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Chapter 1358 - Seven Sword Chops the Heavenly Mountain (5)

When the head elder saw this, he lost his wits. He retreated even faster, and the fear and terror in his eyes were things that had never appeared before in his life!

If people of the Ancient Star System saw the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder, someone who wouldn't easily bow his head to third step cultivators, acting like this, they would be filled with disbelief!

As Wang Lin held the seven foot sword, he could clearly feel that the sixth strike was far stronger than the fifth strike. There was also sign of a monstrous resentment inside it!

This resentment was extremely strong, so strong that even Wang Lin was shocked by it. He had gathered resentment before, but it was insignificant compared to this!

The moment the sixth strike appeared, the world trembled and Wang Lin's pupils shrank. He clearly saw souls appear like threads out of the void. These souls were different from the ones before; they were filled with monstrous resentment!

In an instant, endless amounts of resentful souls seemed to be summoned, and they appeared in the world! Those souls immediately revealed their figures, there were men and women, and they all revealed vicious gazes. They surrounded the sixth ray of sword energy and formed the heaven-shaking, ghostly sixth strike!

This was a strike of resentment!

It was formed by the resentful souls of all the cultivators that died to divine retribution in the 7 Million Worlds. Although they had died, their resentment still lingered. At the moment of their deaths, they realized everything. They resented the celestials, they resented the Celestial Realm!

At this moment, the sixth strike awakened all those resentful souls that had gathered for countless years. They were going to devour the celestial and vent their resentment!

When Wang Lin chopped down the sixth strike, the ray of sword energy charged at the head elder as if they had found an outlet for their grievance. The sword energy ray suddenly descended!

The head elder didn't retreat much and didn't have time to use a spell. He was seriously injured and didn't have much vitality left. In a flash, he was surrounded by the resentful souls.

The head elder roared miserably as the resentful souls surrounded him and devoured him like crazy. In a flash, his lower body that had just recovered was devoured completely; even the broken bones were devoured!

His upper body was surrounded by the endless resentful souls. His body was a bloody mess and pain washed over him. His screams were extremely miserable as the resentful souls bit off his flesh.

In an instant, the head elder's flesh and bones were devoured, leaving only his origin soul filled with thunder. However, even his origin soul was being devoured.

Under this intense pain, the head elder had lost his mind. His painful roars echoed and thunder erupted from his body. He destroyed one resentful soul, but more would take its place. It was as if they would not give up until they devoured him!

"Die, die, die, die for this old man!" the head elder roared as the clan mark between his eyebrows shattered. This time it shattered completely, and a monstrous force spread out from his body and immediately destroyed all the resentful souls!

The collapse of the clan mark was equivalent to the self-destruction of an Inner Realm cultivator! However, due to the unique nature of Outer Realm cultivators, after they shattered their clan mark, they wouldn't immediately die. Instead, they would gain great power and would live for a period of time!

At this moment, the head elder's clan mark erupted and his power increased greatly. He formed a new body made of thunder and destroyed all the resentful souls. However, his eyes were delirious and red from madness as he charged at Wang Lin.

"Die, die, die!! All of you are going to die!! I sacrifice all my life, all my cultivation! This old man will use the Three Breaths Spell!! All of you will die!!!"

The Three Breaths Spell wasn't the Scatter Thunder Clan's spell, it was left by those mysterious cultivators before they left. It could be considered a dao spell!

It could cause the enemy to lose all vitality in three breaths, but the cost was his life. No one who used this spell would survive, as it was a spell that used a life to exchange for a life!

Even third step cultivators would have a headache facing this dao spell. This was the real reason why the Scatter Thunder Clan could still be considered a great clan without a third step cultivator!

The head elder went crazy as he pointed at Wang Lin and let out a ferocious roar.

"Three Breaths Spell, die for me!!"

In an instant, an unimaginable aura appeared in the 7 Million World and gathered toward Wang Lin. This was the power of a dao spell!

