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Chapter 1359 - Legend

The head elder's origin soul was dying. His origin soul was injured by the sixth strike and was hit by the shockwave created by the eternal thunderbolt and the seven foot sword. The impact caused large portion of his origin soul to collapse, and now he no longer had any chance of survival.

What was left was only a broken origin soul, and most of his memories were lost. While he was in a daze, Wang Lin's Soul Lasher wrapped around him and pulled him over.

After the Soul Lasher turned into a golden light, it could become as long or as short as Wang Lin wanted. The previously almighty head elder's origin soul was caught by Wang Lin.

How could Wang Lin let the origin soul of a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator that was one step away from the third step go? Just killing him to make him part of Magic Arsenal was already extremely powerful, not to mention the comprehension of thunder within the head elder's origin soul.

To outsiders, the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder's origin soul was considered a heavenly treasure. However, to Wang Lin, it was even more important than a heavenly treasure, it was a chance for a great fortune!

"I have great use for his origin soul!" Wang Lin moved and charged at the gap in the world along with Daoist Scattered Spirit and the millions of people from the 7 Million Worlds.

After the great battle, the 7 Million Worlds was in ruins. Spatial cracks filled the 7 Million Worlds, and the barrier along the edge had collapsed. Storms swept through and devoured everything.

These 7 million worlds were already created by someone else. Dust turns to dust and earth returns to earth, everything returned to what they were. The sounds of the collapse were like death bells for the 7 Million Worlds as it dissipated.

When Wang Lin left, his heart was clear. Although he had only been in the Ancient Star System for a short period of time, he had devoured a large amount of cultivators and had gained their memories. Wang Lin knew that the head elder was like the king of the Scatter Thunder Clan and had absolute authority.

Even throughout the Ancient Star System, the head elder was extremely famous. Aside from the few third step cultivators, almost no one would dare to provoke him. The Scatter Thunder Clan had even sent a treasure into the Sealed Realm Formation, so the head elder was very important in the Ancient Star System.

His death would set off a calamity. It has to be said that even though Tuo Sen had killed countless people in the Ancient Star System, he hadn't encountered anyone with status like the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder.

When a clan was in danger, the people higher up would send in their clan members to take the brunt of the damage. Then the higher-ups would escape with their lives.

As a result, the death of the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder would be enough to shock the entire Ancient Star System. Wang Lin didn't know if the third step cultivators had spells to learn of this, but what awaited him was great danger!

The people of the 7 Million Worlds had come out, and the Scatter Thunder Clan would certainly be destroyed. This was a shocking change. The collapse of a large clan would attract a lot of attention.

As Wang Lin moved forward, his eyes lit up. Although the danger was monstrous, he wouldn't retreat!

The rumbling of the 7 Million Worlds collapsing gradually faded. This battle was more intense than his battle against Daoist Water. Against Daoist Water, Wang Lin had no chance, but he did against the head elder, which only made it even more difficult. If not for joining forces with Daoist Scattered Spirit, it would have been impossible to kill a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator!

Following the gap, a bright light appeared before him. Daoist Scattered Spirit excitedly brought his entire clan out and appeared in the Scatter Thunder Clan's star domain!

The moment he appeared, two streams of tear flowed from his eyes and he let out laugh filled with endless exhilaration! Not only him, but the people under his protection where the same. Thanks to his protection, even mortals wouldn't die in space like they normally would. They had personally witnessed themselves breaking out from the 7 Million Worlds and entering the Celestial Realm that shrouded over them. The excitement they felt was indescribable!

"This is the Celestial Realm, this is the Celestial Realm that has always decided whether we live or die. From now on, my clan will be the Celestial Clan. Since this place has the Scatter Thunder Clan, then there should be our Celestial Clan!" Daoist Scattered Spirit laughed louder and louder until he began to cry.

Not only him, but everyone from the 7 Million Worlds began to cry. The hardships they had faced couldn't be understood, especially the price of breaking out, which was 90% their lives. This sadness drilled into their hearts.

"From now on, we are free!"

Wang Lin silently looked at Daoist Scattered Spirit and company. He listened to their words, watched their smile and tears, and couldn't help but let out a sigh in his heart. He quietly looked up and wished he had the gaze to pierce through the void and see what was really above the heavens...

