itself.

Now that they had left the 7 Million Worlds, Wang Lin was able to summon all this thunder. The thunderous rumbles of dancing thunder shocked him once more.

Wang Lin's expression was indifferent as he got closer and closer to the defensive formation around the Scatter Thunder Clan's 16 planets.

As he charged forward, the mighty thunder lake around Wang Lin roared and the thunder inside flashed violently. The Scatter Thunder Clan's defensive formation suddenly appeared before Wang Lin.

The formation formed by the 16 planets gave off a green light and formed a circle around the planets. When Wang Lin got close, he could hear crackling sounds from the green light, and the green light went from illusory to almost solid.

The green light turned solid like an eggshell around the Scatter Thunder Clan!

After breaking this eggshell-like barrier, the Scatter Thunder Clan would be revealed before Wang Lin!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and his body stopped 10,000 feet before the formation. His right hand reached at the void as if he was pulling the endless thunder around him and then he lifted it up!

The world rumbled and the thunder rumbled violently and began to tilt! Looking from above, the thunder around Wang Lin was like a mirror, an ocean. At this moment, due to Wang Lin's shocking force, this mirror-like ocean began to tilt!

Wang Lin's ancient god stars rotated between his eyebrows and his arms swelled. As he roared, the thunder around him rumbled even more intensely as it went from being tilted to standing upright!

It was a mirror that was lifted upright and displayed to the world!

Daoist Scattered Spirit's pupils shrank and he subconsciously took a few steps back and looked at Wang Lin in horror. Not only him, but the Scatter Thunder Clan had long known that a powerful enemy was arriving. All the Heaven's Blight cultivators had come out of the holy land and were staring at Wang Lin.

When they saw Wang Lin, their minds trembled and their expressions changed greatly!

Earlier, although Wang Lin had taken over Yu Fei's body, his origin soul had flown out and his appearance was revealed to everyone.

The head elder hadn't returned after chasing this person, but Wang Lin had come back. This shocked the Scatter Thunder Clan greatly, and countless speculations flew through their minds. Every single one of them made them panic.

"Head Elder's cultivation is heaven-shaking, so he shouldn't have had any problems. I think it is more likely that he has used some unknown method or has a helper to trap the head elder so he could come to break the formation. We don't need to panic, we just need to hold the formation, and Head Elder will soon be back!"

"That's right, with head elder's cultivation level, aside from third step cultivators, no one is a match. Head Elder also has many spells and treasures, so he won't encounter any problems!"

"But… But the eternal thunderbolt suddenly left, and when it returned, it was a lot weaker. The defensive formation also activated at the same time outside our control. This…"

The Scatter Thunder Clan members were all gloomy as they looked at Wang Lin outside the formation. However, they still believed that the head elder was fine and would soon arrive!

Wang Lin raised his arms as if he was holding the giant, thunder lake. A mysterious light shined in this eyes and he slowly said,

"Eight ancient thunder dragons that entered my origin soul, in my name, I order you to fuse into one! Then, along with my ancient thunder dragon origin soul, all nine dragons fuse into one and destroy that formation!" Wang Lin's voice echoed across the world. Thunder erupted from his body and rushed into the thunder lake.

The mirror-like thunder lake rumbled and a heaven-shaking roar came from it. A giant dragon head came out of the thunder lake and let out a ferocious roar!

This dragon's head was exceedingly large and was covered in green scales. It was extremely ferocious and gave off a fierce aura. It was like the demonic dragon that could destroy the world, and it rushed out with a thunderous bang!

Just its head was no less than 100,000 feet large. Thunderous rumbles echoed as the dragon head charged out, and a moment later, the rest of the dragon charged out from the thunder lake!

The thunder lake became smaller and smaller. When the tail of the dragon appeared, the lake dissipated completely!

A heaven-shaking thunder dragon almost 1 million feet long appeared in this world! This dragon was formed by Wang Lin after he devoured eight ancient thunder dragons and integrated them into his origin soul!