Wang Lin's expression changed greatly. It was impossible to resist or break this power, and it instantly arrived. Wang Lin felt his vitality loosen, as if it was going to be extracted from his body!

One breath passed by quickly. The gate from the Wind Celestial Realm appeared in Wang Lin's mind and the Flowing Time Spell activated.

"Flowing Time, reverse 1,000 years!!"

As Flowing Time worked rapidly, Wang Lin waved the sword one last time. The seventh strike!

The seventh strike was heaven-shaking. The long sword flew out of Wang Lin's hand and charged into void! The seventh strike was so strong that it caused space to collapse and the continents to shatter. A heaven-shaking roar spread across the entire 7 Million Worlds!

The collapse of the 7 Million Worlds spread endlessly, and countless fragments collapsed. There were countless mortals and cultivators on those fragments, and they all willingly gave their everything!

A sword strike that was infinitely close and even beyond a third step cultivator suddenly appeared!

If Daoist Water were to face this strike, he would have to run. If it touched him, he would without a doubt die!

No matter how much the head elder ran, he couldn't avoid it. The head elder coughed out a mouthful of essence origin energy and the body he had just reformed with thunder exploded!

His origin soul wasn't able to escape before the ray of sword energy pierced his origin soul. He let out a miserable cry and his origin soul rapidly started dissipating. He quickly retreated.

Seeing that he was about to die completely, his eyes widened and he let out the last roar before his death!

"Eternal holy thunder, save me, save me!!!"

As his voice echoed, the eternal thunderbolt that was bombarding the storm suddenly stopped as if it had sensed that its slave was about to die. The thunder rumbled violently and swelled into a bolt of divine thunder more than 100,000 feet long!

It charged directly at the storm. The power of the eternal thunderbolt increased greatly and smashed down on the storm. The storm that had lasted until now suddenly collapsed!

Cracks covered the storm. More and more cracks appeared until the storm collapsed and scattered in all directions.

Daoist Scattered Spirit coughed out blood and was forced out from being merged with the 7 Million Worlds. The eternal thunderbolt instantly charged into the 7 Million Worlds and arrived before the dying head elder. It collided with the unimaginable seventh strike!

The ray of sword energy trembled and showed signs of collapse. However, the sword's original body was inside, and it charged out at the eternal thunderbolt!

At this instant, Daoist Scattered Spirit formed a seal and roared,

"The 7 Million Worlds has been broken up and my clan is free. All my people, all creatures, we will break the Celestial Realm together!!!"

The collapsing 7 Million Worlds turned into countless fragments. All the surviving beings willingly gave their lives to the sword and began their final battle with the eternal thunderbolt!

The seven foot sword contained all the power of the 7 Million Worlds! The eternal thunderbolt was the holy object of the Scatter Thunder Clan. The confrontation of the two forces was the determination of the people of the 7 Million Worlds to break free!

A thunderous roar echoed across the entire world. This roar was extremely powerful, causing cracks to appear on the barrier at the end of the world, and then the barrier suddenly collapsed!

The collapse of the barrier caused chaos to enter, and the 7 Million Worlds began to collapse!

At the same time, the seven foot sword collapsed and dissipated into countless fragments. The eternal thunderbolt also seemed to have suffered a heavy blow. It no longer cared about the head elder and quickly broke the void to retreat back to the holy land. When it got back inside the temple, a formation activated, preventing anyone from entering the Scatter Thunder Clan. It was activated outside of the Scatter Thunder Clan's control!

"Remaining clan members, the Celestial Realm has been opened. The world has been destroyed, so we are heading out!" Daoist Scattered Spirit was filled with monstrous excitement. He waved his sleeve and took all the remaining lives in the 7 Million Worlds through the gap that was left opened when the eternal thunderbolt left!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the Soul Lasher suddenly appeared. It shot straight for the origin soul of the head elder, who was near death, preventing him from resisting!

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