After a long time, Wang Lin lowered his head and muttered, "Did we really break out…"  He couldn't help but think back to the Cloud Sea, when he, Li Qianmei, and Lu Yuncong talked about dao all night.

The heavens was the circle. Even if you walked out, there were still countless invisible circles around you. How do you get out...

Daoist Scattered Spirit gradually calmed down the excitement in his heart. He then turned toward Wang Lin and clasped his hands. He was extremely sincere.

"I will never forget Fellow Cultivator's help. My entire Celestial Clan will never forget for generations. As long as Fellow Cultivator has any sort of request, there is nothing my Celestial Clan wouldn't dare to do!" After Daoist Scattered Spirit spoke, the few million people he managed to save all looked at Wang Lin excitedly. There was gratitude in their eyes and they all clasped their hands.

"My Celestial Clan is not afraid of any request!!"

Daoist Scattered Spirit waved his hand and thunder appeared in his palm. Tens of thousands of bolts of Spiritual Thunder flew toward Wang Lin.

"This is what I promised Fellow Cultivator!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he waved his hand and collected them all. This was what he had earned, even though each of them meant the life of a cultivator going through divine retribution.

"The Scatter Thunder Clan's eternal thunderbolt was injured just now. I'm going to attack the Scatter Thunder Clan and devour that eternal thunderbolt. What will you do now?" Wang Lin's gaze fell on Master Scattered Thunder.

Killing intent appeared in Master Scattered Thunder's eyes and he said, "That's good. I can't let the Scatter Thunder Clan go. If I don't take advantage of this and destroy the Scatter Thunder Clan, I won't be able to absolve the hatred of losing 90% of my clan in order to escape the 7 Million Worlds!"

Wang Lin no longer wasted time and charged forward. Thunder flashed in his right hand and he turned into thunder. He was going with his original body, so he was much stronger than when he was possessing someone!

Wang Lin only dreaded the fifth Heaven's Blight head elder, the rest were not an issue. If they weren't all thunder cultivators, then Wang Lin could some trouble. After all, there were still two fourth Heaven's Blight cultivators in the Scatter Thunder Clan. 

However, since they cultivated thunder, even though they were at fourth Heaven's Blight, Wang Lin wasn't afraid of them. A battle between thunder cultivators was competing for their control of thunder!

Wang Lin had devoured eight ancient thunder dragons and had tens of thousands of Spiritual Thunder bolts. Although he hadn't had time to refine them completely, the power of his thunder essence was heaven-shaking, so who could compete with him?

Even though they were thunder cultivators at the fourth Heaven's Blight, they were not a match!

"With the head elder dead, the Scatter Thunder Clan is no longer a threat!"

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes as he moved faster and faster. Thunderous rumbles echoed as he charged toward the protective formation formed by the Scatter Thunder Clan's 16 planets!

"This battle must be fast. I must slaughter my way inside to devour that eternal thunderbolt and then leave!" As Wang Lin rushed forward, endless thunder gathered around him. It was as if the emperor was traveling with thousands of his guards.

This was because Wang Lin's thunder essence was so strong that it automatically attracted the surrounding thunder to gather. More and more thunder began to gather!

A moment later, the thunder around Wang Lin was like a thunder lake, giving off endless thunder might. Even divine retribution was only as powerful as this!

At this moment, Wang Lin was controlling heaven-shaking thunder. If others saw this, they would be shocked. Even third step cultivators would narrow their eyes!

There was an ancient legend that had been buried by time, and this rumor contained the biggest secret to becoming a third step cultivator!

Rumors stated that one had to rely on Joss Flames to nourish their essence and allow it to grow for a chance to open the gate to heaven. This would allow one's essence to become complete and allow their body to completely change. From that moment on, one would no longer be a just an ordinary cultivator.

However, there was an even rarer rumor that was older than Joss Flames. In this legend, one doesn't rely on Joss Flames, but on one's own comprehension. They would use an unknown method to complete their essence, break through the gate to heaven, and become a heaven-shaking third step cultivator!

To enter the third step in such a way would make anyone a legend!

Wang Lin's cultivation level was getting closer and closer to this legend!

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