Although it was only an illusion, it contained unimaginable thunder force. If one looked at it with their divine sense, they would see nine souls fighting each other. However, one was obviously stronger than the remaining eight and suppressed them.

The 1 million foot thunder dragon roared and thunder gathered at the top of its head. Wang Lin's figure appeared there. He stepped out from the head with an indifferent expression and pointed forward!

With this, the giant thunder dragon roared and charged forward. It charged to the Scatter Thunder Clan's defensive formation with the force of a 10,000-man army!

The 10,000 feet distance only took the dragon an instant to cross. Its large body immediately slammed into the formation. A thunderous rumble instantly spread out in all directions like crazy.

Popping sounds echoed across the formation and cracks appeared on it. The eggshell-like formation was unable to bear this impact and almost collapsed!

An uproar came from inside the formation. The Scatter Thunder Clan members were gobsmacked. Their eyes were filled with fear and panic, but, most of all, disbelief!

"Your Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder's body has collapsed and his origin souls has been captured by me. Even your clan's eternal thunderbolt has fled back here, and you think a mere defensive formation can stop me?" Wang Lin's cold voice was like thunder as it passed through the formation and entered the ears of the Scatter Thunder Clan members.

When they heard this, their bodies trembled and their eyes flooded with disbelief!

"Impossible!! This person wants to mess with our minds. With Head Elder's heaven-piercing cultivation, how could he lose to this person?!"

"What absurdity! Your words are too arrogant, there is no credibility at all! Unless you can request a third step cultivator to act, then no one can win against him!"

"Even if he were to go up against third step cultivators, Head Elder has many spells and treasures. There is no danger to his life!"

"Arrogant! Your words are beyond ridiculous. If Head Elder is really dead, then I'll destroy myself without you doing anything! Laughable! Laughable!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm and the dragon under him raised its head. It let out a roar and mercilessly slammed down!

Even more cracks appeared on the eggshell formation, and it was about to collapse!

The thunderous rumble was heaven-shaking, and the dragon seemed to go crazy. As its head slammed into the formation, even its tail whipped the formation.

The formation could no longer bear the heaven-shaking collisions. With one final smash from the dragon's head, the formation collapsed with a thunderous rumble. Countless fragments scattered everywhere and a giant gap opened up!

The thunder dragon roared and didn't stop after breaking the formation. Its head was so big that when it entered the formation, it caused a large portion of the Scatter Thunder Clan's cultivators to subconsciously retreat.

Daoist Scattered Spirit followed the thunder dragon into the formation. He had an extremely complicated expression filled with hatred as he rushed forward.

"This person is only at the Nirvana Shatterer stage, but for some unknown reason, he can display the power of a Heaven's Blight cultivator. Everyone, attack at once and kill him quickly!"

"That bald fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator is the real enemy, stop him from advancing!"

The Scatter Thunder Clan had 11 people at the Heaven's Blight stage. At this moment, seven of them charged at Daoist Scattered Thunder, and the one leading was one of two the fourth Heaven's Blight cultivators!

The other fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator charged at Wang Lin.

"Without the head elder, no one in the Scatter Thunder Clan can stop me." Wang Lin shook his head. He didn't want to get entangled with these cultivators. He needed to head inside to devour the eternal thunderbolt as soon as possible.

The thunder dragon below him charged into the Scatter Thunder Clan. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the expressions of the Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators that wanted to stop Wang Lin all changed, then they retreated!

"Head Elder will soon return, we have to do our best to stall them!"

"Once Head Elder returns, they will without a doubt die!"

The Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators' eyes were all bloodshot as they rushed forward. They didn't care for their lives and even exploded their clan marks to stop Wang Lin!

All of this was because they refused to believe that the head elder would lose. They were confident that once the head elder returned, there would be no danger to the Scatter Thunder Clan!

The head elder was the spiritual pillar of the entire Scatter Thunder Clan!

Wang Lin sneered. As the thunder dragon moved forward, he waved his right hand and the Soul Lasher appeared. The golden whip unrolled, revealing a broken origin soul. It was the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder!!!

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